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    How to Track Credit Card Application Status

    Different banks have different ways of credit card application but most of them have an online facility, where you can apply for a credit card online as well. The process then involves furnishing all required documents and information to the bank. Once, the application process is complete, you must track your application status to check how far long has it been processed by the bank so that you can follow up with the bank accordingly. Usually, it takes up to three weeks to receive your credit card from most banks. Credit card may take a month from the date of registration, as it undergoes processing request, followed by dispatch to your home address.

    credit card application status

    The following information is required in order to check credit card status online on the bank’s official site:

    • Application Number
    • PAN Card number
    • Form number
    • Date of birth

    General Steps to Track your Credit Card Application Online

    • Visit the bank’s official website
    • Find a tab that says ‘Track application’ or something similar
    • By clicking on application status, you will be displayed a window prompting to enter details such as application form, PAN number etc.
    • Once all details are entered, click on the status or enter tab
    • The website will display the status of your credit card application form
    • Alternatively, you can call the bank branch or visit the bank to check the status of your credit card application

    How to Check BankBazaar Credit Card Application Status

    BankBazaar provides an option to apply for a credit card online. You can choose from a broad range of credit cards offered by various banks. You can use the BankBazaar’s website to compare features of the cards including rewards, joining perks, fees, and various other details. Based on the information provided by you, you can also check for the eligibility for the application of a credit card. From rewards cards to airline miles cards and more, you can find a broad range of credit cards and their offers.

    The credit card application services are provided on the website as well as on the BankBazaar app. The BankBazaar app is available for Android and iOS mobile phones. The app also lets you compare and apply for various types of financial products and services. The website and app will assist you in keeping a track of the status of your application.

    Once you have submitted your application, you can follow these steps to check the application status:

    By following these steps, you will be able to view the status of your application instantly. The page will also provide you with important information related to your credit card.

    Track your Credit Card Application Online by Banks

    Each bank differ slightly in displaying the same information. Some of them are given below:

    Citibank Credit Card Application Status

    Citibank allows you to track your application through their website. You can check your application status by following the steps given below:

    • Visit:
    • In the above link, you can either use your Application ID or the 12 digit reference number given to you over email, to check your application status

    IndusInd Bank Credit Card Application Status

    If you are an IndusInd Bank Credit Card cardholder, you can check the status of your credit card with the following easy steps

    • Go to the link:
    • Once you go to the link, all you gave to do it enter the application Id and mobile number that you have provided in the application for the credit card
    • Once both the fields are entered, the site will display the credit card application status

    HSBC Credit Card Application Status

    It is a very simple process to track the status of a HSCB Credit Card application status. You can access the details with very easy steps

    • Visit official website of HSBC to track Credit Card Application
    • Enter application number
    • Full Name and Date of Birth
    • Once all the information provided, the site will display the credit card application status

    SBI Credit Card Application Status

    Follow the steps given below to check credit card status from SBI online:

    • Visit SBI’s website.
    • Click on ‘Track Your Application’.
    • Click on ‘Status of your application’ and enter the application number.
    • Alternatively, you can also click on ‘Retrieve Application’ tab.
    • Enter your PAN card number and date of birth as mentioned on the application form.
    • Click on the Retrieve button and get the SBI Card application status.

    Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status

    To track your credit card application status follow the steps

    • Visit the official website of the bank and go to the ‘Track Your Application’ tab
    • You will then be asked to enter the Application ID as well as mobile number as per the application form.
    • Enter ‘Submit’ and you will retrieve the status of your credit card application at Axis Bank

    ICICI Bank Credit Card Application Status

    Application status for an ICICI Credit Card can be found out in the same as for other banks by using application id and mobile number of the applicant

    • Visit the link:
    • Provide your Application ID and Mobile Number
    • Submit the details to obtain the information

    HDFC Credit Card Application Status

    Track HDFC Credit Card status just with the simple steps mentioned below

    • Visit HDFC’s link:
    • Enter the information as mentioned in the application form and enter ‘submit’
    • The website will display the status of your application

    RBL Credit Card Application Status

    To know the status of your RBL Credit Card application, follow the steps given below:

    • Visit the bank’s official website and click on ‘Credit Cards’ tab on the homepage
    • On the right of the page, click on ‘To know your Application Status’
    • Click on ‘Proceed’, which will take you to another page that says ‘Track your online application status’
    • Then fill in the reference number and mobile number and click on ‘Submit’
    • The page will display the credit card application status

    Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Application Status

    If you have applied for a Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card, you can track your application status by the following steps

    • Visit the link:
    • The link displays two fields, application reference number and mobile number
    • Once both are entered, click on the ‘submit’ tab and you can get track the status of your application form with the bank.

    News About Credit Card Application Status

    • Indians used 804 million debit cards and 32.06 million credit cards in July 2017

      After a considerable dip of 86.2 million last month, debit cards once again got back to their previous performance with 10 million new cardholders while credit cards got half a million more users. In July 2017, a sum of 32.06 million credit cards and 804 million debit cards were in use, according to the Reserve Bank of India. Between July 2016 and 2017, the country added some 6.91 million credit cards and got 124.04 million debit cards.

      Usage of cards rose during the months of November, December, and January after the demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes. This pushed the cardholders to use debit and credit cards. But since February 2017, the usage of credit and debit cards have been within the same limit. In June 2017, debit cards fell by 86.2 million to 793.83 million, erasing most of the rise that demonetization had caused.

      The number of transactions done using credit card rose by 39.4% year after year while it increased by 97% for debit cards for the year-long period ending July 2017. In July, around 110.76 million transactions were made using credit cards while the numbers for debit cards was 254.5 million.

      5th October 2017

    • Payment Systems to Not Function on April 1

      RBI has said that on April 1, 2017, payment systems like NEFT and RTGS will be shut. Credit and Debit cards will work normally. Earlier, RBI had said that all the payment systems will work on April 1, but now it has changed its decision.

      3rd April 2017

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