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    HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card

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    HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card is ideal for businessmen and women in the corporate sector. With the opportunity to earn up to 3X Reward Points on business spends, this card allows HDFC cardholders in the business sector to spend without any worry.

    Features of HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card:

    Some of the main features of the card are:

    • Business Corporate MoneyBack Rewards:

      By paying for your business related expenses through your HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card, you can earn up to 2 Reward Points for every Rs.150 spent. Accumulated reward points can then be redeemed for air miles as well as attractive gifts that can be chosen from an exclusive rewards catalogue.

      Reward points on this card can also be redeemed for CashBack against the outstanding amount on your credit card. (100 Reward Points can be redeemed for cashback of Rs.30)

    • Accelerated Reward Points:

      If you use the Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card only for business spends, it entitles you to earn up to 3X times Reward Points. With every Rs.150 spent on flight bookings, hotel reservations, restaurants and online purchases using the card, you can get 6 Reward Points.

    • Validity of Reward Points:

      Accumulated reward points carry an expiry date, which is two years from the date of accumulation of points.

    • Revolving credit:

      You can also avail the benefit of revolving credit on the card at affordable interest rates.

    • Interest free credit:

      Cardholders get a credit free interest period of up to 50 days. The period commences from the date of purchase.

    • Waiver on fuel surcharge:

      Every fuel transaction made within the range of Rs.400 to Rs.5,000, entitles you to a waiver of up to Rs.500 per statement.

    • Waiver of Annual Charges:

      If you spend Rs.10,000 within the first 90 days from the issue of card, you can avail a waiver on membership for the first year. If your expenses are above Rs.50,000, you can get a waiver on next year’s annual membership fee.

    • Lounge access:

      Cardholders of the HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card can also enjoy exclusive access to airport lounges at airports all over the country.

    • No liability on lost card:

      In case, your card is misplaced, you must inform HDFC Bank’s 24/7 call centre. Following the complaint, you will have a zero liability on any fraudulent transactions made using your credit card.

    • Security:

      The HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card is a Chip enabled card and can be used at any Chip enabled POS or swiped at any regular POS (non-chip POS).


    This Corporate Credit Card variant from HDFC comes with some special benefits such as:

    • With this HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card, you can earn CashBack of Rs.2,000 using accumulated Reward Points. The CashBack can be availed only if you spend Rs.2.5 lakh using the card and if 50% of the expenses is business related.
    • Assuming you spend up to Rs.20,000 monthly on fuel, with the Fuel Surcharge Waiver feature on the card you can save up to Rs.6,000 every year.

    Fees and Charges:

    Details Charges
    Annual Fee Rs.500
    Minimum Repayment Amount 5% or Rs.200
    Interest Free Period Max. 50 days
    Cash Advance Limit 40% of the credit limit
    Add-on card Free for Lifetime (Up to 3)
    Charges on Revolving Credit 3.40% (monthly)/40.8% (annual)
    Cash Advance Charges 2.5% of withdrawn amount/Rs.300, whichever is higher
    Overlimit Account Charges 2.5% of overlimit amount, subject to minimum of Rs.500
    Cash Processing Fee Rs.100 (HDFC Banks or ATMs)
    Rewards Redemption Fee Rs.75 per redemption request
    Balance Transfer Processing Charges 2% of Balance Transfer amount/Rs.250, whichever is higher
    Reissue of Misplaced Card Rs.100
    Outstation Cheque Processing Charge Up to Rs.5,000 – Rs.35 Above Rs.5,000 – Rs.50
    Charges for Foreign Currency Transactions Cross currency mark-up of 3.5%
    Service Tax, Krishi Kalyan Cess and Swachh Bharat Cess Applicable on all charges

    Late Payment Fee:

    Statement Balance Charges
    Below Rs.100 Nil
    Rs.100 up to Rs.500 Rs.100
    Rs.501 up to Rs.5,000 Rs.400
    Rs.5,001 up to Rs.10,000 Rs.500
    Above Rs.10,000 Rs.700


    1. Can the HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card be used worldwide?

      Yes, this Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card is accepted all over the world, wherever Visa/MasterCard is accepted.

    2. Can I make online transactions using the Business Corporate MoneyBack card from HDFC?

      You can use the card for online transactions but it requires to be registered for ‘Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode’ first to ensure safety of the transactions.

    3. How does a merchant charge me for my expenses on my HDFC Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card?

      The merchant takes your card and taps it in the POS terminal and the amount is charged. A charge-slip is printed upon which you are required to sign.

    4. If my Business Corporate MoneyBack Credit Card from HDFC is misplaced or stolen, what are the steps to be taken?

      You can report your lost card to the 24-hr customer care centre of the bank, after which you have zero liability towards any fraudulent transactions made using the card.

    5. How do I make payments for my Business Corporate MoneyBack card from HDFC?

      You can either pay by cash, cheque, or make the payment at the ATM or via NetBanking.

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