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  • Aadhar Card

    Aadhar Card

    Many countries around the world use a unique identity system whereby each citizen receives a number that hold all details pertinent to their identity under it. The government of India has also sought such a system India and have called it Aadhaar, which is also referred to as UID. They then intend to use this number to provide benefits to the citizens through the Aadhaar number. These benefits could include things like various subsidies that the government provides, include things like the subsidy on gas. The project is run by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) and was introduced in January 2009. The project has faced some problems since its inception with claims being made that the project was not constitutionally sound as it involved the collection of biometric data of the citizens by the government.

    The general idea of the program is to issue every citizen with a unique number to help identify them and provide them the benefit of schemes announced by the government. This unique identity involved the issuance of a 12 digit Aadhaar number and an Aadhaar card. The idea was also that the project would also serve as an identity card for everyone and would then be linked to other services like UAN, bank accounts and pension schemes.

    What is Aadhar Card ?

    The Aadhar card is a card that is issued once the application has been approved and an Aadhar number has been assigned. If you have already received the Aadhar number and want the card in a hurry, then you can download it as a pdf file using your enrolment number or the Aadhar number. It must, however, be noted that having a card is not mandatory to avail the benefits of Aadhar.

    Purpose of Aadhaar Card

    The purpose of the Aadhaar was to make it simpler for people to avail government subsidies and have one number that would work as proof of address and proof of identity. Another reason that the government has cited for the creation of this was to help curb illegal immigration to the country. What Aadhaar isn’t is a card that can replace the need for drivers licences or passports. It also does not identify a person as part of a family nor can any individual own more than 1 Aadhaar number.

    Uses Of Aadhar Card

    • Universal identity card

    The main objective of the creation of Aadhar has always been to create a unique and universal identity card for the citizens of India which would help negate the requirement of different documents for availing various services.

    • Government subsidy

    The government of India provides certain subsidies to particular citizens however there have been instances when such welfare has been misused. The Aadhaar number was intended to help solve this problem and ensure that those who require welfare, and are eligible for it, get it. Aadhar is also supposed to be the identification that would prove a person’s eligibility to enrol in government programs like Right to education and the Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyaan.

    • Gas connections

    According to the PAHAL DBTL Scheme, those people who had an Aadhaar card could use it to avail a subsidy on gas cylinders. To be able to avail it, they would have to have an Aadhar card that is linked to the gas connection and also to a bank account.

    • Phone connections

    When it comes to getting new landline or cell phone connections, the Aadhaar card can be used to replace KYC documents like identity proofs and proof of address.

    • Bank accounts

    The advantage of having a bank account linked to the Aadhaar number is that when and if you qualify for a government welfare scheme and you need to receive monetary advances, they can be transferred to the linked bank account post haste.

    • Validity

    The Aadhaar card comes with no validity conditions and remains valid throughout the life of the person.

    Aadhaar Number Details

    Contrary to popular belief, Aadhar is not just a card. The Aadhar number is the unique number under which an individual’s details are stored.

    What Is Aadhaar Number?

    The Aadhaar number is the 12 digit unique identification number that a person can take, under which they can consolidate other information about them such as bank accounts held, passports, phone connections etc. It also hold biometric data about the person to whom it is issue.

    Format of the number

    When a person is assigned an Aadhaar number, they get a 12 digit number assigned to them. There are 12 numbers in this digit so that the identity of 100 billion people can be stored under various numbers. These 100 billion identities are provided by the first 11 digits of the Aadhaar number and the last digit is meant as a check-digit to help prevent errors in data entry.

    Details Of Aadhar Card

    The card issued in association with the Aadhaar number displays the basic details of the person. These details include:

    • The name of the person.
    • The Aadhar number.
    • The enrolment number (EID)
    • A photograph.
    • The address of the person, as per the records.
    • The person's date of birth.
    • The person’s gender.
    • A barcode that represents the Aadhar number itself.

    Aadhar Card Vs Aadhar Number

    There is a misconception about Aadhaar and it is that the card is what everyone needs to get. The truth is that the main thing with Aadhaar is not the card but the number. That is what holds the key to a person’s identity. It is also not necessary that you have your card in order to avail the benefits of Aadhaar. Quoting the number alone should suffice.

