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  • Experian Credit Disputes and Queries

    While the credit information company, Experian, makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in a credit report is up to date and accurate, there can be times when the information you have and the information in the report don’t match. The thing to remember is that in such cases, you are provided the option to dispute the information and get it corrected. To ensure that the complaints about a credit report are taken care of in the best way possible, you can either call up the customer care of initiate the process using the form. The main thing to remember here is that before you can go asking for a dispute settlement, you need to get your Experian credit report to check it for errors.

    What information can be corrected?

    Any information that you deem to be incorrect can be corrected as long as the correction is a valid one. What this means is that just because you say it’s wrong, the company won’t make the change. The change can only be made if they can verify the mistake. For example, if the credit report shows that a credit card you cancelled earlier is still active, then you can inform them of this and the will verify it with the bank that issued the credit card. If it is indeed cancelled, they will update the information on the credit report. Information related to the repayment of loans and the dates on which the payments are made are also correctable along with any of your personal information that may have been entered incorrectly in the system.

    The Experian credit report query form

    In order to initiate a correction you will need to follow a set process. This process starts with the Experian Credit Information Report Query Application Form. This form is available on the company’s website and can be printed out. Things you need to know about this form are:

    You will need an ERN to use this form. The ERN is the Experian Report Number that is assigned to your credit report and is meant for them to ensure the correct report is being referred to.

    You will need to fill in all the sections that are mandatory.

    You can check the box that relates to your query, if it’s about personal details, or use the space provided by them to inform them about problems with your credit history.

    The report will have to be accompanied by copies of an identity and address proof and the copies will need to be self-attested.

    If the form is not filled up properly or if the supporting documents are not signed or correct, the application won’t be processed.

    How to get the credit report corrected?

    Once you have the documents ready and the application for the query ready, you will have to send it to Experian at their Mumbai office at:

    Experian Credit Information Company of India,

    P. O. Box. 9096,

    Goregaon (East),

    Mumbai – 400063

    Once they receive the documents, they will try to resolve the matter by confirming the mistake with the lender form whom the data is inaccurate. It should be remembered that the company is not allowed to make any changes to the credit reports. They can only add or remove information based on what they are provided by their member institutions. This means that if there is a problem with your credit card history, till your bank confirms it, Experian will not make any changes.

    How to get in touch with Experian

    Experian can be reached via phones, emails and letters sent to their office in Mumbai. They are available on the phone between the hours of 9:30 am and 6:30 pm and the number to call is 022-66419000. They can also be contacted on the address provided above, though email ids like consumer.support@in.experian.com and contact forms that have been provided on their website.

    Before you start the process of getting queries addressed, you should know that the information shown on the credit report keeps changes as the company get new data from lenders. Therefore, it is a good idea to get a copy of your latest credit report before raising issues of discrepancies.

    How to address problems with the Experian credit report

    1. What do I do if I have question about my credit report?

      A. You can raise a query with Experian using the query application form.

    2. How do I get the form?

      A. The form, like the credit report application form, is available on the Experian website.

    3. How do I fill up the form?

      A. The first thing to do is to fill in all your personal details accurately. If you already have your credit report, which you might since you are raising an issue with it, mention the number of that credit report. Once all the relevant details have been provided, you can fill up a box with what you query is.

    4. Do I need to submit any documents for this form as well?

      A. Yes, you will have to submit an Id proof and an address proof along with this application as well.

    5. Will the changes be made to my credit report immediately?

      A. No. The request will be investigated and confirmed with the appropriate agency before any changes are made to the credit report. Should the change be found valid, it will be made.

    6. I sent the form for a query about my credit information report but it was rejected. Why is that?

      A. It is imperative that you mention all details accurately while filling up the form because any incorrect information will result in a failure to process the application.

    7. What if I have already raised a query and need to discuss that?

      A. If you have already spoken to Experian about a related issue make sure that you quote the reference number for that conversation so that the company can expedite the processing of your application.

    8. Do I have to pay for queries as well?

      A. No. There is no charge for queries.

    1. What is Experian Report Number (ERN)?
    2. A 15 digit unique number on every Experian Credit Report is called as Experian Report Number (ERN). It is required to validate your information whenever you need to communicate with Experian. ERN is present on the top right corner of the Experian Credit Report.

    3. What do I do if I lose or misplace my credit report?
    4. In case you lose or misplace your credit report, you will have to order a new credit report that will come with a new ERN.

    5. Whom do I contact in case of any grievances at the time or after the dispute handling process?
    6. Consumers can convey their grievances using the following escalation grid. Issues and grievances will be escalated to the related business unit following which they will be escalated to Compliance and Legal.

    7. When I can expect my credit report dispute to get resolved?
    8. Any disputes related to credit report discrepancy will be resolved within 30 days from the date of receipt. All responses and rectifications from the lender or the bank will be shared with you via email, phone or post.

    9. What is the role of Experian Consumer Support?
    10. Consumers can get in touch with Experian Customer support in case of queries or dispute regarding a credit report. They can also contact customer support for any general queries related to the credit report status.

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