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    • Train Insurance to Become Compulsory?

      Integral Coach Factory had designed rail coaches that were phased out, and their pile up during the train accident in Uttar Pradesh last week ended up causing 148 deaths. It is estimated that another 30 years will be required if the railways goes on at the current pace of production of the state of the art LHB (Linke Hoffman Busch). An inbuilt safety feature that helps in ensuring that there are no pile-ups aside, these coaches are designed so that trains can travel at more than 120 kilometres per hour. They also have a longer life span and are more fuel efficient. As a result, railways is weighing its option to accept a proposal which will make travel insurance compulsory for all individuals who book their train tickets online. Customers can opt out of it, but the option will be selected by default.

      1st December 2016

    • Nominee Appointment Essential When Opting For Railway Insurance

      Individuals who buy a train ticket and opt for the railway travel insurance of 92 paise should appoint a nominee to ensure the compensation amount is disbursed in a timely manner.

      In the event of the death of the policyholder, next of kin would have to obtain a legal heir certificate if there is no nominee listed on the policy.

      The main reason attributed to the lack of nominee appointment for railway travel insurance is the small premium sum.

      However, this leads to a delay in compensation disbursement because the insurance company does not know who the legal heir is, making the claim process a long one.

      29th November 2016

    • Using travel insurance for travel is smart, a survey suggests

      According to a recently published survey, it is being said that having travel insurance is one of the most efficient and smart ways to conduct your travel.

      The survey suggested that travelers need to buy a policy that is in line with the kind of travel they are conducting. For instance, the survey pointed, when travelling to the USA it is highly essential to own a travel insurance with a sizeable medical cover as healthcare is extremely expensive in the country.

      Also, the respondents pointed out that travelers can take either a single or yearly policy, depending on whether individuals go away for either once or multiple times in a year.

      28th November 2016

    • Only 30% e-ticket buyers opt for railway insurance

      The Indore-Patna derailing that happened a little under a week ago has rocked the country with the number of casualties.

      Right now, according to news circling the media, it is being reported that out of 410 people who booked their tickets through the IRCTC website only 30% had opted for a travel insurance.

      Out of 629 passengers only 126 of them chose the newly introduced travel insurance which costs less than Rs.1.

      The insurance scheme announced by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu, during the budget speech, is available at a premium of just Rs.92 paise. This scheme basically offers a compensation of Rs.10 lakh for total disability, Rs.7.5 lakh for partial disability, and hospitalisation charges that can go up to Rs.2 lakh.

      Also, Rs.10,000 has been earmarked for the transportation of mortal remains of any individual succumbing due to dacoity, arson, terrorist attack or other such occurrences.

      This facility is available for all railway passengers who book their ticket from the government’s website, irrespective of the class of ticket. Only exception here is suburban trains. People can choose this insurance scheme by means of a checkbox and requires a click to choose.

      23rd November 2016

    • Importance of Purchasing Travel Insurance

      An increasing number of people are purchasing travel insurance thanks to the benefits it delivers. If you are headed on a vacation and are unsure as to whether or not you require travel insurance, it is important to note that it can come in very handy. For instance, if you or one of your travelling companions suffer from an illness or injury that forces them to cancel the trip, the prior purchase of travel insurance will ensure that the individual is refunded the unused expenses. Travel insurance is also great for individuals who fall sick when travelling as it covers medical expenses when you’re on vacation. Moreover, lost baggage during travel will also be covered under travel insurance. For the nominal fee at which travel insurance can be purchased, travel insurance is a good investment to ensure that there are no hassles on your vacations.

      22nd November 2016

    • Impact of the Recent Move in Offline and Online Travel Industries

      Narendra Modi’s decision to discontinue usage of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes has affected the business of offline travel agents badly as they mostly accept cash payments. On the other hand, this decision will benefit online travel companies. According to Sharat Dhall (President at Yatra), this move will play a huge role in making the entire booking process, cashless. There will also be a rise in online hotel and flight bookings. Some of the online booking channels have also come up with the idea of flexible payment options to meet the requirement of those customers who prefer to make only cash payments. Customers using FindMyStay have the option to pay at the hotel directly using cash if they are not comfortable using cards.

