• How to Apply for Aadhar Card

    Once you know you are eligible for an Aadhar card, you are going to want to apply for one and this is a process that can take a bit of time. The first thing you should know is that Aadhar registrations are completely voluntsary right now and even if you dont get one, you wont be excluded from any privilege that you are eligible for. The second thing is that the issuing of an Aadhar number will depend on you being able to visit the enrolment centres and submitting any and all required documents and biometric data required. The actual process of getting the card will go from you applying for an appointment to visiting the centre to submit the information, to getting the number, verifying the details and actually getting the Aadhar card. So lets take a look at the registration process to begin with.

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    Process to Apply Aadhar Card

    The very first step in applying for an Aadhar card, assuming that you have all the document you’ll need, will be to book the appointment and then visiting the enrolment centre. You can book an appointment by visiting the official website of UIDAI.

    • The first step is to find an enrolment centre near you.
    • Once you have found the centre, you can book an appointment online .
    • If you dont want to book an appoints, you can even visit the centre without one but an appointment will save you a lot of time an effort.
    • On the day of the appointment you need to ensure that you are present well in advance of the time appointed so that there is no possibility of missing it. Once you are at the centre here are the thing you will be expected to do:
      • The very first thing you will need to do is to fill out the enrolment form. You can fill up the form before you go for the appointment too since it is available online.
      • Once you have filled up the form, submit it along with the supporting documents.
      • The supporting documents will include a proof of identity and a proof of address. Here are the
      • Once the documents are submitted and they are accepted, you will have to submit biometric data too. This will include an impression of your fingerprints and your iris.
      • They will also take a photograph of you for the records.
      • Once all the details are collected, you are done for the day but make sure you dont leave without taking the acknowledgement slip of your enrolment. This will have your 14 digit enrolment number on it which will help you keep a check on the status of your application.
    • There are also some states, districts of certain states and union territories where the enrolment for Aadhar is being done by the Registrar General of India which negates the need to citizens to enroll individually. These place are:
      • Arunachal Pradesh
      • Assam
      • Jammu & Kashmir
      • Meghalaya
      • Mizoram
      • Odisha
      • Tamil Nadu
      • West Bengal
      • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
      • Dadar and Nagar Haveli
      • Lakshadweep
      • Udupi
      • Gadag
      • Uttara Kannada
      • Haveri
      • Davangere
      • Bangalore rural
      • Chikkabalapur
      • Kodagu

    Check Aadhaar Enrolment Status

    To check the status you have the option to go to the UIDAI website and use the enrolment number to see if you have been allotted an Aadhar number or not. The process of checking your Aadhar status is incredibly simple and can be done online, even if you happen to lose your enrolment number.

    Check Aadhar Through Sms

    You can get your Aadhar number via an SMS and all you have to do is to go to the UIDAI website and entering the enrolment number, the date and time of the appointment and the registered mobile number.

    Get the e-Adhaar Letter

    Once the documents and biometric data has been submitted you will have to wait for some time before your Aadhar card arrives. It can take up to 90 days, 3 months, for the Aadhar card to be sent to you. The card will be sent to you via Indian Post and can, at times, take a bit longer to reach owing to the volume of the number of people enrolling for Aadhar.

    However if you are in a hurry then you can download a copy of the Aadhar card known as the e-Adhaar. To get the e-Adhaar you can follow these steps:

    • Go to the e-Aadhaar section of the UIDAI website.
    • You will be shown a form which can be filled using the Aadhar number or the enrolment number.
    • If you have the enrolment number:
    • Enter the enrolment number.
    • Enter the date and time as it appears on the acknowledgement slip.
    • Enter your name.
    • Enter the pin code of your area.
    • Enter the mobile number registered with Aadhar.
    • If you have your Aadhar number then you just need to enter that along with your name, pin code and mobile number.
    • Once the details are entered, you can generate an OTP (One Time Password) that will let you download a colour version of the Aadhar letter which is just as valid as the Aadhar card itself.

    What If You Don't Receive The Aadhar Card OTP?