    Eligibility Criteria For Aadhar Card

    Aadhar is supposed to be a number that can help those residing in India, have one document that can serve a multitude of purposes ranging from a proof of identity to a proof of address. It is something that can even serve as the person’s gateway to access special schemes announced by the government. While it is not mandatory to be in possession of an Aadhaar number, there are some eligibility criteria that people desirous of getting Aadhar numbers have to fulfil. There is no overly technical or complicated list of requirements that you will need to fulfil. It’s all really quite simple as you are about to see.

    When it comes to the question of eligibility, one thing needs to be kept in mind and it is that the card is just meant to establish a person’s identity. It does not equate to Indian citizenship and that is exactly why it is available for resident Indians, non-resident Indians and even foreigners residing in India.

    The specifics of Aadhar eligibility are:

    • Any citizen of India can apply for this card.
    • Children below the age of 3 years need not apply for Aadhar.
    • Non-resident Indians can also apply for the card.
    • Foreigners who are residing in India can also take the card.

    Aadhaar For Resident Indians

    Every single person living in India, irrespective of race, religion or gender, is eligible to apply for an Aadhaar number. There is even no need to be part of a particular segment of society to be eligible.

    Aadhaar For Minors

    Even minor are eligible to apply for an Aadhar card though in their case a birth certificate is required along with the proof of identity and address of the parents. They will also have to be 1 year old before they can be enrolled. Once they have their UID, they will need to update their biometric data once they turn 15 years old.

    Aadhar For Nris

    Even a non-resident Indian is eligible to apply for an Aadhaar card so that they too can participate in the convenience that this system promises to provide.

    Aadhaar for foreigners

    It may seem a bit odd that a system like Aadhaar card should be available to foreigners but since Aadhar is not a proof of citizenship or India, this card has been made available to foreigners who are residing in India too.

    No matter your situation, as the previous words have made abundantly clear, if you live in India then you are eligible for a UID and here is how you can get yourself one.

    How To Get An Aadhaar Card

    The Aadhaar number is not something that can be applied for online. Citizens can only go online to book an appointment at an Aadhaar centre. Follow the below Process to get aadhar card

    • The first step is to book an appointment at the Aadhaar centre. This can be done online through the UIDAI website. On the site is a form that will collect information about your contact details, the number of people who plan to visit the centre and allow you to select an enrolment centre along with a date for the visit.
    • Once the appointment is booked, the applicant will have to go there with the appropriate document and also be asked to submit biometric data in the form of fingerprints and records of the iris.
    • Once all the information has been provided it will be verified by the authorities.
    • Upon successful verification you will receive a notification by SMS or an email informing you that your application has been successful.
    • A short while after getting the message, the Aadhaar number will be generated and sent to

    Documents Required For Aadhar Card

    These are some of the most basic requirements that you will need to abide by to get an Aadhar card.

    • Your physical presence is paramount due to the need to collect biometric data.
    • You will need to carry document as proof of the following:
      • Establishing the age
      • Establishing the identity
      • Establishing the place residence of the applicant
      • Establishing proof of marriage
    • To provide proof of the points mentioned above you can carry any or all of the following documents:
      • Passports
      • Drivers licence
      • Identity cards issued by the government
      • Birth certificates
      • SSLC certificates
      • PAN cards
      • Voter identity card

    Aadhaar Forms

    There is just one form that is related to this service. It is known as the enrolment/correction form and can be used to apply for a new Aadhaar number or to have the details of an existing number corrected. The form will collect the basic information of the person along with information about the documents that are being submitted in the capacity of supporting documents.

    Fee For Aadhaar Card

    This is a service that is being provided for free and has no fee or charges associated with it.Aadhar is a service that is intended to provide the residents of India with an identity card that is valid throughout the country and is treated as a standard beyond question. It is also a card that is meant to make it easier to avail any and all benefits that the government plans to issue. These two facts alone make it a good idea to get an Aadhaar number even though it is not mandatory at the moment.

    Know More About Aadhar Card

    UIDAI:Unique Identification Authority of India is a central government agency of India which acts as the issuing authority for Aadhar unique identification number (UIN) and is also a part of the Planning Commission of India. It collects biometric and demographic data of residents residing in India and stores the data in a centralised database and issues a 12 digit unique identification number to each resident called Aadhaar number.

    How to apply for Aadhaar card? Aadhar card is an identification card that contains one’s demographic as well as biometric details. In order to apply for Aadhaar card, one needs to eligible for it.Applying for an Aadhar card is completely voluntary. The major part of the application process consists of visiting the enrollment centre and booking an appointment online. Learn about the application process, the registration process, and documents to be submitted and availing Aadhar card.

