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  • Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa India

    Europe’s virtually unsurmountable wealth of fascinations is its main allure: the origin of egalitarianism in Athens, the Renaissance art of Florence, the tortuous Venetian canals, the Napoleonic magnificence of Paris, and the multifaceted historic and ethnic canvas of other Schengen countries. They are more accessible to vagabonds than it has ever been. In the recent past, countries across the world have made strides to ease travel across borders, introduction of Global Entry stalls and visa waiver programs by some nations being a few examples. But that is not all. You need a right-fitting travel insurance as well.

    When roving around in any Schengen nation, you need to bear in mind that copious unforeseen expenses might crop up and hence formed the concept of Schengen travel insurance policy. There are numerous reasons why it is inevitable. It basically transmits to indemnifying you for potential medical outlays in case you get injured in an accident or fell ill unexpectedly when you are travelling in any Schengen nation. But nothing sums it up better than a significant excerpt from Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council in 2009, which is as follows.

    “… Applicants for a uniform visa for one or two entries shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment or death, during their stay(s) on the territory of the Member States.

    The insurance shall be valid throughout the territory of the Member States and cover the entire period of the person’s intended stay or transit. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30,000”.

    More info if you are still fascinated…

    • Are you still speculating if you require a health cover when voyaging to an alien country? Unbelievable. Though it depends deeply on your chosen destination and the knack of individually covering any health care requirements during the brief spell there.
    • However travel insurable is a must for most folks, particularly the senior citizens and those with pre-determined medical illnesses that are sure to crop up now and then and require constant therapy. Same applies if your destination happens to be an underdeveloped or undeveloped area.
    • Aside from medical incidentals, travel insurance is designed to cover various losses sustained during the journey including those from one’s home country as well as globally. Unforeseen eventualities like lost baggage, cancellation of trip in the eleventh hour, travel agency or hotel insolvency will most certainly bomb your tour. Hence Schengen travel insurance plan is intended to deliver cancellation cover by means of complete or partial reimbursements.
    • Whether you are travelling once or many times during a brief period of time, the travel insurance plan will match and cover the precise number of the days spent in any international region with the costs and premiums varying accordingly.

    Who is a Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa targeted at?

    Any individual going off (by oneself or as part of a group) to one or more Schengen countries for a short spell from any nation that is bound by visa requirements must buy one. The purpose of the trip could be leisure or business. These days with numerous competitive insurance providers as well as comparison websites that give you instant quotes, it is easier to buy one online without the hassle of umpteen discussions with agents.

    Who provides travel health insurance?

    In the first place, the health insurance policy that you might already own thanks to the current occupation contract will probably cover global medical emergency expenditures. But there are customarily precincts to this offer and therefore you must be well aware of what to anticipate and what not to when going through a medical emergency situation when in a Schengen country.

    Usually holidaymakers obtain a separate travel insurance plan for just the exact number of days they intend to spend overseas because every extra day can cost you. Most importantly, you should ensure that the firm you opt for is registered and recognized in the Schengen territory as well. There are a few reasonably priced as well as reputed ones referred by the Embassy itself. You may also cancel the policy and have all your money refunded if your visa application gets rejected.

    Help yourself to some helpful Schengen Travel Insurance pointers:

    • As reiterated above, prior to buying yet another travel insurance plan for your imminent journey, please ensure that the one you have now does not indemnify or assuage any global medical emergency outlays.
    • In case your travel policy does cover some overseas medical expenses, go through the fine print, especially limitations and restrictions to the scheme carefully. You really do not need a nasty shock on top of the unfortunate event at the time.
    • Exploring Schengen regions on wheels has become quite popular with travel aficionados these days. But you never know what can happen on the road – good or bad. If you are roving around the countryside by car, it is better to take that smart step and buy a combo insurance deal that will take care of any third party liability as well.
    • Based on your chosen Schengen destination, the risk of infection differs with the fluctuations in the weather or the natural habitation (unfamiliar microbe residents). It is greatly recommended for those with preexisting illnesses like pollen allergies to carry their latest medical records including prescriptions with them.

    Schengen Visa Travel Insurance Inclusions:

    • A medical emergency situation caused due to an accident or illness while travelling in a Schengen nation.
    • If the insured needs to be evacuated immediately.
    • Repatriation of mortal remains
    • If a minor has to be returned to his/ her home country.
    • In case the whole trip is cancelled or interrupted due to no fault of yours.
    • Benefits for accidental demise, injury or disability (temporary or permanent) caused due to it.
    • International funeral expenditures.
    • If you lose or damage your luggage, personal belongings or essential travel papers.
    • In case the baggage is delayed for more than 12 hours after checking-in, then essential items such as toiletries, clothes etc. will be replaced.
    • Being robbed of important possessions.
    • If you miss your connection flight due to goof up of schedules.
    • If your trip is delayed owing to bad weather.
    • Hijack distress
    • Normally, the insurance providers offer cover against pregnancy related expenditures, if the trip happens within the first three months. But the same may not be offered for the second and the third trimester and can vary accordingly.

    What is ostensibly omitted or optional in most Schengen travel insurance plans?

    • Almost all travel insurance firms offer aforementioned basic covers but you can get customized riders on extra premium. You are expected to buy the following extra covers if necessary.
    • Pre-existing conditions (like cardiac problems, hypertension, asthma, diabetes)
    • Any adventurous sports with some amount of risk associated with it (like fast biking, sea sports, mountaineering etc.)
    • Travelling to nations listed as high-risk (due to terrorist activities, war, natural calamities etc.)
    • Severe onset of any pre-existing illness even after the doctor assured that it will be in control.

    Travel Insurance for Schengen Visa in India - Exclusions, limitations, restrictions:

    • As pointed out before, there are insurance carriers that simply do not offer cover for a previous health condition in any domain abroad.
    • In case you are already suffering from a condition preceding your departure (like Asthma) and are already diagnosed with it, your insurer will refuse to alleviate any related medical bill incurred overseas.
    • If you are declared perfectly fit to voyage after getting an OK from the doctor that the condition is under control, then you do have the right to get expenses due to any sudden medical emergency reimbursed.
    • Your thrill-seeking nature can gift you with a wealth of experience and tales. But insurance firms generally do not look kindly on it. Taking part in heavy-risky activities and extreme sports such as bike stunts, skydiving, aqua sports and more are certainly out of the list unless you are willing to pay additional premium for it.
    • You know a war is going on in the place or it is rife with political unrest. Most insurance firms will flatly refuse covers for any kind of harm or injury because you chose to go to an imperiled war zone.
    • Every policy comes with a specific period attached to it. If the incident due to which you are making a claim happened in the said time frame, there is nothing to fear. Else it is rejection. Also, prices of policies vary according to the tenure you select.
    • Suicide, attempt to suicide or self-inflicted injuries – Insurance companies show no mercy if there is slightest evidence towards any or more of these three when cross checking a customer’s claim. No matter what kind of insurance or where you buy it from, these reasons are solid exclusions.
    • For some, a trip overseas is unimaginable without some doze of intoxication. How heavy that intoxication is and what trouble you are likely to get into while in that state is the question here. Drunk driving, getting into a spot of fix with the law etc. in such a state will never be covered by any policy let alone a Schengen Travel Insurance.

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