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    HDFC Freedom Cash Back Credit Card

    HDFC Freedom Credit Card is a cashback credit card offered by HDFC. Customers can enjoy accelerated reward points on regular as well as exclusive purchases. The same points can be redeemed for cash or to purchase products from the HDFC’s rewards catalogue.

    Other benefits offered by the card include fuel surcharge waiver, zero liability on lost card, interest free credit and other exclusive offers that get added as and when introduced.

    The card has been recently upgraded with new features and benefits to attract new customers. Existing customers, who availed the cards on or before 7 December 2017, will, however, continue to have old features and benefits till 9 February 2018 and from 10 February 2018 they can enjoy new features.

    HDFC Freedom Credit Card Features

    Here Are Some Of The Features That Are Associated With It:

    • Reward points programme: The Freedom Credit Card rewards points programme is one of the interesting features to know. Unlike regular credit cards, which offer accelerated rewards on a few purchases, the Freedom Credit Card offers accelerated benefits on multiple spends.
      • As a welcome gift, the card offers 500 reward points for free. The points will be credited after the payment off joining fee.
      • For every Rs.150 spent on the card, one reward point can be earned with a maximum 1500 reward points capped per statement cycle
      • Reward points will be multiplied five times for spends on dining, movies, groceries, railway tickets, bill payments, and taxis. That is for every Rs.150 spent on the card, users can earn 5 reward points.
      • For spends using HDFC mobile apps such as PayZapp and Smart Buy there will be 10X more reward points.
      • For spends on cardholder’s birthday, as registered with the bank, the reward points will be multiplied 25 times irrespective of the spending. However, there is a maximum limit of 3,000 reward points.

    The accrued reward points will get added in the next statement. Card holders can redeem the points for cash that is for every 100 points they can earn Rs.1 or purchase something from the rewards catalogue, where 100 points can be exchanged for Rs.15.

    Cashback for the reward points will be credited in the multiples of Rs.500.

    • Credit and cash limit: The credit limit as well as the cash limit on the Freedom card will be determined by the bank based on the customer’s profile hence may vary for each member.

    The limits will be communicated to the customers at the time of card delivery and the same will be mentioned in all the monthly statements. The cash advance limit on the card is typically 40% of the credit limit.

    The limits are subject to revision based on the card usage. The bank may, however, inform any change in the credit limit immediately along with the reason through an SMS or e-mail followed by a written confirmation.

    • Fuel surcharge waiver: The 1% fuel surcharge, which is typically levied on petrol/diesel transactions using credit card, will be waived for the card users for a minimum purchase of Rs.400. The maximum waiver is, however, limited to Rs.250 per statement cycle.
    • Zero liability on lost card: In case of lost or stolen card, users should report the same to the HDFC 24x7 customer call centre within 24 hours of the incident. The customer is not liable for any fraudulent transaction happened after reporting the loss as the card is covered under zero liability.
    • Interest free period: The card offers an interest free period of 50 days from the date of purchase. Once the period is over, it starts levying the interest on the revolving credit basis on all the pending dues.

    If the card offers cash advance feature, there will be no interest free period for the transaction and the interest will be levied from the date of withdrawal till the payment is made in full.

    • Other benefits: A gift voucher worth Rs.1000 on annual spends of Rs.90,000 and higher will be provided in the subsequent year. The renewal fee will be waived if the previous year’s spend on the card is Rs.60,000.

    HDFC Freedom Credit Card Fees and Charges

    Annual and renewal fee: The annual fee and renewal fee for the Freedom card is different for each card member and will be communicated at the time of applying for the card. The minimum annual/renewal fee for HDFC Freedom card is typically Rs.500.

    Cash advance fee: The cash advance fee of 2.5% of the transaction amount will be levied for every ATM withdrawal using the card, provided the card offers the cash advance facility.

    Finance charges: Finance charges are applicable only when the cardholder chooses not to pay the outstanding due in full and on all the cash withdrawals without any interest-free period.

    The charges will be debited from the cardholder’s account till the outstanding is paid in full. In case, the customer carries forward any payment, finance charge will be calculated by average daily balance method and the same will be applied to the carried forward balance as well as to the fresh billing.

    Late Payment Charges: If minimum amount due on the card is not paid by the due date, late payment charges will be applicable based on the bill amount as follows:

    Statement Balance Late Payment Fee
    Less than Rs.100 NIL
    Rs.100 to Rs.500 Rs.100
    Rs.501 to Rs.5000 Rs.400
    Rs.5001 to Rs.10000 Rs.500
    Rs.10001 and above Rs.750

    Over limit charges: If the usage on the cash exceeds the credit limit, over limit charges of 2.5% of the over limit amount will be applied.

    Other charges:

    Charge/Fee Type Amount of Charge/Fee
    Payment return charges 2% of payment amount (Min. of Rs.450)
    Cash processing fee Rs.100
    Rewards redemption fee Rs.99 per redemption request
    Balance transfer processing charges 2% of balance transfer amount or Rs.250, whichever is higher
    Railway ticket purchase fee 1.8% of the transaction amount + GST
    Reissue of lost, stolen or damaged card Rs.100
    Outstation cheque processing charge Cheque value up to Rs.5,000 - Rs.25 Cheque value above Rs.5,000 - Rs.50
    Foreign currency transactions Bank charges cross currency mark-up of 3.5%

    Eligibility For HDFC Freedom Cash Back Credit Card

    • For salaried customers, there should be a minimum age of 21 years and a maximum of 60 years and have a gross monthly income of more than Rs.12,000
    • For self-employed, the minimum age is 21 and the maximum is 65 years and the annual income as per income tax returns should be more than Rs.2 lakh p.a.

    HDFC Freedom Card Faqs:

    1. How secure is the HDFC Freedom card?
    2. The HDFC Freedom card comes with chip card technology that makes tampering or copying the card impossible. Further, the technology makes it easy to make point of sale (POS) transactions with the card. Users just need to dip the card at chip-enabled POS terminals while they can swipe as usual at non-chip based terminals.

    3. How to redeem accumulated reward points?
    4. The accumulated reward points can be redeemed for both cash and rewards. You can fill the request form available at the form centre and send it to HDFC Chennai address.

      Alternatively, requests can also be made through net banking. The cash redemption option is available under ‘Cards > Enquire > Redeem Reward Points > Cash Redemption’ in the net banking account.

    5. Can I get an add-on card?
    6. Yes, card holders can apply for a supplementary card with the Freedom card. The applicants should be either parents, spouse, children or sibling of the primary card holder. Children and siblings applying for the add-on card should be above 18 years of age.

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