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  • Benefits of Aadhar Card

    An Aadhaar card is a unique number issued to every citizen in India and is a centralised and universal identification number. The Aadhar card is a biometric card that stores an individual's personal details in a government database, and is fast becoming the government's base for public welfare and citizen services.

    The government uses the Aadhar network in order to ensure that individuals who require assistance and benefits gain access to these resources directly, eliminating the need for middlemen. As part of this process, it is gradually linking all essential government services and benefits schemes to the Aadhaar network, creating a centralised database through which it can distribute and keep track of the various schemes and programmes it runs along with the beneficiaries. In this manner, it can also identify those who are receiving benefits but are not eligible for them and take corrective action.

    While the various Aadhar card uses are publicised by the government through awareness campaigns, there are a few uses that many users would not be aware of. We have highlighted those uses below.

    Universal Identity Card:

    The Aadhar card is a universal card that does not really have a specific purpose behind it. Unlike a voter ID card, whose sole purpose is to permit the holder to take part in the electoral process, the Aadhaar card was not created with any specific use in mind. Instead, it can be used for a number of purposes, making it a universally acceptable government-issued card, without needing to register or apply for a separate card for each of these services.

    For example, an Aadhar card can be used as proof of identity, proof of address as well as proof of age when applying for any government service.

    In this way, it is a very versatile card, as it can be used for all government related services and programme.

    Availing of Subsidies:

    The Aadhar card permits the holder to avail of all government subsidies he/she is eligible for, without the need to register and enrol for these separately. Since the government already has all the necessary data on a particular individual, they need only produce their Aadhaar card in order to avail of the various subsidies or programmes.

    The government has so far introduced schemes whereby the Aadhar can be linked to a bank account and LPG connection so individuals can receive their LPG subsidy directly into their bank accounts. This also negates the possibility of the funds being misappropriated or of individuals making fraudulent claims in order to claim benefits.

    Ease of Availability:

    The Aadhar card is the only government-issued document that is available anywhere, everywhere. An Aadhaar card can be applied for online. Known as an e-Aadhar, this is downloadable version of your Aadhar card and can be accessed wherever you are, whenever you require.

    This makes it convenient for individuals to always have a copy of a valid government-issued identity document that is also easily accessible. This also reduces the risk of an original document being stolen/misplaced, since the Aadhaar can be downloaded onto any device and displayed when required.

    Benefits of Aadhar Card for Government Process

    An Aadhar Card is an essential document when it comes to KYC , verification, and identification purposes. It is considered as the single most important document an Indian individual can possess. Following are the seven ways through which an Aadhaar Card can be used to speed up government and bureaucratic processes:

    Acquisition of Passport

    The acquisition of a passport can be a daunting endeavour as it requires plenty of time. Obtaining a passport includes getting an appointment with the authorities, processing your application, dispatching of the passport and police verification checks. It usually takes multiple weeks to complete all processes and avail a passport, but thanks to the increased uses of an Aadhar Card, passports can now be availed by applicants within 10 days.

    Individuals who wish to obtain a passport can apply for the same online by simply attaching their Aadhaar Card as the only residence and identity proof along with their application. Within three days of submission, you will receive an appointment and the processing and dispatching of the passport will be complete within seven days. Police verification checks will then be scheduled for a later date.

    Opening Bank Accounts

    Aadhar Cards can come in handy when opening a bank account. The document can be used for KYC, identification and verification purposes. Financial institutions and banks consider Aadhaar Cards as valid address and photo ID proofs during the time of opening a bank account.

    Digital Life Certificate

    The ‘Jeevan Praman for Pensioners’ or the Digital Life certificate as it is also called, was initiated by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. The aim of the certificate was to abolish the need for the pensioner to be physically present in order to receive pension for the continuation of their scheme. Pensioners can now avail pension without having to leave their homes as their details can be digitally accessed by the agency through their Aadhar Card numbers.

    Receipt of Monthly Pension

    The benefits provided by an Aadhaar Card can be availed by retired government officials too. The Aadhar Card numbers of pensioners will have to be registered with their respective departments so that timely pension payments can be received.

    Jan Dhan Yojna

    The Jan Dhan Yojna accepts your Aadhaar Card Number as the only document for the opening of a bank account. The scheme is said to offer considerable help to people in remote and rural areas to avail the services offered by banks.

    Disbursing Provident Fund

    Individuals who link their Aadhar Card to their Pension Accounts can have their provident fund disbursed directly to their accounts through their PF organisation.

    LPG Subsidy

    The Aadhaar-based Direct Benefit Transfer is followed by the LPG subsidy wherein the distributor for your particular area will link your Aadhar Card with your LPG connection and will be able to reach your bank account directly through the 12-digit unique identification number.

    News Related to Benefits of Aadhar Card

    • App for Aadhar Payment by UIDAI gets Launch Date

      The government announced the launch date of the ‘Aadhar Payment Application’ to be 25th December, 2016, which also coincides with the Good Governance Day in India. The app will facilitate direct payment from a customer’s bank account using Aadhar details, eliminating the need to pay fees to service providers like Visa or Mastercard when paying with plastic cards.

      After the demonetization of 500 and 1000-rupee currency notes, the government has been steadfastly championing the cause of a cashless economy, conducting digital transactions for all necessary amenities. But the government has faced a lot of criticism for this decision with the feasibility of cashless economy in India with poor digital infrastructure and the security of digital transactions being questioned. The Aadhar App will provide the solution for these issues.

      The new app will work on any ordinary smartphone coupled with a fingerprint reader.

      6th January 2017

    • Himachal Pradesh Attains 6th Place in the Race to 100% Aadhar Saturation

      Himachal Pradesh recently reported having achieved 100% Aadhar enrolment and subsequent allocation of Aadhar number, becoming the 6th Indian state to attain this feat. The numbers are based on 2015 population census. Other states which have achieved 100% Aadhar saturation are Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Telangana and Chandigarh. The small state of Himachal generated Aadhar numbers for all of its 72,52,880 inhabitants. To ensure that this record stays intact, the services of health service providers and Anganwadi workers would be sought.The state has 240 operational Permanent Enrolment Centres to updation and enrolment of Aadhar. To reach out to the elderly and the remote areas, there are 22 Aadhar Mobile Vans working in the state.

      28th December 2016

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