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    IndusInd Forex Cards

    Indus Multi Currency Travel Card-features And Benefits

    At present, IndusInd Bank offers one forex card called the Indus Multi Currency Travel Card. Listed below are the features and benefits of the card:

    • This card comes with an embedded chip that guarantees high security.
    • Cardholders can load their Indus Multi Currency Travel Card with 8 different kinds of currencies namely, USD, GBP, AUD, Euro, SGD, CAD, the UAE Dirham and SAR.
    • Cardholders can easily make international payments or booking for airlines, railways, hotels, stores, restaurants, petrol pumps without having to pay any extra charge and with just a single swipe.
    • Cardholders can make online transactions with convenience.
    • Cardholders can withdraw cash using the Indus Multi Currency Travel Card from VISA ATMs across the world. This features saves them from standing in long queues to exchange or buy currency.
    • Card Holders need not worry about fluctuations in currency rates as once they load their card, the exchange rate remains the same.
    • Each time the cardholder swipes to make a transaction, they will receive an SMS and email alert confirming the same. This helps in avoiding any kind of fraud.
    • Cardholders can easily encash the leftover balance once they come back to India. The process of refund is initiated immediately after the completion of a few formalities.
    • The process of card replacement in case of loss or damage of card is easy and hassle-free.
    • Card Holders need not pay any charges for cash withdrawal from ATMs (* 2 withdrawals per currency wallet per month).
    • Cardholders can get their Indus Multi Currency Travel Card through any branch of the bank across India.
    • Cardholders receive a ready-to-use card kit instantly once the approval is done.
    • This card can be loaded and reloaded multiple times.
    • Cardholders can keep a track of their expenditure or can check the balance of their Indus Multi Currency Travel Card through the bank’s website.
    • Cardholders are sent information about the available balance frequently on their registered mobile number.
    • Periodic statements are sent to the cardholders once they confirm the frequency of these statement.
    • In case of loss or damage of card, cardholders can hot list their card within minutes over the phone by dialling 1860-500-5004 (from India) and +91-22-6155-3100 (from outside India).
    • Cardholders can access their Indus Multi Currency Travel Card anytime and anywhere using the bank’s online portal. This portal can be used to access the balance of the card and transaction history as well as other details. To access their online account, cardholders must visit Cardholders can register on the portal using the number of their card, expiry date of the card, date of birth, and CVV. They must also change the user id and the password to complete the process.

    Fees And Charges On Indus Multi Currency Travel Card

    Issuance Fee (Chip Prepaid Card in INR) 250 250 250 250 250 250 250 250
    Issuance Fee (Chip Single Card in INR) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
    Reload Fee in INR 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
    Re-Issue PIN GBP 0.50 USD 0.50 AUD 2.00 EURO 0.50 SAR 7.25 SGD 1.00 AED 7.25 CAD 0.50
    Re-Issue Card Fee in INR 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
    ATM Withdrawal GBP 1.00 USD 2.00 AUD 2.00 EURO 1.50 SAR 7.25 SGD 2.70 AED 7.25 CAD 2.50
    Balance Enquiry GBP 0.50 USD 0.50 AUD 0.50 EURO 0.50 SAR 1.75 SAD 0.75 AED 1.75 CAD 0.50

    Eligibility Criteria For Applicants Of Indus Multi Currency Travel Card

    Listed below are the eligibility criteria for the applicants of Indus Multi Currency Travel Card:

    • Applicant must be a bonafide citizen of India planning to travel abroad.
    • Corporates are planning to send their employees abroad for official or business purposes (subject to completion of KYC norms).
    • Sponsors/parents of students travelling abroad for higher studies. The card will be issued in the student's name and will be reloaded up to the allowed ceiling, recommended from time to time.
    • Expats residing in India (subject to completion of KYC norms).

    Documents Required To Procure An Indus Multi Currency Travel Card

    • To procure an Indus Multi Currency Travel card, an applicant will have to submit the following documents:
    • Copies of first and last pages of their passport.
    • PAN or Form 60 in lieu thereof, in case the amount used is Rs.50,000 or above.
    • Proof of address (in case the address is different from that on the passport).
    • Documents related to the travel.

    Faqs Related To Indusind Multi Currency Travel Card

    1. What makes the Indus Multi Currency Travel Card better than a magnetic strip card?

      Magnetic strip cards are more prone to frauds and misuse. Indus Multi Currency Travel Card has been developed according to the standards of EMV to prevent such frauds and misuse. This is why the chip-based card provides more security than a magnetic strip card.

    2. Can I use this card in India?

      No, this card can’t be used in India.

    3. Can the card be reloaded outside India?

      It is not possible to reload the card outside India. However, your family or friends can get your card reloaded from their nearest IndusInd Bank branch in India or any partner agent who issued the card.

    4. Can I start using the Indus Multi Currency Travel Card immediately on receiving the card kit?

      No, you can use the card only after the card is issued by the bank. The activation procedure of the card takes around 24 working hours. You will be notified with an SMS alert on your registered mobile number once the card is activated.

    5. How can I find the PIN of my Indus Multi Currency Travel Card?

      Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 4 digit secured number that is assigned to your card and will be given only to you. Your PIN will be handed to you along with the welcome kit that is provided by the bank.

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