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    HDFC Bank Superia Credit Card

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    Your search for an all-round credit card is sure to come to an end with the HDFC Superia. This premium card offered by HDFC comes with a string of the most exciting benefits, privileges and features spanning across several lifestyle verticals like dining, fuel, shopping, travel and more. Get a chance to accumulate reward points like never before with the Rewards Program which earns you handsome reward points on joining, renewal and every spend. If you wish to find out more about what this card offers, read on.


    • Earn Air Vouchers up to Rs 8000 or corresponding Air Miles on a spend of Rs 5 lakh with your Superia card.
    • Maximize your savings and save up to Rs 8300, each year, on lounge access and fuel surcharge.
    • Relax and unwind as you travel, with privileged lounge access to some of the finest airport lounges worldwide.
    • Enjoy reversal on your first year’s annual fee if you spend Rs 15,000 within the first 90 days of your card being set-up. You could also get a reversal of your renewal fee if you spend Rs 75,000 within a year, prior to the card renewal date.
    • Your Reward points are valid for a duration of 2 years so you may redeem them as and when you wish, within that time period.
    • To ensure your peace of mind, your Superia card has the Zero Liability feature which absolves the cardholder of any liability in case their card is stolen or lost. However, the cardholder must immediately report the loss to the customer care center at the earliest.
    • One of the noteworthy benefits of the Superia Credit Card is that it allows you to enjoy up to 50 interest free days on your purchases.
    • Dining out was never this rewarding. Now, earn 50% more reward points on spends at dining establishments.
    • As a new member of the Superia family, you get 1000 Reward Points as Welcome benefit and another 1000 Reward Points each time you renew your card membership.


    • As a Superia Card holder, you get a chance to avail the unique benefits of the Superia Travel Club. Redeem reward points on lieu of international and Indian Miles with over 20 international airlines and domestic airlines like Jet, Air India and others.
    • Make the best of the Superia Rewards Program which earns you 3 reward points for every Rs 150 charged to your card. You may redeem these points on Air Miles, Air Vouchers or choose a gift from the exclusive Rewards Catalogue.
    • Relieve travel stress and enjoy some much needed rest and refreshment at over 600 airport lounges around the world with exclusive Priority Pass Membership. Make use of world class facilities like internet access, phones, conference rooms and more during your stopovers.
    • Superia Credit Cards are EMV Chip Cards which come with enhanced security features to lend greater security to your transactions.
    • At a nominal interest rate, you can enjoy Revolving Credit facility on your Superia credit card.
    • It is easier than before to get a waiver on your annual membership fee. For a waiver on your first year’s annual membership fee, all you have to do is spend Rs 15,000 on your Superia card within the first 90 days of your card set-up date. For a waiver on the following year’s annual fee, you just need to spend Rs 75,000 within a year with your Superia credit card.

    Fees & Charges:

    The fee payable with the Superia Credit Card include annual fee and renewal fee. The cash advance fee, only levied if the cardholder requires to use the card to withdraw cash at any ATM in India or abroad, is applicable at the rate of 2.5% on the amount withdrawn. Other charges applicable on the Superia card include late payment charges, cash processing fee, rewards redemption fee, balance transfer processing charges, railway ticket purchase fee, re-issue of lost/damaged card, outstation cheque processing charge, foreign currency transactions, etc.


    Individuals shall be eligible for a HDFC Superia Credit Card based on the following criteria:

    Salaried Employee – Applicant must be at least 21 years and not above 60 years of age.

    Self Employed – Applicant must not be below 21 years and not above 65 years of age.

    HDFC Superia Credit Card FAQs:

    1. Which transactions shall be considered when spends are taken into account?

      Transactions excluding the following types shall be considered as spends. Please note, spends done via any add-on cards will be considered.

      • Transactions related to Cash on Call (COC)
      • Balance Transfer (BT)
      • Cash withdrawal at ATMs and
      • All transactions converted from EMIs or EMI debits made to your Superia account.
    2. What is the fee chargeable for re-issue of a lost/damaged Superia credit card?

      A fee of Rs 100 shall be charged towards the re-issue of a lost or damaged Superia credit card.

    3. Which transactions done on the Superia Card qualify for Reward Points?

      All retail transactions shall qualify for Reward Points. Other transactions like fee, cash advance and other charges do not earn any reward points. Only retail purchases qualify for Reward Points. Cash advance, fees and other charges do not accrue any reward points. Transaction amounts less than Rs. 150 will not accrue any Reward Points.

    4. Does my Superia credit card also have a magnetic strip?

      Yes, the Superia card also contains a magnetic strip and may be used for swipe transactions.

    5. Are there any special conditions to avail the Welcome/ Renewal Benefit?

      The Welcome & Renewal benefit is only applicable if the cardholder is paying the annual fee.


    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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