    The mobile number of each individual is an instrumental security aspect, whether it is for Aadhar card details or for online banking. The manner in which the systems are designed require the use of an OTP (One Time Password). An OTP is usually sent to an individuals registered mobile number in a variety of cases. Customers will have to enter the OTP they receive via text message so they can proceed with their transaction. However, there may be cases wherein customers expecting the receipt of an OTP do not receive the same. For instance, when youre making alterations to your Aadhar card information such as age, name, address, etc., or when youre downloading a duplicate, you may not receive an OTP owing to some issue or the other. Here we will try and help you understand how to go about fixing the problem in case you havent received an OTP.

    Reasons Why You May Have Not Received Aadhar card OTP

    • Your mobile number was not registered during your application for Aadhar card.
    • Network problems.
    • Blocked sim.
    • Not enough mobile phone storage to receive new SMS.

    How to Address the Non Receipt of Aadhar card OTP Problem?

    Since the reasons for non-receipt of Aadhar card OTP may vary, we shall discuss the solutions for each case.

    Case One Unregistered Mobile Number

    When you apply for a new Aadhar card, you must provide the authorities with your registered mobile number. Failure to do so will result in non-receipt of OTP. The first step to ensuring that you receive an Aadhar card OTP is to provide your registered mobile number.

    Case Two Blocked Sim

    If your mobile number is inactive for two months or more, most service providers tend to block it. In case your registered sim has been blocked, you must get it unblocked by contacting your service provider for receipt of OTP.

    Case Three Network Problems

    In case you reside in an area or locality where network coverage is poor, there may be trouble in receiving the OTP. It is essential to ensure that you are in a good network coverage location prior to requesting for the OTP.

    Case Four Mobile Storage Full

    If your phone memory is full, you will not receive the OTP. Ensure that your phone has adequate space for the receipt of an SMS with the OTP.

    Ensuring That The Application Is Not Rejected

    There can be instances where the application is rejected. This could be as a result of you not having proper documentation or having enrolled earlier. If you do not get your Aadhar card and are shown that the status is rejected you may need to reapply for it. You can apply for the Aadhar card by following the same procedure for booking appointments and completing the registration process.

    Now that you have applied for your Aadhar card and have received it, you must check the details that have been recorded. This will help you ensure that the correct information is on record. If you find any discrepancies in the information, you can use the online service to update your Aadhar information.



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    News About Aadhar card

    • Aadhaar to be made mandatory for organ donors in Karnataka

      The Karnataka government is planning to make Aadhaar mandatory for organ donation in the state to streamline the process and the registry.

      This rule is also expected to serve as proof for people who are usually reluctant to let go of their kin's’ body for donation.

      Shalini Rajneesh, a Principal Secretary for Health Ministry, has said that the rule with also help save precious time and will also help save the lives of a lot of people.

      She elaborated on why Aadhaar is necessary and said that organ donors usually don’t mention to their families about signing up for the registry and that having Aadhaar will help the families understand that their relative did it of their own volition.

      29 June 2017

    • Now, Aadhaar must to apply for govt docs in Goa

      The Goa government has announced that Aadhaar is a must to apply for various government certificates online.

      Calling this out in Panaji on Wednesday, Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar said that people who do not hold an Aadhaar card will have to apply for government certificates in person and cannot do it online. He was speaking to the media after the launch of the new revenue department website through which one can apply for residence certificates, income certificates and register property.

      He stressed that this has been made compulsory through this specific facility online because government documents cannot be issued without valid identification. He added that the government is embracing the ‘digital India’ objective and most government services will soon be made available online. He said that the aim is to go digital at least within the next 6 months.

      29 May 2017

    • Survey of India makes Aadhaar mandatory for maps

      Survey of India, the oldest scientific agency in India, has decided that they will ensure that maps can be accessed by people easily. However, an individual trying to access maps must have an Aadhaar card. A portal called Nakshe has been created by this agency based in Dehradun. This portal can be used by the common people with Aadhaar cards to access the open series maps created by Survey of India.

      Aadhaar number must be entered on the pdf file that people download from the survey portal. According to the Surveyor General of India, Swarna Subba Rao, five thousand open series maps have been created out of which three thousand are available right away.

      14 April 2017

    • Bihar To Link State’s Entire Adult Population To Aadhaar By March-End

      Bihar plans to link all of its adult population to Aadhaar by the end of March 2017, officials attached to the project have stated. Connecting the state’s 10.5 crore adults to Aadhaar is being done with the view of moving all state welfare schemes online, with Aadhaar serving as the main authentication tool for beneficiaries.

