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Health Insurance

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Key factors to consider before buying Health Insurance


Co-pay is a fixed percentage of the hospital bill you will have to pay when you make a claim, while the balance will be paid by the insurance company. For e.g. If your policy has a 10% Co-Pay clause, it means for a Rs 1,000 claim, you have to pay Rs 100 while the insurer will pay Rs 900. Ideally, opt for a "no co-pay" plan so you don't have to shell out for every claim.

Waiting Period for Pre-existing Diseases

Pre-existing diseases are classified as diseases/conditions that a person has before buying health insurance. All pre-existing diseases aren't covered from day one of buying the policy. The time taken to cover pre-existing diseases will vary from plan to plan. Check the amount of time taken to cover pre-existing diseases in your plan.

Lifelong Renewable

The duration of coverage is the most important factor in buying a health insurance policy. Your health is most likely going to deteriorate only in your sunset years so ensure that your coverage is lifelong and not for a few years. Always go for a plan that can be renewed lifelong.

Room Rent

Your room preference during hospitalization matters (such as shared room, private room or private room with high-end facilities). A costlier room means you'll pay higher treatment and hospitalization charges! It's better if your plan has a higher room rent limit per day.

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Your Premium for Health Insurance is determined by

Your current age

Lower premium for younger buyers.

Members included

The premium depends on the number of insured members.

Room preference

Your room preference during hospitalization matters (such as shared room, private room or private room with high-end facilities) Remember costlier room means higher treatment charges too!

Pre-existing medical condition

Your premium will depend on any pre-existing medical conditions.

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Smart buying tips for your Health Insurance

Assess Your needs

You can't choose your relatives. Luckily, you can decide which family members to include in your health insurance policy. The second important thing is your room preference during hospitalization such as shared room, private room or private room with high-end facilities.

Extra-Coverage for Critical Illness

A smart health insurance policy is one that covers you for bolts out of the blue - medical expenses for critical illnesses like cancer, stroke etc.

Know Your Budget

Consider your budget in order to avoid a huge premium. Don't pick all the options available under the insurance policy. This will eventually increase your premium amount. So tighten your purse strings sensibly.

Read the Fine-Print

The devil is in the details. Always read the "Terms & Conditions" of the policy i.e. features that are not covered under the policy. Make it a point to ask for sample policy wordings. With the in-depth knowledge about certain definitions, terms & conditions, exclusions and offered benefits, you'll always be the smarty-pants who's one step ahead.

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  • Poor Response to Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana in Salcete

    Despite having been received well in the constituencies of St. Cruz, Panaji and Taleigao, the Deen Dayal Swasthya Seva Yojana (DDSSY) has not managed to evoke as warm a response among the residents of Salcete. The DDSSY health insurance scheme was recently launched with the aim of providing the benefits of health insurance to every single citizen in Goa, irrespective of their caste, income or religion. Goa Electronics Limited (GEL) recently announced that it will be issuing DDSSY cards to patients in a very short time, provided the patients have approached with a genuine emergency and possess all the required documents.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    28th September 2016

  • Apollo Munich Survey: 51% of People with Health Insurance Policies are Under Insured

    Nearly 51% of Indian individuals who hold health insurance policies are under insured, even though a gradual rise in policy sales has been recorded in recent times. Apollo Munich Health Insurance released a report according to which most people with under insured policies purchased policies with relatively low sum insured which did not prove adequate in medical emergencies. The report said that despite the fact that there is a yearly increase in the number of health insurance policyholders in the country, people often select policies with the lowest sum insured without understanding the whole process of selecting the right cover.

    Around 7 lac health insurance policyholders were covered under the study across 82 Indian cities, and it was found that men and women were under insured across Tier I and Tier II cities as well as metros.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    28th September 2016

  • PM National Health Insurance Scheme Expected to be a “Gamechanger”

    Faggan Singh Kulaste, the Union Minister on Thursday said that the PM National Health Insurance Scheme that remains under consideration as of now, will be a “gamechanger”. He also pitched for discussion between stakeholders, including insurance and health industry for successfully implementing the plan. He also revealed that the national health insurance scheme has expanded the current scheme for BPL individuals under the RSBY (Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana with over 75% coverage. So far as benefits and coverage is concerned, the Union Minister revealed that the Prime Minister’s insurance scheme will change the face of the game.

    27th September 2016

  • Andhra Bank Ties Up With Cigna TTK and Reliance General

    Andhra Bank has signed an agreement with Cigna TTK, a private health insurance company, according to a statement released by the bank. As per this agreement, Cigna TTK will be providing health insurance products to Andhra Bank account holders, according to the bank’s Executive Director.

