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  • How to Update Aadhaar Card Details

    The Aadhar Card is a single document that can be presented as proof of ID or address, validated by the Government of India. It contains an individual’s personal information including retina and fingerprint scans.

    Given the fact that an Aadhar Card has to be created and maintained in a central registry for all Indians, it is likely that mistakes can be made in spellings, middle names written as last names, address mismatches, etc. If there is any information in the Aadhaar Card that needs to be updated due to misprint, incorrect information in records, etc., you need to follow this process:

    How To Update Aadhaar Details Online

    If the mobile phone number you’ve registered with the Aadhar Card registrars is correct, you can correct any incorrect information online by following these steps:

    1. Log on to the official Aadhaar Self Service Portal (SSUP) at https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/web/guest/update
    2. aadhar card correction online
    3. Enter your Aadhaar Card number in the field provided.
    4. Enter the Text Verification number that appears below the card number field and click “Generate OTP”.
    5. A One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number, and you can use this to log in to your Aadhar account. This is for authentication purposes to ensure that the Aadhaar Card details are not being manipulated by anyone other than the cardholder.
    6. Next, you will be directed to a page called the “Data Update Request” page, where you must indicate which data is incorrect on the card and how you wish to update it. Be careful while entering information in this section as these changes will reflect in your Aadhaar Card later. At this stage, you will be prompted for all your contact and personal details which need to be filled in accurately.
    7. The next section after this is the “Documents Required” section where you will have to upload an official copy of (or submit according to instructions) a recognized document that validates the required change. For example, if your name on the Aadhar Card has a spelling error or your middle name has been entered as your last name, you will have to send a copy of some form of ID proof that validates your real name.
    8. Once this is done, you will move forward to the “BPO Service Provider Selection” section wherein you will have to choose the BPO Service Provider. Choose either Aegis or Karvy, and hit submit.
    9. Once the request has been successfully submitted, you can download a copy of the update verification.

    How To Update Aadhaar Card Details via Post

    If you wish to update your Aadhaar Card information through the postal service with a letter, you can download the “Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form” from https://uidai.gov.in/images/UpdateRequestFormV2.pdf.

    The Aadhaar Card update form and instructions on how to fill out the form are given below in italics.

    Under Section 3 of the Aadhaar (Targeted delivery of financial and other subsidies, benefits and services) Act, 2013 (Aadhaar Act).

    Aadhaar Data Update/Correction Form

    <strong>This form is used for sending Update/Correction Requests through post. Use CAPITAL LETTERS only. Fill the complete form irrespective of the field(s) for update/correction. Providing mobile number is mandatory for update/change in any of the fields.

    Field for update/correction: <Here, select the field for which update or correction is necessary by ticking the box next to the required field.>

    • Name.
    • Gender.
    • Date of Birth.
    • Address.
    • Email ID.

    Aadhaar No.: <Here, fill out your 12-digit Aadhaar number accurately in order to avoid a void application.>

    Field Fill Details in English in this column (Use only CAPITAL LETTERS) Fill Details in local language in this column (Use the same local language as in your Aadhaar Letter)
    Resident’s name <Here, enter your name as it appears on official records in CAPITAL LETTERS>
    Gender <Here, select the appropriate option by ticking the box> ( ) Male ( ) Female ( ) Transgender
    Date of Birth <Here, write your date of birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format>
    Address c/o details <Here, select the appropriate option by ticking the box> ( ) C/o ( ) D/o ( ) S/o ( ) W/o ( ) H/o
    Guardian/Parent/Spouse’s name <Here, write the name of the person who you’ve selected in the options above>
    House/bldg./apt. <Here, enter the name of the house, building, or apartment in which you currently reside>
    Street/Road/Lane <Here, write the name of the street, road, or lane on which your current residential property is located>
    Landmark <Here, write down a landmark that’s close by to your current location of residence>
    Area/locality/sector <Here, write the name of the area, locality or sector in which the residential address is located>
    Village/Town/City <Here, write the name of the village, town or city in which the residential address is located>
    District <Here, write the name of the district (if any) in which the residential address is located>
    Post Office <Here, write the name and location of the post office nearest to which the residential address is located>
    State <Here, write the name of the state in which the residential address is located>
    PIN Code <Here, write the PIN code for the area in which the residential address is located>
    Mobile Number (mandatory) <Here, ensure that the mobile number entered is your own and is registered under your name> Email ID (optional)
    Document details (Write names of the documents attached. Refer Annexure I for Valid Documents)
    1. POI (for name correction): <Here, write the name of the document being submitted as proof of identity (POI) for name correction>
    POI (for name change): <Here, write the name of the document being submitted as proof of identity (POI) for name change>
    DOB: <Here, write the name of the document being submitted as proof of date of birth (DOB)> POA: <Here, write the name of the document being submitted as proof of address (POA)>
    Disclosure under Section 3(2) of the Aadhaar (Targeted delivery of financial and other subsidies, benefits, and services) Act, 2016.

