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    Canara Bank Personal Loan

    Canara Bank personal loans help you get the finances to meet life’s emergencies or pay for luxuries in short notice. The bank offers easy to meet eligibility criteria. It offers loan quantums and repayment tenure that are useful.

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    12.75% Floating
    1,000 to ₹5,000 One time fee
    5 years
    Response Time : Within 30 minutes
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    Canara Bank is an Indian state-owned bank headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. It is one of the oldest banks in the country which was established in 1906 at Mangalore, having a network of 6,639 branches and more than 10,600 ATM's spread across various states throughout the length and breadth of India. The main focus of this public sector bank is to provide top-quality banking assistance to each and every resident of the country. In order to stand by their prime motto, they have a wide range of comprehensive financial solutions for customers belonging to both retail and corporate sectors. Having branches in almost every Indian city, this bank also has its reach in foreign cities namely Leicester, London, New York, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Manama, DIFC (Dubai), and a Representative Office at Sharjah, UAE. You can approach Canara Bank to avail its financial services and solutions anytime you want without any hesitation. From this premier commercial bank, you can avail a wide range of products such as personal loan, home loan, business loan, loan against property, educational loan, retirement loan, and several others. Among all the banking solutions that it offers, the personal loan schemes are the most successful ones.

    Canara Bank offers simple personal loan schemes especially to benefit the employees from corporates, PSUs, government departments, institutions, etc., and also non-salaried class like professionals/self-employed individuals. It strives to provide quality personal loan products along with an excellent customer support system so that people can easily access the loans whenever they want to. Whether you want to take a loan to pay for the upcoming wedding expenses in your family or to provide medical assistance to your aging parents, you can choose from the range of Canara Bank personal loan products. The loan schemes are affordable and flexible with low-interest rates and long pre-payment tenures. The super-fast loan processing time of 1-2 days and easy application procedure with minimal paperwork are the main reasons contributing to its huge popularity. Here are the vital details that you should know before availing a Canara Bank personal loan scheme.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates Updated on 18 Jan 2019

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Details
    Interest Rate (Floating) 12.75%
    Processing Fees 0.5% of the loan amount subject to a minimum of Rs.1000/- and maximum of Rs.5000/-
    Loan Tenure 5 years
    Guarantor Requirement Guarantor required

    About Canara Bank Personal Loan

    Canara Bank personal loans can provide you much-needed funds during a big financial crisis or at times when you are in need of some immediate cash. The bank offers a range of personal loan products to help you fulfil your personal requirements such as financing education, funding a wedding, meeting sudden medical expenses, paying home renovation expenses, etc. Under Canara Bank personal banking schemes, you can get personal finance for housing, home improvements, education, medical expenses, vehicle purchase, after retirement expenses, and many other such genuine needs.

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    Features of Canara Bank Personal Loans

    While offering personal loans to meet your various personal financial needs Canara Bank ensures that the maximum amount of loan offered to each applicant is based on their individual profile, documentation, requirement, repayment history, and CIBIL score. Moreover, the money borrowed from Canara Bank under its personal loan schemes can be used as per individual needs and there will be no limitations regarding that. Canara Bank personal loans come with the following attractive features:

    • Canara Bank offers a plethora of personal loan schemes for the borrowers to choose from as per their specific needs and requirements.
    • The process of personal loan application, approval, and disbursal is hassle-free and superfast. The entire process can be conducted online right from the comfort of your home.
    • Personal loan applications with Canara Bank requires minimal documentation. Moreover, after completion of the documentation process, your loan request will be processed within a duration of 1-2 days.
    • It provides personal loans for long repayment tenures. You can get loans up to a maximum of 60 months.
    • The bank offers convenient loan repayment options. You can repay the loans in equated monthly instalments (EMIs) based on your convenience without compromising on your daily/monthly requirements.
    • The bank allows foreclosure of the personal loans after a certain period of time. This means you can pay your loan amount in advance before the pre-decided loan tenure at a nominal pre-closure fee.
    • Canara Bank charges very low processing fees on loan approvals. At times, the bank even waives off the processing fees for various loan schemes.
    • You can apply for a Canara Bank personal loan online. Not only that, you can also track your application at every stage through the Canara Bank status tracker tool available on its website.
    • The bank provides 24/7 customer support to its customers. The cordial customer support executives do their best to help you get your queries and doubts resolved online.
    • Canara Bank also has special offers and other facilities for the women borrowers.

    Types of Canara Bank Personal Loan Schemes

    Here are the various personal loan schemes offered by Canara bank with all their vital particulars:

    1. Canara Budget: Canara budget, a simple personal loan scheme, exclusively offered to the corporate employees and government employees to meet their genuine personal or domestic financing needs. The borrowers can make use of this loan for fulfilling their individual purposes without any interference of the bank.

    • Eligibility - Employees of renowned PSUs and Joint Stock companies, officials of central/state government organisations, Asst. Professors/Professors/Lecturers of Colleges/Universities and Research Institutions, and IT/BT Companies are eligible to avail this loan. The applicant needs to have a salary account with any of the branches of Canara Bank with a minimum take-home salary of Rs.10,000 per month or 25% whichever is higher after paying the mutually agreed loan instalments.
    • Loan Quantum - 6 months' gross salary or Rs.3.00 lakh whichever is less for salaried applicants. Based on the customer’s profile the bank can also offer higher loan quantum at times. However, it will be at the sole discretion of the bank.
    • Repayment Tenure - Flexible monthly instalments of up to 60 months.
    • Security/Collateral - Usually, the bank requires a co-obligation equal to the loan amount

    2. Canara Teachers Loan: This loan enables the teachers to meet their personal financial needs as well as other domestic requirements. However, this loan can be availed by both teaching and non-teaching staffs working in a school or college. If you are a teacher and willing to take an economical personal loan, you can apply for the Canara Bank teachers loan. This loan is offered to teaching or non-teaching staffs working at a school or college whose salary accounts are maintained with Canara Bank. The maximum loan amount is Rs.2 lakh against a gross salary of 10 months. The maximum tenure for this loan product is 48 months. You will need to pay 1% of your loan amount as a processing fee to the bank.

