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    Yes Bank Personal Loan Status

    YES Bank is India’s fourth largest private sector bank which is known to deliver the best banking services to the citizens of India. Owing to its transparency, fast growth, advanced IT infrastructure, and user-friendly payment solutions, it has received numerous recognitions from various global organizations in the recent past. You can expect to receive the finest financial solutions such as loans, credit cards, debit cards, insurance policies etc. at competitive prices from this bank.

    Since this bank is focussed to offer flexible banking solutions to all the customers, you can instantly approach for a personal loan product from them to support your financial requirements whenever you want. The personal loan application process of YES Bank is very simple and you can easily track the application status to know how far the application has been processed. Once you know the status, you can follow up with the bank and know the exact date of disbursal.

    YES Bank Personal Loan Tracking Facility

    You can make use of the SMS banking, Email banking and Customer Support facility of YES Bank for tracking the status of your loan application made with them. Once, the process of your loan application is complete, you can know its status right away even without visiting the nearest branch. The status of the application can be checked at various stages until you get the final result. The best thing is, you can know the current status of your loan from anywhere and everywhere, even while you are on the go.

    YES Bank Status Messages and What Do They Mean

    When you make a loan application status check request to YES Bank through SMS, Email or Call, you will immediately get updates from the bank about the current status of your loan. Banks use various terms to convey the loan status and it is important to know the actual meaning of the messages to understand the current position of the loan. Here are some of the status messages along with their meaning that you can expect to receive from the bank upon enquiring about the application status:

    • Under Review/In-progress- If an ‘Under Review/In-progress’ message reflects in your loan status check report, it means the loan is still in processing and you need to wait for some more time to know the final status.
    • Approved/Accepted/Sanctioned- When you see a message saying ‘Approved/Accepted/Sanctioned’ etc., it means your loan request has been approved by the bank and the amount will be shortly disbursed in your account.
    • Denied/Declined/Cancelled/Rejected-In case a ‘Denied/Denied/Cancelled/Rejected’ message gets displayed on your screen, it means your personal loan request has been rejected or declined by the bank due to some reason.

    To know more details about the loan status, you can reach out the customer support executives or the loan specialists of the bank on the helpline numbers provided on this page.

    How to Check YES Bank Personal Loan Application Status Online?

    After the proper completion of your YES Bank personal loan application, the bank will send you a personal loan Application Number or Form Number for future reference. This number is never the same for each applicant and it is unique for everyone. Use this reference number provided by the bank to check your YES Bank application status. Making use of this number you can anytime track your personal loan application status through net banking, emailing or calling the executives. Hence, it is important to remember this number and save it somewhere carefully.

    YES Bank Personal Loan Application Status Check with Email

    One of the easiest and quickest process to know the YES Bank personal loan application status is by sending an email to YES Bank. While writing the application to the concerned authority, don’t forget to mention the vital information mentioned on the loan application form. Be accurate while providing the information as the success of the status check process completely depends on this. This is how you can draft the mail to get accurate updates of your loan:

    • At first, write ‘Track My Personal Loan Application Status’ in the subject line.
    • Next, address the concerned authority to whom you are writing to.
    • In the mail body say that you want to know the status of your personal loan application with YES Bank.
    • Mention vital particulars like Applicant’s name, Date of Application, Address, Date of Birth, Loan Application Number, registered Mobile Number and other important information if any.
    • Close the application by seeking immediate assistance from the authority to resolve your query.
    • Mention your name, place and date at the end of the application.

    Note- Be precise and don’t beat around the bush. Come directly to the point and talk only about the things that you want to know.

    YES Bank Personal Loan Application Status Check through SMS

    Another way to check your personal loan status is by sending an SMS to the authorities.

    • Visit the bank’s official website.
    • Click and open the ‘Contact Us’ tab and find the ‘SMS’ section.
    • Send the message ‘HELP’ space to 91 92233 90909 from your registered mobile number.
    • You will instantly receive a reverted message from the bank guiding you about the next step.
    • Follow the instructions step by step to check your personal loan application status.
    • Once you provide all the details asked for, you will receive a message stating your application status.
    • For any further query or confusion regarding this, talk to the bank executives on the helpline numbers given below.

    YES Bank Personal Loan Application Status Check with Customer Care Support

    To know the status of your personal loan application you can also get in touch with a YES Bank customer care representative by dialling its customer care numbers. The process is fast and you will be instantly connected to an amicable customer support representative who will answer all your status related queries and clarify whatever doubts you are having. Follow these steps to contact the customer support team:

    • Log into the registered website of YES Bank.
    • Go to the ‘Contact Us’ section present on the right of the main page.
    • Dial the following helpline numbers given on this page to talk to the executives who are readily available to help you anytime.
      • Toll-free Number- 1800 2000
      • Non-Toll-Free number- 91 22 6121 9000
    • Once your call is picked up, enquire about the current status of your YES Bank personal loan application status. Feel free to ask them if you have any other related queries.
    • If the update provided by the executives doesn’t meet your expectation, you can contact the ‘Grievance Redressal Officer’ about your grievance. You will get the number, address and mailing details in the ‘Nodal Officer’ tab under ‘Support’ section at the bottom of the main page.

    Either write to them at or you can call them on 022-39489373.

    The process of checking YES Bank personal loan application is very easy and convenient. You just need to have a good internet connection or a mobile phone along with you to know the status from wherever you are. There is no need to visit the bank and stand for hours in the long queues to know the current status of your loan. Instead, you can know that in a jiffy by following any of the above mentioned ways.

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