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    CIBIL stands for Credit Information Bureau India Ltd. It is the highest agency in India providing credit reports and ratings to individuals and businesses. It is the only one of about 1000 companies in the world with an ISO 27001 rating, which is the highest security standard in the world.

    CIBIL releases credit reports called Credit Information Report (CIR) pertaining to individuals on the basis of their past credit history, which the agency receives from leading financial institutions in India. CRISIL is one of two credit rating agencies currently operational in India, the other being Experian Credit Information Company of India Pvt Ltd.

    What is a CIBIL Credit Report?

    The Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL) TransUnion Score is a three digit number that is a summary of the customer’s credit history. This score is generated based on the information provided in the customer’s CIR. This report contains information regarding the customer’s history of credit payment across various loans and also institutions over a period of time. However, this report will not contain information regarding the customer’s loans, fixed deposits or other investments.

    Components of a CIBIL Credit Report

    A CIR will have information in detail on the credit that customers have availed such as auto loan, home loan, credit card, overdraft facilities and personal loans. A CIBIL credit report will contain information regarding the customer’s CIBIL TransUnion score, their personal details, employment details, contact details and account information along with enquiry details. An in-depth analysis of the report is provided below.

    CIBIL Report
    • The first section provides an illustration of the CIBIL score. The score is between 300 to 900 and is generated based on the information provided in the enquiry and accounts section of the report. A visual representation of the score is provided wherein the closer to the green, better are the scores. CIBIL scores between 700 to 900 are seen to be favourable. If the score is closer to 900, this is an indication that the customer will have a higher chance of repaying the loan and hence will inspire more confidence in loan providers or credit card companies in the future. The score will be written in a blue bubble within the visual representation. Another piece of information provided is ‘figures’ which indicate the amount of customers in percentage who were given loans during the previous year and who fall in a particular section of scores at the time of their loan application.
    • Personal Information section contains information about the customer’s name, date of birth and sex as reported to the members of CIBIL. Other details that will be given are the customer’s PAN number, passport, voter ID and so on.
    • Under the personal information section, ‘(e)’ symbol next to a particular detail implies that the value was given by the lender when the customer had applied for a credit facility.
    • CIBIL Score Report
    • Contact Information contains details regarding the customer’s address, mobile numbers, telephone, and email address. This category also mentions whether the addresses were residential, permanent or official. Up to 4 email addresses and other addresses will be provided.
    • Employment Information comprises of information provided by a lender for a specific credit account regarding the customer’s income at time of opening the facility for credit and also their occupation.
    • Account Information is one of the most important sections of a CIBIL Credit report. This section provides information about the customer’s credit cards and loans including the name of their lenders, type of facilities that have been availed such as auto loan, home loan, credit card and so on.
    • This section may or may not contain a red band at the side. If it does, it indicates that the particular section is disputed and the band is usually removed once it has been settled.
    • Enquiry Information - Under this section customers can find out details regarding vendors who have enquired into their credit application. Details include the vendor’s name, type of loan, amount of loan, application date and so on.
    • The last section is Consumer Dispute Remarks which can be added by customers from a list that has already been defined. These remarks will be available on the report for a year and every time the report is accessed by any particular credit institution, this will be displayed.

    The above sections are generally the ones present in a CIBIL Credit report. Each component is important and explains the credit situation of the customer in simple terms.

    Importance of CIBIL Credit reports

    A CIBIL credit report is a highly valued credit report that helps banks and financial institutions analyse a person’s credit worthiness based on his/her repayment discipline and borrowing history. Major importance of CIBIL credit reports are:

    • A unified report with all your previous and current credit history.
    • CIBIL credit reports form the basis of releasing loans to a borrower.
    • Helps in staying clear of debt traps.
    • An exhaustive report to help you nurture better financial discipline.
    • Better score on the credit report provides leverage when negotiating interest rates. 

    Types of credit reports

    Credit Information Report (CIR) – This report is available for individuals and contains all their credit history, and a statistically derived figure called credit score. A CIR is a major document which any potential lending institution will look at before processing your loan or credit application.

    CIR consists of various sections detailing your credit history. Major attributes of a credit information report are outlined below.