    • Eligibility - Teaching/non-teaching staffs of a school/college who have salary accounts in Canara Bank. The applicants should have an undertaking letter issued by the salary disbursing authority at District/Block level stating that the salary account will not be shifted to any other bank without getting an NOC from the branch. The net take-home salary of the borrower must be minimum 30% of the gross salary or Rs.10,000, whichever is higher, after meeting the EMI.
    • Loan Quantum - 10 months' gross salary of the borrower or Rs.3 lakh, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - Flexible monthly instalments of up to 48 months.
    • Security/Collateral - The bank asks for a guarantee in the form of a suitable co-obligation.

    3. Canara Consumer Loan: This loan can be availed by salaried persons, businessmen and other professionals. As the name suggests, this loan is offered to consumers to help them back up their urgent cash deficiencies.

    • Eligibility - Salaried individuals, professionals, and businessmen are eligible for this loan. Salaried persons must have minimum monthly salary of 40% of their total salary or Rs.6,000 after paying loan installments, whichever is higher. Professionals and other non-salaried persons should have a minimum annual net income of Rs.1,50,000 as per their ITAO/ITR. Salaried individuals should have an active salary account with Canara Bank. If the applicant’s salary is not sufficient to meet the criteria, the loan can be co-applied with his/her spouse.
    • Loan Quantum - Salaried individuals can avail 15 months of net salary or 75% of the invoice value or Rs.1,00,000, whichever is less. Professionals and other non-salaried persons can get up to 50% of their net annual income of last year or 75% of the invoice value or Rs.1,00,000, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - The loan can be repaid within 36 months from the loan disbursal date through easy monthly installments. After the disbursal of the loan, the repayment schedule will start from the next month. Canara Bank doesn't ask for any pre-payment penalty charges.
    • Security/Collateral - The applicant needs to hypothecate the products that are purchased using this loan. Moreover, Canara Bank also asks for personal guarantee or co-obligation against the loan. However, based on the customer's profile or credit score the co-obligation or personal guarantee requirements can be waived off.

    5. Canara Housing Loan: In case you don’t have a house of your own and willing to buy one soon, you can apply for a Canara Bank housing loan to fulfill your dream of owning a home or flat. Through this loan you can either buy a ready-made house/flat, construct a house/flat, purchase a land and build a house, or can repair/renovate/expand/upgrade your home by adding extra amenities. Moreover, if you are already owning a house/flat with or without a loan you can purchase a second house/flat by using this loan.

    • Eligibility - Salaried individuals with a minimum 3 years in service and business persons/professionals as well as self-employed individuals with minimum 3 years of experience. The borrower should be less than 60 years while applying for the loan and should clear the liabilities before the age of 70 years. Individuals who are above 60 years are also eligible for this loan, however, their eligibility is subject to certain stipulations.
    • Loan Quantum - 4 times of the gross annual salary of the concluded financial year according to the ITR/ITAO of the salaried borrowers. 4 times of the average gross annual income of all the four years for business persons/self-employed persons. In selective cases, loan equal to the borrower’s gross salary or income of 5 years is also offered. Rs.15 lakh of loan amount for home renovations or repairs.
    • Repayment Tenure - Easy EMIs of up to 30 years or until the borrower attains 70 years of age, whichever is earlier. However, this is subject to certain terms and conditions.
    • Security/Collateral - The applicant needs to mortgage his/her house or flat for availing this loan.

    6. Canara Home Loan Plus: The Canara Bank home loan plus is a loan scheme which is specifically offered to the existing housing loan borrowers of the bank. This loan can be used by the borrowers for meeting any of their personal needs without any restriction from the bank. If you need more amount of cash when you already have an ongoing housing loan with the bank, you can opt for this special loan scheme to meet your requirements.

    • Eligibility - Borrowers in the age group of 18 to 65 years who have an existing Canara Bank housing loan with a satisfactory repayment record for at least 1 year are eligible to apply for a Canara Bank home loan plus. The net take-home salary for the salaried individuals should not be less than 40%, after deducting the EMIs for housing loan and home loan plus.
    • Loan Quantum - The maximum loan quantum for both housing loan and home loan plus along with the overdraft facility should not be more than 75% of the property value which is mortgaged at the time of loan sanction. For salaried individuals the limit of loan quantum is up to 10 months’ gross salary or maximum Rs.25 lakh. However, for non-salaried individuals, the loan quantum will be limited to 75% of the applicant’s average gross income for 3 years which will be subjected to a maximum of Rs.25 lakh.
    • Repayment Tenure - The remaining repayment period of the existing housing loan or 120 EMIs, whichever is less in case of sanctioned loan. The borrower has to repay the entire loan amount before the age of 70 years. In case of overdraft facility, the limit will be valid till 3 years which will be subjected to half-yearly review. If the residual repayment of housing loan is below 5 years, the OD facility will be converted into term loan with computed EMIs.
    • Security/Collateral - The property mortgaged for the housing loan will continue to serve as the security of the home loan plus.

    7. Housing-Cum-Solar Loan: If you have already taken a housing loan from Canara Bank, then you can avail the housing-cum-solar loan from the bank for installing a Grid connected Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System on the rooftop of your house to generate power at home without being dependent on electricity. However, you can avail this loan to purchase solar equipment even without a housing loan. In that case, you have to mortgage your house or property which has a free rooftop for installing the solar equipment. Under this scheme, housing loans that are given for construction/purchase of flats are not allowed.