    How to book an appointment for Aadhar enrollment? Booking an appointment for Aadhar enrollment is as optional as applying for an Aadhaar card. But booking an appointment for Aadhar Enrollment can be very beneficial and save a lot of time. UIDAI has made the appointment process much easier with a lot of resources. Learn about the advantages of booking an appointment for Aadhar Enrollment, the procedure to book an appointment for Aadhar enrollment.

    Aadhaar card correction and enrollment form : One has to follow a certain procedure in order to apply for Aadhaar. The applicant has to book an appointment, submit forms and documents. There are two types of documents one has to submit in order to apply for Aadhar card. The first form is the enrollment form and the second form is the Card Correction form that will come into use in case the applicant needs to change information recorded. Learn more about the two forms in order to apply for Aadhar card.

    How to update Aadhaar card details? Aadhar card is an identity card that contains biometric and demographic details of an individual. It is issued to Indian nationals and NRIs. Once the registration process is completed, UIDAI issues unique Aadhaar number. But there are instances where one might realise that they have made a mistake in the details provided after the Aadhaar card has been generated. UIDAI has made a provision to change the details present in the card. Read on to know how to update Aadhar card details.

    How to check Aadhar status? One can apply for Aadhaar online and offline. Applying for Aadhaar is an easy process and can be done in no time. One can also check the status of their Aadhar application to know the progress of the application. There are several ways through which one can check their Aadhar application status. The easiest way to check the Aadhar status is through the online portal provided by UIDAI. Learn about the hassle free ways to check your Aadhar status.

    How to check Aadhar card update or correction status? Aadhar card contains one’s biometric and demographic information. But sometimes it so happens that there are mistakes in the Aadhaar card issued or the information printed is incorrect. In order to resolve this, UIDAI has made a provision wherein the cardholder can file for correction of details or update the details in the Aadhar card. One can even follow the status of their application for Aadhar card update or correction status. Learn all about how to track the updated Aadhar card status

    How to get a duplicate Aadhaar card? Aadhaar card is a very important form of identity proof that contains biometric and demographic details of an individual. There are chances that one might lose or misplace their Aadhar card. UIDAI has made it possible for individuals to avail a duplicate Aadhaar card in case their original Aadhar card is stolen, lost or misplaced. Read on to know how to avail a duplicate Aadhar card.

    What to do if Aadhar card is not received? There is a procedure to be followed in order to avail an Aadhaar card. The applicant has to apply for it and then the UIDAI dispatches the card. One can also track the status of their application online. In certain situations, the status enquiry will state that the card has been dispatched but the applicant wouldn’t have received the card. Read on to know what to do when you don’t receive your Aadhaar card.

    Documents required for an Aadhaar card : Applying for an Aadhar card is an easy process. In order to register for Aadhar, the applicant has to furnish certain forms along with several other documents. It is very important that the documents submitted are real and consists of accurate information regarding the applicant. Read on to know about the documents that need to be submitted when applying for an Aadhar card.

    How to apply for Aadhar without any documents? Applying for Aadhar requires the applicant to submit certain forms and documents. These documents include address proof, identity proof, date of birth proof, etc. But there are certain cases wherein the applicant might not be able to furnish these documents. Read on to learn if it is possible to apply for Aadhaar without any documents and the procedure to be followed.

    Common problems with Aadhar and how to resolve it : Despite the best efforts of UIDAI to make the application process easy for the residents of India, there are still a lot of people who face problems with the enrolment process, misplacement of Aadhar card, etc. Learn about the most common problems faced regarding Aadhaar card and the solutions to resolve it.

    Aadhaar enquiry and complaints : Even though UIDAI has made everything easy and hassle free when it comes to Aadhar, there are times when an applicant or an Aadhar card holder will face problems regarding their Aadhaar card. Keeping this in mind, UIDAI has come up with several mediums through which one can file their complaints and get their grievance addressed regarding their Aadhaar card. Read on to know how to file a complaint regarding Aadhar card regardless of where you reside in India.

    Faqs of Aadhar Card

    Q. How long is the Aadhar card valid for?

    A. The Aadhaar card or the Aadhar number is valid for life.

    Q. Is it mandatory to get an Aadhar card?

    A. At the moment it is not mandatory to enrol for Aadhar however it is advisable that you register as it will make it easy for the government to include in special scheme if you are registered with Aadhaar.

