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    Personal Loan for Govt Employees

    A personal loan scheme offers finance to pay up for personal expenses such as wedding expenses, education, vacation, minor surgeries and more. Almost every bank in India offers personal loan schemes tailor made to suit the different borrowing needs of the customers. There are some banks that offer special personal loan schemes just for government employees in India. These personal loan schemes come with special features and benefits for the government employees. Let us look into some of the personal loan schemes for government employees in India.

    Oriental Personal Loan Scheme (OPLS-Govt)

    Oriental Bank of Commerce is one bank that offers a wide range of innovative loan products. The bank offers loan schemes for the disabled, defence personnel and government employees too. The OBC personal loan scheme (OPLS-Govt) is a customised loan scheme for PSUs and Central/State government employees. The schemes offers finance for government employees to fund their personal expenses. The loan can be availed by both working and retired government employees. Listed below are the important features and fees/charges of the loan:

    • Type of facility- The schemes offers a personal loan of 60 EMIs for working government employees and the pensioners are granted a personal loan of 36 EMIs.
    • Eligibility- Permanent employees of Public Sector Undertaking, employees of Central & State government departments and other government employees who have a salary account with the bank are eligible for the loan.
    • Amount of loan- Up to 15 times net take home salary with a cap of Rs.5 lakh.
    • Security- One personal guarantee will be required as security, preferably a fellow employee provided that the employee is not a guarantor to anyone else.
    • Rate of interest- Base rate + 2.25%
    • Penal interest- 2% penal interest over the normal lending interest rates will be charged.
    • Prepayment penalty- No prepayment penalty

    IDBI Personal Loan for Government Employees

    IDBI, one of the leading banks in India offers personal loans for government employees. This loan scheme is in addition to the regular personal loan scheme offered by the bank. The bank offers special interest rates and benefits for government employees. The scheme also offers additional benefits to pensioners who used to be government employees. The pensioners can avail the overdraft facility from the bank provided that they maintain a salary account with the bank. Listed below are the important features and fees/charges of the loan:

    • Eligibility- Permanent employees of the below mentioned organisations who maintain a salary account with the bank are eligible for the loan:
      • Govt./Semi-Govt./Quasi Govt.
      • Public Ltd Co.
      • Private Ltd Co.
      • Multinational Co.
      • Reputed Institutions
      • Any Corporate approved by CGM of the Zone
    • Minimum age-22 years
    • Maximum age-58 years
    • Tenure- 12 months to 60 months
    • Loan amount- Five times of net salary of the individual.

    Though there are not many banks in India that offer tailor made personal loans to government employees, there are banks that offer special rates and additional benefits when they apply for a regular personal loan. It is important to check with the banks as to the additional benefits and special rates offered on personal loans for government employees. 

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