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      Important Aspects Of Zero Depreciation Car Insurance

      Zero depreciation is a benefit that acts as an add-on which every car owner is entitled too by paying another/higher premium. With zero depreciation, when you file a claim for insurance due to any damage or loss of your vehicle, the insurance company will then sanction the claim amount without considering the depreciation value of the vehicle. Zero depreciation makes claim settlements smooth and easy and also lets the owner of the vehicle have a smooth driving experience with peace of mind.

      Some important features of Zero Depreciation are listed below:

      • Applicable to new cars: Zero Depreciation is applicable only to new cars. Sometimes an insurer will have a specific limit on the age of the vehicle where a car older than this specified value will not qualify for this policy.
      • Limited number of claims: This add-on cover may not allow you to make numerous claims in a year.
      • Compulsory Excess: This is an extra payment that is made towards the add-on. All customers who have opted for a Zero Depreciation scheme will have to make a mandatory policy payment that is known as compulsory excess.

      Some of the benefits that you can enjoy are:

      • 100% settlement of any claims
      • Covers damages to glass, nylon, plastic, fibre, etc.
      • Mental peace and satisfaction is assured

      Car insurance is a valuable asset and should be taken up by every car owner in the country. Besides avoid breaking the law by not having vehicle insurance. A car insurance along with add-ons like Zero Depreciation scheme helps vehicle owners to a great extent when it comes to claim settlements and so on.

    What is Car Insurance?

    In 21st Century India, owning a car has moved beyond being a status symbol to an everyday necessity. Being a car owner proves your financial independence, puts you in a refined league of your peers and wins you some much-needed brownie points with the family. But, the joys of owning a car could be short-lived if say, your vehicle meets with an unfortunate and untimely accident, is stolen, is lost in a raging flood, or worse - if it turns up to be the cause of an accident that costs the life or property of a complete stranger. These situations can be disastrous, costly and frustrating!

    Car insurance is an insurance provided towards loss or damage of a vehicle such as a car, or commercial vehicle. It is a policy purchased by the car owner to mitigate costs incurred due to the accident that caused damages to the vehicle. Instead of paying through their own pocket, car owners pay premiums to an insurance company and the company pays most of the costs associated with the accident. The premium amount payable towards car insurance is decided by factors such as type of vehicle, age of the vehicle, age of the insured, insured declared value, etc. A car insurance covers for liability, property, and medical expenses. Although it is compulsory for vehicle owners to have insurance, some prefer to purchase additional insurance to ensure further protection.

    Enter, Car Insurance. This handy insurance policy covers you against the uncertainties that could befall your cherished vehicle and protects you against the probable financial losses. Car Insurance is usually very easy to purchase, to renew, and a number of reputed insurance companies and wealth managers count this as one of the premier products in their arsenal.

    Types of Car Insurance Policies in India

    In India, the following types of car insurance policies are in vogue. These policies are categorized based on their overall applicability and are targeted at specific conditions that can impact your cherished vehicle. Broadly speaking, motor vehicle insurance are of two types-

    1. Comprehensive Car Insurance
    2. Third Party Insurance

    Comprehensive Car Insurance : As the name specifies, Comprehensive Insurance accounts for a complete range of negatively impactful things that could happen to your vehicle. This includes robust protection from damage/complete loss of car, injury/death that occurs to self, injury/death endured by fellow passengers and/or contracted driver and protection against third party liabilities. Almost all commonly occurring factors are accounted for, including fire, flood, theft, riots, terrorist activities, accidents, etc.

    Third Party Insurance : In essence, Third Party Car Insurance doesn’t provide any coverage for the damage/complete loss endured by your vehicle, or the unfortunate injury/death that befalls the insurance holder. This specialised insurance policy serves as financial protection when your vehicle is involved in/is the originator of an unfortunate accident that results in the destruction of third party property and/or involves injury/death of a third party individual. In such cases, the affected party is likely to push you for damages/compensation and the same will be serviced by the applicable third party liability insurance. Thankfully, Indian laws make it mandatory that every car be insured with a basic third party insurance component.

    Want another reason to love the internet? How about the absolute ease and speed of comparing online a whole bunch of viable car insurance options?

    The best car insurance policies are out there and the World Wide Web offers you the personal, safe and time bound medium to explore them all.

    The internet is awash with third party websites that help you compare between the various car insurance policies available to you, from insurers both big and small.

    This definitely beats spending oodles of time, manually comparing between the various options- all the commuting, enquiring and double checking, is history!

    Humanity is an evolving species, right? The tested fundamentals of old are being slowly, but surely, replaced by modern day options that piggyback on the limitless possibilities offered by the internet.

    Comparing car insurance online between the various supposed ‘best’ car insurance policies is just one of the many advantages offered by the modern era of technology and the digital revolution.

    Why not indulge in them and gather the most updated, correct and easily retrievable information out there?

