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  • Bank of Baroda Credit Card Limit

    The limit on your Bank of Baroda credit card is the maximum balance that is available for you. The bank will determine your credit card limit and you can always request the bank to increase it in the future.

    Total credit limit vs Available credit limit

    The total credit limit is the maximum amount that can get on the card. The available credit limit is the amount that you have on the credit card for making purchases (as on a specified date). When you spend over the total credit limit, you will be charged a penalty by the bank. The fee is called an over-limit fee.

    Your creditworthiness will be high if you have a high credit score. The way you use your credit limit affects your credit score. This is because every month, the credit limit and credit utilisation ratio are being reported by the bank to the credit bureaus. If your credit utilisation ratio is high, then, your credit score will be low.

    How is Bank of Baroda Credit Card Limit Decided?

    The bank will determine the limit on your credit card based on a lot of factors:

    • Credit History of the Cardholder:

      This is very important while the bank sets a credit limit on the card. The bank will check your credit score and past banking experience and analyse your credibility. The absence of a history could actually hamper the bank’s decision.

    • Income and Liability:

      Your income of has a substantial role to play while the bank determines the credit limit for a card. A high income will guarantee for debt repayments. The bank will look into your existing debts.

    How Much BOB Card Limit Can You Use?

    The credit utilisation ratio (CUR) is the amount of the credit limit you have used. If the credit utilisation ratio is very high, then a lot of banks will think you are credit hungry. This will in turn affect your credit score. If you have a low credit utilisation ratio, it will show lenders that you know how to manage your finances. It lets them know that you can repay the amount that you borrow.

    Why you Need to Increase Your BOB Credit Card Limit on Your Card

    • If you have a high credit limit, it can reduce your credit utilisation ratio and this will give you a high credit score.
    • Keep in mind that a high credit limit is always helpful when you have health and financial emergencies.
    • A low credit utilisation ratio and a high credit limit, increases your chances of getting a loan or another credit card.
    • A lot of credit cards that have high credit limit offer more benefits as compared to those that have a lower credit limit.

    How to Increase Bank of Baroda Credit Card Limit?

    The limit on your Bank of Baroda credit card will be mentioned to you at the time of delivery of the card.

    If you want to increase the credit limit of your card, you can visit the bank branch and ask an official to increase the credit limit. You will have to submit a few documents as proof like salary slip, bank statement, and income tax returns when you apply for an increase in your credit card limit. You can also go to the bank’s official website and apply for an increase in your credit card limit.

    FAQs on Bank of Baroda Credit Card Limit

    1. Do I have an option to decrease the limit of my credit card?

      Yes, you can always decrease your credit card limit. You will need to submit documents as proof and the bank will process them as soon as possible. The bank can also decrease your credit card limit if you are not able to pay the credit card bills on time or if you cannot fund yourself.

    2. Will the credit card limit be the same for everyone?

      No, the card limit will be decided by the bank. This will be different and be set after the bank looks into your expenditure, income, and factors like repayment history and credit score.

    3. What are the main eligibility criteria for increase my credit card limit?

      You should not have exceeded your credit card limit over the past years and should have also paid the entire credit card bill amount in full and on time.

    4. Will the add-on cardholder also get the same features and also the credit limit as the primary cardholder?

      Yes, the add-on cardholder will get the features and credit card limit as the primary cardholder.

    5. How do I know about the latest status of my application to increase the credit limit?

      The bank will keep notifying you regarding your application status. If Bank of Baroda rejects your request, then also the bank will send you an SMS.

    6. Do I need to submit all the self-attested documents to the bank?

      The documents that you submit to the bank when you apply for an increase in credit limit needs to be self-attested.


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