    • Eligibility - The borrowers need to meet all the eligibility criteria that are mandated for the Canara Bank housing loan. Besides this, the applicant should also have a free rooftop for installing the solar equipment. Moreover, the net take-home income of the borrowers should be 25% of the loan amount.
    • Loan Quantum - 20% of the quantum which the borrower is eligible for under the housing loan or 80% of the cost of the solar system or Rs.10 lakh, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - The borrowers are allowed to repay the amount within maximum 20 years as EMIs or within the repayment period specified under the housing Loan, whichever is earlier.
    • Security/Collateral - To avail this loan the house of the borrower as well as the assets that are purchased/created using the loan, such as solar equipment, should be mortgaged to the bank as security.

    8. Housing Loan to Agriculturalists: Whether you are someone who is engaged in agricultural activities, have a dairy or poultry business, or you are a planter or horticulturist by profession, you can avail fund from Canara Bank under its housing loan to agriculturalists scheme and meet all your business/work related expenses. This personal finance can be used for purchasing flat/house, for constructing flat/house, or for purchasing site and conducting construction activities on it. Non-agricultural properties which can be used for housing and non-agricultural purposes are only eligible for this loan.

    • Eligibility - Agriculturists having a cultivable agricultural land of more than 5 acres of irrigated or 10 acres of dry land are eligible for this loan. They must have 2 years of satisfactory dealing with the bank. The agriculturists who are engaged in allied activities with a minimum gross annual income of Rs.5 lakh.
    • Loan Quantum - Borrowers having net take-home of 25% with a minimum amount of Rs.10,000 after meeting the proposed loan EMI can get up to 4 times of his/her average annual income and up to Rs.15.00 lakh for repairs or renovations.
    • Repayment Tenure - In flexible EMIs for up to 30 years or till when the borrower attains age of 70 years, whichever is earlier. However, this is subjected to certain conditions.
    • Security/Collateral - The loan can be acquired by providing equitable mortgage of deposit of title deed or registered mortgage wherever necessary.

    9. Home Loan for NRIs Scheme: This loan is exclusively offered to non-resident Indians who want to purchase a readily-built home or flat, construct a house or flat, or undertake repair and renovation work. Borrowers can also apply for this loan to purchase a site and construct on the land. However, loan will not be offered only to purchase a site under this scheme. Moreover, borrowers who already have a house/flat without loan can avail a loan for purchasing a second flat or house.

    • Eligibility - NRIs who have a valid Indian passport and persons of Indian origin (PIO) who have a foreign passport. The borrower should be minimum 21 years of age and maximum 60 years of age. Spouses and close relatives of the NRIs who are Indian residents can co-apply with them for the loan. The applicants should have a steady source of income and minimum employment of 2 years in abroad with valid work permit or job contract. The borrower must also have a 3 years NRI status.
    • Loan Quantum - Up to 4 times of the borrower’s annual salary or income with a net take-home amount of 40% after paying the EMI of the proposed loan. In selective cases, a higher amount of up to 5 years of gross annual salary/income is allowed. The loan ceiling for repairs/renovations is Rs.15 lakh.
    • Repayment Tenure - The loan can be repaid through easy equated monthly installments for up to 30 years or up to the age of 60 years of the borrower, whichever is earlier. In some cases, repayment period of maximum 30 years or till the borrower attains the age of 70 years is also considered. The borrower can remit the amount from abroad by means of normal banking channels, NRE/FCNR (B) accounts, local funds by close relatives, etc.
    • Security/Collateral - The loan requires equitable mortgage by deposit of title deeds or registered mortgage based on the necessity. Personal guarantee of eligible Indian resident is also accepted.

    10. Yuva Awas Rin - Canyar: Youths who don’t have a home and want to purchase one on their own are the right candidate for this loan. The interest rate of this loan is quite affordable and salaried youths from the country can opt for this loan against a security or collateral mortgaged with the bank.

    • Eligibility - Salaried Indian youths within the age group of 21 to 45 years having 2 years of working experience with a central govt/state govt/joint stock company/renowned corporate/renowned PSUs/public limited company/private institution/IT company/BT company are eligible for this loan. Lecturers/asst. professors/professors in colleges, research institutes and universities with 2 years of experience are also eligible.
    • Loan Quantum - 6 years of gross salary of the borrower as evident from his/her updated ITAO/ITR/Form 16. For renovation the loan limit is up to Rs.15 lakh.
    • Repayment Tenure - The loan can be repaid through EMIs for maximum 30 years or up to the age of 70 years, whichever is earlier.
    • Security/Collateral - The bank accepts equitable mortgage or registered mortgage as security against the loan.

    11. Canara Home Improvement Loan: If you are wondering how to enhance the beauty of your home sweet home, you can opt for the Canara Bank home improvement loan. You can use this loan to furnish your abode as per your wish. Whether you want to buy household items like a refrigerator, an air conditioner, fans, a wardrobe set or you need household furniture, you can purchase whatever you want utilising the money to equip your house with all required electronic appliances and other non-electronic items.

    • Eligibility - Salaried persons/businessmen/professionals/self-employed individuals, and NRIs having their own house or flat are eligible to avail this loan. While the salaried individuals need to have a minimum monthly net salary of 25% of their gross salary or Rs.2,000 after making loan instalments, the professionals and other non-salaried individuals are required to have a minimum annual income of Rs.50,000 according to their ITAO/ITR.
    • Loan Quantum - Usually, the borrowers can avail a maximum loan quantum of Rs.2 lakh under this scheme subjected to the below-mentioned criteria. If applied with a Canara Bank Housing Loan the applicant can avail a loan amount of up to his/her gross salary of 1 year or income over and above the amount eligible for housing loan. Alternately, if the applicant just wants to avail the home improvement loan, the loan quantum will be decided on the basis of his/her gross income or salary of 1 year. However, in selective cases, a higher quantum of loan might be considered.
    • Repayment Tenure - The loan can be paid off in convenient EMIs of up to 60 months.
    • Security/Collateral - You will need to hypothecate the items bought with this loan to Canara Bank. Moreover, you also need to mortgage the house/flat that you are going to renovate. The bank also asks for suitable co-obligation or personal guarantee against the loan which might be waived off in selective cases.

