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    Reliance General Insurance is one of the leading private general insurance companies of India. Reliance General Insurance offer an exhaustive and customized basket of insurance products that include motor, health, travel, student travel insurance etc with over 94 customized insurance products catering to the corporate, SME and individual customers.

    Key Benefits of Reliance Car Insurance

    So you’re stranded almost nowhere

    Cashless Claim Networks

    Cashless claim service over 2100+ authorized network of garages across India

    Don’t we love a good discount?


    Installation of anti-theft device and specific location usage cover discount

    Help is always at hand

    Accidental Cover /Customer Support

    This policy cover the policyholder, while you are driving against any accident.

    Add-on Covers for Reliance Car Insurance

    Depreciation cover for Reliance Car Insurance

    Depreciation Cover

    Specific location usage discount & anti-theft deevice discount

    Invoice price cover for Reliance Car Insurance

    Third Party Cover

    This policy cover the policyholder, while you are driving against any accident. Additional 3rd party cover of upto Rs. 10 lakh

    Personal Accident cover for passengers

    Personal Accident Cover

    100% of Capital Sum Insured of 5 lakhs

    *These Features may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.

    Inclusion & Exclusion in Reliance Car Insurance

    No capers without the required papers!


    Covers your car against accidents, theft, natural calamities etc.

    Drink OR drive. There’s only one choice


    Loss or damage under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicating substance.

    *These Features may be included as part of different products and are subject to the insurer's terms & conditions.


    Reliance is a well-known venture all around the world. Having started by the legendary “Dhirubhai Ambani”, it has taken into accounts a great amount of market share, product lines and is been diversified into several domains.

    Being a ‘Falcon’ in an insurance industry, it is offering a diverse range of insurance products to it's customers, classified as motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, student travel insurance etc. It believes in customisation and for this reason it offers more than 94 customised insurance products associated to corporate.

    Flowing along a river of success, it has inaugurated more than 139 offices in more than 102 cities and 24 states as of now. Being Passionate about the customer satisfaction as mentioned in it's mission statement, it has launched a 24x7 customer call centre where customers can ask their queries, can enquire about the products and can launch their complaints, if any.

    To run at par with the trend and perfection, it has a strong tie ups with several banks, channel partners and brokers that caters to all it's financial needs and queries. Running efficiently with a perfect quality, ‘Det Norske Veritas- a global quality standards auditing organisation’ has awarded Reliance General Insurance an ISO 9001:2009 certification.

    Reliance Car Insurance

    Car is like your house running on set of wheels. So, you would never like it to get damaged. While buying a car, you should be having enough inflow of money to pay every time from your pockets for it's repair or you should have a car insurance that pays off for your bit. Ideally having a car insurance is a wise option as you get several other benefits linked with that. Also, you spare your pockets from huge expenses related to the sudden repair of your vehicle.

    Reliance offers a private car policy that is a policy meant for a car which is used for a personal use. With the policy, it offers a huge chunk of benefits and facilities that provides you an assistance at that point of time when you’ll be alone with your damaged car.

    Private car policy:

    It covers all the damages related to your own vehicle and also the damages related to third party. As an additional spice, it gives a personal accident cover for the owner or the driver of the car. But all these benefits will be flown into your account when the driver or the owner holds a valid driving licence.

    Reliance Car Insurance Facilities:

    There are host of facilities associated with Reliance car insurance.

    • Free Road side assistance at the time of breakdown or an accident of the car.
    • Cashless facility at more than 2100 network service stations- Don’t bother for your cash.
    • Get your vehicle towed at minimal charges- Reimbursement up to Rs 1500.
    • Go online- get an instant policy issuance
    • No documentation required.
    • Call any time- 24x7 customer service.
    • A TAT of 24 hours for survey of your vehicle.
    • Go Hassle free- an easy and convenient approach
    • Get attractive discounts and enjoy your ride
    • Several other options for extra insurance cover available.
    • Frustrated of busy lines- don’t worry, get an immediate attention.
    • Get your car insurance on and off the road with Reliance car insurance. Enjoy it's facilities and your drive thereto.

    Reliance Car Insurance Cover:

    A cover that covers all your needs and requirements at one go.

    • Own Liability cover: This cover is provided as a compensation for the damage that has incurred to the vehicle due to the following reasons:
      • Manmade calamities: It includes fire, explosion, riots, strikes, theft, burglary etc.
      • Natural Calamities: It includes floods, storms, earthquakes, cyclone, typhoon etc.
      • In transit: It includes the damage caused to your vehicle while it is in transit on road, by rail, by air, lift, or elevator.

