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    Kotak Bank Urbane Gold Credit Card

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    Kotak Mahindra bank offers their customers a variety of credit cards ranging everything from lifestyle cards to corporate cards. Get a Kotak Urbane Gold Card for more rewards than you ever thought possible. For every Rs.100 spent, get 3x reward points and redeem them against the purchases made with your Urbane Gold Credit Card.

    Kotak Urbane Gold Card Benefits

    1. Earn 3X Reward Points
      1. Earn 3X reward every time you spend Rs.100 on retail transactions.
      2. When you earn 1000 reward points, its redeemable worth will be Rs.75.
      3. You must have a minimum of 1000 reward points for redemption.

    Kotak Urbane Gold Card Features

    1. Urbane Shield.

      Enjoy a coverage of Rs.50,000 for fraudulent usage of your card up to a maximum period of 7 days if you report it in advance when your card is stolen.

      If your card is stolen, call the Customer Service Team at 1860 266 2666 immediately, and get your card blocked / deactivated for preventing its misuse. You must also contact the Insurance Company for registering a claim.

    2. Interest rate at 3.5% per month.
    3. Add-on Card.

      The Add-on Card offered with the primary card will offer the same benefits as the primary card.

      You will also get the option of setting a spend limit on the Add-on Card.

      Keep a track of where your money is spent with the feature that helps track spends on each of the Add-on Card(s) separately.

    4. Milestone Feature.

      The milestone feature lets you win 4 free PVR tickets or 10,000 reward points when you spend Rs.1 lakh in a year.

    You can choose from the below redemption options:

    Redemption Option 1:

    • Get PVR tickets on any day, any show. Tickets are also transferrable. So go ahead, share the fun.
    • Get the Star Pass Code issued to be redeemed for PVR Movie Tickets through online booking at
    • Claim your PVR tickets within 3 months of the end of the program period.

    Redemption Option 2:

    • Get your Reward points credited in the next billing cycle.
    • Choose how you want to redeem your Reward points. Options include Air tickets, Movie Tickets, Air miles, Mobile Recharge / Branded Merchandise.
    • You can claim your reward points within 3 months after the program period gets over
    • Note: Only customers who live in PVR location cities can avail PVR tickets.

    Kotak Urbane Gold Card Eligibility

    • You should be aged 21 and above but not more than 65 years to be a primary cardholder. The Add-on cardholder should be aged 18 and above.
    • Customers must be located at any of the following cities to be eligible for the card: Delhi (including Noida and Gurgaon), Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Pune.
    • Must have a minimum annual income of Rs.3 lakh and above.
    • Must be an Indian resident.

    Kotak Urbane Gold Card Fees and Charges

    • Annual fee is typically Rs.199. To get waiver of annual fees in the first year, cardholder should swipe at least once within the three months and must also spend a minimum of Rs.15000 in the first year on retail. Second year onwards, one should have spent minimum Rs.15000 to get the annual fees waived off. In case annual spend threshold is not reached, feature changes to 2 reward points for every Rs.100 spent.
    • Late payment charges range from Rs.100 to 700, depending on the amount due. Over limit charge and cheques bounce payment are both Rs.500 each. Card replacement charge is Rs.100.
    • Interest is charged at 3.5%.
    • The following is free of charge exclusively for Kotak cards; Balance enquiry at other ATMs, Charge slip retrieval charge, Machine surcharge at ATMs and Charge for duplicate statement.

    How to redeem reward points?

    • Redeem your reward points in the following ways: cash, airline tickets, air miles, movie tickets, mobile recharge and branded merchandise. Please note that for redemption against Airline tickets / Merchandise / Mobile recharge, Reward Points have to be converted to EasyPoints. 5 Reward Point = 1 Easy Points.
    • Follow these steps:
      • Visit
      • Click on Net Banking
      • Login using your Password, CRN & Dynamic Access Code
      • Choose Credit Cards
      • Choose between the options of Reward Redemption.


    1. Are there any specific benefits associated with the Kotak Urbane Gold Card?

      The Kotak Urbane Gold Credit Card rewards you with more points than most other cards every time you swipe. Choose how you want to redeem your points across any shopping you do. Cardholders can avail 3 reward points for every Rs.100 spent .Reward points are redeemable online at Use them for Air tickets, Air miles, Movie tickets, Cash and more.

    2. Do I enjoy any interest free period on retail?

      Yes. There is an interest free period on retail transactions for up to 48 days.

    3. When will Mark Up be charged?

      A Mark up is charged 3.5% every time an international transaction is made. Both Cash and Retail transactions will result in Markup.

    4. When will I be charged for over limit?

      Incase your transactions cross 100% of your credit limit, a flat over limit fee of Rs.500 will be charged in each billing cycle that you are over limit.

    5. How do I check the status of Kotak Urbane Credit Card after I have applied for it?

      You could either call the Banking helpline numbers or check online for the status. Simply log onto and click on the ‘application status’ button on the top right hand corner. You must enter your application reference number when you are checking the status. 


    Compare, check your eligibility and apply for credit cards online.

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