    12. Canara Cash (Shares): If you have a share, bond, debenture, unit, or any other form of security, you can use the assets to apply for a personal loan from Canara Bank. With the Canara Bank cash loan, you no more need to liquidate your investments even during a terrible crisis. Rather you can keep earning on your investments while also availing a loan by pledging the assets. The best thing about this loan is that you can immediately receive cash against these assets from Canara Bank at the time of need.

    • Eligibility - The Canara Bank cash loan is given to both salaried and non-salaried applicants. However, the applicant should be an existing Canara Bank customers with satisfactory transaction record or new customers of the bank who are well-known and creditworthy.
    • Loan Quantum - If you have shares and debentures, the bank will give you up to 50% of the market value of these securities. For PSU bonds you can get up to 70% of the market value of the assets and for units of UTI and CBMF you can avail 50% of the Net Asset Value (NAV) or the market value, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - Canara Bank offers flexible repayment tenure of up to 60 months. You can pay the amount in equated monthly installments (EMIs). In certain cases the loan overdraft limit (OD limit) is also considered by the bank.
    • Security/Collateral - The shares, debentures, bonds, and units serve as security/collateral for the loan.

    13. Canara Vehicle: In case you have a dream car in your mind which you want to own at the earliest, the Canara Bank vehicle loan will be the right option for you to fulfill your dream. This loan will enable you to purchase any new or used four-wheeler that you desire without any investment on your own. The bank will fund up to 90% of the total value of the car at a low rate of interest. The best thing is, there are special offers on the interest rates for the women buyers.

    • Eligibility - Every individual/professional/reputed firm/company except HUFs can avail this loan. To be eligible, salaried individuals must have a minimum gross salary of Rs.3 lakh p.a. and their net take-home salary should not be less than 25% or Rs.12,000, whichever is higher after paying the installment. The professionals and other businesses should have a minimum gross annual income of Rs.3 lakh p.a. as evident from their ITAO/ITR. This will be subject to 3 years gross average annual income of minimum Rs.2.50 lakh. The minimum net take-home income after paying the installment should be at least 25% or Rs.12,000, whichever is higher.
    • Loan Quantum - The bank will finance up to 90%/85%/80% of the on-road price of the car. In order to buy a brand new car the buyer needs to contribute 10% of the cost for loan up to Rs.10 lakh, 15% of the cost above Rs.10 lakh and up to Rs.25 lakh and 20% of the cost above Rs.25 lakh. There is no limit for the maximum loan amount. For buying used cars which are not more than 5 years old the bank finance 75% of the agreed price or the total value of the car, or Rs.15 lakh, whichever is lower.
    • Repayment Tenure - Flexible loan tenure of up to 84 months in case of new cars and 60 months in case of second-hand cars.
    • Security/Collateral - The purchased car will act as the security or collateral for this loan.

    14. Canara Vehicle to Agriculturalists: The purpose of this loan from Canara Bank is to help the agriculturalists in India to buy their desired four wheelers or LMVs of all types. Under this personal finance scheme, the agriculturalists can buy both new and used cars. This loan is exclusively for agriculturists whose major annual income come from agricultural activities.

    • Eligibility - Agriculturalists who own and cultivate more than 5 acres of agricultural lands of more than 5 acres of irrigated lands or 10 acres of dry lands which is in their names are eligible. They should also be Canara Bank borrowers with 2 years of satisfactory transactions with the bank. The minimum land holding requirement doesn’t apply to agriculturists who are engaged in dairy farming, plantation crops, horticultural produce, or poultry farming. Instead of land holding, they need to have a gross annual income of at least Rs.4 lakh.
    • Loan Quantum - New vehicles - For loan up to Rs.10 lakh - 10% for loans above Rs.10 lakh and up to Rs.25 lakh - 15% for loans above Rs.25 lakh - 20%. Old vehicles which are not more than 5 years old - 75% of the value of vehicle as assessed by an automobile engineer/75% of the price agreed to between the buyer and seller/75% of the actual purchase price of the vehicle/Rs.15 lakh after maintaining a minimum margin of 25%.
    • Repayment Tenure - Up to 84 months of repayment tenure for new vehicles. In case of pre-owned vehicles, the tenure is 60 months or limited to the life expectancy of the vehicle as specified by a qualified automobile Engineer, whichever is less. The loan can be repaid periodically in monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly installments on the basis of the activities of the borrower, his/her flow of income, cropping pattern, etc.
    • Security/Collateral - The borrower needs to hypothecate the vehicle that should be purchased using the loan. The bank also accepts third-party guarantee from eligible guarantor.

    15. Canara Site Loan: This loan scheme is offered to individuals for purchasing housing sites from state development/town planning development authorities, central and state governments local authorities either individually or in partnership with private sector entities, or from any other body constituted by the government for distribution of sites provided such layouts are duly approved by the concerned statutory authority. The borrowers can anytime avail housing loan for constructing house on the purchased sites.

    • Eligibility - Credible Canara Bank customers with satisfactory dealings in the past and new customers with proper introduction and good credit record. The applicant should not be more than 60 years in age. Non-resident Indians (NRIs) can also avail this loan.
    • Loan Quantum - The borrowers can avail amount equal to their gross annual salary/income of 4 years or 75% of the site cost/guideline value, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - 10 years or the highest period that is allowed by the allotment agency for constructing house or up to 65 years of the borrower at the time of loan maturity, whichever is earlier.
    • Security/Collateral - The residential property which the borrower is going to purchase using the loan amount should be mortgaged. Moreover, the bank also asks for suitable co-obligation/personal third-party guarantee of sufficient net worth to avail this loan.

