The Regional Transport Office or RTO is a government organisation which maintains a database of drivers and of vehicles for various Indian states and union territories. The RTO issues driving licences sells personalised registrations and maintains the collection of excise duty such as road tax. Insurance check and pollution test of vehicles are also conducted by the Regional Transport Office. There are thousands of RTOs office in India, and you should visit the nearest RTO in your area to get all vehicle and transportation-related work done.

RTO-related things that can be done online

The Internet has made things easy for us in many ways. Gone are the days when you had to visit the RTO, stand in a queue for long hours to submit a DL application. Now you can do most of the tasks online. Some of the most important RTO-related tasks you can do online are:

  • Apply for a DL and submit all the required/necessary documents
  • Book an appointment to visit the RTO
  • Apply for DL renewal
  • Download a copy of your DL etc.

RTO-things that can be done offline

Though you can perform many tasks online sitting at the luxury of your home, there are a few things that require your physical presence. You will have to visit the nearest RTO to get this done. Some of the tasks you will have to visit the RTO for are:

  • To register your new vehicle
  • To take your Driving License test on the track
  • To write your Learner’s License test
  • For accident disputes

RTO Fine

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is the apex body that outlines the traffic rules and regulations that are needed to be followed in our country. When a person breaks any one of these rules, it is a punishable offence. The offender will be required to pay hefty fines/penalties or will be imprisoned or both, depending on the type of offence. Some of the common offences and the fine levied against them are mentioned below:

Type of offence City Fine amount (In Rs.)
Driving above the speed limit Bangalore 300
Driving vehicle without a license Kolkata 500
To drive a vehicle without a license Delhi 500
Not carrying mandatory documents Mumbai 100 for the first time and 300 for a subsequent offence
Driving at excessive speed Chennai 300

*Please note that the penalty differs from state to state. Your State Transport Department will declare the updated offence and penalty list from time to time. Please visit your State Transport Department’s official website for accurate details.

Other RTO-related tasks

Most of us visit the RTO only for a driving licence. Although, that is the most common reason people visit the RTO for there are many other tasks that can be carried out in an RTO. Some of the other RTO-related activities are:

  • Booking Duplicate RC: You can apply for a duplicate registration certificate at an RTO in case you have lost your RC book.
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfer: If you have sold your vehicle to someone and you want to transfer the vehicle to his/her name, you can do it at your nearest RTO.

Other RTO-related tasks also include address and name change in RC book, international license (in case you want to travel abroad and need an international license), and vehicle NOC (for people who want to transfer their vehicles from one state to another).


1. Where should I go for registration of a vehicle?

You vehicle needs to be registered at the registering authority under whose jurisdiction your address falls.

2. Within how many days do I need to register a vehicle?

Once you have bought a vehicle, make sure to apply for its registration within the next 7 days.

3. Which documents can be submitted as proof of residence for registration of a vehicle?

You need to provide a copy of proof of address while registering your vehicle such as passport, landline phone bill, IT return, employer certificate, etc.

4. For how many years a personal vehicle is registered?

A personal vehicle is registered for a period of 15 years. After that, you have to renew the certificate of registration for a period of 5 years at a time.

5. For how many years the certificate of fitness of a transport vehicle stays valid?

The certificate of fitness is valid for two years and has to be renewed every year thereafter.

6. What are the eligibility criteria to obtain a Driving License?

The eligibility criteria to obtain a Driving Licence are-

  • 16 years - For motorcycles with less than 50cc engine capacity.
  • 20 years - For passenger vehicles and all goods vehicles.
  • 18 years - All the remaining vehicles, i.e. vehicles other than motorcycles with an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc and transport vehicles.

7. What is the minimum educational qualification required to hold a Driving Licence?

The minimum educational qualification to hold a driving license to drive a transport vehicle is 8th standard. Moreover, the person is required to read and write at least one regional language along with English.

8. What is the validity period for licenses?

The validity period is as follows:

  • For learner’s licence – 6 months from the date of issue.
  • For transport vehicle – 3 years from the date of issue.
  • For any other vehicle – 20 years from the date of issue or until the age of 50 years (whichever is earlier). After the applicant turns 50, the license validity reduces to 5 years.

Popular applications people submit in RTO

There are numerous reasons people visit an RTO for. Every task requires a duly-filled application. Some of the common applications RTO officers receive

  • Application for driving licence
  • Renewal of DL
  • Application for learner's license
  • Vehicle registration form
  • Tax challans/receipts
  • International driving permit

These are just a few of the many applications forms available at the RTO.