      Insurer will pay for all the damage caused to your vehicle due to the above mentioned list. There would nothing be demanded from your part to bear apart from the depreciated value.

    • Third party Liability: The cover is about the third party liability. If in case your vehicle causes any damage to third party resulting in his/her death, causing some major injuries or a damage to his/her property, your insurer will pay all the legal settlements, claims and expenses as required by the law.
    • Add on covers: Apart from the above mentioned coverage, it offers you an additional cover for an extra premium. The add on covers are:
      • Personal accident cover for owner, driver, named passengers or any unnamed passengers.
      • A cover for electrical or non-electrical parts.
      • A ‘Nil depreciation’ cover
      • ‘No Claim Bonus’ Retention cover.

    Reliance Car Insurance Add-on Cover Details

    Reliance General offers ‘made-to-order’ protection for every car insured with it. Not only is Reliance Car Insurance very affordable, but also offers a host of add-on benefits. Pay a little more than your basic premium and enjoy a wide array of advantages and additional coverages for your car. As Reliance puts it, “add-on covers are not just additional costs, they are assets that earn you several advantages.”

    Each add-on offered by Reliance has a unique coverage benefit. Choose the one that suits you best, from the following.

    NCB Retention

    This add-on cover is applicable to cars aged 2 years or above. It enables the insured to retain the earned No Claim Bonus (NCB) percentage, even after a claim has been made. In case you haven’t opted for this additional cover and have made a claim in your previous policy period, the NCB would be nil.

    For cars valued less than or up to Rs. 10 lakhs, this add-on can be availed while renewing the car insurance policy.

    Your car is eligible to enjoy the retainable NCB add-on under the following circumstances –

    • At least one approved accidental claim has been made during your policy period.
    • The NCB percentage of the insured car should be 25% and above.
    • The policy needs to be renewed within 90 days of its expiry.
    Personal Accident Bundle Cover

    This add-on covers your car against accidents (in any part of the world), irrespective of whoever is driving it. This cover insures you against permanent total disablement and accidental death.

    Motor Secure Plus Cover

    This add-on includes Nil Depreciation Cover, Consumables Cover and Engine Cover.

    Nil Depreciation Cover

    This add-on exempts your car and its parts from deductions on account of the car’s depreciating value.

    • Private cars with a maximum of two claims in one policy period can be covered under this add-on.
    • If there is a partial loss, the claim is settled only if the car is repaired at a workshop authorised by Reliance.
    Consumables Cover

    In case of damage to the insured car, the expenses incurred on the consumable items (in the car) is covered under this add-on.

    • These items include nuts, bolts, screws, lubricants, clips, AC gas, etc.
    • Private cars with a maximum of two claims in one policy period can be covered under this add-on.
    • If there is a partial loss, the claim is settled only if the car is repaired at a workshop authorised by Reliance.
    Engine Cover

    The expenses incurred while fixing damage done to your car engine, differential parts and gear box parts by water, leakage of lubricating oil is covered under this add-on. This coverage is applicable only if the insurer is intimated within 7 days of the loss/damage.

    Motor Secure Premium Cover

    In addition to the above mentioned Nil Depreciation Cover, Engine Cover and Consumables Cover, this add-on provides a Key Protect Cover for private cars.

    Key Protect Cover - Private Cars

    Expenses made while repairing/replacing your car keys, locks, lockset (including the locksmith’s charges), are covered under this add-on. The claim can be made during the policy period, if it has occurred through theft, burglary, etc.

    • Private Cars with a maximum of two claims during one policy period will be covered under this add-on.
    • A claim based on loss caused by theft/ burglary needs to be supported by an FIR with the police.
    • The replaced lock/key/lockset should be of the same nature as the one claimed for.
    • Given the nature of roads and unruly traffic cars are extremely prone to accidents and many other risks. Protect your car from every possible danger and unforeseen circumstances by choosing the aforementioned add-ons offered by Reliance Car Insurance.

    Reliance Car Insurance Reimbursements:

    Reliance reimburses to insured the following things:

    • Vehicle’s Damage: In case of your own vehicle damage, it reimburses:
      • Actual cost of the repairs or any replacements
      • 50% of the cost of replacement in the case of tyres and plastic/rubber parts.
      • 30% of the cost of replacement in the case of fibre glass components.
      • No replacement for glass parts.
    • Third party Liability: As per Motor vehicles act, Reliance reimburses the following things:
      • Death claims for the third parties.
      • Bodily injuries to third parties.
      • Death or bodily injuries to other persons sitting in a car, provided those people should not be the employees of an insured and should not be the hirer of the car.
      • Property damage to third party.
      • Any other expenses incurred supported by a written consent of the company.

