Santa Claus comes around just once a year. In the meantime, there are Credit Cards.

    MasterCard Credit Card

    MasterCard Credit Card service extends exclusive benefits on purchases made using the card anywhere in the world. The types of credit cards offered by MasterCard are Standard MasterCard Credit Card, Gold MasterCard Credit Card, Platinum MasterCard Credit Card and World and World Elite MasterCard Credit Card

    What is a MasterCard Credit Card?

    Various lenders in India issue a MasterCard Credit Card to borrowers who wish to avail certain custom-made benefits such as higher credit limit, personalized services, better purchasing power, higher repayment flexibility and much more.

    How does a MasterCard Credit Card work?

    MasterCard Credit Cards have the PayPass facility that enables quicker payment at merchant outlets and all you have to do is tap your card against the machine – no need to sign or swipe. These credit cards have multiple levels of security and protects users from fraud with the sophisticated monitoring system incorporated in it. By using the SecureCode, customers can also safely shop online.

    Benefits of using a MasterCard Credit Card:

    Worldwide Acceptance:

    MasterCard Credit Card is accepted in establishments worldwide. This includes airlines, stores, hotels, restaurants, fuel stations, car rental agencies and so on. Outlets that accept MasterCard Credit Card will have the MasterCard logo displayed at the cash counter.

    Better Protection:

    The MasterCard Credit Card holders are highly protected against fraud, scam or misuse since the security system installed in the same is highly sophisticated and fool proof. There are multiple layers of safeguards set by MasterCard that prevents any unauthorized transactions on the card.

    Some of the security measures incorporated in this credit card are – Everyday Protect facility with EMV Chip Technology, Secure Code and OTP for protecting online transactions, ATM PIN+ EMV Chip+ SMS Alerts offer peace of mind to the customer while travelling and can keep track of all the transactions made.

    PayPass Facility:

    Enjoy quicker payment at merchant outlets by just tapping your card on the machine rather than signing or swiping to enable the transaction. This feature is unique to MasterCard Credit Cards.

    Global Concierge Service:

    MasterCard Credit Card also extends the additional feature of a Global Emergency Service for all your MasterCard related requirements. Assistance is provided instantly if you have lost or misplaced your credit card and you can get card replacement within 24 hours if you are in the U.S and within 48 hours if you are anywhere else in the world. In the meantime, to meet your immediate needs, the concierge service will also offer you emergency cash within two hours of reporting the loss.

    Liability Protection:

    MasterCard Credit Card come with liability protection as well. In case of any unauthorized transactions made on your credit card, the customer can report the loss to the customer care and the issuing bank will activate the liability policy. Most Banks have a Zero personal liability policy wherein the loss is completely borne by them and not the card holder.

    Roadside Assistance:

    With your Gold MasterCard Credit Card, enjoy the benefit of roadside assistance 24/7 which includes jumpstarts, fuel delivery, towing, tire changes, etc.

    MasterCardAssist – Travel Assistance Services:

    With the Platinum MasterCard Credit Card and Gold MasterCard Credit Card, you can also enjoy travel assistance through the MasterAssist Program, which comes with services such as immunization information, help with your passport and contact information for your consulates and embassies, referral to doctors or lawyers who speak your native language, and so on.

    MasterCard Credit Card FAQs:

    1. What are the types of cards available under MasterCard?

      The types of cards available under MasterCard are – Pay Now, Pay Later, Commercial, Prepaid and PayPass or Contactless cards.

    2. How can I apply for a MasterCard Credit Card?

      Various lenders in India offer the MasterCard Credit Card. In order to find out about your eligibility and related information, kindly contact the issuing banks of your choice.

    3. Can I use my MasterCard Credit Card abroad?

      Yes, MasterCard Credit Cards are accepted worldwide. The retail outlets that accept MasterCard Credit Cards will have the MasterCard logo displayed.

    4. How can I contact the customer care for queries related to my MasterCard Credit Card?

      In order to address your queries and concerns related to your MasterCard Credit Card, you have to contact the issuing bank’s customer care service. MasterCard global services can also be contacted. To know more, kindly visit any branch of your issuing bank or the MasterCard website.

    5. Where can I find an ATM that accepts MasterCard?

      You can find the ATMs that accept MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro through the ATM locator tool in the official MasterCard website.

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