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  • HDFC Forex Cards

    Forex Cards are a type of prepaid cards exclusively meant for people travelling to other countries. Users can pre-load the Forex card with the currency of the country they are planning to visit thus can avoid carrying cash and traveller cheques. They can also save significant amounts on exchange rates which fluctuation on a daily basis.

    HDFC Banks offers a variety of Forex Cards to cater the needs of frequent travellers as well as one-time travellers. With exciting features and benefits, HDFC Forex cards are a secure and ideal mode to carry foreign currency.

    Listed below are various Forex cards offered by HDFC Bank along with their features, benefits, fees and charges.

    HDFC Forex Cards – Types, Features and Benefits

    HDFC Bank currently offers four Forex cards. Each of them serves a different travelling purpose.

    The four cards available on the bank’s website include:

    • Regalia ForexPlus Card
    • Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card
    • ISIC Student ForexPlus Card
    • MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card

    HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card

    The HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card is your go-to card if you are a regular traveller. With this forex card, you will not be required to carry multiple currencies or manage multiple currency wallets. Some of the most important features on this credit card include the zero cross-currency charges, Emergency Cash Assistance, Tap-n-Pay, concierge services, and so on.

    Features and Benefits of HDFC Bank Regalia ForexPlus Card

    • The card is available in US Dollars.
    • No Cross-Currency Conversion charges.
    • Waiver on ATM Access Fee or ATM ownership charges.
    • 2 complimentary lounge access every quarter at all international airports across India.
    • Use Prepaid NetBanking to temporarily block the card when you are not travelling.
    • Hassle-free, instant reloading using Prepaid NetBanking.
    • No chances of damage, misuse, or loss of money.
    • Emergency Cash delivery assistance service available across the globe in case of loss of card.
    • Protection against misuse, skimming, and counterfeiting to a limit of Rs.5 lakh.
    • Global HDFC Bank PhoneBanking support.

    HDFC Bank Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card

    The HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus card is specially made for people who travel to different locations. As the name of the card suggests, cardholders can load up to 23 different currencies on this single card. The contactless card also offers enhanced insurance coverage, emergency assistance services, 24x7 customer care, offers at merchant outlets and lot more.

    Features and Benefits of Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card

    • Available in 23 currencies, the card can be used to withdraw cash and to use at point of sale terminals (POS) in any currency. All the transactions carried out in the base currency, the currency with which it is loaded, do not attract any foreign exchange rates.
    • The online currency management feature allows the cardholder to transfer balance from one currency wallet to another using the prepaid net banking facility.
    • Avail a backup card, an additional card provided on the primary card, which comes handy when the primary card is lost/stolen.
    • Enjoy discounts on self-drive car booking, shopping at online stores, and on booking a local home.
    • Emergency cash delivery services in case of lost or stolen card.
    • A complimentary free international SIM with a talk time of Rs.200.
    • Insurance cover worth Rs.5 lakh that protects the card against any misuse due to counterfeiting or skimming.
    • Once the bank receives funds, the card gets activated within 5 to 6 hours and can be used at any international location to withdraw cash from all VISA/MasterCard ATMs and to make payments at POS terminals.

    HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card

    The ISIC ForexPlus Student Card is exclusively designed for students travelling abroad to pursue higher education. Introduced in partnership with MasterCard International, the student card is currently available in three currencies including US dollars, euros and sterling pounds. It can be used in any country other than in India, Nepal and Bhutan for cash withdrawals as well as POS transactions.

    Features and Benefits of ISIC ForexPlus Student Card

    • With a built-in embedded chip, the card stores confidential information in encrypted form thus provides enhanced security against counterfeiting and skimming card frauds.
    • The card is accepted as student identity card anywhere across the globe.
    • With multiple-currency loading feature, the card provides protection against exchange rate fluctuations. Transactions carried out in the base currency do not attract foreign exchange charges.
    • An insurance cover worth Rs.5 lakh is available along with the card and offers coverage against misuse of lost or stolen card and other counterfeiting or skimming attempts. It also provides an accidental death coverage of Rs.25 lakh along with an insurance cover of up to Rs.50,000 for loss of baggage or personal documents.
    • Comes with a free, complimentary international SIM with talk time worth Rs.200
    • The card can be reloaded any number of times during the validity period at all HDFC Bank branches in India and when in abroad the top-up can be done through phone banking or net banking.
    • Free online access to card account through which users can track their spends, check balance and statements, change IPIN and raise a request for change of PIN.
    • Card gets activated within 4 hours of receiving the funds from the user.
    • Can be purchased 60 days in advance from the date of travel.

    MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card

    The MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card offers some exclusive features for the cardholders. It is a co-branded card of HDFC Bank with MakeMyTrip. Among other features, cardholders can enjoy features such as Tap and Pay, Oline Currency Management, and so on.

