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    Axis Bank Credit Card Overview:

    In the year 1994, Axis Bank, a private sector bank, began operations as one of the first new generation banks in India. In 1993, it was jointly promoted by several organisations. Among all the private sector banks in India, Axis Bank ranks third. It caters to MSME, Agriculture, Large and Medium Corporates and Retail Businesses. Axis Bank has 2402 branches and 12922 ATMs spread all over the country.

    A credit card can be of great help, if and when used wisely. The credit amount is readily available and the payments can be made immediately. In case of an emergency, it can prove to be extremely useful. There are 11 varieties of credit cards offered by Axis Bank for its customers.

    Why choose Axis Bank credit cards?

    Catering to every lifestyle requirement, an Axis Bank credit card is the perfect companion for shopping, dining, travel and for purchasing movie tickets. Customers can choose a card that fits them the best and enjoy attractive offers and rewards on each and every credit card purchase.

    Features and benefits of an Axis Bank credit card:

    Axis Bank credit cards offer world class privileges and card holders can enjoy unlimited discounts from various merchant outlets.

    • Cashback options
    • Higher purchase limits
    • Over 500 rewards from Axis Bank's eDGE Loyalty program
    • Discounts on dining, shopping and e-commerce transactions
    • Airline vouchers
    • VIP Lounge access at airports
    • Create your own credit card using MyDesign.
    • Credit cards with embedded EMV chips for enhanced security

    Axis Bank Credit Card Eligibility and Documentation:

    Axis Bank Credit Card Eligibility:

    • Primary Card holder should be within the age limit of 18 to 70 years.
    • Should be an Indian resident
    • Add-on card holder must be above the age of 15 years.

    Axis Bank Credit Card Documentation:

    • Pan Card photocopy or Form 60
    • Income Proof: Form 16/ Latest Payslip/IT Return copy
    • Residence Proof: Passport/ Ration Card/ Electricity Bill/ Landline Telephone bill

    Axis Bank Credit Card Details:

    1. Signature Credit Card with Lifestyle Benefits:
    2. Upgrade your lifestyle and enjoy top class benefits. Axis Bank Credit Card with Lifestyle Benefits is definitely the key-card to the gateway of a classy life.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You can have a flexible limit on your card. This card lets you spend more than your credit limit without any extra charges. This feature is only available for Axis Bank Burgundy Customers.
      • The Taj Epicure Plan Membership is an extremely interesting feature of this card. It gives you a discount of 10% for dining at the Taj, which eventually gets converted to Epicure points. You also get a 50% discount on buffet lunch at Taj Coffee Shop, except on Sundays.
      • Watching your favourite movies at a theatre near you never got better! You are entitled to a 50% cashback on both box office and online tickets, all through the week.
      • The card comes with a Global Emergency Assistance. In case of any emergency, Axis bank can transfer credit even when you are overseas. Emergency replacement can also be done in case of loss of card.
      • The eDGE Loyalty Rewards program helps you earn 10 points for every 200 INR domestic expenditure and 20 points for international expenditure. It helps you earn 100 points on your first transaction only.
    3. Signature Credit Card with Travel Benefits:
    4. If travelling is your passion, this is definitely the card you should get. Axis Bank Signature Credit Card with Travel benefits is absolutely the ‘magic carpet’ for you and will fulfil your dream of being a traveller.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You receive an IndiGo Airlines voucher within 45 days from activation.
      • You are entitled to 25% cashback on both online and box office movie ticket purchases.
      • Enjoy special benefits at airport lounges. Sit back and relax at over 700 VIP lounges in more than 90 countries and 275 cities worldwide.
      • You will be offered assistance during your travel, no matter where you are in the world.
      • Refuel your vehicle at any station across India and enjoy fuel surcharge refund.
    5. Miles & More Credit Card:
    6. Neither your miles nor your smiles ever expire. If you are a frequent flyer with Lufthansa, Austrian airlines, Swiss Air or any other airline service that falls under this category then this is a must-get card for you. This card is directly linked to your Miles & More Mileage account. It has several benefits for a cardholder and a member.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You earn 5000 miles on World Cards and 15000 miles on World Select Cards. The annual bonus is 3000 miles and 4000 miles on World Cards and World Select Cards, respectively.
      • Your accumulated miles will never expire. You may use it as per your convenience, without worrying about time constraints.
      • You may pay your Axis Bank Credit Card bills from any other bank account.
      • Getting a home loan is pretty easy with this card. You can save up a lot of money using this card when you buy a house or invest in a property.
      • You can transfer credit balance from other cards to your Axis Bank Miles & More Credit Card. This helps you save up a lot.
    7. MY Choice Credit Card:
    8. If you want a personalised credit card and design it the way you want with your choice of benefits, look no further. This Axis bank my choice card caters to your saving needs and also gives you spending benefits. Craft your own card and make it what you want it to be.