    • Payment history

      This section shows your credit repayment history in the past 3 months including loans and credit card payments. DPD (Days Past Due) shows the number of days by which you delayed a payment.

    • Current outstanding balance

      This shows all your current credit due to be repaid. This helps in realizing where you stand in terms of EMI payments, and if you can avail more credit or not.

    • Enquiries

      This section lists all the enquiries made about your credit score in the recent past. A high number of enquiries is a red flag. Potential lenders may view it as desperation for credit, also possibly because you were not a suitable candidate and had to approach multiple lenders.

    • New credit facilities

      In this section, you can see recent credit sanctions in your name.

    Company Credit Report (CCR)

    A CCR is a report outlining a company’s credit history, consolidated from the data forwarded by various banks and financial institutions in India. While CCR doesn’t substitute credit ratings for businesses provided by an approved agency, it is still an essential component when loan applications are processed by an institution.

    The primary difference between a credit rating and a company credit report is that the latter is drawn up from data directly submitted by banks, while credit ratings are generally solicited by a ratee and consequently issued by a relevant credit agency after evaluating related documents and interviewing company’s management.

    CCRs are typically used by lenders to make quick, informed decisions on loan approvals. A good CCR can be used to get better terms on credits from business partners, being testament to a company’s strong financial standing.

    6 Simple Steps to Boost your Credit Score This Year

    Credit score is a three-digit statistical number that is vital when applying for a loan or credit card application. The credit score ranges from 300-850. It is always advisable to have credit score higher than 750 to have positive response on loan or credit card application.

    Lower credit score minimizes your chances of having approvals on credit score. Here are some of the factors to consider that will enhance your credit score and therefore make the application process smooth.

    • Monitoring your CIBIL Score: You should check your credit score at regular intervals. Visit the online websites of credit bureaus and check your free CIBIL score. Regular monitoring will help you to not repeat the mistakes that can bring down the statistical number. Moreover if you want a score report with detailed information, then apply for a subscription based credit score.
    • Bill Payments: Paying the bills is of foremost importance as it boosts your credit score dramatically. Always ensure to pay your credit card bills and home loan EMIs on time to keep your credit score on the higher side.
    • Use Multiple Card for Purchase: Try to use your every card as not using a card can also bring down the credit score. For different purposes prefer to use different cards and pay the bills on time for each. This shows you are disciplined in paying your bills.
    • Make Realistic Plans for Life: Always try to gauge your monthly salary and then plan your expenses accordingly. Unrealistic plans can put you in trouble and thereafter you may suffer the consequences of poor credit score.
    • Looking for a Better Job: If by chance you have applied for multiple loans and not able to pay back the outstanding bills on time, credit score may suffer. The only way to come out of this is to look for a job with good take home money. Then plan your expenses and then spend.
    • Lower Credit Utilization Ratio: Always try to maintain a low credit utilization ratio. Higher credit utilization ratio shows that you are overusing your money and will not be able to pay back the balanced amount. The utilization amount should be practically lower than the credit limit of a card.

    All these factors together helps you to enhance your credit score. Keeping a track off all these can help you to have positive nod on loan/ credit card application in lower interest rate, this year.

    Credit Score is one of the most misunderstood topics in the financial book.

    1. Credit Score ? Credit Report:
    2. Your Credit Score is calculated based on information present in your credit report. Your credit report presents details about your credit accounts, credit application and debt repayment, among others.

    3. Checking Your Score Will Not Hurt It:
    4. When you or a company enquires about your Credit Score, it’s called a soft enquiry and it does not hurt your credit score.

    5. Credit Score Math:
    6. There are five prime factors that go towards deciding your Credit Score. They are - debt repayment, credit utilisation ratio, average credit age, type of credit account (secured / unsecured) and Credit Score enquiries made.

    7. Keep An Eye On Fraud:
    8. You did nothing wrong and yet your Credit Score is low? Please go through your Credit Report thoroughly and immediately report any unauthorized activities to your bank to correct your score.

      It’s important that you check your Credit Score regularly. BankBazaar has partnered with Experian and we will fetch your Credit Score at no cost. It’s just a matter of a few minutes.

