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    HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card

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    The Central Travel Account Credit Card by HDFC is one of the most convenient cards to carry, due to its many fantastic features.


    • Travel costs can be consolidated through this centralized solution for booking
    • Increased savings due to long payment duration
    • Analysis on spends and other expenses, provided
    • Removes the need for multiple reimbursements and invoices

    An Indian financial services and banking company, HDFC Bank was established in the year 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This bank also has presence abroad, in countries such as Dubai and Hong Kong.As part of its retail banking portfolio, HDFC Bank provides a large number of products and services, including loans and credit cards.

    Benefits of HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card

    This unique card from HDFC Bank was created with the purpose of acting as a one stop shop for storing information from travel related accounts. This is centralized solution that consolidates all expenses related to travel for the purpose of cost efficiency.

    • This card allows centralised payment and approval, eliminating the need for numerous reimbursements and invoices.
    • Customers are also receive additional information regarding their travel costs and booking.
    • Cardholders have the option of procuring an extended payment term of a maximum of 50 days, thereby increasing their savings.
    • Businesses can enjoy substantial savings through better negotiations, based on the information provided.
    • Paperwork is reduced and information in the card can be integrated with ERP systems.

    Features of HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card

    The numerous features of this card are provided below:

    • This card is meant for payments to hotel, airlines with other travel services. The fare charged for airline tickets gets debited to the Central Travel Account credit card.
    • Customers have access at all times to customised MIS or Management Information System reports, for better efficiency.
    • Reports that have hotel/merchant/airline wise break up information for added convenience.
    • Customers cannot withdraw cash by using the HDFC Bank Central Travel Account.

    Eligibility for HDFC Bank Central Travel Account Credit Card

    The eligibility for the HDFC Bank Central Travel Account is based on the requirements stipulated by the bank such as employment and income, among others.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How to apply for the HDFC Bank Central Travel Account credit card?

      Individuals can apply for their HDFC Bank Central Travel Account through the HDFC Bank website or by visiting a branch of HDFC Bank.

    2. How to can individuals find out the status of their application for the Central Travel Account credit card?

      In order to find out the status of their HDFC Bank Central Travel Account credit card application, individuals will have to log on to the HDFC Bank website and visit the credit card page and click on ‘cc_track’ option. Relevant details will have to be provided.

    3. How can individuals update or change their address on their Central Travel Account?

      Customers can update or change the address on their Central Travel Account by following any one of the steps mentioned below-

      • Customers can shoot a mail to the Corporate Assist email address.
      • Customers can log in to the Corporate Portal of HDFC Bank and change the address there.
      • Customers can download the application form meant for change of contact details for credit cards from the website, fill it and send it to the HDFC Bank Cards Division in Chennai.
    4. What are the charges applicable for late payment?

      The charges applicable for late payment are as follows:

      Balance Late Payment Fee
      Below Rs.100 None
      Rs.100 to Rs.500 Rs.100
      Rs.501 to Rs.5,000 Rs.400
      Rs.5,001 to Rs.10,000 Rs.500
      Rs.1,0001 to Rs.20,000 Rs.700
      Rs.20,001 and above Rs.700
    5. What are the applicable overlimit charges?

      The charges applicable are 2.5% of the amount that is over limit with a minimum of Rs.500 to be paid.

    6. What is the cash advance fee that is charged?

      2.5% on the amount that is withdrawn will be charged. The minimum amount that is charged is Rs.300.

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