    I confirm that I have been residing in India for at least 182 days in the preceding 12 months and all the information provided by me to the UIDAI is my own and is true, correct, and accurate. I am aware that my information including biometrics will be used for the generation of Aadhaar and authentication. I understand that my identity information (except core biometric data) may be provided to an agency only with my consent during authentication or as per the provision of the Aadhaar Act. I have a right to access my identity information (except core biometric data) following the procedure laid down by the UIDAI.

    Applicant’s signature/Thumb impression

    <Here, affix your signature or thumb impression as the case may require>

    Documents Required For Aadhaar Card Updation/Correction

    Given below is a list of the documents that are accepted by the UIDAI for the purposes of verifying, updating, or correcting information in the Aadhaar Card:

    Aadhaar Card Proof of Identity (POI) documents containing the applicant’s name and photograph for the purpose of name corrections

    Following are the POI documents accepted for name corrections:

    1. Passport.
    2. PAN Card.
    3. Ration/PDS Photo Card.
    4. Voter ID.
    5. Driving license.
    6. Government photo ID card/service photo ID card issued by PSU.
    7. NREGS Job Card.
    8. Photo ID card issued by a recognized educational institution.
    9. Arms license.
    10. Photo bank ATM card.
    11. Photo credit card.
    12. Pensioner photo ID card.
    13. Freedom fighter photo ID card.
    14. Kissan Photo Passbook.
    15. CGHS/ECHS Photo card.
    16. Address card having name and photo, issued by the Department of Posts.
    17. Certificate of identity having photo issues by Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar on an official letterhead.
    18. Disability ID card.
    19. Affidavit executed on a non-judicial stamp paper.
    20. Marriage certificate.
    21. Proof of marriage document issued by a Registrar.
    22. Gazette notification.
    23. Legal name change certificate.

    Aadhaar Card date of birth (DOB) documents that can be submitted at the time of correction/updating

    • Birth Certificate.
    • Passport.
    • SSLC Certificate.
    • Certificate of Date of Birth issued by a Group A Gazetted Officer on the official letterhead.

    Aadhaar Card proof of address (POA) documents that can be submitted at the time of correction/updating

    1. Bank statement or passbook.
    2. Passport.
    3. Ration Card.
    4. Voter ID.
    5. Driving license.
    6. Government photo ID card/service photo ID card issued by PSU.
    7. Electricity bill (must be recent and not over 3 months old).
    8. Water bill (must be recent and not over 3 months old).
    9. Telephone landline bill (must be recent and not over 3 months old).
    10. Property Tax receipt (must be recent and not over 3 months old).
    11. Credit Card statement (must be recent and not over 3 months old).
    12. Insurance policy.
    13. Signed letter having photo from bank on the letterhead.
    14. Signed letter having photo from registered company on letterhead.
    15. Signed letter having photo issued by recognized educational institution on letterhead.
    16. NREGS job card.
    17. Arms license.
    18. Pensioner card.
    19. Freedom fighter card.
    20. Kissan passbook.
    21. CGHS/ECHS card.
    22. Certificate of address having photo issued by MP/MLA/Gazetted officer/Tehsildar on letterhead.
    23. Certificate of address issued by village panchayat.
    24. Income tax assessment order.
    25. Vehicle registration certificate.
    26. Registered agreement of sale, lease, or rent.
    27. Photo identity card issued by Department of Posts.
    28. Case and Domicile Certificate with photo issued by State Government.
    29. Disability ID card/handicapped medical certificate.
    30. Gas connection bill (should be recent and not over 3 months old).
    31. For minors – passport of parents.

