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    Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment

    Paying an outstanding credit card bills is an easy task now with Axis Bank offering various online and offline solutions. Customers can choose any mode of payment that is convenient for them and pay their bills on the due date. The online payment modes available to Axis Bank customers are Axis Bank Internet Banking, Axis Bank Internet Banking for Multiple Axis bank Credit Card Payment , Electronic Clearing Service (ECS), National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT), Visa Money Transfer, Mobile Payment, Online Payments from other bank accounts, IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) and SMS Payments. Axis Bank customers can use the following offline payment options - Cheques, Drafts,

    Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Online modes:

    • Axis Bank Internet Banking:

      Customers can use the Axis Bank Internet Banking service to pay their credit card bills from their Axis Bank savings accounts. Users have to log in their Axis Bank Internet Banking accounts and access the ‘Credit Card-Balance and Payments’ section. Then the credit card number has to be selected along with the account from where the amount has to be debited. Then the customer has to enter the outstanding amount to be paid and click on ‘submit’ to complete the transaction. Payments done using this service will be credited to the card account on the same working day.

    • Axis Bank Internet Banking for Multiple Axis Bank Credit Card Payment...Axis Bank Credit Card customers can make payments towards multiple Axis Bank Credit Card bills using the Internet Banking service provided.    To register, customers have to login to Axis Bank Internet Banking and then access the ‘Accounts - Pay Bill’ option. Then the user must click on Add New Biller, selecting the category as ‘Credit Cards. The biller name should be "Axis Bank Credit Card - Directpay". Biller details like credit card number and nick name should be entered and then the Fetch button must be clicked for verification. In order to verify the details, the Netsecure code has to be entered which can be got through an SMS. Click on Add button to include the new biller. Once the new biller has been successfully registered, the relevant details will reflect in the registered billers section and also under Direct Pay. ....To make payments, Axis Bank customers have to login to their online accounts, go to the Pay bill section and under Direct Pay choose the registered biller and then click on the Pay Now button. After this customers will receive two options for making payments - One Time Payment and Repetitive Payment. If one-time payments are made then customers have to enter details like payment amount, select the ‘Make hot payment check box’ so that the money is debited immediately and is then transferred to the credit card account, real time. If the user decides to select the ‘Repetitive Payment’ option then details like payment amount, frequency of the payment, i.e., monthly, weekly or annually, have to be selected. The amount will be debited on a regular basis on the scheduled date mentioned.
    • Electronic Clearing Service (ECS):

      Axis Bank Credit Card bills can be paid from other bank accounts by using the Electronic Clearing Service (ECS). Customers have to download and fill-in both the forms - ECS Form Part A and ECS Form Part B and then submit those to Axis Bank to activate this service.

    • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT):

      Customers can make NEFT transfers to pay their outstanding credit card bills from any bank account. Card holders have to login to their internet banking accounts and choose NEFT as the option and then enter the following details - Beneficiary name (as per the card), beneficiary’s bank name - Axis Bank, branch - Mumbai, beneficiary account number - sixteen digit credit card number and the IFSC code - UTIB0000400 to make NEFT transfers. Axis Bank completes the NEFT transfer within one working day.

    • Visa Money Transfer:

      Axis Bank credit card holders can also pay bills through the Visa Money Transfer service. Visa Debit Cards or Net Banking services can be used to facilitate a Visa Money Transfer. Axis Bank does a VMT clearance in two working days.

    • Payment from other bank accounts:

      Customers can make payments towards their credit cards from other bank accounts using the Net Banking facility. The amount will be credited in three working days.

      Pay Axis Bank Credit Card Bill from Other Bank

    • Mobile Payments:

      Credit card bills can be paid using the Axis Bank mobile application available on iOS, Android, Java and BlackBerry phones. Axis Bank customers have to register their mobile numbers to bank using secured payment channels. To make payments using mobile, customers have to login into their mobile accounts and select the credit card number under the accounts section. In the credit card summary page, users should click on Pay Last Bill and then enter the amount that has to be paid. Clicking on Continue takes the user to the Confirmation Page. Once the entered details have been verified, Confirm can be clicked. Then the application asks for a Mobile PIN, which has to be entered by the user to successfully complete the payment. The credit card payment will be credited on the same working day.

    • IMPS - Immediate Payment Service:

      Axis Bank customers can also use the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) to pay outstanding credit card bills. This service can be accessed through the Axis Bank mobile application. After logging into the mobile banking application, users have to enter information like Merchant Details, Mobile No. 9619919900, MMID-9211400, payment amount and the payment reference which would be the sixteen digit Axis Bank Credit Card number. Clearance would be done by Axis Bank on the same working day.

    • SMS Payments:

      Axis Bank credit card holders can easily pay their outstanding amount by sending an SMS from their registered mobile numbers. The payment will be made real-time to the card account. The SMS Payment facility is available for payments of Rs. 5000 or below, with a daily payment limit of Rs. 5000.    The SMS has to be sent in the following format -    CCP <space> last six digits of the Axis Bank Saving account or Current Account number <space> Amount to be paid <space>last four digits of the credit card number.

    Axis Bank Credit Card Bill Payment - Offline modes:

    • Cheque or Draft Payments:

      A cheque or draft can be drawn in favor of ‘Axis Bank Credit Card number’, which should be dropped at Axis Bank branches. The local cheque should be dropped five days before the due date and should not be a post-dated cheque. The time taken to clear an Axis Bank cheque is one working day. Other bank cheques will be cleared in three to five working days.

    • Cash Payments:

      Axis Bank customers can make cash payments at branches, with the clearance being made the very same day. A service fees of Rs. 100 will be charged for cash payments.

    • Electronic Clearing Service - Auto Debits:

      Card holders can pay the minimum amount due or the total amount due through their Axis Bank current or savings accounts using the Auto Debit facility. Customers can submit the Auto-debit form and send it to the Credit Card Customer Service address to register for this service. The payments are done on the same working day.

    • ATM Payments:

      Payments can be done at Axis Bank ATMs using debit cards by credit card customers. Customers can pay the minimum amount due or the total amount due using ATMs. The customer’s account that has been linked to the Axis Bank ATM card will be debited with the payment amount. The clearance for ATM transactions happens on the same working day.

    Axis Bank Credit Card Statement:

    Axis Bank credit card customers can download their e-statements online by entering details like credit card number, card holder name, card validity date and the date of birth of the card holder. Card holders can also login to their net banking accounts and view or download their e-statements online or place requests for getting statements on their email addresses.

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    Axis Bank Credit Card Payment FAQs:

    1. Are credit card payments done using Axis Bank net banking service secure?
      Yes, Axis Bank customers can rest assured that all their payment transactions are done on secure platforms using 128 bit SSL encryption.
    2. Does Axis Bank impose any charges for online credit card payments?

      No, the online services offered by Axis Bank are completely free of cost.

    3. Will a customer get any notification after a credit card payment has been paid?
      Yes, Axis Bank customers will get an email on their registered IDs to confirm the credit card bill payment.
    4. Do customers have to submit any documentation while opting for the Electronic Clearing Service?

      No, customers do not have to submit any documentation while opting for the Electronic Clearing Service.

    5. Does Axis Bank levy any charges for Visa Money transfers?

      Yes, a fee of Rs. 25 will be charged for every Visa Money transaction by Axis Bank.

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