    How to get a CIBIL Cibil report

    To get your CIBIL Credit Report, you will need to fill the ‘CIBIL online credit score request form’

    Step 1: you will need to select any of the following subscription plans:

    • Bi-Annual Subscription - 2 Score Reports (Rs.800)
    • Quarterly Subscription - 4 Score Reports (Rs.1200)

    Step 2: Enter your PAN, email address, date of birth and select your gender

    Step 3: Enter the displayed characters in the given box

    Step 4: Tick on the box before ‘I acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions applicable and available on the site.’

    Step 5: Click ‘Proceed to Payment

    On paying the amount, you will be redirected to an authentication page. Here, 5 questions pertaining to your credit history will have to be filled out. Answering at least 3 correctly will authenticate your identity. You will receive the credit report within 24 hours in your email address.

    If authentication fails, you can send a hard copy of the application duly filled out along with your address proof and the id generated by CIBIL. You will then receive the credit report by post at the address provided by you.

    Free credit report: Apart from annual subscriptions, you can also get your annual CIBIL Report and score for free. Here are the steps you need to follow you get your CIBIL score for free:

    Step 1: Visit https://www.cibil.com/freecreditscore/

    Step 2: Enter your email address, date of birth, gender and PAN

    Step 3: Enter the displayed characters in the given box

    Step 4: Tick on the box before ‘I acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions applicable and available on the site.’

    Step 5: Click ‘SUBMIT’

    After that you will need to login to the site with the password emailed to you. Once you login you can change your password, login again and view your CIBIL score. You can view your full report by clicking on ‘VIEW REPORT’ tab. To add consumer dispute remarks and to access your credit report summary and activity report, you will need to subscribe and opt for any of the three available plans:

    • Bi-Annual Subscription - 2 Score Reports (Rs.800)
    • Quarterly Subscription - 4 Score Reports (Rs.1200)

    Difference between CIBIL credit reports and CIBIL credit scores

    A CIBIL credit report is an exhaustive report detailing all your past credit transactions, both borrowing and repayments from/to banks and other financial institutions. A credit score, on the other hand, is generated on the basis of the credit report and is a statistical figure ranging from 300 to 900. It is derived through advanced statistical analysis of a credit report.

    Maintaining a high credit score is imperative to getting more credit in the future. As such, you should ensure that your credit report presents a positive outlook that translates to better scores. If your credit report is left wanting in a few segments, then you should proactively work toward making it better by repaying debt on time and maintaining a positive future outlook on it.

    FAQs on CIBIL/Credit Report

    Q. How do you correct errors in your CIBIL credit report?

    RBI has made it mandatory for banks to comply with an individual's desire to access his or her credit report. If a bank declines a credit card or loan application, you can ask for the control number of your CIBIL credit report. You can then contact CIBIL at info@cibil.com and communicate details of errors in the report.

    Q. Do I need a form to apply for a CIBIL credit report?

    Yes, you need to apply for credit reports using forms published by CIBIL. You can get these forms from their website.

    Q. I don’t want my CIBIL TransUnion Score, just the credit report. Is that possible?

    Yes, if you want just the credit report then you can apply for it without having to take the TransUnion score along with it.

    Q. How long does it take for the CIBIL credit report to reach?

    If you check your CIBIL score for free or purchase any of the subscriptions plan online, you can access your report instantly upon successful authentication. In case of unsuccessful authentication, you will need to upload your KYC documents for verification. Upon verification, your CIBIL credit report will sent to your registered mailing address in 7 business days via Courier/ Speed Post/ Express Delivery.

    Q. What are the documents required for the CIBIL credit report?

    Along with the application form, you will need to send an ID proof and an address proof. This applies even to companies, in whose case you will have to send the ID and address proof of the authorised signatory.

    Q. Is there any time stipulation on when the supporting documents should reach CIBIL?

    Yes. The supporting documents, ID and address proof should reach CIBIL within 7 days of your application for the generation of a credit report.

    Q. How will the report be sent to me?

    It will be sent within 7 business days via Courier/ Speed Post/ Express Delivery.

