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  • How to Buy Travel Insurance Online

    With the advent of technology, online shopping has made buying almost everything extremely convenient. Now, choosing and buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy is just a couple of clicks away, and can be easily done sitting in the comfort of your home or office. You can also refer to a neutral third party financial website to compare different travel insurance policies offered in the market and pick the one that suits your needs the best. But before you do any of that, it is crucial to understand the necessity of buying a travel insurance policy. Once you have attained complete clarity on the purpose of the purchase, choosing the ideal policy and buying it will be a cakewalk.

    To buy a travel insurance policy online, you have to follow a few simple steps. Firstly, choose the company from which you want to buy the policy. Once that is done, zero in on the type of travel insurance policy /plan/package you want (companies offer different types of travel insurance policies). Then just click on ‘buy policy/buy now/buy’ tab. After this, you will be asked to fill in some basic details about your trip. Fill in the details correctly and click on ‘get quote’. This will tell you the amount of money you need to invest if you wish to but that particular travel insurance plan. Based on this you can plan your expenses and budget. Usually, this is followed by having to fill up some more details or some portals lead you directly to the ‘make payment’ section. Select the most convenient mode of payment for you; debit card/credit card/net banking. On completion of the transaction, you would have successfully bought a travel insurance policy, of your choice, in a jiffy.  

    Most people have confessed to thinking that travel insurance seems like an unnecessary expense to them. Somehow it never forms a part of one’s travel budget. It is a pity that the importance of travel insurance has always been underestimated, and it only comes into light when things go wrong. Well, especially one you are travelling to different destinations, new and unexplored, it is always wise to have an all-compassing travel insurance to protect and help you to get by smoothly through various dangers and unforeseen circumstances.

    Any standard travel insurance policy covers you against the following perils –

    • Cancellation of your flight or missing your main flight due to cancellation of the connecting flight (due to technical failure, bad weather, etc.)
    • If you belongings/baggage is lost/misplaced/delayed in reaching you due to mismanagement by the airport authorities or due to some other unfortunate circumstance mentioned in your policy schedule. You are also offered the cost to buy you’re a set of fresh belongings that you would need immediately.
    • In case of loss of cash, passport and important travel documents, your policy will assist you to acquire duplicate passport, cover the expenses for the same and extend emergency cash advance (in case of loss of cash).
    • Any accidents, sickness, medical emergency that requires immediate hospitalization or medical attention while you are on a vacation; the expenses incurred for the same is covered by your travel insurance policy.
    • Evacuation from your travel destination, if required, due to political unrest, natural calamities, medical emergencies; a comprehensive travel insurance sees to it that not only are all your expenses covered (resulting due to these sudden causes), but also that you reach home safely.  

    The aforementioned reasons clearly proves that travel insurance can, indeed, rescue you from a variety of unpleasant situations, which can not only lead to monetary loss but in some medically severe cases, irreparable damage or loss of life. So, buying a travel insurance policy is something that you should do without further delay.

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