    16. Canara Bank Pension Loan: Senior citizens who are looking for a personal loan from a reliable source should check out the Canara Bank personal loan scheme for senior citizen. Under the pension loan scheme, Canara Bank offers loan to every general senior citizens for fulfilling the medical expenses and other personal needs. The bank also gives a separate loan to its ex-employees so that they can meet their personal and medical needs while also enabling the Canara Bank retired employees or family pensioners to pay the premium of IBA Group Mediclaim Insurance Policy if they are covered under the scheme.

    • Eligibility - You can apply for the Canara Pension for General Public scheme if you are a pensioner of the central government, state government, government department undertakings, public sector unit/corporate, or a family pensioner who is drawing pension through Canara Bank branches. Alternately, the pensions and family pensioners of Canara Bank can avail loan under the Canara Pension Loan scheme for the ex-employees of Canara Bank.
    • Loan Quantum - Rs.5,00,000 or pension amount of 15 months, whichever is less, subjected to the final take-home of 40% of gross pension after deduction of the proposed EMI amount in case of general pensioners. For the ex-pensioners of Canara Bank
    • Repayment Tenure - The general pensioners below 65 years can repay the loan in 72 EMIs and pensioners above 65 years need to repay in 60 EMIs. The Canara Bank ex-employees who were below 65 years at the time of loan sanction can repay in 72 EMIs and pensioners above 67 years at the time of sanction need to pay the amount in 60 EMIs. Alternately, the Canara Bank ex-employees are allowed to pay in 10 EMIs irrespective of their age.
    • Security/Collateral - Both the schemes of this loan requires a guarantee and this can be in the form of a co-obligation. While in case of loan to pensioners co-obligation of the spouse or any other individual/pensioner good is obtained only if necessary, in case of loan to family pensioners, co-obligation of any third person/co-obligation good is mandatory.

    17. Canara Jeevan: Senior citizens who are nearing their retirement can now easily manage their financial needs to live like comfortably after retirement if they have a self-occupied property through the Canara Jeevan loan scheme. As the name suggests, by applying for this loan you can get immediate cash against your property to meet your living expenses after retirement. Also called as the Reverse Mortgage Loan Scheme for senior citizens, this loan helps the borrowers convert their residential property into cash to lead a financially independent life post retirement.

    • Eligibility - The age requirement of this loan is minimum 60 years and above. Indian residents owning a residential house/flat are eligible for this loan. The property should be self-occupied and self-acquired by the borrower as his/her permanent primary residence without any encumbrance. The age of the property shouldn’t be more than 20 years and the age of the flats shouldn’t be more than 10 years. Couples are eligible for joint borrowing, at a condition that the first borrower should be at least 60 years while the spouse/joint borrower should be at least 55 years of age. Under this scheme, no loans will be provided for commercial and ancestral properties.
    • Loan Quantum - For independent house the minimum loan quantum is Rs.5 lakh and the maximum amount is Rs.50 lakh. If you are owning a flat you can avail a loan quantum of minimum Rs.5 lakh and maximum of Rs.25 lakh. However, the loan quantum completely depends on the age of the borrower and the value of the flat/house.
    • Repayment Tenure - The Canara Jeevan loan needs to be paid only after the death of the last surviving borrower or if he/she wants to sell the house, or moves out of the house permanently.
    • Security/Collateral - The loan requires mortgaging of residential property through registered mortgage or equitable mortgage with memorandum of deposit of title deeds in favour of Canara Bank.

    18. Canara Mortgage: Individuals looking for ways to mortgage their valuable property to get additional money for non-business purpose can apply for the Canara Bank mortgage loan to handle emergency financial needs. This loan is offered to the borrowers only to meet their personal requirements, unexpected expenses, and medical costs. In order to apply for this loan, you should be a customer of Canara Bank with a reasonably good credit report. The processing fee for this loan is 1% of your loan amount.

    • Eligibility - Reliable Canara Bank customers, new borrowers with good credit history, NRI customers with their Indian close relatives as co-borrowers are eligible to avail the loan.
    • Loan Quantum - Under this scheme, you can get up to 50% of your mortgaged property value as per the valuation report of the panel-valuer of the bank with a maximum loan ceiling of Rs.10 Crore, whichever is less.
    • Repayment Tenure - You can repay this loan within a duration of 84 months through easy EMIs. However, the net take-home amount should be minimum 20% or Rs.20,000 p.m., whichever is higher after paying the installments.
    • Security/Collateral - Canara Bank asks for equitable mortgage of property having clear marketable title. Personal guarantee of adequate net worth from individuals are also accepted. This requirement may be waived off in selective cases.

    19. Canara Swarna Loan (Gold Loan): The Canara Bank Swarna Loan scheme is ideal for individuals who need quick funds to back up their medical expenses, unexpected commitments, or to meet other domestic or investment requirements. This is a very convenient personal loan option for the borrowers as there is no co-obligation or third-party guarantee requirement. Borrowers can easily take this loan as it comes with a reasonable interest rate.

    • Eligibility - Trustworthy Canara Bank SB account holders with satisfactory track-record or credit-worthy new customers.
    • Loan Quantum - The borrowers can avail a minimum loan amount of Rs.10,000 and a maximum amount of Rs.10 lakh through this scheme.
    • Repayment Tenure - The total loan amount needs to be repaid within 12 months from the date of sanction as bullet payment along with interest. The interest will be accumulated in the account on monthly basis but needs to be paid along with principal only at maturity.
    • Security/Collateral - Canara Bank accepts gold ornaments and specially minted gold coins purchased from any bank.

    20. Canara Rent: If you want to borrow urgent money to meet your personal needs or for business purposes, you can get that from Canara Bank in the form of Canara rent loan scheme. Under this personal loan scheme, individuals who own a property in their name can avail loan against rent receivables for fulfilling their genuine personal and business requirements.