    If you are a vehicle owner, car insurance is definitely a very thoughtful (and compulsory) investment. And, if you are looking out for an all-encompassing car insurance

    policy, find the one that perfectly matches upto your requirements and limitations, online.

    Compare Before Buying the Best Car Insurance Policy Online

    What Terms are Usually Covered by a Car Insurance Policy?

    1. Loss or Damage to your Vehicle :

      The average car insurance policy covers the loss or damage endured by your vehicle due to the following reasons,

      • Natural Mishaps: Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, earthquake, flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide, rockslide etc.
      • Man-made: Burglary, theft, riot, strike, malicious act, accident by external means, terrorist activity, any damage in transit by road, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air, etc.
    2. Personal Accident Cover:

      As part of the overall car insurance, most insurers provide personal accident cover in the event of your unfortunate accident while driving. This accident cover can also be extended to passengers, whose number must usually equal the maximum permissible occupancy in the vehicle, as stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer.

    3. Third-Party Legal Liability:

      The policy also provides for scenarios wherein your vehicle might have been the cause of/ been part of an accident that resulted in the injury, disability or death of an individual (not directly related to you) or caused damages to a third-party property.

    4. Additional Covers:

      Most policies also include provisions to add additional protection for the various secondary components of the vehicle, including electrical/non-electrical accessories, fog lights, stereo system, mats and seat cover etc. Implementation of bi-fuel injection systems, such as for CNG or LPG, can also be covered.

    Car Insurance Add On Covers - Optional But Most Important

    The following add-on covers are optionally available, and offer features that might not be entirely covered in the original, comprehensive car insurance policy. These optional car insurance add-on covers offer additional teeth, to your already loaded vehicle insurance policy.

    1. Roadside Assistance- An advantageous resource that plays its part when your vehicle suffers an accident or is rendered immobile due to any number of mechanical/electrical problems. Services include, towing, jump starting a battery, fueling up, help from a mechanic, replacement of keys, etc.
    2. Garage Cash- This car insurance add-on provides for the usual transportation and commute of the owner/driver when the vehicle in question is in the garage for an extended duration of time.
    3. Zero Depreciation Cover- This add-on cover allows you to claim the entire amount for the repair and replacement of damaged parts of your car. Thus, you do not lose money over the depreciation factor- the reduction of the price of the vehicle/spare parts, due to natural wear and tear that occurs from prolonged usage and normal passage of time.
    4. Voluntary Deductible- This clever add-on cover allows you to lower the payable premium amount by increasing the deductible amount in case of a claim. In such an event, the amount of voluntary deductible is borne by you. This add-on cover suits the confident driver, who could use a discounted premium.

    The Car Insurance Add On Covers mentioned above are just the tip of an iceberg. Insurers, in their own capacity, offer many more add-on covers that add additional value to the existing comprehensive car insurance policy.

    Top Car Insurance Companies in India

    “Based on IRDA Annual Report 2015-16 on Business Revenue of Insurers”

    1. ICICI Lombard Car Insurance

      If you scan across a multitude of popular media, the ICICI Lombard car insurance review will be found to be very encouraging and superior as compared to its immediate competition. A robust, customer oriented and hassle free insurance plan, the ICICI Lombard Car Insurance is designed for the busy, on-the-move Indian. Packed with such features as immediate online policy issue, on-road assistance at anytime and anywhere, over 3100+ network garages and a series of thoughtful riders including ‘Zero Depreciation Cover’ and ‘Accidental Cover for Co-Passengers’, this policy works hard to qualify as the ideal car insurance option for you. No wonder, the company is an absolute trendsetter when it comes to car insurance.

    2. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance

      The car insurance packages from Bajaj Allianz are a very popular option with the everyday Indians who are proud owners of their very own set of wheels. Feature rich, customer centric, transparent with easy documentation, Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance comes with such irresistible features as cashless claims at over 1500 garages across India, competent 24x7 customer service, easy claims assistance and the option to purchase and renew the policy online. The handy Bajaj Allianz car insurance calculator available on our website, helps you pinpoint the exact dynamics of your investment and stay on top of things. The Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance is a solid loan option that has enjoyed immense popularity and support from the point of its inception.

    3. Reliance Car Insurance

      The car insurance package from Reliance, one of India’s iconic conglomerates, is tuned to be highly customer oriented, hassle free and reliable. The list of features and benefits are many, including, limited documentation, cashless facility at 2100+ member garages across India, easy and hassle free claim settlement as well as comprehensive on and off the road insurance that is in line with international standards and configured to take minimum time, minimum efforts and impart maximum feedback and consequently, peace of mind. Reliance Car Insurance has managed to build a staunch following in India, comprising mainly of the busy, always mobile, quality conscious and technology driven Indians.

