Driving Licence Test Questions - 2022

In India, you will need a valid driving licence to drive your two-wheeler or four-wheeler. According to the new Motor Vehicles Act of 2019, failing to have a valid licence can result in severe penalties. As per the Regional Transport Office (RTO) rules, one has to appear for a theoretical exam in order to obtain your driving licence. This theoretical exam contains a total of 15 multiple-choice questions (MCQs). In order to pass the exam successfully, you have to correctly answer 9 out of 15 questions. In this article, we will share a few sample questions that you may face while giving the RTO theoretical exam.

Sample Driving Licence Test Questions

  1. When pedestrians are crossing the road near a pedestrian crossing, you should

    a. Slow down, sound the horn, and then continue

    b. Sound the horn, and then continue

    c. Stop the vehicle and wait for pedestrians to cross the road before continuing

  2. What is the legal age to ride a motorcycle without a gear?

    a. 20 years

    b. 24 years

    c. 16 years

  3. Which side of the road should a vehicle’s driver drive on?

    a. Left side

    b. Right side

    c. Middle

  4. If you are on a one way

    a. Parking your vehicle is prohibited

    b. It is not advisable to drive in reverse gear

    c. Overtaking another vehicle is prohibited

  5. What does a red traffic signal signify?

    a. Vehicle should be slowed down

    b. Drive with caution

    c. Stop the vehicle completely

  6. When should we use the fog lamps?

    a. During night

    b. When the vehicle in front of you is not using dim lights

    c. Mist is present

  7. What does a yellow light during traffic signify?

    a. Stop the vehicle completely

    b. Slow down the vehicle

    c. Reduce your vehicle’s speed and drive cautiously

  8. Which vehicle is permitted to go at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour?

    a. Truck/heavy bus

    b. Cars

    c. None of the above

  9. What does over speeding?

    a. An offence that may result in your driver’s licence being revoked or suspended

    b. Is not an offence and be overlooked

    c. Is an offence, although no charges will be pressed

  10. If a vehicle is parked on the side of the road late at night

    a. The parking light should be left on

    b. It is necessary to lock the car

    c. None of the above

  11. A person who drives a car in a public without a licence is liable for the following penalties:

    a. A word of caution

    b. Seizure of the vehicle and/or penalties for the driver and owner

    c. Only penalty

  12. No honking is permitted in the vicinity of

    a. Hospitals, courts, and schools

    b. Police station

    c. Shopping places

  13. Where is parking of vehicle is prohibited?

    a. One-way road

    b. Middle of the road

    c. Footpath

  14. When should you halt your vehicle?

    a. When involved in an accident or signaled by a traffic police

    b. While approaching a red traffic light

    c. None of the above

  15. What should you do when an ambulance is approaching?

    a. Move to the side of the road to provide free passage

    b. Ignore the ambulance

    c. If there are no vehicles on other side, allow passage

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