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    Deutsche Bank Personal Loan

    Deutsche Bank AG is a German global banking and financial services company with its headquarters in the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers in Frankfurt. Bank has more than 100,000 employees in over 70 countries.

    Documentation needed to apply for an Deutsche Bank Personal Loan

    • 1. Signed application form with photograph
    • 2. Copy of passport/voter ID card/driving license
    • 3. Processing fee cheque
    • 4. Last 3 months bank statement/6 months bank passbook
    • 5. Documentation for salaried applicants:
      • Latest salary slip
      • Current dated salary certificate with the latest Form 16
    • 6. Documentation for self-employed applicants:

      • Latest Bank statement
      • Latest ITR or Form 16

    Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Interest RatesUpdated on 24 May 2019

    Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Details
    Interest Rate Up to 24%
    Processing Fees 3.00% of the loan amounts
    Loan Tenure 1 Year to 4 Years
    Pre-closure Charges 5% of the Principal Outstanding
    Guarantor Requirement No Guarantor Required

    About Deutsche Bank Personal Loans

    Enquire for Deutsche Bank Personal Loan

    Deutsche Bank is one among the biggest and most successful investment banks in the world. It has a strong and proven foothold in Germany and Europe and is constantly growing and expanding in North America and India. It’s a well-established and highly trusted name in personal and business finance, extending credit, private wealth management, retail banking and business process outsourcing.

    Taking a personal loan from Deutsche Bank, which has over 78,000 employees in over 70 countries, is a move in the right direction.

    Why choose Deutsche Bank Personal Loans

    There are certain large, unavoidable and obligatory expenses that arise in our everyday lives.

    Sometimes, even savings and meticulous planning aren’t enough to pay for things like large assets for your business, a long-overdue international family vacation or even remodelling your home. As Indians, we have certain obligatory expenses that may cost more than planned savings can afford – like giving your daughters their dream weddings, or funding their higher education abroad.

    When these expenses arise, there’s no need for even a second’s worry, as Deutsche Bank has you covered. With attractive interest rates, no requirement for security, collateral or a guarantor, and balance consolidation for Personal Loan outstanding, Deutsche Bank personal loans are among the best in the market.

    Deutsche Bank Business Instalment Loan

    Have you been wanting to take a loan for your business needs? You can apply for a simple and beneficial loan from Deutsche Bank known as the Business Instalment Loan. This loan is designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises that deal in operations such as manufacturing, processing, storing, and offering services to customers. In order to apply for this loan, the turnover of the business should be at least Rs.75 lakh. The income of the company should be at least Rs.5 lakh. Moreover, the business needs to be earning profits for at least 2 years before applying for this loan.

    Deutsche Bank Unsecured Business Loan

    Are you interested in applying for an unsecured loan for your business? You could check out the Unsecured Business Loan offered by Deutsche Bank. As the name suggests, you do not have to furnish any security or collateral to apply for this loan. This loan is offered to service providers, manufacturers, professionals of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), traders, etc. One can utilise this loan for liquid cash needs, for expanding operations, for handling business expenditures, etc. The minimum loan amount provided by this loan is Rs.10 lakh and the maximum amount offered by this product is Rs.50 lakh.

    • Multiple loan tenures:

      Personal Loans from Deutsche Bank can be taken for amounts from Rs.50,000 to Rs.15,00,000 – and can be repaid in tenures stretching from 12 months to 48 months. It provides you with the flexibility you need to repay your loan on excellent terms.

    • Simple documentation procedure:

      The application and documentation procedure for Deutsche Bank personal loans has been streamlined through tried and tested methods internationally. All you’ll need is one photo ID, proof of your address, a signature verification, and a document that proves your declared age. Submit these along with your application and you’re on your way to securing a loan from one of the best banks in the world.

    • Balance transfer benefits:

      Suppose you’ve taken a loan in the past at a high rate of interest. It may have been an uninformed decision, or you may have had your hands tied and had only a high-interest loan option available to you. Whatever the case is, you can transfer your existing loan to Deutsche Bank and pay it back at lower interest rates. You also open the doors to taking an addition loan through Deutsche Bank when you make the transfer of an existing loan.

