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  • Should you buy Travel Insurance for a cruise?

    It is a universally known fact that though travelling by cruise is comparatively safer than other modes of travel yet cruise travel insurance is one of the most largely purchased forms of travel insurance, across the world. The primary reasons for this can be attributed to the fact that cruises are not only quite expensive, but also come along with dangers like sea-sickness, drowning, and are heavily dependent on the weather.  If you are going for a cruise holiday, it is essential that you buy a comprehensive cruise travel insurance policy that protects you from all the possible dangers.

    The possible risks on a cruise

    You can be subject to a series of unexpected mishaps while on a cruise. Some of them have been listed below.

    Missing the ship – This can be a common occurrence owing to multiple reasons like meeting with an accident or getting stuck in traffic end route to the port. Bad weather, missing documents or luggage, being delayed at one port and failing to reach another on time; can also be various factors which can lead to you missing the ship. In case you do and have to cancel your trip, a cruise travel insurance can cover you for it.

    Delay or loss of luggage – Though this situation is not as prevalent as the ones at airports, luggage is still sometimes routed incorrectly even in a cruise. This can lead in a significant delay in you getting your luggage or losing your luggage completely.  There is also a possibility of damage of your luggage or its contents. A comprehensive cruise travel insurance policy helps you track your missing luggage (until its arrival), or covers you for replacing the items you have missed and need urgently.

    Medical emergency at sea – Medical emergencies at sea are a common phenomenon. Most people are extremely susceptible to getting sea sickness. Apart from this, you and your family (especially kids) are prone to a wide array of illnesses and injuries while on the cruise. Irrespective of the cruise having a medical team or not, you must be protected against these situations. Cruise travel insurance policies provide medical coverage while you are on a holiday.

    Cancellation of trip/cruise - It is likely that your cruise trip gets cancelled after you have made all the bookings, more importantly paid for everything. A cancellation after this can mean a huge financial loss, but a cruise travel insurance policyholder shall be covered for cancellation or postponement of trips (subject to the terms and conditions of the policy).

    Loss of documents/cash/cards/ other valuables - Given the worst case scenario you can be robbed or lose your wallet/documents while on the ship or when exploring the next port of call. The cruise line and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items, and you definitely don’t want to be at the mercy of local authorities. Cruise travel insurance cover can really come to your rescue when you have to run around for replacing your passport, and loss of your cash and other documents.

    Emergency assistance - Travelling to a new place can jolly well put you in a situation where you need travel advice or emergency assistance. It could also be in the form of needing help to communicate in a foreign language. A cruise travel insurance can help you if you need travel advice, legal advice, or foreign language assistance.

    What coverages should you look out for in your cruise travel insurance?

    The following is a comprehensive list of the coverages that are most useful to cruise travelers.

    Medical coverage – This is of utmost importance as it provides coverage for emergency medical and dental care (in certain cases) in the case of a sudden illness or injury on your cruise.

    Cancellation coverage – This type of coverage offers reimbursement for your pre-paid travel expenses if you have to cancel your trip (prior to departure) due to any of the reasons mentioned in the policy schedule.

    Coverage against evacuation – In case the ship needs to be evacuated, the cover arranges and pays for medically necessary evacuations or for the repatriation of a traveler’s remains.

    Missed connection coverage – This coverage comes in handy for travelers who encounter extreme climatic conditions while sailing, unplanned labour strikes, and overbooking errors.  

    Trip interruption coverage - Enjoy reimbursement for your pre-paid travel expenses if you have to end or curtail your trip and return home.

    Cruise travel insurance most ideal for the following kinds of travelers

    • Travelers on an expensive cruise who must have waited and saved for years to enjoy the trip. So, it’s important for them to protect their financial investment. Make sure that you purchase adequate travel insurance coverage for the same.
    • Newlyweds who choose a cruise trip for their honeymoon definitely don’t need the distraction or complications of running around solve travel problems on this important trip. Missing a flight connection can cause you to miss your ship and consequently having to shell out additional cash which was totally unplanned for. A comprehensive cruise insurance offers just the right protection.
    • Families, especially the ones travelling with children need to be extra protected when taking a cruise holiday. Hence, they need this insurance policy, probably more than anyone else. Just as you plan for emergencies and accidents at home, you have to be equally prepared for the same on your trip. Your child could get sick before the trip, which can lead to a cancellation, they could be hurt or injured or be afflicted with sea sickness while on board, in addition to any number of accidents.
    • Seniors citizens on a cruise must buy a comprehensive insurance policy as medical emergencies can happen while on the trip. More than a health insurance policy, a good cruise insurance policy is ideal in this case.
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