    4. Tata AIG Car Insurance

      With such unique features as free car pick up in the event of an emergency, direct and hassle free settlement within 7 days, no claim bonus protection and coverage for non-core accessories like glass and plastic parts, Tata AIG was bound to be a key player in the car insurance segment- and the Tata AIG Car Insurance review from a plethora of satisfied customers amply proves this. The company is a collaboration between two business behemoths, the Tata Group and the American International Group, Inc. (AIG), thereby assuring that professionalism, domain expertise and quality are part of the deal when you purchase car insurance from Tata AIG. If you seek a robust, scalable and reliable insurance option for your cherished set of wheels, then Tata AIG Car Insurance is one of the best in the industry.

    5. Royal Sundaram Car Insurance

      The age old adage of ‘with experience comes perfection’ sits well with the Royal Sundaram Insurance Company. Licensed since 2001, the Royal Sundaram Car Insurance is a feature rich package that pales its competition in terms of the sheer customer centric options offered. 1800+ cashless garage network across India, 24x7 claims assistance, unlimited claims for zero-depreciation cover and free roadside assistance in the case of emergency makes the car insurance policy from Royal Sundaram a definite advantage. Enjoy peace of mind, cut loose and stretch your car’s running legs with a policy that is designed to have you covered at all times. Burn some rubber without worrying about a flat tyre, a breakdown or accident, Royal Sundaram’s assistance is with you anywhere and everywhere.

    6. Bharti AXA Car Insurance

      A car insurance policy that’s designed to protect your car, and importantly its passengers and you; Bharti AXA Car Insurance is a clear crowd favourite. Based on a multitude of customer feedback, the car insurance can be pegged as being exceptional, extremely car owner friendly and with a short turnaround time in terms of claim settlements. The essential features of this car insurance policy includes cashless servicing at 2000+ network garages across India, easy 24x7 claim assistance that is backed by a hassle free claims settlement process, and a string of helpful add-on covers. As one of the most popular general insurance companies, Bharti AXA has established its credibility on the back of quality driven processes and adoption of their cherished customers’ concerns as the guiding light that prompts the introduction of newer insurance products. No wonder, when it comes to Bharti AXA car insurance review, there are cheers everywhere!

    7. HDFC ERGO Car Insurance

      What happens when an Indian banking giant meets a world-beating general insurance pioneer? You get HDFC ERGO General Insurance and its premier product, the HDFC ERGO Car Insurance an insurance policy that is close to the popular public expectations, this car insurance comes loaded with lots of customer centric features and benefits. The list includes cashless claims service at 1600+ member garages across India, a dedicated and expert customer support team that’s always at your beck and call, easy and hassle free claims process and instant online policy issuance and renewals. HDFC ERGO has established itself as a premier car insurance product amongst the discerning Indian public.

    Know More About Top Car Insurance Companies in 2016

    In principle, the act of purchasing your car insurance online saves time, effort and the expenditure of money and patience, to varying degrees. Elaborating, the perks of latching onto a online car insurance policy are summarized as follows-

    Hassle Free Process- Unlike visiting an actual outlet of the insurer, the online car insurance application process is simpler and quicker. Plus, there are no documents to submit or verifications to affect immediately. Thus, within a very limited, clearly defined steps, you are the proud owner of a comprehensive car insurance policy. All of this, from the comfort of your abode or the workstation at your office!

    24x7 Coverage- The inherent speed of policy issue that is a principal characteristic of acquiring a online car insurance plan ensures that you are never without coverage. With the purchase of your car insurance online, get instantaneous policy issue with e-copies of the policy that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and printed out.

    Everyone is Doing it- Most of the domestic and international car insurance providers operating in India provide the option to purchase or renew your car insurance online. It’s all about customer comfort, right?

    The other benefits of subscribing to the e-route include the freedom afforded to you when choosing from a big list of insurers via their online profiles, and the option to conduct business the electronic way without involving money in its physical form. Bottomline, the manifestation of car insurance online is here to stay!!

    A car insurance policy offers comprehensive protection and safeguards against legal hassles & expensive repairs in case of a mishap involving the insured car. Choosing the right car insurance can be quite tasking. Not all the policies available in the market gel well with your expectations. It is important to engage good amount of time and resources in learning about benefits & features of policies available in the marketplace to ensure you get the best car insurance policy.

    Some of the key considerations should revolve around the following points.

    Claim Settlement Ratio
    • How many claims did the insurer receive during a stipulated period and how many were fully settled?
    • You can lookup for data on claim settlement on the insurer’s portal or scout for relevant forums online for reference.
    • Higher the claims settled, better are your prospects of a hassle free claim if a need arises in the future.
    Insurance Premium Amount

    Money plays a pivotal role in choosing the right car insurance policy. At the end of it, we would like to have a policy that has the best features at a nominal price.

