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    PNB Credit Card Bill Payment

    Punjab National Bank offers various hassle-free methods to pay the outstanding amount on your PNB credit card account. The methods of payment can be either online or offline. Customers can choose from five main modes of transaction, as per their convenience. There are: payment of credit card bill using cash, cheque, Net Banking (online money transfer is available only to PNB account holders), Visa money transfer and Auto Debit or ECS.

    PNB Credit Card Bill Payment Options:

    PNB Credit Card Bill Payment Online:

    • Net Banking:

      This mode of payment is available only to PNB account holders who have enabled net banking facility. By visiting the Bank’s web portal, a PNB internet Banking user can link his/her savings account to the credit card account. Once this is done he/she can pay the credit due on the card by visiting the linked cards page and selecting a payment option.

      Pay PNB Credit Card Bill from Other Bank

    • Auto Debit:

      A PNB account holder can place an auto debit instruction in order to pay their PNB credit card dues on a monthly basis. The credit card holder can choose to pay either the ‘Minimum Amount Due’ or ‘Total Amount Due” on the credit card account. The amount will be debited from the customer's savings account to the PNB credit card account on the specified due date.

    • VISA money transfer facility:

      Punjab National Bank also offers the VISA money transfer facility to facilitate the payment of credit card dues using non-PNB bank debit card/ credit card. As long as the credit cardholder has a visa debit account, he/she can make the payment through VMF. If the credit card holder has another Bank’s VISA debit or credit card, then he/she can use the VISA Money Transfer facility that is available in the respective Bank to pay the outstanding amount in the PNB credit card online.

    • ECS:

      IF the PNB credit card holder’s bank is a participant of the ECS system and is thereby an ECS authorized centre, then he/she can place an ECS mandate for the payment of his/her credit card dues which can be either the ‘Minimum Amount Due’ or ‘Total Amount Due’.

    • NEFT:

      If the PNB Credit Card holder has an account in another bank other than PNB, then he/she can initiate an online payment for his/her PNB credit card bill using NEFT. Using Punjab National Bank’s NEFT services, credit cardholders having savings account in other banks can transfer funds easily to their PNB Credit Card accounts. They can use the PNB net banking facility to transfer funds from another bank PNB provides an online portal called “CardNet” wherein all you have to do is enter the PNB Credit Card number, email id, mobile number, payment amount, and then select the Bank account from where to wish to make the transaction. Once this is done you will be redirected to the payment portal where you have to enter the password and other details to authenticate the transaction. Once you confirm the payment amount, the amount will be debited from your specified account instantly. The confirmation of successful transaction made will then be projected along with the Transaction Reference Number.

    PNB Credit Card Bill Payment Offline:

    • Cash payment:

      The PNB credit card holders can make a payment towards their outstanding amount due as direct cash payment at any Punjab National Bank branches. The customer can walk-in to a PNB branch and fill a cash slip which is available at any of the counters at the branch. He/she should mention the contact no., card number and the cardholder’s name on cash deposit slip and then submit the required amount at the same deposit counter.

    • Cheque/ Draft:

      The PNB credit card holders can also submit a cheque or draft in favor of the sixteen digit PNB Credit Card No. and then deposit it in one of the cheque drop boxes. In order to know where the drop boxes are located, you can visit the PNB credit card portal and get a list of drop boxes. While depositing the cheque you have to ensure that your name and contact number is written on the back of the cheque. In this mode of payment, only PNB cheques are accepted and outstation cheques are not accepted by the Bank.

    PNB Credit Card Statement:

    PNB credit card holders will receive the PNB credit card statement in their registered email ids at no additional charge. This is sent on a monthly basis after a bill is generated by the Bank. This facility ensures that the credit card holder has access to all the transactions made on his/her PNB credit card and other related information. PNB credit card users can view e-statements for up to the last six months using the Net Banking facility by logging into their credit card accounts.

    PNB Credit Card Bill Payment FAQs:

    1. What is meant by an Auto Pay Limit? What will happen if my outstanding amount on the credit card statement exceeds the Auto Pay limit?

      An Auto Pay Limit is the amount that is specified by the PNB credit card holder to make a payment to the credit card account regularly, irrespective of the minimum amount due or the total amount due. If the credit card due amount is more than the Auto Pay Limit that is set by the customer, the payment will not be processed.

    2. What is the time duration required to process the credit card bill through Auto Pay, prior to the due date?

      It will take up to 7 days for a PNB credit card bill set for Auto Pay to be processed, prior to the due date.

    3. Who can I pay using Visa Bill Pay?

      Customers who have a Visa Debit Card or Credit Card can make payments using Visa Bill Pay to any biller who is a participant in the Visa Bill Pay service.

    4. Where can a customer drop his cheque?

      The cheque made out for payment of the outstanding dues in your credit card account in PNB can be deposited at any branch of the Bank. The customer can drop the cheque in a drop box if it is available or he/she can submit the cheque at the PNB counter available exclusively for credit card holders.

    5. What happens if the customer does not have enough balance in his/her savings account that is linked to facilitate payment to PNB credit card through auto debit?

      If the customer does not have enough balance in his/her savings account in a particular month, then the auto debit is not processed and a penalty of Rs. 100/- is to be paid by the customer. If this happens for 2 successive months then, the Auto Debit facility will be cancelled automatically.

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