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    Travel Insurance Information Guide

    You are all set to embark on a trip. Wow! Now how about all those brass tacks info you have to consider, like, say, travel insurance? It is most likely that a virtual search for ‘travel insurance’ will fetch you an extensive and befuddling list of travel insurance options. Travel insurance is exceedingly competitive, and by looking into numerous sources, you won’t simply land a good deal in terms of price but also utility.

    Here is a Travel Insurance Information Guide on how to find an ideal plan.

    • Buying directly:

      There are numerous au fait comparison sites to go, compare and choose and then buy the plan directly from the company’s official website unless the former site offers an irresistible offer.

    • Buying via a travel agency:

      Umpteen travel firms including airline carriers, cruise lines, and agents, offer free or reasonably priced covers directly to clients. But it would still be ideal to shop around before finalizing one offered like that.

    • Buying through a travel company or a third person:

      Your travel firm might give a customized cover for a particular journey. It may not apply to all the journeys or might even cover the essentials. You can make a note of the covers you need and then buy a plan accordingly.

    Wash Your Stress Away International Travel Insurance

    Traveling abroad can be exciting as well as risky. Unforeseen eventualities such as medical emergencies, lost luggage, injury or illness, air crash etc., could be costly and a hassle when traveling through an unfamiliar, foreign locale. International Travel Insurance provides robust financial protection in all such unexpected situations.

    Student Travel Insurance: A Must-Have for Overseas Study

    Student Travel Insurance Policy, specifically applicable for students studying abroad, provides financial protection to certified students against unforeseen situations arising through a typical travel schedule. Usually, such policies account for both the trip as well as the student’s health insurance.

    All you need to Know about Family Travel Insurance

    Family Travel Insurance is protection in terms of insurance for the entire family, whilst they are traveling together. Usually, the terms of a typical family travel insurance policy cover a family comprising of two adults and up to four dependent children. Family Travel Insurance is intended to protect the family against financial contingencies arising from travel related incidents.

    Is Senior Citizen Travel Insurance a Necessity?

    Senior citizen travel insurance schemes are exclusively designed for older people and covers unexpected losses when travelling like medical costs and other exigencies like lost baggage and trip cancellation expenses.

    This-that-and-those About Domestic Travel Insurance

    Domestic Travel Insurance, as the name suggests, offers an individual, protection against financial contingencies arising out of such varied conditions as cancelled trips, loss of luggage, medical emergencies, air crash etc., whilst the individual is traveling within the borders of his/her native country.

    Eight Myths About Travel Insurance

    While there are some people who take travel insurance as a necessity for their trip, there are countless others, a much larger number, who think it is an unnecessary expense.

    About Single Trip Travel Insurance Policy

    Tourism is becoming a major industry given all the advancements in travel. The world is becoming a more connected place and “Around the world in 80 days” has indeed become a reality.

    What is corporate travel insurance?

    The corporate travel insurance field is filled with blurred lingo and firms veiled behind numerous names. How do you figure out which insurers are at the top of their game? The upsurge of the sharing economy grants a fresh challenge to corporate executives.

    Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa India

    Europe’s virtually unsurmountable wealth of fascinations is its main allure: the origin of egalitarianism in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the tortuous Venetian canals, the Napoleonic magnificence of Paris, and the multifaceted historic and ethnic canvas of other Schengen countries.

    Why is Travel Insurance so Important

    To most of us, travel insurance seems like an unnecessary expense. It is something which, more often than not, is not considered as part of one’s travel plans.

    What is Group Travel Insurance

    Wayfaring with a troop? Well, you are not the only one. These days, the number of groups of families and friends and people sharing similar interests traveling together have seen a steep increase thanks to increasing means for them to connect with each other.

    How To Choose Travel Insurance

    Whether you’re travelling within the country or overseas, never underestimate the importance which a travel insurance policy holds.

    How to Buy Good Travel Insurance

    With the advent of technology, online shopping has made buying almost everything extremely convenient. Now, choosing and buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy is just a couple of clicks away, and can be easily done sitting in the comfort of your home or office.

    Should you buy Travel Insurance for a cruise?

    It is a universally known fact that though travelling by cruise is comparatively safer than other modes of travel yet cruise travel insurance is one of the most largely purchased forms of travel insurance, across the world.

    What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

    Almost always, while planning trips, we conveniently forget about travel insurance. It’s often looked upon as an unnecessary expense, since people think ‘What can possibly go wrong on a trip’?

    When Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

    You may purchase travel insurance up until the day before your journey date from most travel insurance carriers. But the quicker you do it, the better, for multiple reasons.

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