    Q. Will I still get government subsidies and other benefits without an Aadhar card?

    A. Yes. Even if you don’t have an Aadhar card, you can still apply for and avail government schemes applicable to you.

    Q. Is e-Aadhar and the Aadhar card the same thing?

    Yes. They are the same thing. The only difference between them is that while the Aadhar card is a document sent to you via mail by UIDAI, the e-Aadhar is the same document that you can get online.

    Q. What should I do if I have lost my Aadhar card?

    A. If you have lost your Aadhar card, you can get a duplicate Aadhar card by downloading a copy of your Aadhar card.

    Q. Can I check the status of my Aadhar application or request for corrections?

    A. Yes. You can check on the status of your Aadhaar application and requests for correction online or via your registered mobile number.

    Q. Can I have more than one Aadhar card?

    A. No, each person is allowed only one card.

    Q. Who all can take the Aadhaar card?

    A. Any person residing in India is eligible to apply for Aadhar. This will even include foreigners and NRIs.

    Q. What is the fee charged for getting an Aadhar card?

    A. The Aadhar program is completely voluntary and free of charge so you are not required to pay anything for enrolling for Aadhar.

    Q. I registered for Aadhar long ago and still have not got the card. What can I do?

    A. There is a possibility that even though you registered for Aadhar, you still haven’t got the Aadhar card. There can be two main reasons for this. The first being that your application has been accepted but there has been accepted but there has been a delay in dispatching the document to you. In such cases you can go the UIDAI website and download the e-Aadhaar which is just the same the actual card sent. The other case for non-receipt of Aadhar card is the fact that your application was rejected. In this case you will have to apply for the Aadhar card again.

    Q. How do I collect my Aadhaar card once it’s issued?

    A. The Aadhaar card will be sent via mail to the address that you have provided at the time of registering.

    Q. Is having a mobile number for Aadhaar important?

    A. Yes it is since you will be contacted on this number when your application is processed. It is also the number on which the OTP (One time password) for logging into the UIDAI websites will be sent. It will also be needed when you want to request for corrections to Aadhar details online.

    Read Aadhar Card news or Enjoy it on the go Google Play

    • Aadhaar Card to Soon Become Compulsory for Train Ticket Bookings

      According to reports, the Indian Railways is working on a system which will make Aadhaar mandatory for train ticket bookings. This move is being taken to prevent fraudulent bookings and to restrict touts from bulk booking tickets. It will also help in stopping people from impersonating others. On the IRCTC website, people have to enter Aadhaar number for registration. Last year, Railways made Aadhaar compulsory for Senior Citizens to avail concessions.

      9th March, 2017

    • Supreme Court Directs Centre To Link All Mobile Numbers With Aadhaar Details

      The Supreme Court has directed the Central government to devise a process to link all mobile numbers with the holder’s Aadhaar number. The court has also notified the Centre that the process should be completed within a year.With over 100 crore mobile numbers currently issued, the court has made it compulsory to link the customer’s Aadhaar number to all mobile numbers registered in his/her name, including pre-paid numbers.

      Furthermore, the top court wants the Centre to implement a scheme that will require customers to fill out a form each time their recharge their prepaid mobile numbers, to ensure that there is no misuse of the number. This is being done as a preventive measure, given the large number of mobile numbers being used for banking and transaction-related purposes.

      13th February, 2017

    • PM Modi launched a mobile payment app called BHIM

      In a bid to transition India into a cashless economy, PM Modi launched a UPI-based mobile payment app called BHIM on 31st December, 2016. The Bharat Interface for Mobile app is common for all banks and financial institutions. The PM stated that the app will empower small merchants, tribal people, and farmers living in rural India. The app is named after Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. BHIM doesn't require an internet connection. It is designed to work on basic feature phones and mobile phones. Soon, an aadhaar-based payment feature will be added to the app. This feature requires only the user’s thumb impression. BHIM will allow users to transfer money through their mobile phones by linking their bank accounts, and using a UPI PIN. BHIM will work on feature phones via a USSD platform.

      5th January 2017

    • The aadhaar-based POS terminals deployment extended till June, 2017

      On 29th September, RBI had announced that aadhaar-enabled POS terminals were to be installed by January, 2017. However, the rate of deployment of the aadhaar-enabled devices will be slowed down due to the mismatch between the supply and demand of said devices. Therefore, RBI has decided to extend the time for deployment of aadhar-based devices till 30th June 2017.

