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  • Myths About Travel Insurance

    While there are some people who take travel insurance as a necessity for their trip, there are countless others, a much larger number, who think it is an unnecessary expense. Reason being, there are several myths which surround travel insurance and why its importance when it comes to travelling. The larger majority of population which deems travel insurance to be an avoidable expense thinks so due to various reasons like the confident belief that nothing can go wrong on a holiday, difficulty in settling or registering a claim, etc. These and many other common myths contribute to the reduced knowledge about the significance of travel insurance. So, read on to find out as we dispel some of the most common myths about travel insurance.

    ‘Nothing Can Happen On a Trip’

    This is one of the most prevalent myth believed to be true by travelers. You may have taken several trips domestically and abroad, without having to deal with any untoward or unforeseen event. However, in case something does go wrong, what is the harm in being prepared. A missed flight, passport theft, sudden illness, trip cancellation due to unavoidable reasons are just some minor reasons why travel insurance is necessary. Some major reasons could be evacuation from a war-hit country, a natural disaster having taken place, etc. In both cases, you stand to lose a substantial amount of money which has been paid as pre-paid expenses like travel tickets, accommodation, etc.

    ‘My Domestic Health / Life Insurance Policy Covers Me’

    Many folks forego travel insurance as they are under the wrongful impression that their health insurance policy will cover them in case of an illness abroad. They aren’t entirely wrong in thinking so, as some medical insurance policies do provide coverage internationally for short trips. However, what if your trip is delayed and your regular health insurance cover has expired. What if you have to cancel your trip short to return home to tend to an ailing family member. In both these and several such cases, there is nothing your good old insurance policy back home can do to help you recover the costs.

    ‘Collecting Claim Can Be An Impossible Task Unless There’s Been a Calamity’

    Another strong myth surrounding travel insurance policies is that it is impossibly difficult to get the claim amount unless something calamitous has happened. This is not entirely true. Travel insurance policies have been invented for the purpose of easing a traveler’s mental agony in case something goes wrong on a trip. An efficient travel insurance policy ideally features an easy and hassle free for you to file and collect claim amount for any event that is covered under the policy like baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, etc.

    ‘Travel Insurance Is Just For the Adrenalin Junkies’

    It is a common myth among travelers that a travel insurance policy is only meant for travelers who are planning on indulging in some adrenalin pumping activities sky-diving, bungee jumping, rock-climbing, etc. Again, not entirely true. Not everyone who heads out for a holiday has adventure sports in mind, so what about their coverage? Travel insurance policies are designed to meet the coverage needs of a wide variety of travelers.  In case you miss your flight, your baggage goes missing on arrival, you get robbed of your wallet while on your trip, are some unfortunate but common occurrences while travelling which your travel insurance policy will cover you for, among other things.

    ‘I Can Book My Travel Insurance Later’

    So, you’ve booked your tickets and accommodation for your summer vacay but will book travel insurance later. That might not be the most sensible decision to make when it comes to purchasing travel insurance. The whole purpose of a travel insurance policy stands defeated by doing that. What if you’ve booked your vacation, ticket and all, and are happily relaxing and making plans for the trip. A week before your trip begins, your travel companion suffers an accident and is admitted in the hospital. The trip has to be cancelled. What do you do now? What about all those prepaid flight and hotel bookings you made weeks ago, while waiting to still purchase travel insurance. That travel insurance would have come in very handy at this time, be covering your pre-paid holiday expenses with its trip cancellation feature.

    ‘The Airline Will Cover Me For A Delayed / Cancelled Flight’

    So, you’ve missed your connecting flight back home, just because the previous fight was delayed by a good hour due to bad weather. Don’t be too sure of about a reimbursement coming from the airline, in this case. Unless it is a grave or unavoidable reason, an airline is not likely to reimburse you for a purchased flight ticket. A travel insurance policy, on the other hand, will cover you for the cost of your flight ticket in case your flight has been cancelled or delayed due to any reasonable cause.

    ‘All Travel Insurance Policies Are Mostly Alike’

    Again, a solid myth. There are a number of travel insurance policies available, online and offline, provided by a number of leading banks and companies. It is a separate category which specializes in catering to the insurance needs of travelers. One can get a wide variety of travel insurance policies catering to customers of different age groups, addressing a large number of holiday activities, and covering worldwide destinations. Different policies carry different combination of features and coverage to serve a wider spectrum of travelers. So, all you need to do is look around at the policies available and choose the one which best addresses you’re travelling requirements.  

    ‘No Travel Insurance Policy Will Cover My Pre-Existing Medical Conditions’

    This might be the case with other types of insurance policies, but you will be surprised to know, many travel insurance policies do provide coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. There might be some conditions attached to this feature, but usually for short trips, a travel insurance policy will provide coverage against a pre-existing medical condition.

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