    • Compare car insurance pricing online
    • Get quotes and decide
    • Inquire about hidden charges
    • Estimates for add on coverage
    After Sales & Customer Service

    A customer friendly insurer understands that efficient customer support is key to customer satisfaction & invests fair amount of resources in building an efficient customer service team.

    • Understand the efficacy of after sales and customer service
    • Read about experiences posted by existing customers
    • Review sites and online forums.

    In addition to the above, smaller facets such as network garages & workshops, cashless benefits, brand value should be explored before buying a car insurance.

    Car insurance protects the interests of a car owner and safeguards it against expensive repairs and damages caused to self, the insured car and third party. We must take utmost care while driving by following traffic rules and by navigating safely to our destination. Having said this, there can be an unfortunate accident involving the car resulting in damage and/or casualties. In such situations, the car insurance comes handy, helping you to meet the financial obligations relating to the mishap.

    The claims procedure can be complex if you do not understand the dynamics surrounding it. Let us tell you more about how you can make it an easy experience.

    Claim for Own Damage

    In case of a major accident resulting in heavy damage to the car,

    • Inform the insurer immediately.
    • Record a claim and if required by the insurer, you may have to report the incident in the local police station.
    • Do not attempt to move the car unless confirmed by the insurer.
    • If it is a minor damage that does not require police intervention, move the car to a safe location & inform the insurer.
    • Raise a car insurance claim after assessing the damages. Upon authorisation by the representing surveyor, the claimant can proceed with the repair and replacement work.
    • You can pay and claim or if cashless facility is available, the car insurer directly settles the claim with the garage.

    Third Party Car Insurance Claim

    If the mishap involving your car resulted in damage or casualty to a third party that requires medical attention, shift the victim to a nearby medical facility immediately and call the insurer. The representatives will instruct you further on the action points.

    Get More Info On Third Party Car Insurance

    Theft Claim

    If the car is stolen,

    • Report to the jurisdictional police and insist on an FIR(First Information Report).
    • Call the insurer immediately and inform them about the theft.
    • You will asked to provide a written complaint in the form of an e mail or a letter.
    • Follow the instructions provided for hassle free settlement of the car insurance claim.
    • Referring to the original policy document will help you in getting acquainted with the timelines and procedures.

    The modern world is online 24x7, affecting everything from shopping to clearing out EMIs with ease and reliability. Why must you wait in line to subscribe to a good car insurance policy? Banks has woken upto the advantages of offering car insurance renewal online and are ably supported by third party websites that compare the various available insurance policy products. The inherent procedure is as simple as-

    1. Know Your Requirements- How much car insurance are you looking for? What kind of premium amount are you comfortable with? What type of features and benefits would make for a comprehensive car insurance policy? Understanding your express requirements is always the first step.
    2. Go Online- Access the online portal of the chosen car insurance vendor and purchase the policy after complying with some basic Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. Usually, requisite documents can be submitted at a later stage when claims are raised on the policy, rendering the online signup procedure that much faster.
    3. Car Insurance Renewal Online- The aforementioned online portal also offers motor insurance renewal. Respond to timely notifications from your insurance provider and pay your premiums on the portal itself. All of this is quick, robust and economical when compared to its traditional, offline version.

    In the modern context, purchasing car insurance online has emerged as a popular option amongst busy people, especially working professionals dwelling in the metros and other big Indian cities. Car insurance companies too have woken upto the latent potential of offering motor insurance online, hosting comprehensive web portals that simplify the procedures of gaining information, signing up and renewing car insurance policies through the magic of the World Wide Web. How can you purchase car insurance online? Read on…

    1. Compare- Different companies, different car insurance products, and hidden somewhere in this pile is your ideal motor insurance policy. It pays to check out the various available options, in terms of the money you save and the additional features that you can get for the average buck.
    2. Login to Purchase- After selecting the ideal policy, it’s time to seek out the insurance provider’s website and check if the option to purchase the motor insurance online is available. Most well-known companies do, and the purchase procedure in itself shouldn’t take a great deal of time. Payments can be affected through credit/debit cards, or netbanking. Also, in most cases, provision of the requisite documents could wait until an actual claim is raised on the policy at a later date.
    3. Renew Online- If purchasing car insurance online was easy, periodically renewing the same is simpler. Just pay heed to the timely emails/SMS from your insurance provider and renew the policy just as how you purchased it in the first place.

    The World Wide Web has simplified our lives in a whole range of ways- the option to buy car insurance online being one such uber convenience. Ditch the long lines and the confusion, compare and purchase your motor insurance policy online.

    This is a very good question. Why bother with the chicken when you are a Vegan, right? Primarily, the following five reasons should answer your query:

    1. It’s the Law

      Under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act of India, all vehicles that operate in public places must have a car insurance policy as a mandatory document. At the very least, the policy must cover ‘third-party liability’, that is, a cover in scenarios where your vehicle was the cause of an accident that resulted in injury, loss of property and/or death of a third party.