    • Existing customer benefit:

      If you already have a Deutsche Bank savings / payroll / current account, you can take a loan at the current interest rates without even having to any income documentation.

    • Quick approval:

      Deutsche Bank prides itself on streamlined and efficient banking processes. It takes a lot to be an industry leading financial services provider, and Deutsche Bank has risen to the top by providing personal loans to those who need it, when they need it. Quick approval means quick sanctioning and quick utilization of the loan amount that’s been credited to your account.

    Deutsche Bank offers personal loans at competitive rates. Following the issue of new guidelines by Reserve Bank of India, interest rates on new loans will be calculated based on the new MCLR system. Loans already taken will continue to be charged interest according to the Base Rate applicable. However, if existing borrowers wish to switch over to the new MCLR system, they may do so by contacting the bank regarding the same.

    MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds based Lending Rate) (For new borrowers)

    MCLR (Marginal Cost of funds based Lending rate) is the new system of calculating interest put in place by the RBI with effect from April 1, 2016. MCLR is subject to regular revisions and is dependent on various factors like repo rate, tenure, cost of maintaining cash reserve ratio (CRR), etc. Following is the MCLR rate applicable on personal loans with effect from June 7, 2016. The rates will be valid till the next review.

    Tenor MCLR
    Overnight MCLR 7.90%
    1 month MCLR 8.55%
    3 month MCLR 8.75%
    6 month MCLR 9.25%
    1 year MCLR 10.05%

    Personal Loan Interest Rates (MCLR)

    For new personal loans, the bank will calculate interest rate based on the MCLR, along with the tenure for which the loan has been taken. The bank can alter the final rate of interest by adding a certain percentage over and above the existing MCLR and certain other factors. The MCLR will be determined and applied as per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India and is subject to change from time to time.

    Base Rate & Prime Lending Rates (For existing borrowers)

    With effect from October 19, 2015, Deutsche Bank revised its Base rate which currently stands at 9.20% per annum. The Base Rate will be determined and applied as per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India and is subject to change from time to time.

    Personal Loan Interest Rate (Base Rate)

    Existing personal loan borrowers who do not wish to switch over to the MCLR based interest rate system can continue paying interest on their loan as per the Base Rate system. The bank can revise the final rate of interest after adding a certain percentage over and above the current Base Rate, which is subject to change without prior notice.

    Note: Rates mentioned above are subject to change from time to time, without prior notice. The MCLR rates given above are effective as of April 1, 2016. To find out the currently applicable interest rates on personal loans, please contact the bank at the time of applying for the loan.

    You must meet the following eligibility criteria for a personal loan from Deutsche Bank:

    Minimum age: 25 years.

    Maximum age: 60 years.

    Minimum income: Rs.25,000 monthly take home.

    Mandatory telephones at both home and office.

    You will also require the following set of documents:

    Photo ID proof: Like a valid Passport, PAN Card, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, etc.

    Proof of Address: Like a valid Passport, Driver’s License, Voter’s ID, etc.

    Proof of Signature: Like a valid Passport, Banker’s Certificate, Driver’s License, PAN Card, etc.

    Proof of Age: Like a valid Passport, Banker’s Certificate, Driver’s License, Birth Certificate, etc.

    Knowing how much you’ll be paying as EMI each month is important. It is for this reason that has integrated a fully functional and easy-to-use Personal Loan EMI Calculator tool on its website.

    The Bank Bazaar Personal Loan EMI Calculator requires you to simply fill in your loan amount, tenure and interest rate in the pre-allotted slots. Simply enter the information, click on “Calculate” and the EMI calculator will take you to a page which has graphical representations of your loan breakup, amortization, repayment details, interest and principal components, etc. in an easy to understand format.

    • Am I eligible for Deutsche Bank personal loan?

      Deutsche Bank offers personal loans only for salaried individuals earning more than the minimum stipulated amount per month depending on the city of their residence. The minimum monthly income required for Deutsche Bank personal loan is Rs. 50,000 per month. If you fall into this group, you can definitely apply for a Deutsche Bank personal loan.

