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    HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment

    HSBC provides a range of payment modes to make it easier for you to clear your outstanding credit card amounts. Make payments using any of the 12 methods HSBC provides. There are online options as well as offline options. Choose a mode that maximises your convenience and comfort while paying your HSBC Credit Card bill.

    You can choose to pay from your HSBC bank credit card account or any other bank account. Pay the total amount due to avail of the interest-free cycle.

    How to Pay HSBC Online Credit Card Payment Online

    You Can pay HSBC Credit Card Bill through following Online Methods:

    1. HSBC Internet Banking
    2. HSBC Mobile Banking
    3. Make HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment by NEFT
    4. Bill Desk
    5. VISA Money Transfer
    6. Standing Instructions:
    7. Electronic Clearing System


    • HSBC Internet Banking: Login to your online banking account to make the payment easily and conveniently. You can login from anywhere and at any time ( Proceed to the Credit Card section and make the payment.
    • HSBC Mobile Banking: You can download the HSBC app on your mobile phone and carry your bank with you. Register for Internet Banking to have access to mobile banking. Pay your credit card bills easily on your phone by logging in and accessing your credit card account.
    • Make HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment by NEFT: You can pay your HSBC credit card bill using the National Electronic Funds Transfer. Login to your Internet banking account of any bank and initiate a funds transfer to your credit card account. List the Beneficiary’s name as “HSBC Credit Card No. followed by your 16-digit credit card number”. The IFSC Code is HSBC0400002.
    • Bill Desk: To make payments from any bank account, you can use the bill payment service called Billdesk. This is a third party online portal that allows you to transfer money from your bank account to your credit card to clear your dues.
    • VISA Money Transfer: Register for VISA Credit Card Paymentto transfer funds from your bank account to pay your credit card bill. You can register for this service through your internet banking account. This mode of payment will be credited within 3 working days. This service is available only for HSBC VISA credit cardholders.
    • Standing Instructions: Place standing instructions with HSBC to debit your account with the credit card bill amount every month on the payment due date. You will never miss a credit card payment with this service. This mode of payment is available only through your HSBC savings or current account.
    • Electronic Clearing System: Authorise HSBC to debit your bank account to pay your credit card bill. You can opt to pay the full amount or the minimum due every month. You can also choose a fixed amount to be paid monthly. This service can be used with any savings or current account of other banks. This service is available only in select cities in India.

    HSBC Credit Card Payment - Offline

    • Drop boxes: This mode of payment is available only in Mumbai. You can locate a drop box and deposit a cheque or demand draft to pay your credit card bill. The cheque should be made in favour of “HSBC Credit Card No.” followed by your 16-digit credit card number. A charge of Rs. 100 will be applicable for cash payments made at HSBC dropboxes. Any other fee applicable by HSBC might also be levied.
    • Phone Banking: Contact the HSBC credit card customer care and verify your account and credit card through your PIN. You can then request the customer care executive to pay your credit card bill by deducting the desired amount from your HSBC bank account.
    • Through ATMs: You can use any HSBC ATM in India to either deposit cash or make a funds transfer to pay your credit card bill. Follow the instructions on the machine and pay your credit card bill.
    • Over the Counter: To make a cash payment to clear your credit card dues, you can visit any HSBC Branch in India. A charge of Rs. 100 will be applicable for cash payments made at HSBC Branches. Any other fee applicable by HSBC might also be levied.
    • Standing Instructions: Visit any HSBC Bank Branch to set standing instructions to pay your HSBC credit card bill. This option is available only to HSBC savings and current account holders. This option can also be activated through your HSBC online banking account.

    HSBC Credit Card Statement:

    Every month, you will receive a credit card statement from HSBC containing the details of your activity and status of your credit card. You will be informed about your total payment due, minimum amount due and the payment due date. It will also contain your opening and closing credit balance and outstanding balance.

    You can view all the transactions and charges that are billed to your credit card including processing fees, interest, service tax and related charges. You will receive your statement via email or post.

    HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. How Long Do Cheque Payments Take To Clear For Credit Card Payments?
    2. Cheques will normally take up to 3 working days to reflect in your credit card account.

    3. How Do I Opt To Receive Credit Card Statements Via Email?
    4. To receive statements via email, you can login to your internet banking account. Select “Request e-statements/e-Advice”. This will set up a one-time request to receive email statements. An email and SMS will be sent to you when your monthly statement is ready.

    5. What Is The Process Of Internet Banking Registration?
    6. To register for HSBC Internet Banking, log on to HSBC website and click on register. Use any of the following combinations to activate your account.

    7. Debit card number and PIN.
    8. ATM card number and PIN.
    9. Credit card number and ATM PIN.
    10. 10-digit personal banking number (PBN) and your 6-digit Phone banking PIN.
    11. How Do I Set Up The Auto Debit Facility?
    12. Visit any HSBC Bank branch to set up an auto debit instruction from your HSBC Bank account. You can also do this through your online banking account.

    13. What IFSC Code Should I Use To Make A NEFT Payment?
    14. You can Make HSBC Credit Card Bill Payment by IFSC Code: HSBC0400002.

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