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    11.20% - 11.45% Floating
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    10L Max
    5 Years
    Response Time : Within 30 minutes
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    Eligibility criteria for personal loans from UCO Bank is subject to the type of personal finance being availed. The general criteria is listed as under.

    • Personal loan applicant should be an existing customer of UCO Bank
    • Loan Applicant should be a resident of India
    • Net annual income of the loan applicant:
    • UCO Shopper Loan Scheme

      At least Rs.3,00,000 for metro customers and Rs.2,00,000 for other cities

      UCO Cash

      Net take-home salary should not be less than 40% of the monthly income after loan deduction

      UCO Yatra

      Minimum gross monthly income of Rs.30,000 across all cities

      UCO Pensioner

      No minimum monthly income requirement

    • Minimum age of the applicant should be 21 years
    • Maximum age of the applicant should be 60 years in case of salaried individuals and 65 years in case of self-employed/non-salaried individuals

    About UCO Bank Personal Loan

    UCO Bank is one of the oldest banks in India. The bank was founded in the year 1943 and is a public sector institution. The bank offers a host of banking products and services to its customers. These include wealth management, private banking, corporate banking, international banking and rural banking. The bank also provides a platform to deal with government services and their payment.

    Personal loans from UCO Bank are one of the most popular personal banking product. These personal loans are offered to various types of customers with various financial needs. Here is a list of all the personal loan schemes offered by UCO Bank.

    • UCO Shopper Loan Scheme

      Meant for financial assistance when a borrower wishes to purchase goods and electronics

    • UCO Cash

      This scheme is directed towards customers from specific job types for fulfilling their personal financial needs

    • UCO Yatra

      The UCO Yatra loan is meant for customers who need extra cash for travel and tour purposes

    • UCO Pensioner

      As the name itself signifies, this personal finance scheme is aimed at providing finance to pensioners

    Factors affecting UCO Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

    Personal loan eligibility is determined by taking into account various personal and financial details of customers. Age of the applicant, monthly income etc. are some of the most important factors that influence loan eligibility.

    • Age of the applicant

      Age of the applicant is an important factor in determining loan eligibility. Generally, banks offer higher loan amounts and lower rates of interest to customers who are young and earning. Ideally all banks want customers to be above 21 years of age and below 60 years of age to avail personal loans.

    • Type of job of the applicant

      Type of job not only determines loan eligibility for UCO bank customers but also the personal loan scheme he/she is eligible for. UCO Bank has different loan schemes for military officers and pensioners.

    • Stability of job

      A steady job is a key parameter for personal loan eligibility. A steady job depicts steady flow of income and hence regular repayment of loan installments. Hence, all lending entities emphasize the importance of this one parameter.

    • Credit history

      pertaining to credit channels previously availed. Banks use this to gauge your standing as a borrower and to assess whether you will be able to make regular and timely repayments of loan.

    • Relationship with the bank

      Existing customers are always preferred for personal loans since banks already have the KYC checks in place for such customers. For existing customers, the financial history and payment pattern is also known to a certain extent.

    • Monthly income of the loan applicant

      Monthly income of an applicant is of utmost importance since monthly loan installments depend on this. Banks generally want customers’ monthly installment payments to be less than 40% of their monthly income.

    • Existing debt liabilities

      The more the number of credit channels availed, the lower is the eligibility of customer. This is because repayment power decreases with growing number of credit lines and as such banks fear loan default as a serious issue.

    How credit score affects your UCO Bank Personal Loan Eligibility?

    Credit Information Bureau India Limited, CIBIL, which is the apex credit bureau of the country does the job of collating and evaluating credit information of all customers. Based on this evaluation, it then assigns a credit score to all customers.

    Credit score is mostly the first thing that banks look at while calculating loan eligibility for a customer. Customers should always try to know their credit score even before they start the loan application process. This is because sometimes you might not even know that there is some issue with your credit history and might get rejected by multiple banks, which in turn might hurt your credit report even more. On the contrary, if you are aware of your credit score then even if it is not good, you can take suitable measures to improve your score before applying for loan with a bank.

    How to increase UCO Personal Loan Eligibility?

    Personal loan eligibility can be improved by taking certain steps in the direction of strengthening credit history. Some of the most crucial steps in this direction are as follows.

    • Maintain a healthy credit history:

      Customers who are regular with their loan and credit card payments have a good credit history. Credit history is also affected by the number of existing loans that you have. A healthy credit history is a pre-requisite to avail personal finance from UCO Bank. Customers with poor credit history should first repair it and then apply for credit.