      Features and Benefits:

      • Pick a picture of your choice or select any from the pre-existing gallery images and customize your card. Make it as unique as you are.
      • Pick any two from Dining, Fuel, Electronics, Utility bills, Travel and Supermarkets and you can get a 5% cashback on them.
      • You can earn 4 points for every 200 INR that you spend. A straight 100 points can be earned on your first online transaction.
      • The EMV certified chip credit card gives you complete protection from all kinds of fraud.
    9. MY Zone Credit Card:
    10. This card offers you a great time when you are out shopping, dining or at a movie. It is the ultimate fun-seeker for you. The rewards are too good to resist. In short, this card is your best buddy when you are out with friends.

      Features and Benefits:

      • The EMV certified chip gives this card a top notch security status.
      • Your eDGE loyalty points multiply by 10 times when you use your Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card for dining out on weekends.
      • Your eDGE loyalty points multiply by 5 times when you use your Axis Bank MY Zone Credit Card at supermarkets or apparel store on weekends.
      • 25% cashback on purchase of both online and box office tickets for movies.
    11. MY Wings Credit Card:
    12. This particular credit card is extremely beneficial if you travel a lot. Whether it is a bus, train or flight it does not matter since this card will definitely come in handy for all your travel purposes.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You will be entitled to two base fare flight tickets.
      • You will get 20% cashback on base fares for booking domestic flights.
      • Every time you use your MY Wings Credit Card on the IRCTC website you get a discount of 25 INR.
      • Every bus ticket you book using the card, gets you an INR 100 cashback.
      • 400 INR cashback can be earned by booking a car from any car rental in India.
    13. MY Business Credit Card:
    14. MY Business Credit Card is best suited for the business banking customers of Axis Bank. The offers available with this card help customers manage businesses efficiently. The card comes with low interest rates, substantial savings and much more.

      Features and Benefits:

      • The card offers 20% cashback on base fares of flight bookings on
      • 500 INR cashback on domestic return flight bookings and 1500 INR cashback on international return flight bookings.
      • You can earn 4 points for every 200 INR you spend from your card. You are entitled to a 100 points on your first online transaction.
      • You can enjoy complimentary access to several airport lounges across the country, twice in every three months.
      • You can get 30% cash from your credit limit even when you are overseas.
    15. Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card:
    16. Axis Bank Titanium Smart Traveler Credit Card is very beneficial from people who travel. This card will definitely make your journey a happy one.

      Features and Benefits:

      • You can earn 8 eDGE loyalty points for every 200 INR you spend while travelling abroad.
      • In India, you can earn 4 eDGE loyalty points for every 200 INR you spend on booking hotels, buses, flights etc.
      • 2.5% fuel surcharge waiver on all fuel transactions.
      • The protection is top notch and you are safe from fraud attacks.
    17. Platinum Credit Card:
    18. Axis Bank Platinum Credit Card offers several benefits such as cashbacks, loyalty points, etc. and hence this card is definitely very useful.

      Features and Benefits:

      • The EMV certified chip provides added security and consumer protection.
      • You can get a 25% cashback on both online and box office movie ticket purchases.
      • Axis Bank will replace the card is case of loss or theft of card. The Global Emergency Assistance feature is extremely useful.
      • You can earn 6 eDGE loyalty points for every 200 INR that you spend domestically and 12 points for every 200 INR spent internationally.
    19. Insta Easy Credit Card:
    20. You need minimal documents to get this credit card. The card can be availed at any Axis Bank branch, provided you have a fixed deposit of minimum 20000 INR in Axis Bank. A lot many rewards and benefits are associated with this card.

      Features and Benefits:

      • This card offers a great amount of security. The Platinum chip is extremely effective against fraud.
      • Insta Easy card offers upto 100% cash withdrawal.
      • Every 200 INR you spend domestically, you earn 6 eDGE loyalty points and every 200 INR you spend internationally, you earn 12 eDGE loyalty points.
      • The credit limit is pretty flexible. You can decide your own credit limit.
    21. Shriram Credit Card:
    22. This is a co-branded credit card. Axis Bank launched it in association with Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFCL). Shriram card is only for STFCL customers. The customers should have a good track record. The card is very useful for transport operators. They can buy oil, tyres, batteries, etc. and can make use of VISA merchant outlets across India.

