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    HDFC Bank Purchase Credit Card

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    HDFC is one of the top banks across the globe that offers great financial services and products to its customers. They are designed to meet your changing needs and requirements. The credit cards that they offer are some of the best cards available in the market today. The HDFC Purchase credit card is a unique credit card that comes with a myriad of perks and advantages.


    • This product is highly customisable.
    • The traditional purchase transactions and quick and hassle free.

    Benefits of HDFC Bank Purchase Card:

    The Purchase Card offered by HDFC Bank comes with several benefits that can prove to be useful for you. These are as follows:

    • The processing time for transactions is reduced. Along with this the cost of high volume is also minimized.
    • The payment process is streamlined which allows you to control and manage the account.
    • Cost of goods is reduced as it consolidates the supplier bases and helps in negotiating with the supplier for the best price available in the market.

    Features of HDFC Bank Purchase Card:

    The HDFC Bank Purchase Card comes with various features. These are as follows:

    • The bank grants authority to the designated employees of a company for making official purchases using the HDFC Purchase credit card.
    • The Purchase credit card comes with a lot of customization options.
    • This particular credit card can be issued in name of the corporate or any individual.
    • This card reduces all delay is traditional purchase transactions.
    • Management of the account and tracking expenses can be easily done with this credit card.
    • Purchase process is automated by the HDFC Purchase card for managing accounts easily.

    Eligibility Criteria:

    The eligibility criteria are as follows:

    • The business that you are a part of must be at least five years old.
    • The business must have made profits for at least last two years.
    • Rs 100 crore should be the minimum turnover of the business.

    Fees and Charges:

    Types Fees and Charges
    Credit period (Interest free) Up to a maximum of 50 days
    Minimum repayment amount 100% of the statement balance
    Fee for joining Nil
    Annual Fee Nil
    Non-payment penal charges 2.95% every month from the date of transaction
    Charges for late payment If outstanding bill is up to Rs 100, you pay zero; if outstanding bill is between Rs 100 and Rs 500, you pay Rs 100; if outstanding bill is between Rs 501 and Rs 5,000, you pay Rs 400; if outstanding bill is between Rs 5,001 and Rs 10,000, you pay Rs 500; if outstanding bill is more than Rs 10,001, you pay Rs 700
    Processing charges for outstation cheque Res 50 for each instrument
    Over limit charges 2.5% of the amount that is over limit. It is subject to a minimum of Rs 500
    Fee for cash processing 1% of the total amount that is paid in cash at any branch of HDFC Bank or ATM against the Purchase Card
    Charges for payment return 2% of the total amount to be paid. It is subject to a minimum amount of Rs 350
    Reissuance of stole, lost or damaged card Rs 100
    Fee for retrieval Rs 125 for each charge slip
    Transactions in foreign currency Cross currency mark of up to 3.5%
    Service tax Applicable in all interest, charges and fees

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How to update address on the Corporate Card?

      You can write an email to HDFC bank about changing your address. You may also log on to the website of the bank and change your address online. You may also download the application form for changing your address. After filling it in, you must send it to HDFC’s Chennai office in Thiruvanmiyur.

    2. How to know the status of the Purchase Card application?

      You can check the status of your Purchase Card application on the official website of the bank. You will need the application reference number, date of birth and mobile number to know the status of your card.

    3. If I do not want statements to be sent at the mailing address, how do I stop it?

      In order to do this, you will have to download and fill up MID from the form center of HDFC Bank. Sign it and send it to the correspondence address of the bank.

    4. When should I fill up the progressive dispute form?

      After the CDF (Cardholder Dispute Form) form submission, the bank informs the merchant involved in the disputed transaction. The documents required to substantiate the transaction is produced by the merchant. After inspection, if you are still not satisfied as a customer, you may choose to fill up and submit the form.

    5. In order to report a transaction dispute, why should I fill up the CDF?

      The CDF (Cardholder Dispute Form) must be filled by you as per the guidelines set by MasterCard and Visa. It authorizes the bank to investigate the transaction with merchant.

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