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  • ICICI Credit Card Limit

    Customers of ICICI Bank can choose from a variety of credit cards that were created with their diverse financial demands in mind. The bank, nevertheless, has a cap on how much credit it can give the cardholder. Credit limit refers to this upper limit. When loosely defined, it refers to the maximum credit limit that the bank will extend to the cardholder. The cardholder will incur over-limit fees if their purchases exceed the permitted limit.

    ICICI Bank Credit Card Pre-Approved Limit Enhancement

    Periodically, ICICI reviews credit card accounts to determine whether cards are eligible for increased or decreased credit limits. A communication from the bank confirming the cardholders' eligibility for the ICICI credit limit increase offer will be sent to eligible cardholders. If you receive such an SMS from the bank, you can just respond to the message as instructed, and the appropriate department will call you shortly after. If you get a call asking you to increase the credit limit on your ICICI credit card, be sure to ask about the amount of the increase, the revision charge, if applicable, and any other terms and conditions that go along with the new limit.

    Request for ICICI Credit Card Credit Limit Increase

    • Alternatively, you can contact ICICI bank 24x7 credit card customer care number to check the eligibility of your card for limit enhancement.
    • The bank has different helpline numbers for different products, hence visit the customer care page to find the helpline specific to your city/state under personal banking category.
    • By giving your credit card number and PIN, you must verify the call. Therefore, be sure to have your card on hand when speaking with ICICI customer service.
    • Once your request is submitted, ICICI reserves the right to approve/reject your credit card limit enhancement application.
    • You might get a confirmation message if the limit enhancement is granted, and you can confirm it in your internet banking account or on the subsequent billing statement. To find out your current limit, you can also phone the customer service line.

    How is Your ICICI Bank Credit Limit Determined?

    The bank determines the credit limit of your credit card when send in the application to get a card. The limit is fixed after looking into these factors:

    • Your credit history
    • Income
    • Your liabilities
    • Your age
    • Your credit score

    Difference Between Total Credit Limit and Available Credit Limit

    The accessible credit limit, as opposed to the overall credit limit, represents the amount that can actually be charged to your credit card (as on a specified date). The bank will assess a fee if you go above your overall credit limit. An over-limit fee is the name of the charge.

    How does the ICICI Bank Credit Card Limit Affect Your Credit Score?

    If you have a high credit score, your creditworthiness will also be high. The way you use your credit limit affects your credit score. This is because every month, the credit limit and credit utilisation ratio are being reported by the bank to the credit bureaus. The credit bureau will look into this and then calculate your credit utilisation ratio. If you want a high credit score, you have to use the credit card limit very wisely. If your credit utilisation ratio is high, then, your credit score will be low. You can keep a high credit score by following these:

    • Regularly paying your credit card bills in full
    • Paying your bills on time
    • Reducing your credit card limit usage
    • Try to reduce all liabilities

    How Much ICICI Bank Credit Card Limit Can You Use?

    How much of your credit limit has been utilised is indicated by your credit utilisation ratio. Many banks would assume you are credit hungry if your credit utilisation ratio is really high. The impact on your credit score will follow. A low credit utilisation ratio will demonstrate to lenders that you have good money management skills and can pay back any borrowed money.

    How to Increase ICICI Bank Credit Card Limit

    • If you pay your credit card bills on time and in full, most banks will increase the credit limit of your credit card automatically.
    • You can always request a higher credit limit from the bank. Based on the justification you give and your history of timely payments, many banks will agree to raise the credit limit on your credit card.
    • If you use your credit card regularly and you do not have a high credit utilisation ratio (less than 30%), banks will increase your credit limit.
    • You can apply for a new credit card that has a higher credit limit as compared to your current credit card.

    Advantages of Increasing ICICI Bank Credit Limit on your Card

    • A high credit limit is always helpful when you have health and financial emergencies.
    • If you have a high credit limit, it can reduce your credit utilisation ratio and this will give you a high credit score.
    • A low credit utilisation ratio and a high credit limit, increases your chances of getting a loan or another credit card.
    • A lot of credit cards that have high credit limit offer more benefits as compared to those that have a lower credit limit.

    Impact of a transaction Over the ICICI Bank Credit Limit

    You will be charged an over-limit fee and your credit score will suffer if you use your credit card to make a transaction that exceeds the credit limit. Additionally, it may make it more difficult for you to obtain a loan in times of need.

    FAQs on ICICI Credit Card Limit

    1. How much will the credit limit of my ICICI card be?

      Your credit card issuer will fix your credit limit when you apply for a credit card. They will take into account your income, credit history, and current debt level, and then set a credit limit.

    2. How much of my ICICI credit card limit can I use?

      You can make transactions up to the credit limit, however, you will not be able to go beyond the credit limit.

    3. What will happen if I exceed the credit limit?

      If the transaction is not declined and you exceed the credit limit, then, you will be charged an over-limit fee.

    4. Why was my request to increase the credit limit denied?

      Many factors could have come into play- decreased utilisation of credit card, low income, or default payments.

    5. How do know check if I am eligible to get a pre-approved credit limit increase?

      Well, eligible customers will be informed via SMS about the same. You can also check your eligibility for a pre-approved credit increase through net banking or by reaching out to the customer care of the bank.

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