    2. Pay Little Today, Save Big Tomorrow

      According to recent estimates, every 6th car crash in the world happens in India. This is staggering odds and a likely indication that your car could very well end up on the side of the road one of these days, after a brutal crash that could have resulted in injury, death and of course, massive losses in terms of repairs and replacements for your car. At that instance, the compensation and charges could run into several thousand or lakhs of rupees that may not be immediately available. However, with Car Insurance, there is complete peace of mind - paying a nominal premium today, to be tension-free when an unforeseen accident happens at a later date.

    3. Saving Time When Accidents Happen

      Accidents are stressful on their own without having to deal with the question of ‘What next?’ With your car insurance, comes your insurer’s expertise in handling these tense situations. Walking you through the claims process, helping you find a good garage and settling your claim on time - things that you will be thankful for when dealing with the aftermath of an unfortunate road accident.

    4. A Supplement for your Health Insurance

      Most Car Insurance policies offer coverage for injuries that might be sustained by you and your fellow passengers as a result of your vehicle’s accident. If not, personal injury protection can be purchased as an add-on feature. This acts as a powerful supplement to your health insurance - additionally covering for items that might not be covered by your health policy, including specialist care for accident-related injuries, dental repairs, funeral costs etc.

    5. Sustained Peace of Mind

      Just imagine, cruising on an open highway or wriggling through rush hour traffic without overtly worrying about the consequences (mostly financial) of a freak accident or an ‘innocent’ brush-up with an adjoining vehicle. Not having to pay for the mistakes of others. That’s mental peace - in it’s purest form!

    In today’s fast paced world, getting things done online is nothing short of a divine boon. Car Insurance renewal online is today’s reality, and quite a popular one at that. Almost all car insurance companies in India provide their customers the option to renew their policies online, through simple net banking transactions, or the safe usage of credit/debit cards.

    In the bargain, the customer saves valuable time, saves on the basic impetus of money as well as saves his/her often understated patience. The insurers on the other hand, offer this simple online renewal option and are assured of more inquisitive interest from their target audience, greater number of loyal repeat customers, and sizable savings in terms of setting up and maintaining the offline infrastructure. Online policy renewal is here to stay!

    1. General and natural ageing that results in wear and tear.
    2. Damage caused to vehicle when the driver wasn’t carrying a driver’s license, and/or driving under the influence of alcohol or other mood/mind stimulating substances.
    3. Mechanical or electrical breakdown.
    4. Damage to vehicle by war, mutiny or nuclear attacks.
    5. Depreciation in line with the market scenarios and other external conditions.
    6. Loss of the vehicle or damage incurred that can be sufficiently proven to be deliberate or consequential.
    7. Damage to the vehicle while it was being operated outside the borders of India.

    When it comes to finding the best Car Insurance policy that works for your specific requirements, all you can do is ‘compare, compare and compare’. Our expert customer support team is always at hand to help you with your queries, and our uniquely simple website pays loads of respect to your need for functional beauty, user experience and simplicity of operation.

    Simply, follow the flow and discover the best Car Insurance in tow. We wish you a lifetime of safe and happy driving…and the comprehensive protection of a robust Car Insurance when bad times strike on the road.

    1. Is owning a car insurance policy mandatory?

      Yes. According to prevalent motor vehicles laws in India, every vehicle plying on Indian roads must be insured.

    2. Is it possible to purchase car insurance online?

      Yes. Infact, the option to buy car insurance online is often highlighted by most compliant insurers as a surefire means to stay covered 24x7 and never run out of the applicable coverage.

    3. How do insurers calculate the applicable car insurance premiums?

      When deciding upon the applicable premium amount, many factors are at play. Different companies charge different rates, based on differing criterias, when it comes to own damage cover. Also, deductibles and the IDV factor play a part when the premium amounts are decided upon. Shop around, and find a policy that best matches your requirements- ideally, avoiding a scenario wherein the premium might be less but the deductibles are high and the coverage and IDV are low.

    4. What is ‘No Claim Bonus’?

      No Claim Bonus, or NCB in car insurance is the benefit awarded to the insured for not making any claims during the previous policy period. Currently, this bonus ranges from 20% on the Own Damage premium upto a maximum of 50%. Note that this doesn’t apply on liability premium.

    5. Is service tax applicable on the premium payments?

      Yes. The applicable service tax is in line with the regulations set by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA).

    6. What documents must always be available in the vehicle for ready inspection?
      1. Copy of the Driving Licence of the individual driving the vehicle.
      2. Insurance Certificate.
      3. Copy of the vehicle’s Registration Certificate.
      4. ‘Pollution Under Control’ Certificate.
    7. What must I do if I lose my insurance policy?