    • Have a mix of both secured and unsecured loans:

      Customers who have a mix of both secured and unsecured loans are generally considered responsible borrowers as compared to those who don’t. A good ratio of both these types of credit ensures better chances of loan sanction.

    • Don’t apply with too many banks:

      Applying for personal finance with too many banks might lower your credit score and make a dent in your credit history. The best way to go about personal loan application is to first research about your preferred loan product and the subsequent loan provider and then apply for it so as to avoid multiple loan applications.

    • Do not switch jobs frequently:

      A steady job and a regular income are crucial to getting your personal loan approved. Banks look for customers who are regular with their repayments and have the financial power to carry long-term financial liabilities.

    FAQs on UCO Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

    What is the maximum loan amount offered by UCO personal loan?

    The maximum loan amount offered by UCO Bank personal loans is dependent upon the loan scheme being availed.

  • UCO Shopper Loan Scheme

    A maximum loan of Rs.2,00,000 or 10 times the monthly income

  • UCO Cash

    Up to Rs.2 lacs without security

  • For above Rs.2 lacs, security collateral needs to be submitted to the bank

  • UCO Yatra

    Up to Rs.5 lacs

  • UCO Pensioner

    Without Family Pension

    10 times the monthly pension subject to a maximum of Rs.2,00,000/-.

    With Family Pension

    10 times the monthly pension subject to a maximum of Rs.3,00,000/-

    Do I need to be an existing UCO Bank customer to avail personal finance from the bank?

    Yes. UCO Bank offers personal finance only to existing customers. However, you can contact the bank and become an account holder and then avail the personal finance scheme.

    Can self-employed individuals apply for personal finance from UCO Bank?

    Yes. Self-employed individuals can also apply for personal finance from UCO Bank. Special loan schemes targeted towards self-employed customers are also available.

    Does UCO Bank charge a processing fee for sanction of personal loans?

    Yes. Processing charges are levied by UCO Bank for sanction of personal loans. However, this is also dependent upon type of loan scheme availed. For example, pensioners do not need to pay any processing fee to avail personal loan.

  • Personal Loan Reviews

    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Average service"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I have been using my saving account with UCO bank for long time, there service is not up to the mark, and there branch service is not good they are not properly assisting me well and even there mobile application is not properly updated , i am not happy with their service.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Mar 08, 2019
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Very good service"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      The UCO bank personal loan service was good and I have got the personal loan within 21 days of time. The customer support service and the response was quite good from the UCO bank and I am satisfied with the loan amount .I would say it is a very good service,
      Was this review helpful? 7
      , kolkata
      Reviewed on May 10, 2018
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Approchable bank"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I have taken a personal Loan from UCO BANK.The approved loan amount was 40 thousand . The given rate of interest was2% yearly. As one time payment i closed the loan. The experience was really good.The customer service and response at the time of submitting the application was fine.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Jan 24, 2018
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Good Loan "
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I got a Personal Loan from UCO few years back, and the experience with them has been great . The process for the application was simple and required minimal hassle. I got the loan for Rs.1.50 Lakhs for a mere 10.99% rate of interest, which I think is a great deal.
      Was this review helpful? 8
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Nov 07, 2017
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "excellent service"
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      I have taken a personal loan from UCO and their main branch was located near to my office so I applied from there their interest rate was very low compare to others in the market and during the process they asked for my document 16 and a letter from my employer and the guaranty and the previous policy copies once I submitted with the documents they completed the process which was good.
      Was this review helpful? 4
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Oct 15, 2017
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Good Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      UCO bank gave a very good service in regards to my personal loan application and I got the loan amount within 7 to 8days from UCO bank. The process just took a week time. The customer service, the response and their follow up was good with UCO bank. The rate of interest is low when compared with others. The processing fee is also reasonable with UCO bank. I am very much satisfied with the loan amount with UCO bank.
      Was this review helpful? 8
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Jun 23, 2017
    • UCO Personal Loan
      "Very lengthy process"
      0.5 2.5/5 "Just OK"
      Besides paper work the rest is fine with UCO bank personal loan. The documentation part is very lengthy and they took a lot of time to provide the loan. UCO bank took around 10 to 15 days of time to provide the loan. Apart from that, I did not undergone any sort of issues with them.
      Was this review helpful? 11
      , jharsuguda
      Reviewed on Dec 21, 2016
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