    • Eligibility - Existing customers of Canara Bank having satisfactory transaction record with the bank and well-introduced new customers with satisfactory OPL/market report are eligible for this loan. Properties rented out/leased to Central/State/Semi Govt. undertakings, PSUs, reputed corporates, banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, and MNCs, properties rented out/leased to Canara Bank office/branch, or flat/house rented out/leased to the bank as quarters to the officers/executives of Canara Bank are acceptable under this scheme. If the tenant is a corporate, it should have an external rating of at least BBB and above.
    • Loan Quantum - Up to 75% of the net rent receivable for the unexpired period of lease, net of TDS, advance rent taken and other applicable taxes if there is any.
    • Repayment Tenure - The loan should be repaid within 120 months or before the unexpired lease period, whichever is earlier. For loans that are granted against rent receivables from Canara Bank, Navarathna Companies, AAA rated reputed Companies, PSUs, and insurance companies a longer repayment period of up to 144 months or up to lease period is offered.
    • Security/Collateral - EMT of the leased property whose value should be equivalent or higher than the loan amount. In case the equitable mortgage of the property against the rentals is not feasible for any reasons, the borrower needs to provide an alternate security which can be a mortgaged property with a value higher than 150% of the loan amount. The borrower can also provide lease rentals in favour of the bank or personal guarantee of individuals having sufficient net worth that is acceptable by the bank as security or collateral. In selective cases, Canara Bank might waive off the security/ collateral requirement.

    Why choose Canara Bank Personal Loan?

    With Canara bank, you can get personal loans for varied requirements such as a wedding, to fund higher education, house renovations etc. The bank maintains an easy documentation process and offers personal loans at affordable rates. Besides, it charges low processing fees. All these benefits make Canara bank the preferred choice of many people to borrow money.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Eligibility

    Personal Loan Eligibility differs from bank to bank and person to person. The basic thing that the banks looks for while sanctioning a personal loan is your repayment capacity. The minimum age requirement to get a personal loan from Canara Bank is 21 years and the maximum is 58 years. Both salaried and self-employed individuals can apply for Canara Bank personal loans up to Rs.3 lakhs. The bank has different eligibility criteria for different personal loan plans.

    Eligibility criteria for the Canara Budget personal loan:

    • This plan is for employed persons.
    • If you are a confirmed employee of a reputed PSU or joint stock company.
    • If you are a confirmed central or state government official.
    • College lecturers, assistant professors, professors, universities and research institutions are also eligible for Canara Bank personal loans.
    • Your salary account has to be with Canara Bank.
    • If you are a salaried employee, your minimum average net take-home salary should not be less than 40% after paying the monthly EMI.

    Similarly the eligibility criteria for the Teachers Loan is as follows:

    • You need to be a confirmed teacher or non-teaching staff working in a school or college.
    • You should hold your salary account with Canara bank.
    • Your monthly take home salary needs to be minimum 30% of the gross salary after EMI deduction, or Rs.10,000 (whichever is greater).

    Canara Banks eligibility criterion for Canara Consumer loan include:

    • Professionals, businessmen and salaried people “ they all can avail this loan.
    • A salaried individuals monthly take home salary needs to be 40% of their gross salary or Rs.6,000 after deducting the EMI for the loan (whichever is higher).
    • In case of professionals and other non-salaried persons, they need to have a minimum yearly net income of Rs.1,50,000 supported by Income Tax Assessment Order (ITAO) or Income Tax Return (ITR).
    • In certain cases, the income of spouse can also be shown to fulfill the Canara Bank Personal Loan Eligibility criteria.
    • For the salaried class, salary needs to be credited with Canara Bank.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Interest Rate

    Canara Bank offers attractive rates of interest on its personal loan products “ Canara Teachers Loan and the Canara Budget. The rates of interest offered by the bank are set on the basis of MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate). MCLR comprises of 4 components, which are marginal cost of funds, tenor premium, operating costs and negative carry on account of cash reserve ratio (CRR).

    Canara Bank MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate) (For new borrowers)

    Following the RBI guidelines, Canara Bank has adopted the MCLR based interest rate, effective from April 1, 2016.

    MCLR Benchmark Tenure (Period) Benchmark Rates (MCLR)
    Overnight 9.00%
    1 month 9.25%
    3 months 9.35%
    6 months 9.40%
    1 year 9.45%

    Personal Loan Interest Rates (MCLR “ time period)

    The rate of interest offered by Canara Bank for its personal loan products is dependent on the tenure of the loan, along with an added percentage over the prevalent MCLR Rate.

    Canara Bank Base Rate & Prime Lending Rates (For existing borrowers)

    All existing borrowers can avail personal loans at the prevailing Base rate. The current Base Rate (BR) offered by the bank is fixed at 9.65%, effective from 7/10/2015.

    Canara Budget Loan Canara Teachers Personal Loan Canara Consumer Personal Loan
    Interest Rate
    • BR + 4.00% = 13.65% (with salary tie-up)
    • BR + 5.00% = 14.65% (without salary tie-up).
    BR + 3.75% = 13.4% BR + 4.25% = 13.9%

    All existing borrowers have the freedom to continue with the Base rate system or shift to the new MCLR based interest rate system.

    Note: The MCLR rates given above are effective as of April 1, 2016. For accurate information on the applicable rates of interest for personal loans, kindly contact the bank prior to application. Interest rates are subject to change with change in MCLR / Base Rate.

    How to calculate EMI for Canara Bank Personal Loans?

    BankBazaar has a very simplified and unique Personal Loan EMI calculator tool using which you can calculate your monthly EMIs. It is accurate and instant which indeed helps the customers to plan their future financial goals as well as adjust the tenure of the loan. With BankBazaar, it is a matter of just one click and your EMI calculation is done. To access this easy Personal Loan EMI Calculator provided by BankBazaar, what you have to do is to type the chosen loan amount, loan tenure, processing fee ( if any) and the rate of interest. Once you fill these details, the EMI calculator will immediately display your monthly EMI liability for that specific personal loan.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan FAQs

    • What personal loan schemes does Canara Bank offer?