      Getting a duplicate copy of your insurance policy is very easy. You could either approach your insurer’s office for the same or, if you have procured the car insurance online, print-out the soft-copy of the policy that was forwarded to you.

    8. What is IDV?

      The Insured’s Declared Value (IDV) refers to the current market value of your vehicle as fixed by your car insurance company. The IDV comes in handy when claims are raised in cases of theft or total loss of the vehicle. Your insurer arrives at your vehicle’s IDV by pitting the manufacturer’s listed selling price against the commonly adhered to depreciation percentage.

    9. What is Zero Depreciation Cover?

      Commonly offered as an Add-On, the Zero Depreciation Cover offers full settlement on your claim without the usual deduction affected for depreciation (or periodic reduction in value of the vehicle/automotive parts due to natural wear and tear caused due to normal usage). Deduction due to depreciation is a common factor with the normal car insurance.

    10. Why car insurance premiums differ from company to company?

      Car insurance premium rates differ from one company to another based on their own internal protocols. The company calculates your premium based on these factors- a) The risk posed by you to the insurer, b) the insurer’s operational costs, c) the estimated money that the insurer is likely to pay as settlement through the year.

    11. What are the factors to consider before buying a car insurance policy?
      1. Brand and track record of the insurer.
      2. Coverage and the fine print.
      3. Customer service- both offline and online.
      4. Customization, perks and discounts.
      5. The clincher- Price!!
    12. How to calculate car insurance premiums?

      The simplest way to calculate your car insurance premiums is with a good Car Insurance Premium Calculator. While most lending banks offer this facility on their websites, competent third party calculators are also readily available.

    13. What is covered under third party motor insurance?

      Third party motor insurance doesn’t cover you and your vehicle. Its major purpose is to protect you against any liability that could arise from your vehicle’s involvement in an accident that led to the loss, damage, injury or death of third party property or individuals. Summing up, the following is covered-

      1. Damage to third party property.
      2. Injury or death of a third party (individual(s)).
      3. Accidental death and/or permanent total disability of the insured vehicle’s owner/driver.
    14. I have shifted to a new place. Is it necessary to update my registration address on my car insurance? How do I do it?

      Of course it is necessary to update your change of address at RTO as well as inform your motor insurer. You can get in touch with your insurance provider via their toll free number, email or in person. You can do this online as well. Just go to the official website and enter the details in the required columns.

    15. How do I go about transferring my car insurance from one firm to another?

      After informing your current car insurance provider, please submit the documents mentioned below.

      • Transfer of Policy (Sale of Vehicle)
      • New RC duplicate copy /form 29-30
      • Old policy document
      • NOC from the last insured
      • Transfer Charge - INR 50
      • Duly filled new application form, collected from the company.
      • Inspection of the car
    16. I am eligible for a No Claims Bonus (NCB). But I earned it when I went abroad. Can I still avail it?

      Being a safe driver, you certainly deserve a reward. But when it comes to earning it abroad, there are some slight variations to the eligibility. An insurance user can be granted a No Claims Bonus (NCB) on a new car insurance plan taken out in india as per the eligibility earned overseas. But this is applicable only if the scheme is taken out in india within three years of expiration of the international car insurance plan, depending on applicable provisions of NCB as per these rules and regulations..

    17. Can I get medical cover for bodily harm or demise of the passenger(s) commuted in my car? Should I buy separate cover for that?

      This is exactly why third party cover is mandatory for all car owners. Car insurance is there to safeguard you when the unforeseen occurs. But when your own actions on the road cause a mishap, this cover becomes even more crucial. And yes, medical expenses are also covered in the third party car insurance, mandatory for all car owners.

    rated 4.0/5.0 by 1301 users

    Car Insurance Online from Motor Insurance Companies

    Insurance provider
    Third Party Cover
    Cashless Network Garages
    Incurred Claim Ratio*
    Special features

    Smart Buying tips for your Car Insurance

    Be an Add-on Smart Cookie

    Get complete information about the add-ons available to be integrated into your car insurance policy for additional coverage.

    Renew On Time, Every Time

    Set reminders for your car insurance renewal dates so you never miss your policy's renewal date. The early bird always stands to benefit.

    Avoid False Declarations

    False declarations will come back to haunt you. Your car insurance policy will lapse immediately if any incorrect information is found at any stage of your coverage period.

    Discount for Security Features

    Some cars come with enhanced built-in security features such as anti-theft alarms, immobilizers and other systems that give potential thieves nightmares. With a low probability of theft, such cars can be insured for less premium. Note that only Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) approved devices will fetch a 2.5% discount on your premium.

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    Your premium for a Car insurance is determined by

    Registration City

    The city where a vehicle is registered determines premiums. Cars in metropolitan cities have to pay higher premiums as the incidence of vehicle thefts and accidents is higher.

