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  • All you need to Know about Family Travel Insurance

    With the world getting more connected day by day, travelling has become easier and more comfortable than ever. Be it for official purposes or for fun, travelling has become an essential part of our lives. But, even with all the advancements in transportation systems, one cannot neglect the risks associated with travelling. A travel insurance cover will protect you against unforeseen events like lost baggage and other contingencies like sudden medical emergency. Best family travel insurance policy will protect your whole family against risks associated with travelling.

    What is Family Travel Insurance?

    Family Travel Insurance is protection in terms of insurance for the entire family, whilst they are traveling together. Usually, the terms of a typical family travel insurance policy cover a family comprising of two adults and up to four dependent children. Family Travel Insurance is intended to protect the family against financial contingencies arising from travel related incidents.

    Benefits of Family Travel Insurance Policy

    Organizing a travel plan for the entire family can be tedious enough without the insurance part. It is always advisable to select a family travel insurance plan when you and your family are embarking on an overseas trip. Here are some of the advantages of opting for a family travel insurance scheme.

    • With a family travel insurance scheme, you need not go through the trouble of arranging individual travel insurance policies for all members of the family.
    • Since the sum insured is shared by all family members, there will be a single premium. The premium amount will also be less when compared to normal travel insurance schemes.
    • You can customize the policy as per your family’s requirements. The travel insurance scheme can be selected for a period of single trip, multi-trip or as a year-round scheme.
    • Family travel insurance scheme is very economical and optimal when compared to availing separate insurance policies.
    • Additional coverage for medical evacuation, personal accident, repatriation and such can be opted for.
    • Majority of insurers now offer other facilities like cashless claims, minimal documentation, online renewal, international assistance and competitive premium rates for family travel insurance.

    What does a Family Travel Insurance Cover?

    Here are some of the situations that might occur to you or your family unexpectedly which are covered by most of the family travel insurance policies.

    • Emergency medical costs that you or any of your family members incur whilst overseas for a case of sudden illness, death or injury.
    • Accidental bodily injury when travelling
    • If you are hospitalized for more than a specified number of days, the ticket fare for a member of family visiting you will be covered.
    • Expenses incurred for emergency medical evacuation to India
    • Expenses incurred for transporting the mortal remains of the insured back to the country or expenses incurred for burial overseas in case of an unfortunate, untimely demise.
    • Death or permanent disability because of an accident when travelling in a common carrier will be compensated for by the insurer.
    • Loss of your checked-in baggage by an airline carrier.
    • In case you lose your passport, the cost of obtaining a fresh or supplicate passport will be covered.
    • If the trip is delayed or cancelled due to perils like natural disasters or airline, medical problems, the expenses incurred will be compensated/
    • If you miss a connecting flight because of a delay exceeding a certain number of hours, the expenses incurred will be compensated
    • The insurance will also cover you against burglary in your home when you are travelling overseas.
    • The insurance policy will also offer allowance in case your plane is hijacked.
    • You will also be offered emergency funds in case you lose your money due to a theft.

    The points given above describe the common covers offered by a family travel insurance scheme. Please refer to your insurer’s policy wordings carefully for information regarding inclusions and exclusions offered by your policy.

    What is not covered under a Family Travel Insurance?

    Below are some of the common exclusions.

    • Pre-existing medical conditions unless life-threatening, will not be covered
    • Costs incurred because of conditions like mental disorder, anxiety, HIV AIDS, suicide and venereal diseases
    • If you are travelling against the advice of a doctor or travelling specifically to receive medical treatment overseas, you will not be covered.
    • Nuclear threat or war related activities causing damage
    • Problems arising because of unattended baggage or theft unreported to local police authorities
    • No partial loss or damage to checked-in baggage shall become payable.

    Why do you need Family Travel Insurance?

    Your family has always been your source of support, inspiration, love and pride. Travelling together is one of the best ways for your family to bond together and spend some quality time as well. Many precious moments which can be cherished for a lifetime is made when travelling with your family. But, travel also presents some associated risks. Make your family travel fool proof by investing in a comprehensive travel insurance scheme.

    How to Compare Different Family Travel Insurance Schemes?

    Choosing a right plan from a myriad of travel insurance schemes available in the market can be a daunting task. Here are some of the factors that you must keep in mind when comparing different family travel insurance schemes.

    • Duration of Trip - The number of days that you are travelling decides your premium. Premium for a single trip for 15 days will cost more if you extend your itinerary. Compare different plans based on the premium cost per day.
    • Type of Travel - If you have decided to take a family travel insurance plan, you must decide if you are going to take an annual policy, a single trip policy or a multi-trip plan. The premium will depend on the type of plan that you choose.
    • Travel Destination -When choosing travel insurance plans, compare plans based on the premium offered for the country that you are heading to. For example, medical costs are higher in European countries and American countries than in Asian countries and this point becomes crucial when calculating premium.

    How to a Travel Insurance Claim?

    • Call the concerned insurance company’s toll free number or send a mail regarding your contingency. The customer service numbers may vary depending on if you are abroad or if you are in India.
    • A claims form will be forwarded by email or fax. Also, a service representative from the insurance company will brief you on the procedures and the documents required.
    • The documents required may vary depending on the nature of contingency if it is loss of cash, flight delay or a medical emergency.
    • You will be required to forward all the supporting documents by mail or fax.
    • After assessment by a surveyor, claims will be approved.

    Never risk your family’s happiness – avail a family travel insurance scheme to protect your family against unforeseen events.

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