      There are different schemes of personal loans offered by Canara Bank. The major ones include Canara Budget, Teachers’ Loan, and Canara Consumer Loan. However, you can also get personal finance from Canara Bank for house renovation, wedding, education, medical expense etc.

    • Am I eligible for Canara Budget personal loan scheme?

      If you are an employed individual, you can avail this loan i.e. if you are a confirmed employee of central or state government, reputed PSUs, corporate companies or a lecture or professor. Besides, your monthly take-home salary should not be less than 40% after EMI deduction.

    • When can I take Canara Budget personal loan?

      You can take this loan when you have some genuine personal needs to be fulfilled.

    • What is the maximum amount of loan that I am eligible for under this Canara Budget plan?

      You can get 6 months' gross salary or Rs.3 lakhs. The higher amount is considered.

    • What is the rate of interest for Canara Budget personal loan?

      The rate of interest is BR (base rate) + 4.00% for the salaried individuals and BR+ 5.00% without salary obligation.

    • What is the processing fee for Canara Budget personal loan?

      You need to pay 0.5% of the loan amount as processing fee. It comes to minimum Rs.1000/- and maximum of Rs.5000/-.

    • Who is eligible for Canara Teacher’s loan?

      This is a personal loan Canara bank offers for the teaching and non-teaching staff of a college or a school.

    • What is the rate of interest for Teacher’s loan?

      The rate of interest is 1% of the loan amount.

    • Can I apply for Canara bank personal loan online?

      Yes, you can apply for this online and track your application status as well.

    • What is the purpose of Canara Consumer loan?

      This is a personal loan Canara Bank offers to meet your real life personal needs.

    • Who can avail Canara Consumer loan?

      This loan can be availed by salaried individuals, businessmen and other professionals.

    • What is the rate of interest for Canara Consumer loan?

      The rate of interest for this loan is base rate + 4.00%.

    • How can I check my Canara Bank personal loan status?

      If you apply through Bankbazaar, BankBazaar itself will help you to track your application status via SMS alerts and Emails.

    • Where do I get Canara bank personal loan application form, if I have to apply for a one?

      You can get it downloaded from the bank’s web site or collect it from the nearest branch. However, instead of doing that if you apply through BankBazaar, the BankBazaar team will take care of it.

    • Can I download my Canara Bank personal loan statement online?

      Yes, you can download your personal loan statement online.

    • Does Canara bank charge personal loan prepayment charges?

      Yes, Canara Bank charges a nominal rate for pre-closing personal loans.

    • How secured am I, if I apply through BankBazaar?

      You are completely secured at BankBazaar. The company values your privacy. Your application directly reaches the lender without the involvement of any third party and your personal information is not shared with anybody else.

    • How do I contact customer care for more details on Canara Bank personal loans?

      Canara bank provides 24/7 customer support except for three national holidays. Or else, you can visit BankBazaar. Our customer-friendly helpdesk will be pleased to help you and answer all your queries related to Canara Bank Personal Loans.

    • What is the main purpose of Canara Bank Personal Loan?

      The main purpose of Canara Bank personal loan is to provide finance for personal expenditures such as a wedding, medical emergency, education, vacations and similar personal expenditures.

    • What are the types of personal loans offered by Canara Bank?

      Canara Bank offers two types of personal loans. Given below are two types of personal loans offered by the bank.

      • Secured personal loan-This type of loan is usually granted to repay existing house loans, renovation of house property and purchase of consumer durables.
      • Unsecured personal loan- The main purpose of unsecured personal loan by Canara Bank is to offer finance for personal expenditures such as marriage expenses, medical expenses, education expenses and other such personal expenses.
    • Who is eligible to apply for Canara Bank Personal Loan?

      Given below is the list of individuals who are eligible to apply for Canara Bank personal loan.

      • Salaried employees
      • Professionals
      • Individuals with high net worth
      • Pensioners who draw regular pension from the bank
      • Retired employees of the bank
      • Staff members
    • What is the minimum and maximum amount one can avail with this personal loan?

      The minimum and maximum loan amount granted for secured loan is Rs. 10,000 and Rs.5 lakh, while the minimum and maximum amount offered for unsecured loan is Rs.10,000 and Rs.10 lakh.

    • Can one apply for the personal loan online?

      One can apply for the personal loan online through the official website of the bank or through a third party financial website.

    • Is there any restriction on the utilization of the personal loan amount?

      There is no such restriction on the utilisation of the personal loan amount as long as the personal expenditure is of a bonafide nature and legal.

    • Does the bank offer Overdraft facility for the personal loan?

      Yes, the bank offers overdraft facility for the personal loan amount. It offers an overdraft limit of maximum up to Rs.1 lakh to confirmed permanent employees of Central, State, Government, Reputed Corporate and PSUs.

    • Why should one choose Canara Bank personal loan?

      There are various reasons as to why one should opt for Canara Bank Personal loan. One of the main reason being the low rate of interest and flexible repayment period. The option of secured and unsecured loans is also one of the main reasons for choosing Canara Bank personal loan.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Customer Care

    For getting clarifications of any doubts and queries regarding your Canara Bank personal loan you can call its Help Desk on the toll-free number 1800-425-0018 from any place within India. Besides this, the bank has a helpdesk landline number too. You may also write an email to the bank using its official address or the dedicated mail ID assigned for the state you belong to. Apart from that, Canara Bank also has a quick and prompt SMS service which enables the customers to lodge their complaints or ask a question. Moreover, if you have any grievances or complaints, you can count on the grievance redressal system of the bank to provide you with an effective solution. To get more details about the customer care service of Canara Bank, you may visit the official website of the bank.

