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  • Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

    What is Senior Citizen Travel Insurance?

    It is often said that travelling across the world and exploring different places, help one in evolving as a better person. Though with the advent of modern times travelling has become no less than a fad now, it still remains a passion for many people. Most people believe that you actually start living your life -only post-retirement, and do all the things you had always wished to but couldn’t fulfil because of your commitments to your job. Post-retirement is indeed the golden period of one’s life. You can unwind, relax, soak yourself into the little pleasures of life and travel. As a senior citizen you are a little more susceptible to medical turbulences, especially while travelling, and even other unforeseen circumstances. These are reasons enough, for you to take adequate precautions to ensure that your holiday isn’t ruined by sudden inconveniences or dangers. You must buy a comprehensive travel insurance plan to protect you from the threats and dangers which can sully a perfect holiday. It is recommended for every senior citizen to buy senior citizen travel insurance, when you are on a holiday. You can also buy senior citizen travel insurance online.

    There are many leading insurance providers in the market who offer comprehensive travel insurance policies for senior citizens. Bajaj Allianz offers Seniors Citizen Travel Insurance especially loaded with attractive features and benefits. Senior citizens who primarily travel for recreation, must but this insurance policy. The plans type of plans offered by Bajaj Allianz Senior Citizen Travel Insurance policy have been listed below.

    Travel Companion Plan:

    This insurance plan protects you from unpredictable situations like losing your baggage, not receiving your baggage on time, accident, sudden medical issue which need to be taken care of immediately and entail medical expenses. Other emergency situations like delay of trip, evacuation, are also covered in this plan. In case you are on your vacation somewhere and need some cash suddenly then you can avail the emergency cash advance service. It provides the policyholder with cash in case of emergency when he/she is travelling.

    Travel Elite 61-70 and Travel Elite 71-75 Plan:

    The company offers travel insurance packages like Travel Elite 61-70 and Travel Elite 71-75 for senior citizens. These packages are filled with a wide array of attractive benefits and features which are perfectly suitable for senior citizens.

    Features and Benefits of Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Policy:

    The policy also has the following features –

    • Travel Elite plan covers you against loss resulting from cancellation of trip, reducing the duration of the trip, theft or burglary at your home while you have gone for a vacation, and such like.
    • Quick disbursal of claims.
    • Coverage of amount spent on hospitalisation, other incidental expenses, loss of baggage.
    • Easy access to the company officials is provided through in-house international toll-free numbers and fax numbers.
    • Free assistance to customers to address their queries related to their trip/travel.

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance Plan exclusions:

    If you have incurred any damage or loss out of being in one of the following situations, then you are not covered by Bajaj Allianz senior citizen travel insurance policy –

    • Expenses incurred for medical purposes after the insurance policy has expired.
    • Any method of unproven treatment.
    • If the policyholder inflicts himself with injury, attempts suicide, suffers from any mental disorder like stress, anxiety, depression, etc., is a victim of alcoholism or drug abuse.
    • Experimental and unproven treatment.
    • Any form of treatment/alternative form of medicine except allopathy.
    • If the policyholder had been suffering from a medical condition before buying the policy and if a medical complication arises due to the same, during the policy period.
    • If his/her passport is lost or damaged due to confiscation or detention by authorities like customs, police.
    • In case of the travel destination being India, and the baggage being delayed.
    • Pregnancy, resulting in childbirth, miscarriage, abortion, or complication arising out of any of the aforesaid.

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance claim process:

    You can file your insurance claim with Bajaj Allianz in few easy steps. Get in touch with the company and intimidate then the moment you have to file a claim. You can choose any mode of communication like telephone, email or physically going to the office. Bajaj Allianz will help you with the entire claim process. Procure the claim settlement form and fill it up duly. Furnish the form with all the authentic necessary documents.

    Senior Citizen Travel Insurance FAQs:

    1. Q: As a policyholder of Bajaj Allianz senior citizen travel insurance, am I covered if I lose my passport? 

      A: You are, but with the exception of circumstances like losing your passport out of your own negligence, or it being seized by customs officials for legal reasons.

    2. Q: If I need cash urgently during an emergency situation while I am on my trip or travelling, then as a policyholder of Bajaj Allianz Senior Travel Insurance policy, will the company help me? 

      A: Yes, Senior Citizen Travel Insurance provides Emergency Cash Advance service. With the help of this service, during unfortunate incidents like theft, burglary, loss of luggage, cash; the company provides emergency cash lending service to policyholders. Also offered are hold ups by coordinating with the policyholder's relatives (within India), and intimates them to give emergency cash assistance as per the insured’s requirement and level of emergency.

    3. Q: Bajaj Allianz travel insurance policy excludes what kind of medical situations from its coverage policy? 

      A: Pre-existing medical complications which had persisted before the policy period started aren’t covered. Any medical condition for which treatment and medical consultation/care was received from a physician , is also not covered under this policy.


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