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    Bank of India Credit Card Bill Payment

    Bank of India offers a range of credit cards, each carefully designed to offer the best benefits. To make things more convenient for the customers, BOI has an online portal with user-friendly interface to view credit card accounts and pay bills. Paying the credit card bill on time is very important as it ensures the continuity of services and also prevents the accumulation of penalty. Bank of India Credit Card customers can choose to pay their credit card bills either offline or online. The customer can choose a platform that is most suitable for their needs and make the payment of outstanding dues easily. What more, these easy payment means come at no extra cost and any credit cardholder registered with Net Banking can make credit card bill payments online in an instant.

    Bank of India Credit Card Payment - Online Modes:

    Given below are the online modes for credit card bill payment offered by the Bank of India.

    • NEFT Payment

      If you do not hold a Net Banking account with Bank of India or want to use the balance from another bank’s account to pay your dues, you can use National Electronic Funds Transfer to pay the outstanding. Just follow the simple steps given below to make a NEFT payment for BOI card dues.

    • Log on to your bank’s net banking account and add Bank of India Credit cardholder’s name as beneficiary under the third party fund transfers section.
    • The IFSC code for BOI credit card payment is BKID0000101. In place of account number, enter the 16-digit Bank of India Credit Card number.
    • In the other required fields, fill the bank name as BOI Credit Card - NEFT.
    • After adding the beneficiary in your account’s NEFT section, you will be able to make credit card payments using NEFT.
    • Bank of India Direct Billing Credit Card - Online Payment Gateway

      Customers who hold a direct billing credit card with Bank of India can make credit card payment using the online portal. Just follow the easy steps described below to make a credit card payment using the online portal.

    • Visit the Bank of India website and go to the credit card payments page.
    • Enter your credit card number and other relevant details.
    • Select the bank through which you are planning to make a payment. To make payment with a particular bank, you need to have Net Banking facility with options of fund transfer.
    • After you confirm the details, you will be redirected to the payments page of selected bank. You need to authorize the payment by providing correct credentials.
    • You shall receive a unique transaction reference number on successful authorization.

    Pay Bank of India Credit Card Bill

    Bank of India Credit Card Payment - Offline Modes:

    For people who prefer to go to the physical branch directly to make payments, Bank of India offers offline credit card payment options.

    • Cash Payment Over the Counter

      Bank of India credit card customers can make payments in cash towards their credit card outstanding. They will have to provide details like the credit card number and contact details. The cash payments done towards credit card bills may attract nominal processing fee also.

    • Cheque Payments

      Bank of India credit card customers can also deposit a cheque at any of the drop boxes available at BOI ATMs and bank branches to make their credit card bill payments. They can submit a cheque payable to Bank of India credit card account. Customers can visit the nearest Bank of India branch or BOI ATM to deposit the cheque. To know more about this facility or to know if this facility is offered for your credit card type, do enquire with Bank of India before making a credit card payment.

    Bank of India Credit Card Statement:

    For your Bank of India credit card, the statement will be sent at the end of billing cycle. The card statement will essentially contain the purchases and payments that you have made for a period and will be usually sent to your registered postal address and email address. You will be able to see the minimum outstanding amount, due date and total amount due. The statement will give a breakdown of interest and expenditure, it will also show the accumulation of reward points, if any. With the statement in your hand, you will not only be able to plan your future budgets properly but you can also make the correct payment before the due date.

    Bank of India Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. What details do I have to provide to make a credit card bill payment through online portal?

      If you are making a credit card bill payment through bank of India online portal, you will have to provide the following details.

      • Amount to be paid.
      • 16 - digit Bank of India Credit Card number
      • The Bank through which payment is supposed to be made.
      • Your contact details.
      • You will also have to provide the authorization details for other bank account to make a payment via payment gateway.
    2. Can I make part payments towards credit card bill via the BOI online gateway?

      Yes, customers can choose to make either part or full payments towards the credit card outstanding. The payment shall be credited within three working days from the payment date if it is completed successfully.

    3. Do I have to pay any fee to use the NEFT or online gateway facility?

      No, the online gateway facility for credit card bill payment is free of cost. In case of NEFT, no fee is levied from Bank of India’s side for bill payments if the NEFT transfer.

    4. What should I do if I encounter a transaction failure but the amount has been debited already from my account?

      If the amount has been debited from your account but has not been applied to the credit card account even after three working days, contact the bank with the transaction reference number. If the transaction is not reflected in Bank of India’s account, a reversal of transfer will be initiated. However, to avoid penalty, it is suggested that you make payment through alternate means before the end of due date.

    5. Is my credit card bill payment transaction carried out securely?

      Yes, every transaction is carried out with maximum security through SSL technology. The date is encrypted when it is sent across channels so that it can’t be viewed by unauthorized third party. Also, a transaction will be carried out only if your authorization details for Net Banking are correct. 

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