    Features and Benefits of MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card

    • The card is available in 22 different currencies which include Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, AED, and so on.
    • Free insurance coverage and airport lounge access.
    • Enjoy the benefits of a contactless card.
    • Stay protected against Foreign Exchange Rate fluctuations.
    • Online Currency Management such as adding of currency or transfering of balance from one currency to another using the Prepaid NetBanking facility.
    • Temporary card blocking facility for additional security purpose.
    • Avail the facility of availing backup card facility.
    • Emergency cash delivery assistance in case of loss of card or non-functional card.
    • Avail around the clock personal concierge and referral services.

    HDFC Bank Forex Cards Rates and Charges

    A few common fee or charges levied on HDFC Forex Cards are listed below

    Fee/Charge Type Regalia ForexPlus Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus ISIC Student ForexPlus MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus
    Card issuance fee Rs.1,000 plus taxes Rs.500 plus taxes Rs.300 plus taxes Rs.500 plus taxes
    Reload Fee Rs.75 plus taxes Rs.75 plus taxes Rs.75 plus taxes Rs.75 plus taxes
    Re-issuance of Card Fee Rs.100 plus taxes Rs.100 plus taxes Rs.100 plus taxes Rs.100 plus taxes

    Who Can Apply for HDFC Forex Cards?

    Any individual is eligible to apply for a ForexPlus card from HDFC Bank. The individual does not have to be an existing customer of the bank in this case. Further, the purpose of travel can be any one of the following:

    • For holidays or personal visits
    • Business travel
    • Immigration
    • For employment
    • For medical treatment
    • For studies in other countries

    Documents Required to Apply for HDFC Bank Forex Cards

    Listed below are required documents to apply for Regalia ForexPlus Card, Multicurrency Platinum ForexPlus Chip Card, and MakeMyTrip HDFC Bank ForexPlus Card:

    • Existing HDFC customers
      • Self-attested photocopy of passport
      • Self-attested photocopy of Visa
      • Self-attested photocopy of travel ticket
      • Proof of address (in case the residential address is different from the one mentioned in the passport)
      • Completed application form of the card
    • Additional documents to be submitted by non-HDFC customers
      • Cancelled cheque, recent statement, or passbook
      • Copy of the statement which shows the payment entry for the application of the ForexPlus card

    All the photocopies of the required documents should be self-attested by the applicant. Also carry the original documents for verification.

    Documents Required to Apply for ISIC Student ForexPlus Card

    The following documents will be required to apply for the ISIC Student ForexPlus Card:

    • Duly filled ISIC ForexPlus Card application form
    • Photocopy of passport
    • Photocopy of Visa or Ticket (for non-HDFC Bank customers only)
    • Letter of appointment, university identity card, or admission letter
    • Passport-sized photograph of the applicant

    HDFC Forex Cards Customer Care Numbers

    HDFC Bank provides 24x7 global customer assistance service through its international toll-free numbers available in 32 countries. Based on the country of your visit, you can call the respective phone banking centre to clear all your concerns/queries regarding the forex products.

    You can also use the customer service helplines to hotlist/block the forex cards, request emergency services such as card replacement, cash delivery, assistance on lost baggage or passport, etc.

    Country Forex Cards Customer Care Number
    Czech Republic 800090155
    Monaco 80093312
    Poland 008001124694
    Saudi Arabia 8008142094
    UAE 8000185252
    USA 18445796441
    Bahrain 80004980
    Greece 0080016122061284
    Singapore 8001013301
    Australia 001180080077444
    Croatia 0800222990
    Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Norway, New Zealand, Austria, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand 80080077444

    FAQs on HDFC Bank Forex Cards

    1. How long does it take to load HDFC Bank Forex Card?
    2. It takes a few working hours to load a HDFC Bank Forex Card. Once your card is loaded, you will receive an email notification on your registered mail ID.

    3. Can I withdraw cash from HDFC Bank Forex Card?
    4. Yes, you can withdraw cash using your HDFC Bank Forex Card.

    5. How do I know if my HDFC Bank Forex Card is activated?
    6. You can log in to your HDFC Bank NetBanking portal and check the status of your Forex Card.

    7. How can I reload my HDFC Bank Forex Card?
    8. If you want to reload your HDFC Bank Forex Card you have to go through one of the following methods:

      • Visit your nearest HDFC Bank branch office and fill up and submit the Forex Reload form or A2 form and submit a cheque or debit instruction along with it. The amount that you want to reload on your Forex Card will be added to your card within a few working hours.
      • If you are an account holder in HDFC Bank, you can also use the NetBanking facility to reload your Forex Card.
    9. How long does it take to get a HDFC forex card once applied?
    10. After applying for the card, it usually takes 3 working days for a HDFC Bank Savings Account customer to get a HDFC Forex Card.

    11. Can I transfer money from my HDFC Forex Card to my bank account?
    12. There are two methods which can be followed to transfer money back to your bank account from a HDFC Forex Card.

      • If you are a HDFC Bank account holder, you can either call HDFC PhoneBanking or visit one of the nearest branch offices to transfer the remaining amount from your card to your bank account.
      • If you are not a HDFC Bank account holder, you can just call or visit one of the nearest HDFC Bank branch offices along with certain documents such as your Forex Card, your ID proof, bank account number, and a cancelled cheque of your bank account.

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