    Address to send Aadhaar update/correction request by post

    Once the form has been filled out and signed, affix the necessary POI and POA to it and send it to:

    1. UIDAI,

      Post Box number 10,


      Madhya Pradesh – 480001,



    2. UIDAI

      Post Box number 99,

      Banjara Hills,

      Hyderabad – 500034,


    UIDAI takes a total of 15 days to process the application/request and will update the Aadhaar information on file in that time.

    Things To Remember While Updating Aadhar

    Just as is the case with the application form, even a correction request can be rejected if the forms or the information contained in them, is not accurate or filled in properly. A rejection would mean that you will be forced to start the process all over again, therefore to minimize the risk of rejections, here are some steps you can follow.

    • Make sure that you enter all the information that needs to be corrected, in the appropriate field.
    • The supporting documents that you provide must be a part of the approved list of documents.
    • Fill in the details in English and your local language.
    • Any numbers that are mentioned, should be written in English.
    • If you file for corrections online, keep the URN safe since you will need it to check the status of the update.
    • If you no longer have the phone number that you used while registering, use the offline option to update Aadhar information.
    • When going for the offline option ensure that you enter all the details in capital letters.
    • Also ensure that you fill all the mandatory fields.
    • While writing names, don’t use any salutations or titles.
    • Send only the documents that are needed to support the information being changed. For example, if you are requesting for your date of birth to be corrected, don’t send the DOB documents along with address/ID proof documents.
    • Remember that the corrected Aadhar will only be delivered to the address on record so ensure that you are at the location to receive it.
    • The copies of the documents you send must be attested by you. If the cardholder is a minor then the parents or the guardians can attest such documents.

    Faqs For Updating Aadhar Card Details

    Making changes to the details in your Aadhar card might seem easy, but there are bound to be cases where you feel confused, with a number of questions running through your mind. Listed below are the commonly asked questions when it comes to updating your Aadhar card details.

    1. Can I update my Aadhar card details online?

      Yes, you can request to change your Aadhar card details online. You will need to log onto the UIDAI website for the same.

    2. What are the details which can be updated online?

      Details which can be updated online include the name, address, date of birth, gender, email id, and mobile number.

    3. How do I update any other details?

      Other details can be updated by approaching an Enrolment or Update Centre.

    4. Are there any criteria to be met in order to request for changes online?

      Yes, you should have a valid, working mobile number in order to request for changes. This is due to the fact that the password will be sent to this number.

    5. Should I submit my update request in a local language as well?

      Yes, you will have to provide the information in English plus a local language. The portal supports requests in languages including Urdu, Hindi, Oriya, Telugu, Assamese, Gujarati, Marathi, Kannada, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali.

    6. What happens if my mobile number is not registered with Aadhar authorities?

      You need to ensure that your mobile number is registered, for without this the password will not be generated.

    7. How do I register my mobile number in order to make changes online?

      If you haven’t registered your mobile number with authorities you will have to go to an Update Centre and get it registered.

    8. Do I have to provide any documents in order to update/change my mobile details?

      No, you will not have to provide any supporting documents to request for a mobile number correction.

    9. Is it possible to request for a change in information through offline modes?

      Yes, you can request for the same by sending a letter/post.