    The bank has also tied up with Reliance General Insurance, who would be providing general insurance products to account holders. The two deals will benefit both the bank as well as the insurers, as the insurers will be able to tap a large potential market and customers will have a choice when it comes to selecting insurance products.

    27th September 2016

  • General Insurance Companies Register 19% Growth in Direct Premium this August

    The month of August turned out to be profitable for general insurance companies who registered positive growth of 19.1% in total direct premium. Data published by the General Insurance Council indicates that private insurers have gained more in terms of premium underwritten, compared to their public sector counterparts. However, specialized insurers like AIC and did not register positive growth.

    The general insurance sector witnessed a rise in their overall premium income, which went up to Rs 9,013.97 crore in Aug 2016 from Rs 7,566.81 crore recorded in August 2015. Private players were at the forefront and recorded an overall rise of 40.1% in their premium income which stood at Rs 4,126.26 crore this year, as compared to the previous year. The public sector, on the other hand, recorded a growth of 15.2%, which stood at Rs 3,825.19 crore in August, 2016.

    26th September 2016

  • Assam Govt. Launches Atal Amrit Abhiyan Health Scheme

    The Assam Government, led by BJP, recently announced the initiation of the Atal Amrit Abhiyan, a health insurance scheme that will provide coverage against 5 life-threatening diseases. To be launched on April 1, 2017, the scheme will be operational on an individual basis.

    Speaking on the occasion of the announcement, Himanta Biswa Sarma, Health Minister for the state of Assam mentioned that under the Atal Amrit Abhiyan, beneficiaries will be able benefit by availing cost-free treatment for 5 critical ailments such as neuro surgery, heart surgery, burns, kidney failure and cancer for up to an amount of Rs 2 lakh at hospitals across the country.

    21st September 2016

  • Cab Drivers to Receive Health Insurance through Tata AIG-Paytm Venture

    Cab and auto drivers are all set to receive health insurance through a new venture by Tata AIG and Paytm. Under this scheme, drivers who use Paytm’s digital wallet can avail cashless health insurance provided by Tata AIG. The schemes are tailor-made for drivers, giving them access to quality medical care up to Rs.50,000. Existing health conditions will also be taken into account when the drivers opt for this scheme. The scheme is set to be launched in Mumbai soon after receiving a good response in Delhi. Based on response, the scheme is to be rolled out across the country.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    20th September 2016

  • Star Health Expecting Gross Written Premium worth Rs. 2,800 Crore in 2016-17

    India’s biggest stand-alone health insurance company, Star Health, is expecting Rs.2,800 crore worth of gross written premium by the end of the 2016-17 financial year, as revealed by one of the top representatives of the company. The company, which is based out of Chennai, recorded a sales revenue of Rs.2,007 crore in 2015-16, and hopes to continue targeting retail customers instead of group policies. The official also revealed that the company is expecting to cover around 90 lakh people in 2016-17. Star Health, which currently boasts almost 50% market share, is promoted by private equity companies such as Tata Capital, APIS, Sequoia Capital and ICICI Venture.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    19th September 2016

  • IRDAI Direction Causes Slump in Life Insurers’ Health Portfolio

    The general health business is forecast to experience a decline for life insurers following the insurance regulators decision to ask life insurers to withdraw indemnity-based health products. IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) revealed that life insurance companies cannot provide indemnity-based products to groups or individuals. However, a noted official of a mid-size life insurance provider revealed that the industry might withdraw these plans, but individuals who already hold such policies can retain them until their expiry regardless of how long the policy term might be. IRDAI also added that companies will also have to refrain from offering single-premium health insurance products under the unit-linked platform.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    19th September 2016

  • Rising Health Costs Responsible for Increase in Health Insurance Buys

    A survey undertaken by ICICI Lombard General Insurance revealed that most people purchase health cover in order to offset the rising costs of medical treatment. According to the survey, 58% of respondents had a health insurance plan, and over 23% of respondents agreed that lifestyle had a large impact on their overall health.

    A whopping 85% of respondents stated that the reason behind their opting for a health insurance plan was to cover the costs of medical treatment, with 82% stating the availability of good treatment through health insurance as an additional reason for paying for health coverage. 72% of the respondents stated the reason behind their opting for health insurance was to avail tax benefits, indicating this is fast emerging as a reason behind getting health coverage.

    BankBazaar News About Health Insurance

    16th September 2016

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