      Features and Benefits:

      • 1 reward point is earned on spending 100 INR.
      • Credit shield amount is 15000 INR.
      • Lost card liability is 15000 INR.
      • The cardholder can have his own photo on the credit card.

    Frequently asked questions about Axis Bank credit cards:

    1. What are the different types of credit cards offered by Axis Bank?

      Axis Bank offers a wide choice of credit cards specially designed to suit individual needs. They come under four major categories.

      • Premium Cards
      • MY Cards
      • Co-branded Cards
      • Other Cards

      Some of the popular credit cards offered by Axis Bank include Platinum Credit Card, Signature Credit Card with travel benefits, MY Business Credit Card and Miles & More Credit Card.

    2. How do I apply for an Axis Bank credit card?

      You can check for eligibility and apply online at the Axis Bank website. Alternatively, you can apply through the BankBazaar portal. also helps you choose the right credit card based on the purpose and usage of the card.

    3. What are some of the benefits offered by Axis Bank credit cards?

      Cardholders get exclusive privileges and offers based on their credit card type. However, here are some of the benefits that are common to all cardholders.

      • Option to convert purchases to EMI
      • Zero lost card liability up to credit limit
      • EMV certified chip credit cards for additional security
      • Complimentary insurance cover with premium cards
      • Loyalty Reward Program
      • Cashback offers on selected spending categories
      • 24/7 customer assistance for all cardholders
    4. What are the documents required for completing the application process?

      The documents required usually vary on a case to case basis. However, the following documents are mandatory for completing the application process.

      • Photocopy of PAN card and Form 60
      • Copy of income proof – Latest payslips or Form 16 or IT return copy
      • ID proof and proof of residence
    5. Can I apply for an Axis Bank Credit Card?

      If you are a resident of India in the age bracket of 18 to 70 years, you satisfy the primary eligibility criteria. However, for different cards, the minimum required net income varies. Please check with the bank about the income criteria for respective credit cards before applying.

    6. How can I convert my purchases to EMI?

      Whenever you make a transaction of Rs. 2,500 and above, you can convert it to EMI's with tenures at 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with low interest rates. You can use the Net Banking facility or the customer care service to convert the payments to EMI.

    7. Can I have a supplementary Axis Bank credit card?

      Supplementary or add-on card is an additional card that is offered against your existing Axis Bank credit card with all the features of the parent card. You can apply for up to 4 add-on cards by contacting any Axis Bank branch.

    8. What is "Zero Lost Card Liability"?

      If your Axis Bank credit card is misplaced or stolen, you will be free from any fraudulent purchase transaction charges up to the insured amount from the moment you report the loss to Axis Bank customer care or the VISA Global service helpline.

    9. Which Axis Bank credit card offers the EMI option?

      All credit cards offered by Axis Bank come with this option.

    10. Can I use my credit card to withdraw cash from the ATM?

      Yes. You can use your Axis Bank Signature credit cards to withdraw cash up to 30% of the prescribed credit limit from all the ATM's that display the Visa sign.

    11. How do I pay my Axis Bank credit card bills?

      You can pay the bills by many easy ways like Net Banking, NEFT transfer, Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), auto debit, cheque or by cash.

    12. For a frequent air traveller like me, what would be the most suitable Axis Bank credit card?

      Axis Bank Miles & More credit card. You stand to earn unlimited miles that never expire and use your miles to avail exciting offers on flight tickets and upgrades, hotels and car rentals.

    13. How do I use the reward points that I get on each credit card transaction?

      With Axis Bank's eDGE rewards program, you can spend your reward points for purchasing over 500 chosen reward items.

    14. I travel a lot within India. Which credit card would be apt for me?

      Axis Bank's MY Wings credit card that comes with benefits like 20% cashback on domestic flights, Rs.25 off on IRCTC booking, Rs.100 cashback on domestic bus tickets and Rs.400 off on domestic car rentals would be the perfect choice.

    15. What are some of the benefits of Axis Bank Platinum credit card?

      Platinum cardholders get to enjoy exclusive privileges like 25% cash back on movie tickets, global emergency assistance, fuel surcharge waiver and eDGE loyalty rewards.

    News About Axis Bank Credit Card

    • Axis Bank and Vistara ties up to launch travel credit cards

      Axis Bank has recently tied up with Vistara to launch three new travel credit cards in 2016. These cards are among the first co- branded cards of the bank and will be revealed in January. Through these cards, Axis Bank will provide the passengers of Vistara Airlines with benefits and privileges under the Airline’s frequent flyer program.