    Key Factors affecting your car insurance premium:

    • The Insured’s declared value (IDV), i.e. the value of sum assured after deducting depreciation from the listed value of the car with the vendor. So, basically the depreciation percentage would affect your premium.
    • The cubic capacity (CC) affects the premium.
    • The make and model of the vehicle.
    • The age of your vehicle.
    • The geographical zone in which you are going to ride your vehicle.
    • The percentage of ‘No claim bonus’ that you are having in your account.
    • Certain other discounts being offered by the company.

    Reliance Car Insurance Discounts:

    No product is complete without a discount. Reliance has offered 3 types of discounts that you can earn on your premium amounts.

    • No Claim Bonus: If you have not claimed your insurance in a year, you earns a ‘No Claim Bonus’ in your account. In your next renewal, you can redeem this bonus as a discount on your premium for up to the value of 50%.
    • Voluntary Excess: If you have agreed on to the higher proportion of voluntary excess on your claims, then definitely you’ll get good discounts on your premium.
    • Automobile Association: Being a member of any automobile association would save you paying more for your premiums.

    Reliance Car Insurance Exclusions:

    There are some sort of damages to your vehicle for which Reliance doesn’t allows you to claim insurance:

    • A normal wear and tear of the vehicle over the period of time.
    • Any consequential loss.
    • Any sort of mechanical or electrical damage in your car.
    • Vehicle used out of the geographical area.
    • Damage caused due to war perils, nuclear intervention or civic disturbances.
    • Damage caused under the influence of consumption of alcohol or drugs.

    There are so many attributes that can steal your way. Be a Reliance customer and you’ll get it differently.

    Car insurance is a mandate by an Indian Government. Not only specified by an Indian Government, it is mandatory for your own self benefit. How long will you keep on scratching down your savings?

    Get a Car insurance and be a helping hand to your family. Think responsibly! Let’s give a token of care to our wheels and let’s get a car insurance before your savings get steals!

    Have a safe and healthy journey!

    Reliance Car Insurance Claim Process

    Reliance General Insurance offers a convenient and quick claim settlement process for Reliance motor insurance holders. Policyholders have the option of selecting either a cashless claim or a reimbursement claim depending on the type of emergency. Customers can check the status of their Reliance car insurance claims on the insurer’s web portal and also get additional support from their 24/7 customer care helpdesk for any issues regarding their claim settlements.

    Reliance Motor Insurance Claim Process

    A Reliance motor insurance claim can be made by customers without any hassles in just a few simple steps.

    1. Customers have to first register their claims by calling the Reliance toll free helpline as soon as the incident occurs. They will have to give the following details listed to file a claim and initiate the settlement process.
    2. Details required to file a claim -
      • Policy number
      • Contact Details
      • Name of the insured person
      • Date and time of the accident
      • Vehicle number
      • Make and model of the vehicle
      • Brief description the accident
      • Location and Extent of loss
      • Garage name
    3. The affected vehicle has to be taken to an authorized garage for repairs and the required documents have to be submitted to the surveyor.
    4. After the inspection of the vehicle is done, Reliance approves the claim and the attached liability. The repairs should not be started before the inspection is done.
    5. Customers opting for cashless settlements can get their vehicles repaired by authorized garages. The repair bills will be settled by Reliance General Insurance with the garage up to the payable amount. A copy of the driver’s license, self-attested copy of the RC book and the filled-in claim form has to be submitted to the garage.
    6. In case, the insured does not opt for a cashless settlement, then they will have to pay for the repair charges at the garage. Then the bills can be submitted to the surveyor to complete the settlement.
    7. After the claim has been settled, the repaired vehicle can be taken back by the owner from the authorized garage.
    Reliance Personal Accident Claim Process
    1. When a personal accident occurs, a claim can be made by reporting the accident to the toll free helpline.
    2. Customers have to furnish the following details to initiate a personal accident claim with Reliance General Insurance.
      • Insured’s contact details
      • Policy number
      • Name of insured person who is injured
      • Date and time of accident
      • Location and Extent of loss
      • Brief description of the accident
    3. The insured person should also consult a doctor if required in cases of emergencies.
    4. In cases of road accidents, police authorities should be informed and then the claim should be notified.
    Documentation Required Claims for accidents -
    1. Proof of Insurance Policy
    2. Originals and copies of Registration Book and Tax Receipts
    3. Original and copy of the Driving License of the driver
    4. Police Panchanama / FIR for third-party property damage, death and body injuries
    5. Estimate for repairs
    6. Repair bills and payment receipts
    7. In case the claim has to be paid to the repairer, then the Claims Discharge Cum Satisfaction Voucher signed across a Revenue stamp is required.
    Claims for theft -
    1. Original Policy Document
    2. Original Registration Book with Theft endorsement the RTO
    3. Tax payment receipts
    4. Previous Insurance Details - Policy number/Insurer Name / Insurance period
    5. Vehicle keys/service booklets/warranty card
    6. Police Panchanama / FIR / Final investigation report/JMFC report
    7. Acknowledged copy of letter address to RTO intimating theft and making vehicle "Non-Use"
    On Admission of Liability -
    1. Duly signed Form 28, 29 and 30
    2. Form 35 signed by the Financer
    3. Letter of subrogation
    4. Consent towards agreed claim settlement value from the insured and financier.
    5. Claim Discharge Voucher signed across a Revenue Stamp
    6. NOC of the Financier if claim is to be settled in the favour of the insured.