    • How do I repay Deutsche Bank Personal loan?

      You can repay the loan in Equated Monthly Installments (EMI's) using the ECS facility or through post-dated cheques.

    • What is the maximum loan one can get from Deutsche Bank ?

      Deutsche Bank offers personal loans as high as Rs. 15 Lakhs for successful applicants depending on their financial record and repayment history.

    • What is the tenure for Deutsche Bank personal loan?

      Deutsche Bank offers personal loan with a tenure period ranging from 12 months to 48 months making it suitable for all loan seekers.

    • Who can avail of a personal loan from Deutsche Bank?

      At present, only existing customers of Deutsche Bank can apply for a personal loan

    • How can I apply for a personal loan through Deutsche Bank?

      You can apply for a Deutsche Bank personal loan through the following avenues:

      • By calling the bank and placing a request through their 24 hour customer care centre
      • By visiting the official Deutsche Bank website and placing a request via email by using the ‘E-mail us’ option
      • By visiting the nearest Deutsche Bank branch and placing a physical request
    • What is the interest rate offered by Deutsche Bank on personal loans?

      Deutsche Bank offers a default interest rate of 24% per annum on personal loans.

    • What is the minimum and maximum amount of personal loan I can avail through Deutsche Bank?

      Depending on an individual’s eligibility, income he or she draws and capacity to make repayments, an individual can apply for personal loans ranging from a minimum of Rs 50,000 to a maximum of Rs 7.5 lakhs.

    • How can I make repayments towards my personal loan?

      Repayments can be made through EMIs (Equated Monthly Installments). The loan amount will be paid out via standing instructions that are set up to debit your Deutsche Bank account with the required installment amount.

    • What are the security requirements that are to be provided in order to apply for a personal loan through Deutsche Bank?

      In order to acquire a loan through Deutsche Bank, no security, collateral or guarantors are required to be provided.

    • What is the duration of a personal loan rolled out by Deutsche Bank?

      Personal loan tenures can range from 12 - 36 months. Repayments can be made over the loan period you choose.

    • What is the eligibility criteria to avail of a personal loan from Deutsche Bank?

      In order to avail of a Deutsche Bank Personal loan, all applicants are required to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

      • Applicants must be of a minimum age of 25 years
      • Applicants must be of a maximum age of 60 years
      • Applicants must draw a monthly income of Rs 25,000 or more
      • All applicants must mandatorily possess a telephone at their residence as well as their office
    • How quickly will my personal loan application be approved?

      After the submission of your personal loan application form as well as all the relevant supporting documents, the bank will usually approve your application within 7 working days. However, any and all loan application approvals are subject to the discretion of the bank.

    • What is Deutsche Bank’s policy regarding prepayment of personal loans?

      You can opt to pay out your personal loan before maturity any time after 6 months from the date of disbursal of the loan. However, a foreclosure charge of 5% of the principal outstanding on the loan is applicable. Part prepayment of the loan is not permitted.

    • Can I apply for a Deutsche Bank personal loan from anywhere in India?

      Currently, Deutsche Bank only offers personal loans at Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and NCR

    • Are there any additional charges that may apply when availing of a personal loan at Deutsche Bank?

      The additional charges you may incur are:

      • Personal Credit Issuance charges of Rs 50
      • Duplicate statement issuance charges of Rs 500
      • Cheque bounce charges of Rs 500
      • Unsuccessful execution of standing Instruction or ECS for payment of Rs 500
      • Repayment instruction swap charges of Rs 500
      • Documentation charges of upto Rs 1,500
      • GST payable on fees and charges
      • Stamp Duty charges
    • What are the documents required to avail of a Deutsche Bank personal loan?

