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    HSBC Credit Card Overview:

    The world’s third largest bank in terms of assets, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) has always been a major player in the Indian banking scene. HSBC’s association with India began way back in 1853, when the erstwhile Mercantile Bank of India threw open its doors for business in Mumbai. Since then, HSBC has grown leaps and bounds in the Indian context and is considered a universal favourite when it comes to personal, commercial or corporate banking. The bank offers a suite of world beating banking products in India, including a superhero team of credit cards- versatile, feature rich, customized for Indian conditions and demands, loaded with perks and immensely customer friendly.

    Why Choose HSBC Credit Cards?

    The average Indian credit card prospect seeks refinement, combined with a solution that isn’t heavy on the wallet, yet offers a whole gamut of features and benefits that will address- a) an unforeseen financial liability, b) lifestyle experiences and purchases, c) 24x7 security in the knowledge that financial assistance is never far away, and importantly, d) e-shopping. HSBC Credit Cards are designed to do all this, plus a ton more. The following reasons summarize the advantages of subscribing to credit cards from HSBC Bank-

    1. Variety- A selection of 5 fully loaded credit cards, targeting different demographics and requirements. HSBC Visa Platinum Card, Premier MasterCard, Advance Visa Platinum Card, MMT Signature Card and MMT Platinum Card comprise the stable of credit card offerings from HSBC.
    2. Fully Loaded Benefits- From reward points to air miles, from cashback to exclusive offers on fine dining and purchases, your HSBC Credit Card is tuned to do what it does, brilliantly!!
    3. Easy & Quick Application Process- Walk into your nearest HSBC branch or jump on the online trail and signup on the HSBC India website. The procedure is simple, fast, and highly responsive.
    4. Robust Customer Support- Backing this line of attractive products in its portfolio, HSBC offers a highly trained customer support initiative. Help is just a phone call, email or chat box away.

    Thus, HSBC Credit Cards offer you the perfect 360* solution when it comes to finding a dependable option for financial transactions. Apply for your next HSBC Credit Card on BankBazaar, today!

    Features & Benefits of HSBC Credit Cards:

    In India, HSBC Bank offers the following credit cards. Listed alongside are the various features and benefits on offer from these individual offerings-

    • HSBC Bank Platinum credit card
    • HSBC Bank Gold credit card
    • HSBC Premier MasterCard - For Premier Banking customers
    • HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card - For Advance Banking customers
    • HSBC MMT Signature card
    • HSBC MMT Platinum card

    HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card:

    A fine amalgamation of rebates and rewards, the HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card offers the finest card experience, tagged with optimum security and scalability. The principal features and benefits of this card are as follows-

    1. Zero joining and annual fees.
    2. 3x reward points when spent on fine dining, hotels and telecom in the initial 12 months.
    3. 10% cashback on all spends in the initial 90 days (max. spend cap of Rs.3000/card) - Offer expires 30 June 2015.
    4. 2 reward points per Rs.150 spent on card. Points can be redeemed from the rewards catalog.
    5. Earn 5x reward points after exceeding spend limit of Rs. 400,000 to max Rs. 1,000,000 in a year.
    6. Movie ticket voucher worth Rs.500 upon spending over Rs. 50,000 in a month.
    7. Fuel surcharge waived off for transactions in the range of Rs.400 to Rs.4000.
    8. Upto 20% discounts on dining as part of the HSBC Dining Privileges (Only in select cities).
    9. 0% lost credit card liability (upon intimation to HSBC Customer Support within 24hrs).

    HSBC Premier MasterCard:

    A credit card designed for the good life, the HSBC Premier MasterCard is ambrosia for the avid golfer in you. Watch your golfing icon play a masterful stroke at some of the world’s finest golf courses, or enjoy your credit card as it qualifies spectacularly, in all things a credit card is expected to do.

    1. Airport Lounge Access- Priority Pass Membership at 600+ Airport VIP Lounges, in India and abroad.
    2. Zero joining and annual fees.
    3. Go Golfing- Complimentary access and discounted fee at select golf course in India.
    4. Reward Points- 2 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on the card.
    5. Fine Dining- Upto 20% off on dining across select cities in India.
    6. PVR Movies- 50% cashback on PVR movie tickets, subject to a maximum of Rs.500/month.
    7. Cheaper Fuel- Save on the 2.5% fuel surcharge across any fuel station in India.
    8. Signature Assistance- Exclusive concierge services, in tune with your requirements.

    HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card:

    A perfect complement to your trendsetting lifestyle, the HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card offers a range of benefits in the spheres of travel, dining, shopping and more. The principal features and benefits of this card are as follows:

    1. Zero joining and annual fees.
    2. Reward Points- 2 reward points for every Rs.150 spent on the card.
    3. Fine Dining- Upto 20% off on dining across select cities in India.
    4. Host of exclusive shopping offers at merchant outlets and online shopping portals.

    MMT Signature Credit Card:

    A co-branded card formulated with India’s premier travel website MakeMyTrip, the MMT Signature Credit Card offers great discounts and offers on domestic and international travel, alongside a refined credit card experience. The primary features and benefits of this card are as follows:

    1. Avail discount vouchers worth Rs.8500 from MakeMyTrip.
    2. 7 Indigo domestic flight ticket vouchers (Rs.500 each- redeemable on total fare).
    3. 10 reward points per Rs.100 spent at MakeMyTrip.
    4. Spend over Rs. 50,000 at MakeMyTrip in a year and earn 15 Turbo Reward Points per Rs.100 spent.
    5. Complimentary Airport Lounge access across India- Meals, Television, Wi-Fi, etc, inclusive.
    6. Fine Dining- Upto 20% off on dining across select cities in India.
    7. Save on the 2.5% fuel surcharge across any fuel station in India.

    MMT Platinum Credit Card:

    Continuing the bonhomie as set from the previous card, the MMT Platinum Credit Card continues the partnership between HSBC and MakeMyTrip. An ideal card for the avid traveler, the following features and benefits are on offer-

    1. Avail discount vouchers worth Rs.5500 from MakeMyTrip.
    2. 2 Indigo domestic flight ticket vouchers (Rs.500 each- redeemable on total fare).
    3. Annual fee of Rs.499 is waived off for the first year.
    4. 5 reward points per Rs.100 spent at MakeMyTrip.
    5. Fine Dining- Upto 20% off on dining across select cities in India.
    6. Save on the 2.5% fuel surcharge across any fuel station in India.

    Why Apply for an HSBC Credit Card on BankBazaar?

    Applying for a HSBC Credit Card on BankBazaar offers the following unbeatable advantages-

    1. Save Time- Check out the various features, documentation, apply online and receive confirmation for the same, quickly and smoothly- thanks to BankBazaar’s interactive interface.
    2. All you need to Know- From the basic terms and conditions, eligibility, interest rates, offers and discounts, everything you need to know is right here- constantly updated, and ready for consumption.
    3. Compare and Review- Compare the HSBC Credit Card of your choice against other internal choices or from other banks. Read reviews from your peers and formulate an informed decision with regards to a chosen credit card.
    4. Simple and Transparent Application Process- No hidden charges, no red-tape, highly interactive with quick turnaround times, active help at all stages of the application and approval process, and importantly, immense respect for your requirements and limitations.
    5. 100% Safe- Your personal information is only shared with HSBC (after you have submitted the application for a credit card). This information is passed through robust, encrypted systems that have 0% tolerance towards malicious intent.

    How to Apply for HSBC Credit Cards through BankBazaar?

    Applying for any HSBC Credit Card on BankBazaar involves the following simple steps-

    1. Login to the BankBazaar homepage. At the top of this page, the navigation panel prominently displays the ‘Credit Cards’ menu item. Select the same.
    2. A panel with categorization based on ‘By Bank’ is spread before you. Select, ‘HSBC Credit Card’ here.
    3. The resultant page displays all the credit cards as offered by HSBC. Check out the two buttons- ‘Check Eligibility’ and ‘Explore Card’. The former helps you ascertain your eligibility via a simple, interactive wizard, while the latter helps you understand the various features and benefits of the chosen card.
    4. The ‘Apply’ button is prominently displayed at the end of these qualification procedures. Click on the same to signal your choice. Your application will next be forwarded to HSBC for further processing.
    5. You will receive an instant e-approval from BankBazaar after the successful submission of the application. Next, HSBC will get in touch with you directly. You can also check the status of your application through timely SMS alerts and emails.

    Eligibility and Documentation:

    In order to avail any of the HSBC credit cards, the applicant must satisfy the following conditions-

    Basic Condition- The applicant must be at least 21 years old and earn a minimum of Rs.500000 per year. He/she must also be an Indian national. He/she must also have a clean credit record.

    For HSBC Premier MasterCard Credit Card- Available only to HSBC Premier Customers. To avail the premier tag, the applicant must maintain a minimum of Rs.25 lakhs as Total Relationship Balance (TRB) on a quarterly basis.