    10. Where should I send the post/letter?

      You can send the request to any of these addresses:


      Post Box Number 10,


      Madhya Pradesh – 480001



      Post Box Number 99,

      Banjara Hills,

      Hyderabad – 500034

    11. Can I update information pertaining to my child/ward?

      Yes, you can request to change your child/ward’s information as well, provided that your Aadhar is linked to that of your child.

    12. My child’s address needs to be updated in his/her Aadhar card. Can it be done?

      Yes, you can request for an update in the address through an enrolment centre. You will have to take your proof of address, biometric authentication, and proof of your relationship in order to do the same.

    13. I do not have a proof of address with me. Is it still possible to request for a change in the address in my child’s Aadhar?

      Yes, you can request for the same even if there is no proof of address, but you will have to get a certificate of address issued to you by either a gazetted officer, an MP/MLA or Tehsildar.

    14. Do I have to provide my old information while requesting for change/correction/modification of information?

      No, you need not provide your old details like name or address while requesting for changes.

    15. Do I have to mention the salutation if I am requesting for a correction in my name via post?

      No, you only need to enter the correct name, without any salutations.

    16. Can I change/modify the information after I submit the request for correction online?

      No, it is recommended that you check the information before you submit it to avoid more errors.

    17. Will I be provided with an updated Aadhar letter once the details are corrected?

      Yes, you will receive an updated letter depending on the information which has been modified. The letter will be sent if either your name, address, gender, or date of birth required changes.

    18. I haven’t received my updated letter yet. What can I do?

      You can download a copy of the same from the UIDAI website by submitting your details.

    19. I have changed my email Id and need to update the same in my Aadhar. How do I do this?

      You can request to update this information either by visiting an enrolment centre or by using the SSUP portal.

    20. What are the supporting documents I need to submit for a change in name?

      While requesting for a change/correction in your name, you will have to send your proof of identity, which could be any valid government ID which has your correct name and recent photograph.

    21. What are the supporting documents I need to submit for change in date of birth?

      You will have to submit proof of birth, which could be your birth certificate.

    22. What are the supporting documents I need to submit to request for change in address?

      You can submit any document which has your current, updated address as proof. This could include an affidavit issued by your MP/MLA, Tehsildar, or a Gazetted Officer.

    23. Can my request application be rejected?

      Yes, an application can be rejected if it doesn’t meet certain criteria.

    24. What are the possible reasons for rejection?

      The different reasons for which a request can be rejected include:

      • Incorrect proof of ID/address
      • Failure to attest proof of ID/address
      • Uploading wrong documents
      • Incorrect mobile number
      • Wrong Aadhar number
    25. What happens if my Aadhar is suspended?

      If your Aadhar is suspended you will have to visit the enrolment centre to update the information required.

    26. Do I have to provide c/o information in the address?

      No, you needn’t provide this along with the address.

    27. What should I do if my relative passes away? Should I inform the authorities to update information in the Aadhar?

      There is no need to inform the authorities in such cases, as there is no provision in the system to monitor the death status of an individual.

    News about Aadhar Update

    • Senior citizens can get train ticket concession without producing Aadhaar

      In a recent announcement, the Railway Ministry has made it clear that Aadhaar won’t be mandatory for the senior citizens to take advantage of the rail ticket booking concession. Earlier, it was announced that any senior citizen who wishes to get concession on train tickets will be required to produce Aadhaar, however, the Railway Ministry has mentioned that any proof of identity or birth will be sufficient to get the concession for rail ticket booking and Aadhaar will no longer be the only option. With immediate effect, the implementation of Aadhaar based ticketing system has been withdrawn.

      14th April 2017

    • Maharashtra Makes Aadhaar Compulsory for Crop Insurance Scheme

      In Maharashtra, from June (next Kharif season), Aadhaar is compulsory for farmers to avail crop insurance schemes. These schemes are available to the farmers of the horticulture and food grain sectors. Farmers have to link Aadhaar to their accounts before June. Most farmers have their accounts in a public sector or cooperative bank. Over 90% residents of Maharashtra has enrolled for Aadhaar already. After the famers link their accounts with Aadhaar, they do not have to submit any other documents. This step will also prevent misuse of schemes by farmers.

