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    HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card

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    • Redeem Reward points as Cash Back on your MoneyBack Credit Card (100 Reward Points = Rs 40)
    • Earn 2 Reward Points on every Rs 150 spent for all retail purchases
    • Earn 3 X Reward Points on Online Purchases
    • 2.5 % Fuel surcharge waived off on all fuel spends*
    • Rs.250 cashback subject to first transaction of Rs.1000 in first 45 days from card setup date
    • 5X Reward Points (RP) for first 3 months from card setup date
    • Rs.200 BookMyShow(BMS) voucher (One Time Use only on BMS website)

    HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Overview:

    If you are searching for a credit card that will let you earn money even when you are making every day spends, HDFC MoneyBack credit card is the answer. Cardholders get to enjoy cash back on essential and non-essential purchases and other exclusive privileges. Other benefits like fuel surcharge waiver, interest free credit, cash back on online spends and special deals from HDFC makes this the perfect credit card for an enthusiastic shopper.

    HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Benefits:

    • Save on Fuel Purchases

      With the fuel surcharge waiver that comes with this card, you can save up to Rs. 1800 every year on your fuel purchases at stations across India.

    • Cash back on everyday spends

      Cardholders stand to earn up to Rs. 2000 on the accumulated Reward Points when Rs. 2.5 Lakh is billed to the card.

    • First Year Fee and Renewal Fee Waiver

      If Rs. 10,000 is billed to the card in the first 90 days of card set-up, the first year fee is reversed. The renewal fee is reversed if Rs. 50,000 is billed to the card before the renewal date.

    HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Features:

    • Enjoy a fuel surcharge waiver of up to Rs.250 whenever you make fuel purchase at fuel stations across India.
    • Whenever Rs.150 is spent using the card, 2 Reward points are credited. 3X Reward Points are awarded on online spends.
    • Cardholders can avail up to 50 interest free days starting from the date of purchase.
    • With the embedded microchip in the card, every transaction that you make with the card will be secure and encrypted. You can DIP your card at Chip enabled POS (Point Of Sale) and swipe the card at non-chip POS.
    • After reporting the loss of your credit card, you have a zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made using your card.
    • Cardholders also enjoy revolving credit on the card at low interest rates.

    Eligibility and Documentation:

    • Salaried employees aged between 21 to 60 years are eligible to apply for MoneyBack Credit Card. For self-employed applicants, the age should be between 21 to 65 years.
    • The applicant should have a good credit history and a constant flow of income.
    • Applicants will be asked to submit an identity proof, a proof of address and other income related documents like PAN Card, salary slip and income tax return statements.

    HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card Fees & Charges:

    The annual fee and renewal fee for HDFC MoneyBack card varies for each Cardholder. The same will be communicated to the customer at the time of application. The annual fee and renewal fee will

    How to apply for HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card?

    Navigate to the credit cards section from the Homepage of BankBazaar. You can explore various credit cards, compare credit cards and also check the eligibility for credit cards. After you fill in your lifestyle needs and other details, BankBazaar will display a list of credit cards that match your requirements. You can instantly apply for a card by clicking “Apply” and filling in your personal details.

    HDFC MoneyBack Card FAQs:

    1. What is that advantage of an EMV chip card?

      MoneyBack credit card is equipped with a Chip technology that makes it virtually impossible to copy or tamper the card. You can be assured of a safe and secure transactions with EMV chip card.

    2. How can I redeem my Reward Points?

      Reward Points (RP) can be redeemed as cash back on the MoneyBack credit card. For every 100 Reward Points, Rs.40 will be credited.

    3. I am a self-employed professionals. What documents can I submit as income proof?

      You can submit documents like Income Tax Returns and business continuity certificate as income proof.

    4. If the merchant does not have a chip enabled terminal, how do I make a transaction with my EMV card?

      In case the merchant does not have a chip enabled point of sale, the card can be swiped and transacted.

    5. Can I get an add-on card in addition to the primary MoneyBack card?

      Yes, you can get a supplementary card with the MoneyBack card.


    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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