    Q. What happens if I am not there to receive the report?

    The delivery service will make only two attempts to deliver the report at your address. If you are not there to receive it a second time then it will be returned to CIBIL and you will have to apply for the report all over again.

    Q. What happens if I have made mistakes on the application form?

    CIBIL will tolerate up to 3 mistakes on the credit report. If you make more than 3 mistakes then your application will not be processed.

    Q. What if I send the wrong details by mistake?

    If your details are wrong but match another person then the report will be generated and sent to them at your cost.

    Q. What happens if the address in my CIBIL account and the address proof don’t match?

    If your address proof does not match the one that CIBIL has on record then your application will not be processed. You can update your address by sending KYC documents along with any other supporting documents needed.

    Q. How can I pay for the credit report?

    You can pay for the credit report using a demand draft, credit card, debit card or through net banking.

    News About CIBIL Report

    • A good Credit Rating gives you a good life

      What do you think is most important to influence a date? Is it a sports car or a stunning personality? It is not that! A good credit score gives you everything you wanted. A well-rated individual may also be able to scout a better match, according to domestic study conducted by Match Media Group of 2000 Americans and Discover. Match is a renowned business entity, which retain the possession of the websites for dating and the applications for dating, including Match.com, Tinder and OkCupid. The entity serves in excess of 63 plus million overseas customers.

      Holding a good credit score is much important than holding a beautiful car for more than 58% of the people who date online. 50% of the people who have been surveyed said that a partner with a better credit report and a credit score is preferred over his/her job designations. These statistics depict the significance of a good credit rating. Furthermore, 69% of the respondents have said that the financial stability and status is very crucial while choosing an individual for dating. The financial status and stability is the most important factor for the women who are in search of a partner.

      Is it not an interesting fact? Yes, it is! Be well-rated by credit rating agencies that will offer you the facility of free credit reports. A credit report contains your personal and financial information, including your credibility. Be advised to get these reports periodically to make sure the financial and personal details are correct and valid. The most important aspect you should look at your credit reports is your credit score. If you are underrated, you can improve it. Check your credit scores for free today!

      13 February 2018

    • How to Interpret your Credit Reports

      A credit score plays a major role. It affects anything you do – obtaining a vehicle loan, a housing loan, a property loan, etc. It has been so entwined in your regular life that you may not apprehend it. India has four credit rating agencies. A free credit report can be obtained from each of these bureaus for free once in a year. It means a credit score can be checked for free.

      The best thing you could do is to ensure the personal and financial information contained in your credit score is valid and correct. If you think your credit report contain wrong details, you could raise a ticket to correct it. And, you are expected to do so. A wrongly published credit report will not give you the most appropriate credit score for you. It is commonly observe that most people do not check their credit reports regularly and finally end up with poor credit score.

      2 February 2018

    • CIBIL plans to involve social media transactions into credit score

      The oldest and the biggest credit bureau of the country, CIBIL is in talks with the government to broaden the purview of the Credit Information Act which will allow other sources of credit information to determine credit score. This will be over and above the traditional information channels that CIBIL currently employs to calculate the CIBIL score for customers.

      Digital transactions now form a huge part of the overall financial transactions made by customers. Including transaction history of the same may lend valuable insights about the financial health as well as credit worthiness of an individual.

      21 March 2016

    • Credit Information Companies in talks with RBI to cap credit reporting duration

      CIBIL, India’s leading Credit Information Company (CIC), is in talks with the central bank to revise stipulations pertaining to the applicable duration for reporting of credit information. Currently, data is maintained and reported for a period of 7 years at least. However, the regulations as per the Credit Information Companies Act doesn’t stipulate a maximum term for reporting credit data. This results in some CICs maintaining and reporting data for periods up to 25 years. CIBIL and other CICs are of the opinion that this can prove detrimental to credit seekers who remain adversely affected by negative but outdated information. They are also of the opinion that capping the maximum reporting period to 5 years will satisfy the need to assess a person’s creditworthiness.

      In addition to concerns over current regulations, CICs are also raising the subject of spreading credit information and reporting awareness among the general public, possibly through campaigns.

      2 September 2015

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