    Make & Model

    Vehicle make and model and potential risk factors associated with it is a factor. For instance, some makes and models fare better in collisions than others so injuries to occupants and damage to the car would be less severe.

    No Claim Bonus Percentage

    The insurance premium amount will always be less if you haven't made any claims before. The no-claim bonus percentage plays a major role in determining your premium amount. So think twice before scurrying to your insurer for a miniscule scratch or dent.

    Type of Cover Taken

    Additional cushions you may consider such as cover for CNG/LPG kits, key replacement costs, road-side assistance etc. will increase your premium amount.

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    Expert Tips For Cutting Your Car Insurance Costs

    You Snooze, You Lose

    Always renew your motor insurance before the due date to avoid the inconveniences such as vehicle inspection as well a potential increase in premium cost.

    Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

    Making small claims like dents and scratches will push up the premium amount when you renew it the following year and you will lose the no-claim bonus in the corresponding year.

    The Net's Your Best Bet

    Buying car insurance online will save you a pretty penny in processing and distribution costs and could give you more discounts than a direct purchase.

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    • New Motor Vehicles Act To Cut Insurer Losses

      According to experts, the new Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2016 passed by Lok Sabha is going to help insurers in reducing their losses. For several years, the industry has been suffering losses due to a provision which permits policyholders or their family members to file insurance claims at any time, which could be 5 days, 5 months or even 5 years after the accident has taken place.

      However, a new amendment that has been recently introduced to the existing Act specifies timelines to be follows for swift processing of third party insurance claims.

      Likely to be passed in the next session of the Parliament, the Motor Vehicles Act shall direct motor accident victims or their families to file third party insurance claims in under 6 months from the date of the accident. Following this the insurance company will be required to make an offer to the claimant in under a period of 30 days after receipt of the claim. In case the claimant accepts the offer, the insurance company shall be liable to pay within a period of 30 days. If the claimant doesn’t accept the offer, then the claim will be sent to the claims tribunal for hearing.

      With the exception of Bajaj Allianz General Company, Agriculture Insurance Company of India and Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India which registered profits, as many as 27 general insurance companies did not report underwriting losses in the first half of 2016-17.

      In addition to specifying the time duration for raising a claims, the Bill also proposes that claims be made non-payable for driver driving without a valid permit/driving licence or driving under the influence of drugs/intoxicants. In such cases, the drivers themselves will be asked to pay compensation to victims, without any assistance from the insurer.

      26th May 2017

    • Indian Auto Industry Likely To Contribute 12% Nation’s GDP, says Union Minister

      Speaking at the inauguration of a test track facility developed by Global Automotive Research Centre, Union Minister Anant Geete said that India's automobile industry may contribute 12% to the country's GDP, which stands at 7.1% at present, in the coming decade. The test track facility being inaugurated is likely to bring in greater investment in not only the automotive segments but also in the segment of automotive components.

      Recently, India replaced China to become the number one two-wheeler market globally. Mr. Geete also mentioned that the country is seeking new and innovative ways to promote and adopt clean, safe, cheap and futuristic mobility services which in turn will bring about job creation in the sectors of research, development and manufacturing.

      25th May 2017

    • 33,000 bookings for Maruti Suzuki Dzire and waiting period goes up to 8 weeks

      33,000 bookings for Maruti Suzuki Dzire and waiting period goes up to 8 weeks

      Maruti Suzuki’s Dzire of 2017 has got numerous bookings from customers. This new product manufactured by the leading car company in India has many advanced features.

      The company has already started delivering the 2017 Dzire to several people. Maruti is selling this product in 8 types where 4 are petrol and 4 are diesel. People who are interested in this vehicle will have to go through a waiting period of up to 8 weeks. Customers can go for any of the 8 colour options for the car.

      This new model is very similar to the older model of the car. The retail price of the base petrol model is Rs.5.45 lakh and the maximum price of the car can go till Rs.8.41 lakh. You can buy this car from any of the normal Maruti dealerships and not the NEXA dealership.

      24th May 2017

    • BMW Looking To Expand Into Luxury, Coupe Segments over Compact Cars

      Famed German automaker, BMW is planning to shift focus from small compact vehicles to coupes and luxury cars. At a recently held general body meeting, BMW Chief Executive, Harald Krueger said that the BMW 8 Series Coupe will make its debut next year. The company is refreshing their entire product portfolio and strengthening the performance side. The strategy moving forward will be to focus on the luxury segment. BMW will be shifting focus towards performance-oriented cars. However, whether or not these models will come to India, is a question that begs an answer.

      In India, people are slowly warming up to the idea of performance-oriented cars. However, given it’s a growing economy and a price sensitive market, the audience is likely to be more receptive to a vehicle which offers them the best bang for their buck. Considering this, it will be a sensible move on BMW’s part to launch performance driven cars in India, but at what pries?

