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  • Group Travel Insurance

    Group Travel Insurance - Insuring Diversities and Multiple Generations under One  

    Wayfaring with a troop? Well, you are not the only one. These days, the number of groups of families and friends and people sharing similar interests traveling together have seen a steep increase thanks to increasing means for them to connect with each other. Data shows that group vacations were up be a significant percent than the years before. This partly owing to the fact that more and more families and pals are residing far from each other geographically and a group trip is often the most and the only expedient choice for present day’s relations to get together in one place and make memories. As big numbers often do, the whole process can become overwhelmingly complicated if the planning is not in place. A group travel cover can kill a lot of your worries here.

    What Is Group Travel Insurance?

    Group travel insurance is exactly what it sounds like. It is basically a way of purchasing a travel insurance policy that will protect a large bunch of folk, who are not automatically a family, for traversing overseas on a tour at the same time. You could be touring along with some buddies to an international wedding, or to partake in activities abroad with some club, or merely got together to enjoy a grand trip. Either way, getting a travel insurance for the entire troop, rather than everybody getting their own travel policy, is bound to save you thousands.

    Inclusions that you can bet most policies will cover:

    Group travel indemnification is typically endowed with the same cover you might presume from a single travel plan for individuals, but for a bigger number. Unforeseen things like trip cancellation, baggage loss, critical health situations and loss of money or essential belongings etc. are normally insured. Hence never disregard the fine print.

    Whenever you go to buy a policy, always keep in mind the kind of holiday you are going to take. For instance, if it is a beach destination, you are sure to want to go for some aqua sports like para sailing, scuba diving, jet skiing, kayaking or merely swimming in the sea. Mostly, these are generally not included and you will either have to get a policy with this cover or buy the same by paying extra premium.

    You can also avail additional cover as a matter of course on a group plan, and you will also reap benefits such as a bigger some for most covers compared to standalone travel cover.

    General exclusions (can be bought for additional premium):

    It is better to comb through the entire policies, fine print and all, to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises – such as being refused cover on some grounds and when you recheck, it is true.

    Age is not just a number for insurance companies. The age of some members of your troop might prove to be a matter of concern in a few cases - generally for those aged 65 and above. Not all insurance carriers will offer an inclusive cover for them and if they do, it will be quite expensive.

    You may also struggle to discover a group cover if by chance some members of your group reside in some other country and you plan to meet at a common point.

    Other typical exclusions reflect those that you can anticipate when buying plans on person to person basis as well. These range from unreported robberies (in less than 24 hours), preexisting medical problems, and mishaps due to drug / alcohol abuse among others.

    Planning a trip – where group travel insurance stands:

    Here are a few handy ways to remain prepared and choose a suitable group travel insurance as well as tips on how to ensure that each member of the group remains happy to the end with the holiday.

    • Setting a budget:

      This is not something that can go down quite well with everyone in the group, especially with those young ones in the group. Yet it has to be done and who better than you? A kickoff meetup with some pre-plan agenda focusing on travel insurance and other needful will certainly help you put holiday purposes in motion. How many minors and senior citizens are there in the group? Who will be driving? Does anyone in the group suffer from any health problem? What are the destination points shortlisted? These are few of the crucial questions you should ask yourself and others to pick an appropriate travel plan.

    • For planning, more heads the better:

      While you and your group might already have a preferred destination in mind, think through exploring more travel insurance choices that will fit into your group’s roughly set budget and tour plans. There are umpteen comparison websites that will give you custom-made travel cover quotes for bigger groups. Travel agents can also be a great source of info in this regard. Not only will they offer an unbiased, external perception, but they can also help you reach a mutually agreed whopping discount. And, if your journey hits a hitch, it will be taken care of.

    • Researching your travel insurance choices:

      Since there are plenty of aspects to touring with a big set, snags and glitches are sure to occur. Travel insurance is certainly worth considering since it can take charge and offer cover if your holiday deviate from the plan. Financial protection for cancelling of the trip, emergency medical care and cashless hospitalization are the must covers. Bigger the group is, trickier can the plan-selection be. Reputed comparison sites like BankBazaar is your best bet here to pick up an all-inclusive policy as they display the latest quotes in ascending or descending order with every inclusion and exclusion listed.

    What level of group travel cover should I aim for?

    • Cover for emergency medical deportation:

      This is crucial when wandering around in a group in a foreign city, particularly if there are old people and those with other health problems are there in the group. Research the hospital, medication and repatriation expenses and buy cover accordingly.

