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    ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    We found 1 ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    Bank Name
    Interest Rate Range
    Processing Fee Range
    Loan Amount
    Tenure Range
    11.49% - 18.49% Fixed
    2.5% (min. ₹1149) One time fee
    20L Max
    1-5 Years
    Response Time Within 30 minutes
    Paperless approval option available
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    Fees & Charges
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    Eligibility Criteria
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    About ICICI Personal Loan

    ICICI Bank offers personal loan for an individual to take his dream vacation, or for a dream wedding, to renovate home or to buy a much desired gadget. ICICI Bank offers a fixed rate of interest and it is charged on a monthly reducing basis. The tenure is flexible up to 5 years and there is no security or collateral needed for availing the loan. The loan is paid back in easy monthly instalments and you can repay it through auto-debit or ECS or PDC. The benefit of taking an ICICI Bank Personal Loan is that the interest remains the same throughout the tenure. Simple documentation is required and the loan is quickly processed.

    ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    ICICI personal loan interest rates depends on income, borrowers credit history, the RBI rates, inflation etc. ICICI personal loan interest rate for the year 2015 varies from 11.99 percent to 20 percent. The interest rates is offered to a borrower in such a way that it does not financially burden the borrower.

    ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates Table:

    Interest rates11.99 percent to 20 percent
    Loan amount

    Maximum loan amount is Rs.20 lakhs

    Maximum loan amount is Rs.30 lakhs

    Maximum loan amount is Rs.40 lakhs

    Loan tenureMinimum tenure- 1 year
    Maximum tenure- 5 years
    EMI per lakh (lowest interest rate and maximum tenure)
    Calculate EMI on your Personal Loan
    Rs.2,224 per month
    Prepayment charges5 percent of the principal outstanding

    How to Calculate Interest/EMI on ICICI Personal Loan?

    EMI or Equated Monthly Instalment is the amount payable every month to the bank until the loan amount is fully paid off. The EMI amount consists of interest as well as the principal amount that is to be repaid. The principal amount and interest is divided by the tenure in which the loan has to be repaid. This amount has to be paid monthly. The formula to calculate the EMI is:

    EMI= Principal X Rate of interest on a monthly basis X (1+rate of interest on a monthly basis) to the power of the loan tenure divided by [(1+rate of interest on a monthly basis) to the power of the loan tenure – 1]

    To make the EMI calculation easy, you can make use of the EMI calculator available on On filling up the required fields in the EMI calculator you will get the result and the amortization table that will mention how much of the EMI amount is going towards the principal amount and how much of it covers the interest amount.

    For example, Mr.Sam has taken a personal loan for Rs.1 lakh from ICICI Bank. The interest rate he is being offered is 11.99 percent for a tenure of 5 years. By the end of the fifth year, he would have paid Rs.33,436 towards total interest and his loan EMI is Rs.2,224. He will be paying 25.1 percent towards the interest and 74.9 percent towards the principal loan amount. His amortization table will look as follows:

    YearPrincipal paid (in rupees)Interest paid (in rupees)Balance amount (in rupees)
    Year 115,53211,15584,468
    Year 217,5019,18766,967
    Year 317,7186,96947,249
    Year 422,2174,47125,032
    Year 525,0321,6550

    Factors affecting ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    ICICI personal loan interest rate varies from person to person due to various factors. Some major factors affecting the interest rates are as follows:

    • Loan tenure:

      Shorter term loans may attract a higher rate of interest when compared to loans with a longer tenure.

    • Repayment capacity:

      ICICI Bank checks a person’s repayment capacity before offering him a loan and before deciding the interest rate. Borrower’s income, his assets and his creditworthiness is looked into before the bank offers a rate to him. CIBIL report gives detailed information about the borrower’s repayment capacity, it has all the details of the previous loans he had taken and repaid and it also gives information on how he is paying off his credit card bills.

    • Borrowing class:

      The borrower’s age also plays a crucial role in deciding the interest rate. ICICI Bank offers personal loan to the salaried individuals, self-employed and doctors.

    • Relationship with the bank:

      ICICI Bank offers special offers, interest rates and charges to those who have been having a long term relationship with the bank. You may even get a discount on the processing charges or the bank might reduce your interest rate if you have managed to make timely payments in the past.

    • Location:

      The borrower’s location will also avail specific interest rate. If the borrower is living in the metro city, he may get a lower interest rate.

    The interest rates and processing charges are charged at the sole discretion of the bank and are subject to change.

    How CIBIL score affects ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates?

    CIBIL Score plays a major role in deciding an applicant’s interest rate. CIBIL report consists of your repayment history and shows how efficiently you have made the payments and if you have missed making any payments on your loans or credit cards. The ideal score that is accepted by the bank is 750 and above. Those having a lower score will be termed as risky and the bank might offer you a personal loan at a higher interest rate. So, before applying for a loan, make sure that you check your CIBIL score. If your score is low, fix it and only then apply for the loan.

    Key things about ICICI Personal Loan Interest Rates

    Before applying for an ICICI Personal Loan, you must know the following factors:

    • Fixed interest rate is when a fixed rate is set on the personal loan and you have to pay a fixed amount of interest throughout the tenure.
    • To avail an ICICI Personal Loan, you need not have a guarantor or provide any security.
    • When the repo rate goes up, your interest rate will also go up.
    • ICICI banks offer personal loans to self-employed, salaried individual and doctors. They offer the interest rate based on the applicant’s credit score.

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