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HSBC or the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation offers a variety of credit cards ranging from visa platinum cards, premier master cards, and advance visa platinum cards all packed with a host of benefits ranging from travel privileges, shopping, dining and more.

The cards come with features such as cashbacks, reward points, zero annual fee, fuel surcharge waiver, air miles, movie benefits and lots more.

Applying for a new HSBC is easy through the bank’s website. Once the bank receives the credit card application, it typically takes two weeks to process the application and a week to dispatch the new credit card. It sends timely alerts of your application status through an SMS on your registered mobile number.

If you want to know it on your own, you can follow the below methods a week after you have applied for the card.

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Check HSBC Credit Card Application Status Online

As of now HSBC doesn’t provide any online mechanism to check the status of your credit card application.

Applicants hence need to seek offline help as mentioned below to track the status of their application.

Check Status of HSBC Credit Card Application Offline

Applicants can call HSBC’s customer care helplines dedicated for credit cards.

HSBC Credit Card Status Helpline From India From Overseas
1860 108 7788 1860 500 2277 040 – 67173402 080 - 49089632


The phone banking lines are available from 06:30am to 08:30pm.

You are more likely to receive an in-progress/approved/on-hold/rejected/dispatched status.

If the representative says your application is in-progress, it means the bank is still reviewing your application and will take a few more days to approve the same.

An approved or a rejected status is quite straightforward. Once approved, the bank will take seven more takes to dispatch your card. If it is rejected, you may have to check the reason and when you can re-apply. Typically, you need to wait 3-6 months to re-apply.

The status indicates ‘on-hold’ when the application misses any sort of documents or details. The bank will ideally call you for the missing details and once it is cleared, it will resume the processing.

If your card gets dispatched, you can expect it in the next 2-3 working days. The bank will share the dispatch details through an SMS to your mobile. The bank usually dispatches the cards through Blue Dart or DHL. You can track the shipment using the Airway Bill on the websites of respective courier providers.

FAQs on HSBC Bank Credit Card Application Status

  1. How long does it take for my HSBC Bank Credit Card application to be processed?

    Every credit card application HSBC receives will take a minimum of three weeks to be processed. The first two weeks, or 14 days, will be essential for the bank to validate and process your application, while one week or 7 days is required to dispatch the same to your address.

  2. I have had multiple applications rejected. What is the problem?

    Every credit card comes with a set of eligibility criteria you are required to meet, with regards to credit score, salary, age etc. In case you don’t meet all of the listed criteria, your application will be rejected. For instance, if you apply for a slightly premium credit card, you will need to have a higher salary to go along with it. Make sure to look at the eligibility requirements and apply only if you meet the criteria.

  3. Will my credit card application affect my credit score?

    You credit card application and your credit score don’t connect with each other directly. There is an inverse relationship between the two, however. For instance, here’s how it works: you apply for a credit card, the bank will send an enquiry to the credit information company, and it counts as a hard enquiry. Each time a hard enquiry is made against your name, your credit score takes a slight dip. The more hard enquiries you have against you, the more your credit score will take a hit.

  4. It’s already been 21 days, I still haven’t heard from the bank, what should I do?

    If you haven’t heard in 21 days, chances are, your application is rejected. You need not lose hope though. Try contacting the bank about the same. Sometimes processing of an application may get delayed due to some technical issues.

  5. Can I check my HSBC Credit Card application status online?

    No, HSBC doesn’t have the online application status tool available. The best way for you to check your status is to either through the phone banking route or simply rely on the SMSes the bank sends at every stage.

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