    • Cover for cancellation of trip:

      This cover must be at least as much as you have shelled out for the vacation. For a group plan, make sure that you have sufficient protection for the largest possible claim there could be. Don’t forget to include expenses for pre-paid activities as well.

    • Individual accountability cover:

      You must also have a huge personal accountability cover per person on your chosen scheme. Also, the luggage cover must be adequate to get all your clothes and other belongings replaced or refunded if you are to lose your baggage.

    • Cover for key documents:

      Losing your passport can be a huge setback during any travel. Not only is it inconvenient to walk around without one, but also highly dangerous and a ticket to get into trouble with the law of the land. Get a policy that covers this and will replace your passport at the earliest at no cost.

    • Hijack disaster and other catastrophes:

      When times are tough, there is no end to troubles. And buy cover for natural disaster, depending on where you are going and how prone that area is to natural calamities.

    Resource saving tips when buying your group travel cover:

    Catering for your entire group travel insurance policy requirements with a single plan for all can help to save you loads. However, there are also a few elementary guidelines that you must stick to, which will bring down your premiums considerably.

    Here are a few pointers to help you get cheaper but lucrative deals:

    • Settle on shelling out more excess:

      If you disburse a greater portion of any claim you might file for, then you will greatly decrease your premiums as a result. But please make sure that the agreed excess is affordable and won’t choke you at the time of claiming.

    • Haggle away and more with your insurance provider:

      If you have a huge group of folks away and the insurance provider offers you a quote that you feel is a tad unreasonable, do not be intimidated or shy to call them up and request for a rebate. Things are always negotiable in this field, and even if they refuse, you will have nothing to lose.

    • Compare different quotes to get the best deal:

      The thumb rule is to never go for the very first plan you have been offered by the insurer as the optimum quote available. Check what is on the offer by other firms and then pick the one for which you will happily pay. As said before, put in a fair bit of bargaining too. You must look to compare like-for-like plan which gives you the least levels of shield in the chief areas listed below and pick a plan that maintains satisfactory insurance levels - and minimum excesses - with a reasonable premium cost.

    • Get multi-trip covers:

      Does your group go on these kinds of trips more than once every year? Then no doubt, a multi-trip cover valid for a year is the most beneficial option for you, especially if you go for more than three expeditions.

    Group Holiday Safety Tips:

    Having a bunch of individuals going off together, for whatsoever purpose (recreation, business, academic), can appear like an awesome idea. But in the unfortunate event of an injury or loss of baggage, the tour can quickly end up a nightmarish phase. And having a group travel insurance is no reason to be flippant either. Insurance is probably the only thing in the world one buys in the hope of never using it.

    Hence to ensure that everybody will have the time of their lives, some safety tips are in order.

    • Sticking together:

      You are least likely to be a target of any crime if you tour as a big group, and it is prudent to make sure that nobody is on their own when they are in a place or circumstance prone to natural or manmade danger.

    • Knowing local language:

      It is imperative that at least one person in the group is able to speak the native tongue. If not, you can probably get a friendly local to accompany you.

    • Being aware of your whereabouts:

      Strange regions are exhilarating places as reconnaissance, but generally at least some parts of the city is sure to be restricted for travelers – and for good reason. It is better to ask a few locals or some authoritative figure to gauge how safe it is to go there and at what time.

    • Keeping a list of local emergency contact numbers on your person:

      Every nation has emergency numbers to help people out of sticky situations. For instance, it is 999 in UK, 911 in USA and 112 in Europe. In India, it is 100, 101 and 102 for police help, fire hazard and ambulance. This is something you need to research even before you reach the destination.

    • Being practical with your leisure activities:

      Never forget for a moment that you are not in your native place i.e. your comfort zone. Travel plans are generally nullified if you are drunk or under the influence of drugs when meet with any occurrence that requires a claim. Don’t hesitate to communicate this to your group because if one person breaks the rule it will automatically impact chances of the whole gang. Even if you do go for booze parties, make sure a couple of sober people are in charge for the time and in no way allow you to do something crazy like drunk driving.

    • Refusing to be the errand boy:

      It might seem rude. But to be on the safer side, it is not wise to agree to get something back for somebody else, particularly if it is a friend you made on your journey. You could be inadvertently transferring drugs or some other unlawful object. Getting tangled in these prosecutions abroad is too gory to even think about.

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