    FAQs - Reliance car insurance

    1. What does Reliance Private Car Insurance Policy cover?

      The Reliance Private Car Insurance policy provides 24/7 roadside assistance, cashless claim facility, reimburses towing charges upto Rs 1500, assists policyholders stranded on account of car breakdowns and an optional cover for personal accidents of upto Rs 10 lakhs.

    2. What are the key features of the Reliance Car Insurance Policy?

      Key features - Car insurance policies can be easily availed with absolutely no documentation and claims can be settled without any trouble. The company does a quick survey of the damaged vehicle and quickly approves the amount to be claimed. Customers also get attractive discounts when they avail a Reliance Private Car Insurance policy.

    3. How is the premium decided for private cars?

      When a customer opts for the Reliance Private Car insurance policy, the premium to be paid gets decided based on various factors. To name a few, primarily the Insured Declared Value and the cubic capacity of the purchased vehicle is taken into account. Also the place of registration, type and age of the vehicle helps decide on the premium amount. The type of cover chosen by the individual also helps ascertain the premium in most cases.

    4. Can No claim bonus be transferred with Reliance Car Insurance Policy ? At what rate is that done?

      Yes, the no claim bonus can be transferred at the time of renewal and this happens within 90 days from your renewal date. No claim bonus from your previous insurers can be transferred at the exact rate prevailing at the time of renewal.

    5. What are the types of car insurance claims handled by Reliance Insurance?

      Claims can be made online using the Reliance car insurance website and can be made either as a cashless claim or as reimbursement claims which requires certain documents to be submitted at the company’s branch.

    6. Can I renew and buy my motor policy online?

      Yes, customers can buy and renew their existing policies online via net banking and credit card payments available on the Reliance website.

    News About Reliance Car Insurance

    • Reliance General Insurance Joins Hands with IndusInd Bank

      In a move directed at disbursing a large new product portfolio of insurance products among the Indian masses, Reliance General Insurance Company and IndusInd Bank inked a Corporate Agency Agreement.

      The IRDAI recently issued multi-bank partnership guidelines for bancassurance tie-ups, and this partnership is the first to be formed under the new guidelines.

      Reliance brings its massive 20,000-strong intermediary network to the table, along with its presence in over 500 locations. The joint force can now fully utilize IndusInd Bank’s 1,000 plus branches and established network of processes and operations. The companies together plan to develop and distribute top-of-the-line general insurance products to the Indian masses, which will cater to everyone’s needs and also help the companies generate a good operating profit.

      The partnership aims at providing products to individuals, corporates, SMEs, and retail customers who require general insurance.

      25th May 2016

    • Never break down with the new Reliance Car Insurance

      Now you will never have to bear the brunt of the perennial car breakdown with the new Reliance car insurance feature - Anywhere Assist. The new feature is applicable to all private Reliance car insurance policies.

      The new Reliance car insurance feature 'Anywhere Assist' will be available 24 hours round the clock and provide roadside assistance service to all its eligible customers. In case your car breaks down within a radius of 25km from the nearest car breakdown location you will get assistance from the Reliance car insurance. The road assistance service offers you a range of services including help with towing, jump start your car with a battery, also handles any small repairs, if your tyres go flat, run out of fuel, or get your back up key delivered, help you with a spare taxi, organising hotel accommodation, and sending outgoing messages etc.

      You might feel that there is nothing new about the service and is already provided by other competitors in the industry but the point to be noted is that the Reliance car insurance 'Anywhere Assist' is completely available free of cost comes as a complimentary add-on with Reliance car insurance policy.

      Reliance car insurance reviews help to choose the best car insurance while comparing others.

      17th December 2014

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