    With so many different types of personal banking solutions offered by Canara Bank, you no more need to compare different loan options from various banks. Canara Bank has come with a comprehensive range of personal loan schemes under one single roof making it easier for the borrowers to choose the desired one without much ado. The process of application being simple, the first-time users can also avail the loans easily through the online portal of the bank. All you need to do is to select the required product, place an application either on the bank’s website or on the web portal of BankBazaar. The loan will be processed and disbursed to your account within a very quick time span.

    Canara Bank Personal Loan Reviews

    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good in Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I had taken a Personal loan with Canara bank and i would say they were good in services. I never had any complaint with the services. When i had submitted the application, it was processed on time. There was no delay and overall i carried a good experience. The loan has been closed.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Dec 19, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Processing should be simpler"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      Before 2 years I took loan with Canara Bank, I have to visit to the bank twice or thrice. When directly going to the bank to take long time finally they taken 1.5 month to disburse the loan, The interest rate is low compared to Citi, but getting guaranteer is difficult. They were charging all the processing fee too.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Dec 05, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good Customer service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I do have Canara bank personal loan , its my nodel bank I have working in debt recovery. The bank gave me best interest rate, the loan process was also quick it went very smoothly. Everything completed within half working day and disbursed the loan with 2 days.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Nov 30, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Its Good"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I took personal loan based on the saving account, they gave me the interest around 7.5% for the loan amount Rs. 4 lakhs, the bank staff are cooperative and helpful with me. They processed my application within 24 hours they disbursed the loan amount.
      Was this review helpful? 4
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Nov 14, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good service"
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      My personal loan was taken with CANARA BANK , they offered 12.99% interest rate and it is nominal in the market . There is no processing fee with this bank . The process and services was too smooth i receive my loan on time . Loan amount is 200000 and it is satisfactory .
      Was this review helpful? 9
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Oct 22, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Best Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have taken a personal loan with Canara bank and my experience was good, the loan amount was for Rs 2 lacs with nominal interest rate when compared to other banks. Customer service was good and they responded on time; The tenure period for this loan is 3 years.
      Was this review helpful? 8
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Sep 29, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Average Service"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      The experience i had with this personal loan had not been that great. The process has taken almost 15 days, the loan amount which they had provided had been okay. The interest rate with them has been good when compared with the other banks, their customer support and their staff responses also had been good as well.
      Was this review helpful? 4
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Sep 14, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good overall"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Canara Bank is doing good in the loan process as well. I have taken a personal loan. The interest rate and processing charges is normal. The customer services and response is good and the process to provide the loan was smooth. The after loan services are good too.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Aug 27, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good service"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      The process in getting the loan had been a little slow and had taken some more time than usual. The loan amount had been satisfactory and the interest rate which they had been charging had been nominal when compared with the market rate. Their customer support and the customer support also had been good and their staff responses had been prompt as well.
      Was this review helpful? 9
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Jul 29, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Excellent Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      It has been a very good service which they had provided so far. The process in getting this loan had been very good and the loan amount which they had provided had been satisfactory as well. After applying the loan has been disbursed immediately, and there hasn't been any hassle faced with the banking services.
      Was this review helpful? 5
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jul 18, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have taken personal loan from Canara bank as they have provided nominal rate of interest with zero processing fees . They instantly approved with 1-2 days . They gave the tenure period of 10 years .Payments get auto debited from my salary .
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , hyderabad
      Reviewed on Jul 10, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Average Service"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      I took a personal loan from the Canara bank for 3.5 lacs, I got the loan amount with in 10 days. Some personals willing to help and sometimes some staff will not respond properly. On some instances I the experience was good but some clerks are not willing to help.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jun 21, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      My personal loan was taken with CANARA BANK which was taken 5 years back. The loan amount was 4,.5 lakhs and the interest rate 11% which is average , The tenure period was4 years . The customer service and responses was always good . I have not faced any issues here and they have sanctioned the loan with the committed time. There is no per closure charges also.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Apr 17, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      My personal loan was taken with CANARA Bank 1 year back. The loan amount was 3 lakhs and the interest rate was 17% which is very high . The tenure period was 2,5 years . The whole process was very smooth and hassle free . They have sanctioned the loan with the committed time. My experience was really good.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Apr 12, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      My experience was very good. I am satisfied with the services. I would like to visit again in case I want to learn about other services. Thank you canara bank for the services. My experience was good and I am satisfied with the services. Would visit again if required.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Mar 13, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Need Improvement"
      0.5 2.0/5 "Expected more"
      The customer support is not up to the mark with the CANARA BANK, they have promised that they will disburse the personal loan within 5 working days but they took more 20 days of time. The rate of interest and the charges are average with the CANARA BANK .
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , ghaziabad
      Reviewed on Feb 13, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Excellent service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      The customer support and the response part is excellent with the canara bank. They have disbursed my personal loan amount within 10days of time. The requested loan amount has been given and I am satisfied with it. The rate of interest and the charges are nominal with the canara bank.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Feb 05, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Excellent service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      My salary account is through Canara bank so the process was very easy and smooth. They took only two days to process the loan and the response is immediate also the interest rate is fine. It is a excellent experience with Canara bank personal loan department.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jan 17, 2018
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Customer friendly"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      I cleared my Canara bank personal loan, they gave me 9.5% of interest because I am an existing customer of the bank. The documentation process was easy, KYC verification on time. They gave me part payment and fore closure option. Hence I done preclosure but some charges applicable with them.
      Was this review helpful? 2
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Dec 28, 2017
    • Canara Bank Personal Loan
      "Good Loan"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I took a Personal Loan of Rs.50000 at the 13% interest rate, which I feel is a little high percentage. Process was short. Documentation required aren't that much with them. The manager was known who did make things happen quickly. The repayment option was good with it.
      Was this review helpful? 7
      , ahmedabad
      Reviewed on Dec 21, 2017
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