      Manish Patel, Founder of Mswipe, said that there is no clarity as to how the transaction will flow; if customers have to swipe card, punch in the aadhar number, or will biometrics act as the second factor of authentication. Unless these queries have been cleared, POS manufacturers cannot develop aadhaar-enabled POS machines within the mentioned deadline.

      27th December 2016

    • Aadhar cards and android phones to help promote cashless transactions

      Regarding the progress on cashless transactions, N Chandrababu Naidu, CM of Andhra Pradesh, at a Chief Minister's’ panel, stated that there are several challenges to migrating to cashless transactions. However, the panel is trying to face the challenges by studying and adopting the best practices available world over. They are looking at Aadhar and Android phones for promoting the electronic payment system. Naidu and NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman, Arvind Panagariya, said that banks will deploy POS machines in a big way to help the government. The panel sub-committee will meet on a day-to-day basis and submit its report to the government in a week’s time.

      19th December 2016

    • Aadhar card details being misused since demonetization

      Ever since the government’s decision to scrap the use of old Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 notes, banks and ATMs have witnessed huge queues. The decision for this was to eliminate black money from the system, but a number of people have found a way around it. Despite checking and the need to produce valid IDs in order to exchange old notes, there have been cases where individuals have exchanged their money through bogus means. In a recent incident in Bengaluru, the Aadhar card details of a student were misused by miscreants to exchange their currency.

      With the government directing banks to exchange notes only after a valid ID is produced, there have been instances of fake IDs being used. In this instance, the student was not permitted to exchange her currency as someone else had produced her Aadhar to get their notes exchanged. The bank concerned said that they did not have the resources to check who had misused her details, stating that the government should be approached to rectify this.

      28th November 2016

    • Aadhaar card registration for children upto 6 years

      The Nashik Municipal Corporation(NMC) is adhering to the government’s demand to children between the age groups of 0 to 6 years and has installed registration kits across all its divisional offices. A resolution was passed on October 29th, making it compulsory for all children to have themselves registered for an Aadhaar card. In order to keep up with the demand, a special drive is being conducted by the NMC to ensure that 100% registration is done.

      Necessary documents such as proof of age, address, identity will have to be provided. Biometrics will also be taken. Their account will be linked to that of their parents’. A civic administration last year had conducted a similar drive for children of a bigger age group.

      14th November 2016

    • Bihar to Speed Up the Aadhaar Seeding Process of PDS Beneficiaries

      In an attempt to fine-tune the Public Distribution System, Centre has notified the concerned authorities in Bihar to quicken the linking of aadhar numbers of PDS beneficiaries with their ration cards. The Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution Ram Vilas Paswan has pointed out the delay in seeding Aadhaar numbers in the PDS databases. Paswan also asked Chief Minister Nitish Kumar to install Point of Sale (POS) machines by the end of year 2016. The Union Minister said in press meet that out of the 1.54 crore ration cards in Bihar only 20,000 have been linked with aadhaar numbers so far.

      17th October 2016

    • Google and Apple might clash with the Modi Government

      The relationship between India and the global technology industry has become upsetting. The free web service offered by Facebook has been banned by the Government. Apple will also not be exempted from the local rules of sourcing. The country can also force different organisations to make use of the technology that is created in labs funded by the Government.

      This particular initiative is a part of the Aadhar program. Several people in India use iris-scan and fingerprint authentication for accessing different private and public services including banking. If the tech industry fails to join this effort then they will not have access to the vast growing market.

      23rd September 2016

    • An App for Everything that is Aadhaar Related is Coming Soon

      An Aadhaar App will be introduced soon, through which customers can lock in their biometric details along with an inbox for transaction history and a dynamic password that is a one time usage, similar to Google Authenticator, through which security codes can be generated to access Gmail. This app will also store Aadhaar that is digitally signed and this can be shared via Bluetooth or email with a service provider such as a telecom operator or bank. This reduces the need for individuals to carry a physical copy of the Aadhaar card.

      This app would be launched in the next 3 to 6 months and is being developed internally. It will first be enabled for Android phones and then for Apple and Microsoft phones. This app is being made as user friendly as possible while also ensuring privacy and security.

      At the beginning of the week, five new regulations were put forth by the Government so that data security is taken care of while addressing political concerns that could be denied to individuals due to lack of Aadhaar number. A one time password or OTP will be an important feature of the app.

      23rd September 2016

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