      Both salaried as well as self-employed individuals are required to provide the following documents in order to avail of a personal loan:

      • Photo Identity
        • Valid Passport
        • Photo PAN Card
        • Voter's ID Card
        • Valid Driving License
        • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
        • Aadhar Card or Letter issued by the UIDAI
      • Address Proof
        • Valid Passport
        • Valid Driving License
        • Voter's ID Card
        • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
        • Aadhar Card or Letter issued by the UIDAI
      • Proof of Signature
        • Valid Passport
        • Banker's Certificate
        • Driving Licence
        • PAN Card
      • Proof of Age
        • Valid Passport
        • Voter's ID Card
        • PAN Card
        • Birth Certificate
        • Job card issued by NREGA duly signed by an officer of the State Government
        • Aadhar Card or Letter issued by the UIDAI

    *This article is provided only for consumer information on an as is where is basis and BankBazaar does not claim or represent to be connected with Deutsche Bank Limited. For further information about any of the products mentioned above please contact Deutsche Bank.


    Display of any trademarks, tradenames, logos and other subject matters of intellectual property belong to their respective intellectual property owners. Display of such IP along with the related product information does not imply BankBazaar's partnership with the owner of the Intellectual Property or issuer/manufacturer of such products.

    Deutsche Bank Personal Loan Reviews

    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Fantastic Experience"
      0.5 4.5/5 "Excellent!"
      That was a staff loan taken it for 2% of interest, however it consider as a personal loan. I done the paper less process and I got the loan duration of five years. The customer support is really fantastic. Deutsche bank have part and preclosure options too.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Feb 28, 2019
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Best Financial Service"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I have take personal loan from the Deutsche bank which they approved in quickly and the amount is reflected in next 2 day ,its instant approve process. As satisfied with the rate of interest which they have offered. And i make the payment monthly though ECS. Also the processing fees are very much nominal.
      Was this review helpful? 3
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2018
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "High on ROI and charges"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      The services at Deutsche bank is excellent. I had taken a personal loan and the process is really smooth. The documentation is normal. But the bank is high on the interest rate and processing charges. It is pretty high when compared to the other banks.
      Was this review helpful? 1
      , new delhi
      Reviewed on Aug 19, 2017
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "The perfect bank"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      I liked DEUTSCHE BANK services very much. They are good in rate of interest and processing fees. One of my friend has recommended about this bank to me. They were very quick in processing because with in 2 days I got my persona loan. Right now they have stopped the providing that loans. It is an German bank.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Nov 14, 2015
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Really good"
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Detuche bank is really good . This personal loan was taken before 7 years now . They have responded on time they have offered the loan with in 5 working days. They have exact loan amount which have requested for based on the credit score . They have offered 4 lakhs amount interest rate offered was 13.75%,.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Oct 27, 2015
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Closed one"
      0.5 3.0/5 "Satisfactory"
      Detshce bank personal loan is closed . I am yet to receive my closing letter to my new address. I had requested that to be sent to my email id and I have closed it. Nothing interesting about them and there are very few collection branches . The guy came to my place for the cash collection and it was good.,
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , pune
      Reviewed on Oct 23, 2015
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Very easy "
      0.5 4.0/5 "Great!"
      Deutsche bank personal loan process is fine. I am holding this personal loan for a period of 2 years it should be more accessible . I did not get the closure certificate and its been 8 years now since the loan is closed. I am very much comfortable with the documentation part it is very easy and convenient and there is no additional charges which would be charged,.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , gurgaon
      Reviewed on Oct 15, 2015
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Deutsche bank is maintaining their standards..."
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      Deutsche bank is very fast in processing the personal loan and documents were minimal. They are disbursing the loan easily and their mail communication is awesome. Moreover their phone communication is good. Deutsche bank is an International bank and they are maintaining their standard.
      Was this review helpful? 0
      , bangalore
      Reviewed on Oct 10, 2015
    • Deutsche Bank Personal Loan
      "Keen on providing good support"
      0.5 5.0/5 "Blown Away!"
      The personal loan disbursement with Deutsche bank was quite good. They assigned a officer for my loan processing who really took the initiative and completed the processing very smooth and they were transparent on what they provide. I really wanted to appreciate the executive Sundar who helped me throughout. They are very keen on providing good support to the customers. Even the EMI date is based on my salary date which is flexible.
      Was this review helpful? 8
      , chennai
      Reviewed on Jun 10, 2014
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