      Based on the travel frequency, the credit cards are divided into different categories. One out of the three cards will be an entry level credit card for occasional travellers and new ones as well, while the other two will be for existing customers.

      This year, i.e. in 2015, Axis bank has issued over 2 million cards and Vistara has had more than 1 lakh passengers in India. According to Shikha Sharma, CEO and Managing Director of Axis Bank, travel is an important category that is witnessing a sudden spurt in growth, which is why she wants to make the bank’s travel related products stronger.

      08th December 2015

    • LIME : Axis Bank’s new mobile wallet launched for shopping, bill payments and banking

      Axis Bank account holders and non-account holders can now use the recently introduced mobile wallet, LIME, to make fund transfers, compare and shop, and even split and pay bills. Customers can also share their wallets with family and friends, by the service provided by Axis Bank’s mobile banking application, LIME. This app can also be used to make payments, collate money to buy gifts or for group travel. As India’s third largest private sector lender, Axis Bank is expecting at least one million downloads in the initial phase of the launch. The mobile application is available on the Android platform and will be soon available on iOS as well.

      LIME users have to key in their details initially to create the wallet. A wide range of services would be available like money transfers using a PIN and users can also add money via the wallet. Customers can share their mobile wallets with family members, with a fixed amount for a fixed period of time, which can be used by the recipient according to their needs. Shopping offline also becomes very convenient with the LIME mobile wallet functioning as a MasterCard credit card, through which payments can be done at PoS terminals. Money can also be transferred instantly between two smartphones via this wallet using the Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. A request has to be placed by the sender via NearPay, which has to be accepted by the recipient to complete the transfer.

      22nd September 2015

    • Axis Bank Introduces Contactless Cards

      Axis Bank has come up with a unique concept of contactless credit cards, debit cards and multi-currency forex cards to use the RBI guidelines to its advantage. The Reserve Bank of India allows processing of contactless transactions under Rs. 2,000 without having to present a PIN. Currently, 60% of the transactions made using cards are below Rs. 2,000. Axis Bank has also partnered with several merchants across the country for introducing contactless credit cards and is expected to widen its network to 50,000 merchants before the end of this year.

      Axis Bank currently offers credit cards to its premium customers and will be extending the service to other customer segments as well.

      17th August 2015

    • Discounts Galore- Buy iPhone 6 with Axis Debit/Credit Card, Get 10% OFF!!

      The much admired iPhone 6 is now available on popular e-shopping websites Snapdeal, Amazon and Flipkart with a huge cut in its base price. The 16GB version of this iconic phone is now available for just Rs. 42,999. While this may seem like a steal, owners of the Axis Bank Debit or Credit card, have it one better- a flat 10% discount. These websites (in their terms and conditions) mention that the maximum discount applicable on each card is upto Rs.2,500, thereby assuring the lucky owners of the Axis Bank debit/credit cards a purchase price of just under Rs.40,975 (confirmed on Flipkart). If this isn’t daylight robbery than what is??

      27th May 2015

    • Axis Bank to introduce ‘tap & pay’ cards

      Giving a neck-to-neck competition to State Bank of India, Axis Bank too has taken initiative in integrating NFC technology in credit and debit cards and advance 50,000 point of transaction terminals to support the 'tap and pay' feature. Statistics show that more than 60 percent of current online transactions using bank cards are below INR. 2000. ‘Tap & pay’ will effectively tap this trend.

      Axis bank agrees wholeheartedly with the RBI's step to ease the two-factor verification norms for NFC based disbursements below INR. 2000, calling it a revolutionary move. This can modernize small-ticket deals in India and can aid digitalization in payment. Axis Bank is dedicated to catalysing this initiative by facilitating a good number of trade terminals for NFC, as well as issuing NFC cards.

      19th May 2015

    • 24X7 Axis Bank Express Branch in Bengaluru

      Axis bank opened its first Express Branch in ITPL, Bengaluru for providing round-the-clock banking experience to its customers. These branches would be essentially located in technology parks, offices or malls, offering the customers 24X7 banking services. Instant withdrawals, internet banking, account opening, instant cash deposits will all be possible from these Express branches.

      The Express branches would have an ATM machine, a cheque deposit kiosk, two recyclers and two speed banking kiosks. These Express branches will be equipped with 10 inch tabs which would provide options for opening savings accounts and credit card accounts. With so many options on board, these Express branches will surely make the banking experience, even easier and convenient.

      11th May 2015

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