      31st March 2017

    • Rush at Madurai Aadhaar Registration Centres

      In Madurai, Aadhaar registration centres are facing a huge rush because people are try to meet the deadlines. The district administration has requested people to link their ration cards with Aadhaar within this week. A deadline has been set to fasten the smart card issue process. In order to deal with the rush, the manpower and infrastructure in all the e-service centres have been increased.

      17th March 2017

    • Maharashtra to turn to Aadhaar-linked PDS by March end

      Keeping in tune with the digital movement that is taking the country by storm, the Maharashtra government has decided to link all the fair price shops in the state with Aadhaar by March 31. It will be the fourth state to have a digital PDS system as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat have already started using this system.According to this step, the Aadhar card holders will be able to get their subsidized rice, wheat and other necessities using their biometric thumb prints that will be recorded at these outlets.

      The system will be brought into action to prevent hoarding and corruption. Once the ration card holder uses his or her thumb impression, the system will automatically record the amount of supplies they are buying and will deduct the same from their quota.Pune was the first city to incorporate this system.

      13th February 2017

    • Village Goes 100% Digital with Aadhar-Linked Accounts

      Bank of Maharashtra helped a Sangli district village go cashless by opening bank accounts linked with Aadhar for all its residents.

      The village of Malangaon, with a population of 4,500, was facing immense difficulties post demonetization. The primarily cash based economy was based on grape farming, kirana stores, dairy products and medical shops. With cash crunch, meeting daily expenses became difficult.

      Post demonetization, the Bank of Maharashtra took this initiative to transition the village into a cashless economy. The bank correspondents, known as ‘Bank Mitra’ went door-to-door to all the villagers’ homes and educated them on digital transactions. They also opened bank accounts linked with Aadhar for all, ensuring everyone had access to means of digital transaction.

      The Bank also erected flex sign boards all over the village depicting how to use various platforms and modes of digital banking.

      5th January 2017

    • Delhi Government orders inquiry into fake ration cards linked to Aadhaar numbers

      The Delhi Government had launched the e-ration card facility recently, in an attempt to link ration cards to Aadhaar cards. However, during the transfer of old ration cards to the new Aadhar-linked ration cards, certain anomalies were noted. It was found that genuine Aadhaar card numbers were being linked to illegal ration cards with fake identities. It was also observed that people whose Aadhar numbers were being used were not aware that ration was being purchased at subsidised rates on their behalf. The mismatch was found in some cards during a verification process undertaken by the Food and Supplies Department.

      Food and Supplies Minister, Imran Hussain, stated that at the end of the inquiry, vigilance cases will be charged against those responsible for the irregularities. He also mentioned that the department intends to do a door-to-door survey to sieve out cardholders who are not genuine.

      The e-ration card facility was launched by the state government, and it enabled people to monitor the status of their ration cards, performance of the department, ration distribution, etc. through the online portal. It was a welcome move to improve the transparency in the working of the department.

      2nd December 2016

    • Aadhar Cards required for Accommodation on Tirupati

      Devotees making the pilgrimage to the shrine of Lord Venkateswara in Tirupati will now have to produce Aadhar cards or other government issued identity card which have their address printed on it to get accommodation on the hill. In July, the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams (TTD) had made Aadhar mandatory for devotees visiting the shrine so as to prevent devotees from visiting the shrine multiple times and, thereby, preventing other devotees from visiting the holy shrine for worship.

      4th November 2016

    • India’s Aadhaar Program Has 1 Billion Member Now

      According to recent reports, the total number of people who have registered for India’s Aadhaar Program goes beyond one billion. This program is headed by the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI). This program has been initiated to get access to various details such as addresses, names and biometric information of the people in India and to promote equality at public and financial services. Every registered member will be allocated an unique number through which they can apply for social security benefits and bank related work. Special measures are also taken to ensure that the same ID is not issued twice.

      20th October 2016

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