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    Personal loans help you sail smoothly through all expenses that you might find difficult to make due to cash unavailability. From a vacation in Hawaii to renovation of your dream house, a personal loan will make sure you get to enjoy life to the fullest. Here are a few significant features that will prove that taking a personal loan for any of your needs or wishes is a great idea.

    • Personal loans are quick and easy and hence can be availed without any hassle
    • Banks generally do not ask for any collaterals or guarantors while approving these loans and hence these loans require minimum documentation.
    • Personal loans offer great and competitive interest rates which do not weigh you down too much.
    • These loans have a comfortable pay-back period and as such your travel expense to Australia can be broken down into several small EMIs making it easier on your pocket.
    • Availing personal finance for your various needs means that you do not need to spend via your credit card. This will mean you get to pay-back in equal monthly installments and as such you can avoid any uneasiness resulting from interest levied on credit card payments.
    Bank NamePersonal loan interest rates

    Aditya Birla Finance Personal loan
    14% to 16.25%

    Capital First Personal loan
    13% to 20%

    CitiBank Personal loan
    14.49% to 17%

    Fullerton Personal loan
    17.25% to 37%

    HDFC Bank Personal loan
    12.50% to 19.50%

    ICICI Bank Personal loan
    11.49% to 18.49%

    IndusInd Personal loan
    11.99% to 19%

    Kotak Personal loan
    11.49% to 20.15%

    Standard Chartered Bank Personal loan
    11.99% to 17%

    Tata Capital Personal loan
    12.50% to 19.50%

    Yes Bank Personal loan
    12.25% to 17.49%

    Given below are details of Personal Loan Interest Rates of a few top banks of the country.

    SBI Personal Loan Interest Rate

    State Bank of India is the apex nationalized bank of the nation. The bank has several personal finance solutions to its credit and SBI Personal Loan Interest Rates are quite competitive and varied as per customer’s requirement. A few of these personal loans are listed below along with the rate of interest applicable for each of these loan schemes.

    • Xpress Credit Personal Loan:This personal finance scheme from SBI is aimed at fulfilling all your urgent financial needs be it for your sudden needs or planned vacations. The rate of interest for this personal finance scheme is 15% which is low and quite competitive as compared to interest rates offered on personal loans by other banks. The interest rate also depends on the level of check-off. Partial check-offs have rates as 13-13.5% or 14-14.5%. The rate of 15% is applicable in case of complete check-off.
    • SBI Saral Personal Loan:The SBI Saral loan scheme is generally for professionals and self-employed people. This loan is offered for meeting any of your urgent financial needs. The personal loan limit is defined by your income and the capacity to repay. The rate of interest on this personal loan is 8.50% above base rate that is 18.5% which is a bit higher than the Xpress Credit finance scheme.
    • SBI Pension Loan:This loan is granted to those who are pensioners of Central or State governments and are receiving a monthly pension from the government. This is sanctioned to applicants who are less than 76 years of age. The interest rate for this loan is 3.5% above the base rate that is 13.5%.
    Festival Loans:Festival Loans by State Bank of India are provided so as to help you get through the expenditure during festival time without burdening you with excess liability. This loan makes sure that you enjoy to the fullest, the precious festival time with your friends and family. The rate of interest on this personal loan is 6.5% above the actual base rate and hence is currently 16.5%.

    HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates

    Personal finance scheme offered by HDFC bank is easy and quick. The loan requires minimum documentation and HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rates are also very attractive. This loan scheme offers zero hidden charges with nominal processing fees and convenient repayment options.

    The interest rates on HDFC personal loans are competitive with respect to other banks offering personal loans.

    HDFC personal loans also offer life protection cover of up to 8 lacs for accidental hospitalization and up to 1 lacs for death or permanent disability of the loan borrower. HDFC Personal Loan Interest Rate is in the range of 13-20% and is on a monthly reducing basis.

    A few important features of HDFC personal loans are mentioned below –

    • Highly competitive rate of interest
    • Special privileges for HDFC account holders
    • Loan eligibility can be checked online
    • Get a personal loan in as less as 1 day if you have all the documents in place
    • Convenience of interacting with the customer care center via a host of available options including phone calls, chats, emails etc.
    • Simple documentation
    • Transparency of fees and other charges

    ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    ICICI offers personal loans at attractive interest rates . The personal loan scheme by ICICI is also customizable. This means that a customer can choose the amount of loan depending upon his requirement. The loan amount depends upon the nature of employment of the applicant. A few benefits of ICICI bank personal loans are –

    • Attractive interest rates
    • Simple documentation
    • Direct credit of amount through online channels
    • Quick processing of loan
    • Simple payment options via a host of different payment channels like ECS, AD or PDC
    • Loan tenure can be chosen by the customer depending upon his/her repayment capacity
    • Fixed rate of interest which is on a monthly reducing basis
    • No security or collaterals are required to be submitted

    ICICI bank personal loan interest rate starts as low as 13% and depends on a number of factors like income etc.

    Axis Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates

    Axis bank offers great features and benefits on its personal loans. Be it your child’s education or a family wedding, you need not worry about the extra cash that you might require for urgent needs. Axis Bank Personal Loan interest rates are also quite competitive and attractive. The rate of interest generally ranges between 15.50% and 24%. A few highlights of Axis bank personal loans are –

    • Low processing charges
    • Loans available for salaried customers
    • Loans available across a wide range of loan amounts
    • Highly competitive interest rates
    • Simple application procedure
    • Simple documentation

    Points to watch-out for before availing personal loans:

    The above listed points about various personal loans sufficiently highlight the use and the advantages of getting a personal loan. For all those who want to go ahead and avail personal finance, here are a few things that one should watch-out for while applying for a personal loan

    • Check the rate of interest offered and the hidden charges like processing fee etc. Sometimes these may be too high resulting in a higher loan amount than you actually wanted to owe
    • Check your credit score beforehand to get a fair idea of your loan eligibility so that the lending entity isn’t able to take advantage
    • Unsecured loans generally offer lower loan amounts
    • Go for a secured loan in case the loan amount sought is more but only if you are sure you will be able to pay up in the stipulated tenure
    • Check if there are any pre-payment charges and whether you are comfortable with those

    How to apply for a personal loan:

    Applying for a Personal Loan Interest rate at involves three simple steps :

    Step 1: In the first step, the user must fill the Personal Loan Interest rate eligibility form available online with required personal data. Once submitted the Personal Loan Interest rate tool automatically checks for eligibility of the applicant and personalized Personal Loan Interest rate options.

    Step 2: In the second step, the applicant can compare various Personal Loan Interest rate options offered by the tool interface and apply for the best suitable Personal Loan Interest rate.

    Step 3: The last step involves receiving an instant e-approval from after successful submission of Personal Loan Interest rate application online.

    The application is sent electronically to the selected bank. The Personal Loan Interest rate department of the concerned bank gets in touch with the applicant directly. Users can check the status of their application through SMS alters as well as emails.

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