    For HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card- The applicant must have an active HSBC Advance Account.

    After confirming upon the eligibility, the following documents must be supplied-

    1. PAN Card
    2. Passport sized photographs.
    3. Identity Proof (Voter’s ID, DL, Aadhaar Card, etc.)
    4. Address Proof (Any official document that displays current place of residence).
    5. Income Proof- Salary Slips, IT Returns and/or Bank Statements.
    6. Any additional documents as and when required by the bank.

    List of HSBC Bank Credit Cards:

    Credit Card. Joining Fee. Annual Fee. Reward Points/ Spent on Card. Free Credit Period. Applicable Interest Rate.
    HSBC Visa Platinum Card Nil Nil 2 / Rs.150 52 days 3.30% p.m
    HSBC Premier MasterCard Nil Nil 2 / Rs.100 52 days 3.30% p.m
    HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card Nil Nil 2 / Rs.150 52 days 3.30% p.m
    MMT Signature Card Nil Rs.3499

    10 / Rs.100 on

    4 / Rs.100 at other merchants

    52 days 3.10% p.m
    MMT Platinum Card Nil Rs.499

    5 / Rs.100 on

    1.5 / Rs.100 at other merchants

    52 days 3.30% p.m

    HSBC Credit Card FAQs:

    1. What are the air-mile benefits applicable with my HSBC Credit Card?

      Spends on your HSBC Credit Card accumulates reward points (see table above). These reward points can be redeemed as air-miles when you book plane tickets with Jet Airways or Singapore Airlines. Note that air-miles don’t apply to MMT Signature and Platinum cards.

    2. What is ‘Free Credit Period’?

      This is the duration in which HSBC will not charge the card holder any interest on his/her purchases. For all HSBC credit cards, this duration is 52 days. Before this deadline is hit, the card holder is expected to repay the outstanding amount that has accumulated through the credit card usage in this duration. If full payment isn’t made, then the card holder loses the privilege of Free Credit Period.

    3. What is the ‘Accelerated Rewards Programme’ in terms of the HSBC credit cards?

      This is a recognition and rewarding system that takes into account the card owner’s accelerated usage of his/her HSBC credit card(s). For HSBC Visa Platinum Card and HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card, this equates to 5x reward points on every subsequent purchase after the card owner has spent above Rs. 400000 upto Rs.1000000 in a single calendar year.

    4. For the MMT Signature Credit Card, the 5x reward point’s condition applies to all subsequent purchases after the card owner has spent over Rs.50000 at MakeMyTrip in a single year. The quantum is 15 reward points for every Rs.100 spent on the card. Aptly, this system is called ‘Turbo Rewards’.

    5. What are the fine dining benefits on offer with these cards?

      Enjoy exclusive offers on dining, including 20% OFF at over 700 restaurants across selected cities in India. More information about the applicable cities can be availed from the HSBC India website.

    6. What are the golf centric privileges on offer with the HSBC Premier MasterCard credit card?
      1. Dedicated 24hrs golf concierge service.
      2. Discounts on the applicable golf-club membership fees.
      3. Complimentary green fees.
      4. Golfer’s insurance.
    7. What fuel related rebates are on offer with the HSBC Credit Cards?

      Complete waiver of the fuel surcharge, at any fuel station in India, provided the transaction costs anywhere between Rs.400 and Rs.4000, with a maximum spend of Rs.250/month.

    8. What online portals can I visit to apply for these cards?

      The HSBC India website allows you to apply for these cards- HSBC Visa Platinum Card, HSBC Premier MasterCard and HSBC Advance Visa Platinum Card. You must visit your nearest HSBC branch to apply for the MMT Signature and Platinum cards. Also, you can apply for any of these cards on BankBazaar.

    9. After approval, how long will it take before I receive my credit card?

      From the point of approval of your application, it takes upto 3 weeks before your credit card is dispatched to you. Meanwhile, HSBC customer support can be contacted to enquire about the status of your application. Also, regular SMS alerts and emails from BankBazaar will keep you posted as well.

    10. How can I keep myself updated about the offers/discounts applicable on my HSBC credit card?

      All these information is regularly updated to you via SMS, emails and other social medium. You can also visit the HSBC India website to check out the various time bound offers and discounts in circulation.

    11. How can I contact BankBazaar in case of any concerns or queries?

      In case of any queries or concerns, you can reach us via email- [email protected] or Phone- +91 +919884808231. Our expert customer support team is at hand to respond to all your queries.

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