      The state will also be linking its pensioners to all social welfare schemes, ensuring adequate disbursal of resources to the deserving.

      22 March 2017

    • Aadhar Card Now Mandatory at MHCET Counselling

      In a recent question hour in Rajya Sabha, the Minister of Rural Development Narendra Singh Tomar informed that the individuals who are registered under the MGNREGA are expected to enroll for Aadhaar by March 31st. considering the fact that not everyone has Aadhaar, the States might provide an extension for the Aadhaar enrollment. Tomar further concluded that the Aadhaar is not mandatory to get work under the MGNREGA. Additionally, the States can review the deadline and provide an extension for the enrollment. By using Aadhaar for work under MGNREGA, the government is trying to bring in more transparency and smooth administration system.

      13 February 2017

    • Aadhar Card Now Mandatory at MHCET Counselling

      Candidates preparing to appear in the MHCET exam scheduled for May 11 next year will have to mandatorily carry their Aadhar cards in addition to all other documents on the day of counselling. The counselling process would be conducted through the Centralised Admission Process (CAP).

      This Maharashtra state level exam, presided over by the DTE, is held for facilitating admissions to degree courses in Health Sciences and Technical Education. The registration process will commence from the last week of December, 2016 and will continue till the first week of January, 2017.

      There are a number of other documents the candidates need to carry besides Aadhar card. The candidates should refer to the official website of the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test to make sure they have all the required certificates in order.

      5 January 2017

    • Banks introduce a provision to write recipients aadhaar number on cheque

      According to a Deccan Chronicle report, the Central government plans to link all bank transactions with aadhar card. Banks may make it mandatory for customers to mention the recipient's aadhaar details for cheque transactions. Bank of India and few other banks have already introduced the provision to write aadhaar numbers of the recipients on cheques.

      Aadhaar-linked UPI will enable users to make payments and transfer funds using a single platform. A single platform is said to be easier to use and more secure. According to a report in Mint, there are around 30 banks that use individual platforms. Apart from net banking, and e-wallet services, online transactions can also be carried out using debit or credit cards.

      19 December 2016

    • Delhi Govt Runs Camps To Enable Account Opening for Unorganised Sector Workers

      The Labour and Revenue Departments of the Delhi government recently conducted camps to enable workers from the unorganized sector to open bank accounts. With the recent demonetization policy, it is becoming increasingly difficult for workers from these sectors to access cash as they have no means of exchanging their old currency.

      As only bank account holders can deposit old currency at banks, the Delhi government decided to run account opening camps to aid these workers in obtaining bank accounts.

      Government sources stated that the camps were a huge success, with a number of bank accounts opened.

      Seeding of Aadhar cards was also done at the camps, which would enable these workers to receive benefits through the various public distribution schemes run by the Government of India.

      5 December 2016

    • Aadhar to be linked to health records

      In a move that is likely to propel India towards digitization, the government has put forth a proposal to link Aadhar details of individuals with their health records. The primary motive behind this move is to ensure that there is no duplication of health IDs, monitor drug use, provide ease of health record transfers, have key patient data at one place, etc. The government will implement this in a phased manner, with training already being provided to staff. The National Health Mission will provide financial support to this project, with data collection and administration being handled by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

      25 November 2016

    • Aadhar card made mandatory for RTE admissions

      The Right to Education Act was passed with the intention of providing quality education to people from different sections of the society. The Act, which provides 25% reservation for students from weaker backgrounds has been a boon, empowering thousands every year. In a bid to streamline the process and weed out unfair practices, the government has decided to make it mandatory for applicants to furnish their Aadhar details. The Aadhar of both, the parents and the child will be needed for admissions from the next year, with parents expected to ensure that they get the Aadhar number by December 31, 2016.

      In addition to the Aadhar, parents will also have to furnish other documents, including the caste certificate, income certificate, and the birth certificate along with the application form. In the case of orphans looking for admission under the RTE Act, orphanages will have to ensure that they apply for the Aadhar for the child. These details will be used for spot verification to weed out false applications, ensuring deserving candidates get the seats.

      28 November 2016

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