News About RTO

  • Nashik RTO conducts special holiday camps for learner’s license applicants

    The Regional Transport Office (RTO) in Nashik is organising special holiday camps for applicants of learner’s licenses. This is being conducted on weekly holidays. The first camp was held on 7 November while the next camp will be held on 22 November. The camp is being organised in order to facilitate smoother and quicker processing of tests and issuance of learner’s licenses which was impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Online application for the learner’s license has been enabled along with uploading the documents online and scheduling of appointments for the test which can be taken within a month of application for it.

    11 November 2020

  • RTO staff in Karnataka launches inspection drive; deploys 40 police inspectors

    The Regional Transport Office has launched an intensive inspection drive all across Karnataka and has deployed 40 inspectors in Bengaluru. In August and September, the number of cases has increased by 3,471 and 3,439 compared to 2,141 and 1,819.

    According to Transport Commissioner, Shivakumar N., the government has given them directions to take strict action against motorists who are breaking safety rules. Many squads of the RTO staff have been fining motorists for a range of offences such as drunk driving, driving without helmet, driving without licence, etc. Most of the violations have been from passenger buses and various heavy vehicles carrying goods who have been driving without renewing their licences and paying the taxes.

    14 October 2020

  • Chennai RTOs short of space to park vehicles bought in for registration

    Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Chennai are facing shortage of parking spots for vehicles which are brought in for registration purposes. Most of the RTOs in Chennai handle at an average of 150 vehicles per day where new registration certificates (RCs) and Fitness Certificates and its renewal certificates are issued. However, due to shortage of parking space, the vehicles are parked along the inner lanes due to which not only locals are able to get out of their house, but also the commuter traffic slows down considerably.

    Despite time slot allocated for each vehicle, many drivers arrive early which only adds to the score of vehicles parked. However, the problem is likely to be solved soon once the Central Government gives the approval to register vehicles at the dealer’s place.

    1 September 2020

  • Expired DL valid till 31 December, announces Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has announced that driving license or vehicle fitness certificate which has expired will be valid till 31st December, 2020 due to the outbreak of Covid-19.

    Due to the outbreak of the virus, people are finding it difficult to renew their license due to which The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has decided to extend the date of validity for all the expired licenses in India. Earlier the date of extention was set at 30 September 2020.

    The drives who own a driving license can continue to ride their vehicles on Indian roads despite their driving license having been expired.

    1 September 2020

  • 98 licenses suspended by Nashik RTO

    The Nashik RTO has suspended 98 out of the 2,183 licenses that was impounded by the traffic police department and sent to the RTO in the past 10 months. In addition to booking people on the roads for driving related offences, the traffic department also sends a list of driving licenses that ought to be suspended by the RTO. Some of the offences that will definitely get a person’s license suspended are driving under the influence of alcohol or talking on your mobile phone while driving.

    Many a times, the riders do not carry their original documents and rather provide the photocopy of the originals which makes it difficult for the traffic department to suspend the driving license. In these cases, the traffic department extracts the details of the offender and sends it to the RT but many of these offenders do not show up for their hearing to the court which means they would still be in possession of their driving licenses. This has been a major problem and the authorities are trying to find a solution for the same.    

    28 November 2018

  • RTOs in Delhi to be revamped

    The 13 Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in Delhi are set to get a complete makeover. The government is in the process of making changes at the management level as well as the day to day functioning of the RTO. The whole process will take four months to be completed as per the government officials. Some of the changes that have already been implemented include moving the application process for driving licence online and the introduction of the token vending system which aids the faster processing of applications. In the system, the senior citizens and specially abled people are set to be given priority.

    The changes that the government plans on implementing include installation of air conditioning systems and LED screens in all the 13 RTOs. The seating will also be increased and a vending machine will be installed that will provide coffee, tea etc. The procedure to obtain a learning driving licence has also become quicker with it only taking a few minutes for the entire process to be completed. The applicant will provide his or her biometric data after which a test will be conducted in which the applicant has to answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly.         

    06 September 2018

  • Now, speed post delivery of DLs in Katua

    All Driving License (DL) applicants in Kathua, a city in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, will be able to get their DLs through speed post. This initiative has been taken by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of Kathua.

    In order to make this service available to the public, the RTO of Kathua has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Postal Department. The deliveries were made on July 24, 2018. On the occasion, as many as 50 driving license were handed over to postal department authorities.   

    This will help people who live in far off areas such as Basohli, Billawar and Bani. It is likely that a similar facility will be used for the delivery of Registration Certificates (RCs).

    24 July 2018

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