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  • Wash Your Stress Away International Travel Insurance

    So you are all excited about putting that first stamp in your Indian passport! Or it has been ages since you have traversed out of country for any reason? No other act accomplishes goals of bettering your own self by venturing beyond your comfort zone more than travelling overseas. There is no idyllic time as such to pursue new itineraries to discover more of our world and while at it, make changes for the better. Do not let the added money put you off from buying an international travel insurance, the peace of mind it gets is worth every dime.

    What is International Travel Insurance?

    Traveling abroad can be exciting as well as risky. Unforeseen eventualities such as medical emergencies, lost luggage, injury or illness, air crash etc., could be costly and a hassle when traveling through an unfamiliar, foreign locale. International Travel Insurance provides robust financial protection in all such unexpected situations.

    On Purchasing a Global Travel Insurance for the Next Journey

    One deciding factor is how much money you are willing to shell out for this. And does the covers mentioned make sense or are they relevant? You may wish to spend in coverage for more complex multi-destination journeys like cruises or package trips, where one gaffe could toss the whole holiday into a nose-dive. Should you choose to buy a global travel insurance, you may do so just a day before your journey date. But do the necessary research and comparisons first and be prepared instead of doing it as an afterthought.

    What Does International Travel Insurance Cover?

    This is also completely dependent on individual needs. International travel insurance can be roughly divided on the basis of risk-factor and cancel-if-you-want aspects. Both has explicit reimbursement inclusions and covers for specific requirements. It doesn’t matter what you opt for, your coverage must help assuage any damages ensued due to unanticipated situations. Some plans also comes with extra perks such as emergency medical repatriation and lost luggage assistance. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing the first plan you read about. Give yourself time to read through the fine print to spot the giant in the room even before it materializes.

    Are International Travel Insurances with Frequent Flier Miles Available?

    Very rarely. Let’s face it. The company that is going to handle your insurance claim is likely to do it in a way that it favors them. And as frequent flier distances are difficult to indemnify due to continual devaluation, you may never be sure of what might happen.

    Is it Must that You Go Through All that Fine Print?

    Insurance experts have been reiterating for years about the importance of reading the entire policy word to word and understanding it. All the details are normally in eye-killing fine print and nobody bothers to do that or has no time or patience. Consequentially, the customer doesn’t look into it until there is a problem. This hitch most often crops up when it comes to major omissions such as terrorism and political unrest. The basics such as journey interruption, cancellation, demise of a near and dear one and personal accidents are here to stay.

    Tourists often get stumbled in the particulars of their plans, especially those that frame exclusions. For instance, only some international travel insurance plans insures against terrorism, which would greatly appeal to those going to the Middle East or African countries down north. But, the cases for which you can put in a claim are quite unambiguous. Many policies need an act of terrorism to happen within a definite radius of your destination for your claim to be accepted. In short just a warning notice from the government is not proof enough.

    Critical health problems that were pre-existent can also create problems for insurance holders. This kind of constraints on pre-existing conditions entangle many a traveler who buy an insurance just in case they have to cancel their tour to attend a close family member’s funeral.

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