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    HDFC Bank Platinum Plus Credit Card

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    With costs of fuel rising rapidly, it has now become a major part of an individual’s budget. Any savings which can possibly be achieved in that area can prove to be of great help. Keeping exactly that in mind, HDFC has introduced the Platinum Plus credit card. In addition to letting you earn reward points for every spend, this card is accompanied with a host of other lifestyle benefits. However, the highlighting features of the Platinum Plus is that it gives fuel surcharge waiver on every refuelling to help you save immensely on your fuel expenditure.


    • Save up to Rs 1,500 each year on fuel transactions with your Platinum Plus credit card.
    • Transact with peace of mind with your Platinum Plus card as it features Zero Liability in loss or theft of card. Loss or theft must be immediately be reported to the bank.
    • Earn up to 1,200 reward points in a year.
    • Enjoy 0% fuel surcharge with your Platinum Plus credit card. Fuel waiver capped at Rs 250 for every billing cycle.
    • For every Rs 150 spent on your card, up to a limit of Rs 50,000, you get to earn 2 reward points.
    • Once you cross the Rs 50,000 limit, enjoy 50% more points for every Rs 150 spent on your card.


    • Enjoy up to 50 interest free days from your date of purchase.
    • Share the excitement and benefits of your Platinum card with your loved ones by availing up to 3 free Add-on cards.
    • You may avail the revolving credit facility at nominal interest rates.
    • Your accumulated reward points are valid for a duration of 2 years. Avail them within that period in exchange for exciting benefits.
    • Easy payment of utility bills is now possible with your HDFC card. Just register with the HDFC Utility Bill payment service and ensure that all your bills get paid on time.

    Fees & Charges:

    Some of the fees and charges levied with this card (subject to the particular service being used), apart from the mandatory annual fee and renewal fee include late payment fee, cash advance fee, foreign currency transactions, outstation cheque processing charge, cash processing fee, balance transfer processing charges, rewards redemption fee, re-issue of lost/damaged card and railway ticket purchase fee.


    In order to be eligible to apply for an HDFC Platinum Plus Credit card, applicants must fulfil the following criteria.

    • Salaried Employees – Applicants must be at least 21 years and not above 60 years of age.
    • Self-Employed – Applicants must be at least 21 years of age but not above 65 years.

    HDFC Platinum Plus Credit Card FAQs:

    1. Can I use my HDFC Platinum Plus Card as a for swipe transactions?

      Yes, you may use your card for swipe transactions as it also contains a magnetic strip.

    2. What should I do first if my card is stolen?

      In case the card is lost or stolen, you must immediately report the same to the Credit Card customer care division of the bank.

    3. Can I use my chip embedded Platinum Card to withdraw cash if needed?

      Yes, you can withdraw cash from an ATM with your HDFC Platinum Card.

    4. What is the minimum amount which must be paid towards the bill repayment?

      Card holders are required to pay at least 5% or a minimum of Rs 200 towards their bill repayment.

    5. How many Add-on cards can I avail with my Platinum Card? Is there any fee chargeable on an Add-on Cards?

      You may avail up to 3 add-on Cards with your Platinum Card. All add-on cards are free from any charges for a lifetime.


    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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