      BMW recently launched a series of performance-oriented cars which are a lot more reasonable then existing models like the BMW M3, M4, etc. While BMW’s launch of the 8-series in India will raise newer opportunities for the automaker in India, but, before that can happen, there a lot remaining to be done by the Indian audience in preparation. This preparation specifically pertains to road safety, awareness and adherence of driving and road rules and self-preservation while riding a motorcycle or driving a car.

      23rd May 2017

    • Demand for Gasoline Could Peak in Asia if India and China Go for Electric Cars

      Gasoline demand in Asia is expected to peak way before it was initially anticipated as millions of individuals across India and China are expected to purchase electric cars in the coming ten years. The shift from conventional vehicles to their electric counterparts threatens a major change so far as the oil industry is concerned, as revealed by auto and oil company executives. According to the experts, refiners should be ready for a future wherein gasoline, which is their most prominent revenue source, will not be the same cash cow it now is. Policy moves in China and India have prompted the change, and governments in both countries are making an effort to reduce the rampant pollution while competing for a chunk of the rapidly growing green car market and reducing oil imports.

      China has already announced its intention in a “road map” that was disclosed in April this year, saying that alternative fuel vehicles should account for a minimum of 20% of the 35 million yearly vehicle sales predicted by 2025. On the other hand, India is taking into consideration a slightly more radical approach, wherein the government think-tank is making plans to electrify all vehicles come 2032, as revealed by industry and government sources.

      22nd May 2017

    • The Modified Land Cruiser from Toyota Becomes the Planet’s Fastest SUV

      The Land Speed Cruiser from Toyota was showcased at the SEMA auto show in 2016 in the United States. Land Cruiser’s 2000 HP version was hyped up to be quite something, but few expected it to smash land speed records out the window. The SUV can hit 370 kilometres an hour, a feat that not many supercars can boast. The vehicle also possesses superior build quality that has the potential to withstand man-made as well as natural punishments to a great extent. Compared with supercars that are not built to deal with physical damage, this SUV leaves its competitors in the dust.

      Carl Edwards, the retired NASCAR driver for Toyota, drove the Land Speed Cruiser and made it touch 370.2 kilometres an hour on a runway that was four kilometres long and set in California’s Mojave Desert. Previously, the SUV with the best record was 340 kilometres an hour, which Toyota’s SUV has put to bed and quite comfortably. The Land Speed Cruiser’s engine receives Toyota Motorsports expertise. It is a 5.7 litre V8 fitted engine that comes with two large Garrett turbochargers along with reinforced parts and custom transmission that give it the potential to hold up unreal amounts of pressure in addition to giving it a herculean power boost. Aerodynamics of the vehicle have been helped by a stiffened suspension while the high speed is maintained through the Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber.

      19th May 2017

    • Toyota Kirloskar Motor Is Planning To Enhance Exports

      Toyota Kirloskar Motor is in discussion with Toyota Motor Corporation, its parent company to enhance their exports. The company, which is a joint venture between the Japanese auto major and Kirloskar group, is looking for better capacity utilisation from its second manufacturing plant in Bengaluru.TKM Director and Senior Vice- President, sales and marketing, N Raja, stated that they are seeking the support from their headquarters to expand their export market. He further stated that they are looking for other popular models like Corolla for exports as in most of the global markets there is local manufacturing of the model already.

      18th May 2017

    • Maruti Suzuki to give its development programme a push

      Following its success of the Vitara Brezza, in which the engineers of the make maneuvered the project, Maruti Suzuki is all set to give its development programme a push. According to CV Raman, the director, their engineers are able to learn how to develop a full model on a given platform, use the Suzuki global development process, understand engineering test standards, make own judgements and take decisions. The goal of the car manufacturer is to increase the volume and the overall quality of their makes - ensuring that Maruti engineers and the Suzuki engineers work on par.

      17th May 2017

    • Ford making steps towards launching Ford EcoSport 2017

      Having already launched the latest model of the Ford EcoSport, Ford is all set to roll out the Ford EcoSport sometime this year. With the ex-showroom prices rumoured to be between Rs.6.5 lakh and Rs.9 lakh, the Ford EcoSport 2017 comes with a 1.5-litre engine thumping out 115 bhp, and additional features such as a multi-functional steering wheel, driver’s seat height adjustment, automatic climate control, touchscreen multimedia system, and an engine push start-stop button.

      16th May 2017

    • Electric charging stations to be set up for car

      Sanjeev Jaiswal, Municipal Commissioner, stated that there are plans in place to set up charging stations for electric cars to promote the use of electric vehicles to minimise car emissions and help protect the environment. Jaiswal has ordered civic authorities to survey and identify locations where charging stations can be set up. The officials will finish the survey and will make a report stating possible locations for these charging stations. Pollution levels have been increasing and so have the number of automobiles on our roads. The project will soon take flight with the support of the International Finance Corporation.

      15th May 2017

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