      14th November 2016

    • Travel Insurance scheme of the Indian Railways

      The travel insurance scheme introduced by the Indian Railways is characterised by the following key features:

      • It is an optional plan, and can be purchased by all passengers who book tickets online.
      • The per passenger premium is 92 paise, including taxes.
      • The plan can be purchased by passengers who are in possession of RAC, waitlisted and confirmed tickets. If the ticket gets cancelled, there will be no refund of premium.
      • The benefits offered by the scheme are as follows:
        • Rs.10,00,000 for permanent total disability or death
        • Rs.7,50,000 for partial disability
        • Rs.2,00,000 for hospitalization expenses, in case of injuries
        • In the event of demise of the policyholder, Rs.10,000 for transportation of the body
      • The insurance cover is not available for:
        • Children who are 5 years old or younger
        • Foreign citizens
        • Travel in suburban railways

      10th November 2016

    • Rail insurance cover purchased by more than 2 crore passengers

      Since the introduction of the facility in September this year, more than 2 crore passengers have purchased the rail insurance plan. The facility was announced as a part of the Railway Budget 2016-17. The plan allows a passenger to benefit from an insurance cover of up to Rs. 10 lakh when he books a train ticket online, with an additional payment of just 92 paise. In line with the ‘Diwali Bonanza’, IRCTC had further reduced the cost of the policy to 1 paisa, starting from October 7th to Diwali. The cost has now been restored to the original value.

      As per statistics, out of 5.5 lakh passengers who book train tickets online, around 3.5 lakh opt for the rail insurance cover.

      • The plan offers passengers or their families an amount of Rs. 10 lakh on death or permanent total disability of the insured.
      • A compensation of Rs. 7.5 lakh is given in the event of permanent partial disability.
      • An amount of Rs. 2 lakh is provided for hospitalisation.
      • Rs. 10,000 is offered for transportation of mortal remains.

      The plan is implemented by IRCTC in alliance with Royal Sundaram, ICICI Lombard, and Shriram General.

      7th November 2016

    • IRCTC Instructs Passengers On Dos & Don’ts For Online Ticketing

      On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week 2016, Indian Railways has issued a set of Dos and Don’ts for customers to keep in mind while booking their tickets or meals online.

      Following the recent massive debit and credit card security breach, customers are more apprehensive than before to carry out online transactions. In that regard, IRCTC has issued this guideline for their customers who wish to book their tickets online via IRCTC’s portal.

      This awareness checklist comes at a very crucial point in time, when IRCTC has witnessed a significant increase of customers on their ticket booking portal over the years. In the year 2015-2016 alone, nearly 200 million tickets were booked on the railway website’s portal as compared to 183 million tickets which were booked via the portal in the previous, having grown by nearly 20-25% in the current year. The recently introduced travel insurance facility, launched in September, has garnered a lot of positive response from the passengers. Nearly 10 million customers have availed the facility within a month of it’s introduction alone.

      The guidelines on e-ticketing and e-catering list out a number of dos and don’ts which customers can keep in mind to safely book their tickets and also hot meals for their journey.

      7th November 2016

    • IRCTC Issues Guide For E-Ticket Booking

      The Indian Railways’ online booking portal, the IRCTC, has issued a guide for passengers booking tickets through the portal. Due to the increasing vulnerability courtesy the recent data debit card security breach, they have issued a set of guidelines to ensure passengers’ account information is not compromised.

      The portal has seen a surge in bookings over the past year, making the guidelines all the more important. With the recent launch of IRCTC’s optional travel insurance package costing Re.1 per passenger for all e-ticket holders, the volume of bookings on the portal has surged.

      The travel insurance policy covers train travel on all trains except for suburban trains and covers accidental death or disability arising out of a number of incidents, including arson and acts of terrorism.

      3rd November 2016

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