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  • How to Check your CIBIL score With PAN Card Number

    If you are looking to check your own credit score, you will need certain basic details along with the PAN Card Number. You are also required to make a fee payment to access the credit score.

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  • CIBIL provides free credit scores for everyone who has a credit card. With CIBIL’s official website, one can get an accurate and up to date CIBIL score. You can use your PAN card number to check your CIBIL score as well.

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    Steps to check your CIBIL Score by using the PAN Card:

    Follow the steps mentioned below to check your CIBIL score by using the PAN card -

    1. Visit - CIBIL’s official website
    2. Click on the top right option that says ‘Get Your Credit Score’, or
    3. Visit the credit score page directly
    4. Choose a subscription method, if applicable
    5. Enter your PAN Card number
    6. Enter your e-mail address
    7. Enter Date of Birth
    8. Select the Gender
    9. Enter the captcha code
    10. Acknowledge the terms and condition
    11. Click on 'Procced to Payment'

    If you had checked your CIBIL Score/CIR earlier, you could use your e-mail ID and password to access the existing information. If you are checking the credit information for the first time, the website will redirect you to the payment page. Once you make the payment, you can choose the mode of delivery of the score and the report. You can get a physical copy of the report mailed to your address through postal or you can choose to receive an electronic copy via an email.

    If you do not have a PAN Card number, you can use your basic personal details such as Name, Date of Birth, Identity Proof number of another document, Address, and telephone number to request for the CIBIL Score.

    Why do we need PAN Card details to check the CIBIL Score?

    PAN Card is a common document that can identify an individual by using the unique PAN Card number. Moreover, PAN is also associated with all financial and bank accounts of most individuals. PAN makes it easier for the credit bureaus to locate your details efficiently. When you use the PAN Card number for viewing your CIBIL score, it is not used for any other purpose other than locating your credit information and authenticating it by using associated details.

    If you do not have a PAN Card, you can still request for your CIBIL Score by using the identity proof number mentioned on the Passport , Voter ID, or the Driver’s Licence.

    PAN Change Effects on Credit Score

    Your CIBIL/Credit score won't be impacted if you request a duplicate PAN card in the event that your original PAN card is lost or stolen because the PAN number will remain the same. To avoid any problems, it is advised to give up one of your PAN cards if you have more than one.

    Additionally, getting a new PAN Card could lower your CIBIL rating. It's because your credit history, which is linked to your current PAN card, forms the basis of your credit score. Therefore, the TransUnion CIBIL database may likely display a red alert on your account if you request for a new PAN.

    FAQs on How to Check your CIBIL score With PAN Card Number

    1. Can I check my CIBIL score by PAN card?

      One can obtain an authentic and current CIBIL score at the company's official website. You can also verify your CIBIL score using the PAN card number.

    2. What impact will the PAN change have on my CIBIL Score?

      The credit products connected to your PAN card are used to determine your CIBIL score. Your credit score may change if your CIBIL report contains information on a different PAN card. However, it is advised that you have it fixed as soon as you can, since a lower credit score brought on by inaccurate information in times of need may make it more challenging for you to have your loan application accepted.

    3. How can a new PAN card application affect your CIBIL score?

      Information about loans or credit cards connected to your current PAN card is used to determine your CIBIL score. Owning more than one PAN card is a serious offense, and the Income Tax administration may take action against you, therefore you are not obliged to apply for a new one if you already have one.

    4. What will be the CIBIL score for new PAN card?

      Your CIBIL score will be impacted negatively if a new PAN card is issued. It's because your credit history, which is linked to your current PAN card, forms the basis of your credit score. Therefore, the TransUnion CIBIL database may likely display a red alert on your account if you request a new PAN.

    5. Will my CIBIL score get affected when I update my PAN card?

      If you seek a duplicate PAN card in the case that your original PAN card is misplaced or stolen, your CIBIL/Credit score won't be affected because the PAN number will remain the same.

    6. What if I don't have a PAN card? Can I still check my CIBIL score?

      You can still request your CIBIL Score even if you don't have a PAN Card by using the identification proof number found on your passport, voter ID, or driver's licence.

    7. Can I check loan details by PAN card?

      To accomplish this, look up your credit report. Your PAN card is linked to the credit report, which is an overview of your credit history. Your credit score is summarised in the report, which also lets you look at all of your loans.

    8. Is the PAN card used to determine CIBIL score?

      When determining one's CIBIL Score, the PAN Card is the most crucial document. Since each person has a distinct PAN, our financial and banking information makes it simple for credit bureaus to locate information quickly.

    9. What to do if someone has taken loan from your PAN card?

      Checking your credit record is the simplest approach to determine whether a loan has been approved using your PAN card. All credit cards and loans issued in your name are listed on your credit report. As a result, you will be able to determine whether any loans were made without your consent.

    10. If I don't have a PAN card, can I still check my credit score?

      Your PAN card is used to track your important financial transactions. There is a good chance that you haven't gotten any credit if you don't have a PAN card. Any credit bureau will be unable to produce your credit score in this situation.

    11. Can I use my Aadhaar card to generate my credit score?

      Even though your PAN card and Aadhaar must be linked, as of right moment, you cannot access your credit score using only your Aadhaar number. To generate your credit score, you must present your PAN card.

    12. What is the CIBIL Score of a newly issued PAN Card?

      To apply for a loan or credit card, you must have a PAN Card. Credit bureaus have no knowledge of your credit behavior when you receive your PAN card for the first time and have not yet asked for a loan. As a result, they classify your profile as "New to Credit." But even if you meet other requirements, lenders could still decide against giving you a loan or credit card.

    TransUnion CIBIL is one of the leading credit information companies in India. The company maintains one of the largest collections of consumer credit information in the world. CIBIL Score plays a key role in the lives of consumers. Banks and other lenders check the CIBIL Score of the applicants before approving their loan or credit card application. Consumers can visit the official website of CIBIL to check their CIBIL Score and Report. CHECK YOUR CIBIL SCORE now.

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